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Running Target Coldwater Bay Intrigue #4 [PDF / EPUB] Running Target Coldwater Bay Intrigue #4 A routine patrol turns deadly when marine deputy Bree Carrington’s boat is sunk by men carrying illegal weapons Fleeing a barrage of bullets she’s suddenly rescued by DEA agent uinn Strand—her e A routine patrol Coldwater Bay Kindle Ø turns deadly when marine deputy Bree Carrington’s boat is sunk by men carrying illegal weapons Fleeing a barrage of bullets she’s suddenly rescued by DEA agent uinn Strand—her ex boyfriend uinn’s return threatens than Bree’s heartbecause he’s the one the men are really after As criminals hunt her to get to him can uinn and Bree take down a drug ring.

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    Elizabeth Goddard continues her Coldwater Bay Intrigue series with this offering and she does not disappoint When an author hits the ground running from the very first sentence you know you're in for a good one And we are Goddard continues the same way she starts out through the entire novel There is virtually no down time at all Suspense all the way Marine Deputy Bree Carrington and her partner's routine stop of a vessel turns into a desperate battle for life What they thought was illegal weapons turns into a deadly drug ring She flees into the woods and is rescued at the last minute by her ex boyfriend DEA agent uinn Strand As the criminals continue to chase both of them can they stay safe and bring down this drug ring at the same timeIf you like inspirational suspense and a lot of it this book is for you RecommendedMy thanks to the author for a preview copy of this book The opinion expressed here is entirely my own

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    The first half of this book was fantastic Complex regrets in both leads hooked me in Unpredictable plot twists and plenty of action kept me interestedUntil things ground to a halt Both leads went on and on and ON about why they could never be together Bree was a melty weepy mess through the second half of the story so I couldn’t believe she’d made it through the police academy let alone that she was “tough” and “the best” at her job At the halfway point the plot became completely predictable to me Several big action events were thrown in at random with no clue that the bad guys had those devices explosives or skillsThis was a tale of two stories that ended up losing my interest at the halfway mark and never regaining it I wish the amazingness and unpredictability and originality of the first hundred pages would have continued throughout Those pages showed me that the author has huge potential

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    This book isn’t going to be released until May 1st but it was included in my March Harleuin Love Inspired suspense monthly subscription box so I was able to read it before the release date hoorayI was first introduced to this author when I read “Uncommon Justice Book” earlier this year She is an AMAZING suspense author I highly recommend reading any book she writesThis story started off with a bang right away in chapter 1 Fast pace suspense and drama with some clean romanceBree and uinn were great main characters who worked together to try and break a drug ring all while trying to keep themselves and their family alive I really enjoyed this story and found myself holding my breath several times as they keep escaping and then running into dangerThis story is one of those books where once you start you won’t want to stop until you’ve finished I absolutely LOVED it

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    ANOTHER excellent book from Goddard this one will DEFINITELY keep you up past bedtime Bree and her partner Jayce are about to call it a day when they do what seems to be a routine stop of a suspicious boat EVERYTHING changes in an instant and just like THAT Bree is running for her lifeuinn an unwelcome surprise is waiting nearby and somehow helps Bree survive the next suspense filled chapters Not your typical hero uinn is trying to clear his own name in a corrupt situation and unknowingly leads the bad guys right to Bree's home He has never stopped loving her but will he be able to save Bree AND her family?Truly loved that after Jayce gets hurt Bree is horrified he has been killed ohmygosh what a scene We don't even know these characters at this point but your heart goes into your throat wondering if Jayce is okay and if Bree can get help I don't think I fully breathed until Bree was safe and even then the story keeps you on your toes the entire timeWow He really was the pain maker He hasn't realized just how important it was for Bree to believe him To believe in him How could that be when he'd repeatedly distanced himself from her knowing that he couldn't be the man she needed? The friend she needed?Running Target could have easily been a Die Hard movie with its non stop action hold your breath moments until this person is safe clean romance okay so there is no romance in Die Hard but Goddard brilliantly includes it here to make the reader's heart skip a beat in a different way from the suspense and a deputy who will stop at nothing to keep her family safe while trying to solve this craziness Don't know how Goddard does it but EACH book in this series causes my heart to pound than the previous one just enough to remind me how much I enjoy Love Inspired Suspense books I received a review copy of this book I was not reuired to write a positive review the thoughts and comments are my own

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    When a patrol on the river turns deadly Bree Carrington takes to the forest to save her partner Little does she know someone from her past is watching out for her as wellThe Coldwater Bay Intrigue series finale brings the long lost Strand sibling home And oh boy has trouble followed uinn there The kind of trouble that has zero ualms about leveraging the people uinn care about most starting with his ex girlfriend And while uinn can’t trust anyone from the DEA can he put his trust in the God who never left him?While I would have loved it if Goddard had pulled in some of the Strand family sooner several of them are in law enforcementprotection after all the author’s high stakes pulse pounding story grabs ahold of you and drags you along for the ride from the very first pageDisclosure statementI receive complimentary books from publishers publicists andor authors including NetGalley I am not reuired to write positive reviews The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR Part 255

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    Be ready to hold on to your seats Action mystery twists and turns and are found in this story Who to trust? How to handle situations? uestions to be answered A powerful story I received a complimentary copy of the story No review was reuired

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    I have enjoyed this series and actually have book #3 to read yetread the last one before it by accident This was a great read with a lot of action and suspense

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    My review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense Running Target This is the fourth book in the Coldwater Bay Intrigue Series Elizabeth is one of my favorite authors I'm always thrilled when I receive one of her books in the mail This book is well written action packed and full of intrigue Faith is interwoven through out the story like a beautiful tapestry I know you are going to love itDeputy Bree Carrington and her partner stop a fishing boat They appeared to be having trouble and she plans to assist them What should have been a routine stop turns into an illegal gun bust but the men managed to turn things around and Bree's partner is shot and Bree is running for her life She is rescued by her one time boyfriend uinn He finds her and gets her to safetyDEA Agent uinn Strand is hiding out in the forest He was working undercover but it blew up in his face Now he has led them to the only woman he has ever loved He saw the police stop the boat He runs to help Bree as she struggles through the forest to get away from these killers He manages to catch up with Bree and lead her to safety knowing she would report what happened and would bring officers out here How was he to stay hidden and save Bree at the same time? How can he explain that he's really the one these men are afterA difficult journey through forest lands; killers chasing them on all sides They must forget the past and trust each other leaning on their Lord and Savior God has a plan for these two; a plan for a hope and a future God has a plan for you too a good plan and not for evil Give Him your heart and watch Him move in your life

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    Title Running Target Coldwater Bay Intrigue Series #4Author Elizabeth GoddardPages 224Year 2019Publisher Love Inspired My rating 5 out of 5 starsElizabeth Goddard has written a very exciting and engaging tale that has surprising twists and turns When Bree and her partner approach a boat in trouble what looks like a simple assist actually turns into a deadly encounter The next thing Bree knows she is in the water and fighting for her life while trying to draw the attention of dangerous men away from her partnerNow she must rely on her skills as a deputy and her knowledge of the wooded area close to where she grew up Bree’s thoughts are on her Dad and nephew Stevie who she is guardian for since the loss of her brother The biggest surprise Bree gets is running into an old flame with whom she has a past that is littered with broken promises and him leaving She wants to know than uinn is willing to revealWhat ensues in the book is action danger mystery intrigue and romance The ending was classic and I look forward to the next exciting adventure that comes from the pen of Elizabeth GoddardNote The opinions shared in this review are solely my responsibility

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    Another book in the Coldwater Bay saga Each one can be a standalone book this one especially From page one of this book the action begins and doesn't stop A couple times I had to just look up from the book and take a breath because I felt like this was a movie I was watching and I was so involved in it Bree is a marine deputy which I hadn't actually heard of before this book out for a routine patrol when her boat is sunk by thugs with illegal weapons They kidnap her and take her into the woods by the water and she is miraculously saved by DEA agent uinn Stand who just happens to be her ex boyfriend and she finds out that those thugs are really after him What ensues is a life and death pursuit that can't even be described You have to read the book It involves all of Bree's family eventually and it's breaking her heartand uinn's They have a lot of tangled history These thugs are relentless and you never know what will happen page by page Pick up a copy today and find out

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