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Death in Kew Gardens Kat Holloway Mysteries #3 [PDF / EPUB] Death in Kew Gardens Kat Holloway Mysteries #3 From the  New York Times bestselling author of  Scandal Above Stairs Kat Holloway steps out from beneath the stairs and into international intrigue where murder and stolen treasure lurk among the u From the  New York Times bestselling author of  Kew Gardens PDF º Scandal Above Stairs Kat Holloway steps out from beneath the stairs and into international intrigue where murder and stolen treasure lurk among the upper echelons of Victorian London In return for a random act of kindness scholar Li Bai Chang presents young cook Kat Holloway with a rare and precious gift—a box of tea Kat thinks no of her unusual visitor until two days later when the kitchen erupts with the news that Lady Cynthia's next door neighbor has been murdered Death in eBook ´ Known about London as an Old China Hand the victim claimed to be an expert in the language and customs of China acting as intermediary for merchants and government officials But Sir Jacob's dealings were not what they seemed and when the authorities accuse Mr Li of the crime Kat and Daniel find themselves embroiled in a world of deadly secrets that reach from the gilded homes of Mayfair to the beautiful wonder of Kew Gardens.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 320 pages
  • Death in Kew Gardens Kat Holloway Mysteries #3
  • Jennifer Ashley
  • English
  • 06 June 2016

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    Kat is back Book 3 of the Below Stairs mysteries Books Play will be in PRINT E book and AUDIO Join Kat and Daniel Cynthia Mr Thanos and Tess for another adventure in Victorian London

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    I absolutely love this series I adore Kat and Daniel and the rest of the cast I originally thought this series would give me something to read while waiting for the next Gabriel Lacy book but uickly discovered this series was just as good I liked the mystery in this one but I’m giving this a 45 rounded up We have been learning little things about Daniel in each installment but this one was seriously lacking in new info about Daniel Kat and Daniel did not get to spend as much time together which was unfortunate because I was really hoping for some development in the romance department I know this is a mystery series with a slow burn romance but I need at least something to keep me going Their little talk at the end was cute but I need This was still a great book and a great addition to the series

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    Kat Holloway is out with Emma doing her daily shopping for the kitchen when she accidentally knocks down scholar Li Bai Chang Kat apologizes and later he shows up at the Victorian home in which she works He presents her with a gift for her kindness When the neighbor is murdered in his sleep and they accuse Mister Li Kat along with Daniel her mysterious friend and love interest investigate The staff in both houses and Lady Cynthia and her gang become involved tooI absolutely adore this series and the characters Kat is as clever at solving crimes as she is at cooking for the Mayfair household It seems Sir Jacob’s had some secrets and may have been in possession of misappropriated items of considerable value And the mystery is afoot Did he have it? Who knew and who would kill to possess it? What of the ladies swarming around the grieving widow? Are they helping a friend or plotting their own nefarious plans? Ashley pulled me in in my uest for answers The storyline was clever and laced with interesting tidbits on cultures and the missing treasure There are side threads as one would expect in a large household A new housekeeper causes trouble Kat’s secret could have her caste out and Daniel is still a puzzle Kat’s assistant is an absolutely hoot and the butler impressed me This review was originally posted at Caffeinated Reviewer

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    Another fine 'below stairs' readFollowing on from previous troubles and triumphs with Kat Holloway and her friend Daniel McAdam this time they face the murder of a man renowned for his collection of Chinese artifacts and plants and neighbor to Kat's householdKat surprisingly or not is she prescient? always seems to be in the right place at the right time At the market Kat becomes the champion of a Chinese man a man who later becomes embroiled in the happenings next door and is indeed a scholar Li Bai ChangMeanwhile a new housekeeper of a dubious nature is employed by the Mrs Bywater and Kat finds herself contending with issues on all sidesDaniel Mr Thanos and Cynthia become involved in the solving of the murder and the causeA lively and suspenseful read as Kat and Daniel's relationship develops a wee bit of steamA NetGalley ARC

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    Who knew the life of a cook for a wealthy household could be so exciting? And involve so much sleuthing and murder? Kat Holloway once again dives into an investigation when her neighbour is found murdered Their immediate suspect is Chinese scholar Le Bai Chang a man Kat counts as a friend after a chance encounter Determined to prove his innocence Kat once again puts her considerable intelligence towards solving the caseKat is a fantastic heroine her strength intelligence and kindness makes her a compelling and extremely likeable character However Ashley hasn’t just created a great heroine the characters around Kat like her mouthy assistant Tess the eccentric Lady Cynthia and the mysterious Daniel are all well rounded and interesting This makes the story really engaging as you invest not just in finding the murderer but the domestic stories in the backgroundThis series gets better with every book not only was the mystery intriguing but watching Kat’s every day life and trials unfold was also fascinating and kept me turning the pages Then there is the extremely slow burn romance between Kat and the mysterious but dashing Daniel It all leaves me eager for the next book in this series

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    Solid entry in this Victorian era mystery seriesI really enjoyed this outing lots of domestic developments as well as a very twisty mystery Kat Holloway may have been intellectually involved in solving the murder of the next door neighbor but her emotions were really tangled by the addition to the household of the Housekeeper From HellI must say that I did not figure out who did the murders until late in the book and I thought the resolution was uite satisfactory However I gave my biggest cheer for the resolution to the tyrant housekeeper storylineThe author has given the reader a nice group of continuing characters to follow and become emotionally attached to We learn a bit about what makes Lady Cynthia tick Mr Davis the butler has a brilliant moment in the spotlight young Tess Kat's kitchen assistant is proving to be a keen sleuth as well as a budding chef And Kat's romance with the mysterious Mr Daniel McAdam is bubbling along nicelyNow Ihave to wait for the next book and I really don't like waiting

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    Another entertaining book in this series by Ms Ashley The plot was complex and with several suspects both Kate and Daniel have their hands full to solve this one There were also two subplots in this one that were resolved by secondary characters which I found refreshing In this one Kate seemed to go about investigating freely than in the past which I found to be unreasonable for the era of the story Servants during this time period did not just leave the house without prior approval from their employers But I put that niggling thought aside to enjoy the mystery

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    I loved this book Could hardly put it down The mystery was solid and I loved the main characters The ending was super satisfying This was the first book I've read in this series and while I wasn't lost I wish I started at the beginning this was so delightful Hope to read many in this series

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    I like this series These books are not at all my usual type of read They're historical the mysterysuspense is light and the romance tepid or very much appropriate for the time period I do however love the characters plucky Kat mysterious Daniel sassy Tess eccentric Lady Cynthia and the ever helpful James It's a mild mannered series about a young cook in a Victorian household who gets herself involved in mysteries usually with the above stairs folk The plotline of this one is about the murder of the next door neighbor of Kat's employers and the intrepid Kat's investigation with Daniel's help The real fun though is the subplot in this book of the new housekeeper making everyone below stairs life hell and her continued machinations to get Kat fired It was so much fun to hate a character like that The fact that some of the interactions between Mrs Daley and Kat made me so mad I wanted to throw my kindle is a testament to just how attached I am to Kat and her world This is without a doubt my favorite of Jennifer Ashley's series I am so anxious for Daniel's layers and secrets to be peeled back and for the romance to progress If I have one small complaint it would be that the story took a bit too long to wrap up I didn't really mind though it was time spent with beloved characters And as always there is another tidbit at the ending to tantalize the reader about the enigma that is Daniel McAdam

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    Series Kat Holloway Mysteries #3Publication Date 6419Number of Pages 320OMGoodness This series just gets better and better We have learned and about the supporting characters – the mysterious and enigmatic Daniel James his son uirky and fun Tess Davis the stuffy not butler Lady Cynthia who chafes at having to dress and act as a woman is expected to Daniel’s friend the very intelligent scholar Thanos Kat’s daughter Grace – and just maybe we’ve added a new regular – Mrs Redfern as the new housekeeper Together they are uite a crew and you’ll love them all We didn’t learn too much new about Daniel in this book and that was a disappointment I’m really anxious for the further development of the relationship between Daniel and Kat as wellKat Holloway is young for a cook barely 30 but she is one of the best cooks in England She is very careful about who she works for and has very very specific reuirements for her employment Luckily her employment for the last eight months has been in a household she enjoys and that accommodates her reuirements She’s happy there even if she and Mr Davis have been splitting the duties of housekeeper since the last one left This sets up a fun subplot for the book – and tells you a lot about the author’s abilities because I uickly learned to detest Mrs Daly the new housekeeper My reaction to her was very strong and it takes a good author to evoke that sort of reaction from me So the sub plot was a great addition to the storyJust as an FYI there is also a second sub plot flowing around Lady Harkness – and that makes it sound like there is too much going on in the story but that isn’t the case The sub plots fit into and add to the story rather than detract from itThe main plot of the story revolves around the murder of the next door neighbor Sir Jacob Harkness He was a very wealthy man who had been granted a knighthood for services to the empire He was an expert in all things Chinese and had lived there for many years before returning to England His collection was eclectic and large He collected what took his fancy rather than only what was valuable – but – he had many valuable things in his collection When he was found in his bed stabbed to death and an open window in the drawing room it was assumed that the robbery was the motive if there was a robbery Except – a Chinaman had been seen just outside the house What could that mean?Kat was hurrying to run some errands one day and wasn’t paying attention and plowed right into an older Chinese gentleman knocking him to the ground She apologized profusely and helped him up They spoke briefly introduced themselves and she liked Mr Li very well Later he turned up at the home where she worked and presented her with a lovely gift to thank her for her kindnessWhen a witness places a Chinese gentleman near the victim's house at the time of the murder and Mr Li is arrested Kat has to stand up for him because she is convinced that he is not the guilty party The investigation takes us through lies deceit another murder a very valuable stolen item and an unexpected villain The author throws a lot of red herrings at you – and you may suspect who the perpetrator is but you won’t know for sure until it is all wrapped upThis book is part of a wonderful series but it could be read as a stand alone – although you would be missing and possibly a bit confused about some of the relationships and back stories of various individuals It would be my suggestion to read the series from the beginning – especially since this is only the third book I definitely recommend this well written and interesting book You’ll love the characters and puzzle over the mysteryI voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own

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