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Miss Frost Chills The Cheater Jayne Frost #6 [PDF / EPUB] Miss Frost Chills The Cheater Jayne Frost #6 Welcome to Nocturne Falls the town that celebrates Halloween 365 days a year Jayne Frost is a lot of things Winter elf Jack Frost's daughter Santa Claus's niece heir to the Winter Throne and nowprivat Chills The PDF/EPUB ✓ Welcome to Nocturne Falls the town that celebrates Halloween days a year Jayne Frost is a lot of things Winter elf Jack Frost's daughter Santa Claus's niece heir to the Winter Throne and nowprivate investigator Sort of Jayne takes Sinclair on a much needed visit Miss Frost PDF/EPUB ² to her winter wonderland Frost Chills The Cheater Jayne ePUB Ñ home the North Pole She wants him to see what her royal life is truly like She knows the protocol and regulations that define her existence as heir to the Winter Throne aren’t for everyone and worries that it will be than he Frost Chills The PDF/EPUB ê wants to handle All seems well until a weird coincidence in a toy contest has some of the citizens of the North Pole giving Sinclair the side eye He’s a necromancer and not everyone is okay with that Jayne vows to prove his presence and the apparent Frost Chills The Cheater Jayne ePUB Ñ cheating are unrelated but digging deeper uncovers all kinds of strange occurrences that only complicate things and make another perfectly clear Someone doesn’t want Sinclair around When that someone cracks and takes action Sinclair is in danger of losing than his good name Can Jayne chill the rumors that threaten the royal family and keep Sinclair from being permanently iced.

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    Jane and Sinclair are finally visiting the North Pole cats in tow I found the descriptions of the North Pole in this one to be absolutely adorable This isn’t a Christmas book however with all the reindeer toymaking factories elves and houses decorated like gingerbread and wrapped presents it would certainly make for a lovely wintery read if you’re in the mood And Kristen Painter is so good at writing a paranormal cozy that just makes you feel good all over When Jane and Sinclair her poor Necromancer who just isn’t feeling the love since he’s not the winter elf her people were expecting witness a elf toy competition and two of the entrants are suspiciously similar I had to laugh at this one—chickens galore Jane is put on the case The great thing about this series is there’s nothing overly heavy Jane is all about Dr Peppers and her mother’s fudge and being princess of the North Pole and figuring out small time crime like mysteries involving toy chickens But when you’re in the mood for a delightful sugary cozy this one is just right Please excuse typosname misspellings Entered on screen reader

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    Miss Frost Chills the Cheater by Kristen Painter6th book in the Jayne Frost paranormal mystery series a spin off from the Nocturne Falls series You should read the prior Jayne Frost books before this one Jayne and Sinclair travel to the North Pole where Jayne is the Winter Princess so that Sinclair can deeply understand what palace life entails A mystery develops with a toy makers contest and soon Jayne and Sinclair are following the clues to solve the puzzle A compelling cozy mystery with a bit of danger The talking cats are a blast A town of elves with naturally blue colored hair and crazy ice powers And a huge Christmas tree building where there are floors of elves for making toys decorating and wrapping a cafeteria and slides between floors The full book takes place at the North Pole so we don’t get the usual cast from Nocturne Falls And it seems to wrap up the connection to that town which a bit sad But it’s joyful overall because it’s the North Pole with Santa Jack Frost elves and the dreaded naughty listOverall an entertaining cozy mystery series with a slight innocent bent toward romance in the last two books

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    Well I know I sound like a broken record but this is my favorite book in the series now In fact it’s my all time favorite of Kristen’s Get ready to have your socks knocked off and make sure you’re sitting down Because there is going to be some really big things going down Oh gosh I’m dying to talk about it I’m jumping up and down But I guess I shouldn’t spoil it so I’ll just tell a little bit about the story Jayne and Sinclair take a trip to the North Pole so he can see where she grew up and how life works in a palace where she will some day be ruling Her decision of marrying Sin depends on how he takes it all But everyone in the community isn’t a fan of the handsome necromancer Some because of the fear of the unknown about him and his relation to death After all we tend to fear what we don’t understand They are just in time for the yearly Tinker Tourney A competition for the best toy idea of the year This is entered by the tinkers at Santa’s workshop But it seems someone is cheating How will they ever prove who had the original idea? Or is it just black magic that Sin is using to mess with the show? Jayne is tasked with investigating and clearing his name We see a lot of her parents and Santa in this one I loved the world and want to move there It’s so magical Even so than the cartoons growing up at Christmas

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    Well if this isn't the perfect book to put you in the mood for Christmas I don't know what is A follow up novel to the Jayne Frost stories that normally take place in Nocturne Falls in this one we actually get to spend a whole book in the North Pole YES THE NORTH POLE or as those in the know call it the NP where everything Christmas is in production all year round I absolutely adored this change of pace and getting to see of the Royal side of Jayne and her family that we have had snippets about since book 1 A great mystery as usual provided an unexpected twist well played on that one Kristen with a real shocker of a bad guy Note I really want to put a joke here but it would TOTALLY ruin the plot so I won't but if anyone figures it out feel free to let me knowThis reads like it could be the end for the main Jayne Frost stories although the end is definitely open enough for adventures to continue if this be it then I am left a very happy camperAn easy 5 stars from me as I sit here by my Christmas Tree which is already up even though it is the first week of December Seriously if it wasn't so cold there this book might convince me I need to move to the NP I mean if Nocturne Falls isn't an option lolVV

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    Miss Frost future Winter ueen ‘drags’ her maybe future husband back to her home – at the North Pole Maybe future husband? He’s asked she’s refused to answer because she isn’t certain he can ‘take’ being the ueen’s ConsortWith some hits and misses here and there I’ve mostly liked this series Especially the part where it’s of a fantasy mystery series with very minor dips into romance land Well this one has fantasy mystery as well but as the first paragraph should warn – there’s also a big ton of romance angst going on in this book as wellJayne I’m not sure anyone actually calls her Miss Frost in the series since the ones who would – like her employees she runs a 'Santa landChristmas land' type department store in 'human land' are likely to call her Princess Frost but eh that’s the series title Frost Crap what was this paragraph going to be about? Oh rememberedJayne is hoping for a relaxing as possible introduction of her homeland to her potential future husband so that he’ll like it well enough to not feel trapped She knows though that even if everything went perfectly there’s still going to be a shit ton of stress to land on him from ‘royal’ dinners and everything else Immediately things do not go well though and soWhile showing Sinclair around the place they in between stuffing any and everything edible into their mouths stumble across they went to it on purpose builder competition Certain confusing whispers are heard before the events begin but before Jayne can figure out what’s going on the competition begins whispers like – ‘there’s the necromancer’ but she thinks to herself how the fuck do they know that he’s a necromancer? Whereupon the competition comes to a sudden screeching halt Two of the three competitors have the same nor really just in vague generalities toy entered into the competition HOW CHEATER More whispers begin about how it must somehow be Sinclair’s fault eh?; then outright yelling that it must be Sinclair’s fault Right then and there Princess Frost tells them to fuck off – and she’s going to prove it isn’t Sinclair by ‘solving the case of the competitors who accidentally both entered chicken shaped toys yes that’s the entirety of their similarity into the same competitionThings continue from there with Sinclair and Jayne investigating talking with family Winter King aka pops and Santa aka uncle and occasionally watching their two cats play with each other And talk But let’s not dive into talking catsRating 325March 10 2019

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    Whew It all worked out and the mystery was solvedDid read like it was the final book in the series but author Kristen Painter has said there will be a book 7 coming out later this year

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    We finally get to spend time in the North PoleWhat I enjoyed Loved seeing Jayne in her normal element and her family although she spend a lot of that time worried about how it was affecting Sinclair Loved the North Pole and seeing how things functioned The mystery took them into many twisting turnsWhat could have been better Based on the ending I'm worried this is the last book in the series Some things weren't explained view spoilerHow did Gregory get into the tinker's domain? Yes he changed his appearance but there was a badge reader he would have to get pass Plus there had to be better ways to discredit Sinclair besides saying he jinxed the Tinker Tourney? hide spoiler

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    I love how this series doesn't have unnecessary angst The friendships are nice the mysteries not gory and family is close A nice cosy read

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    This is such a magical book The author uickly drew me into the story with an intriguing mystery and adored characters I don’t want to give anything away other than to say there is a lot that happens in this story I enjoyed following along trying to figure out “whodunit” I look forward to reading in this series

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    This is by far the most romantic story in the series I am not sure how I feel about that but I guess it was a normal progression and it was bound to happen It took me a while to get through all the old fashioned girly and princessy stuff to get to the really good mystery part But I guess if you're into that this book should be a real treatThe best part of this book is that it almost completely plays out in the North Pole in the Kingdom With all the factories palaces toys and sweets That was really amazing The author made a proper magical place even magical than Nocturne Falls I have to admit that I would not mind one bit reading the rest of the series with Jayne investigating stuff in the North PoleAnother really good thing in this book is that author addresses the issues of discrimination in various ways and from various vantage points and concludes with a really beautiful message of love and acceptance The Nocturne Falls is a great series and the reading order is The Vampire's Mail Order Bride Nocturne Falls #1 The Werewolf Meets His Match Nocturne Falls #2 The Gargoyle Gets His Girl Nocturne Falls #3 The Professor Woos The Witch Nocturne Falls #4 and The Witch’s Halloween Hero Nocturne Falls #45 in Spell of the Ball Anthology The Werewolf's Christmas Wish Nocturne Falls #46 in Hex the Halls Anthology The Vampire’s Fake Fiancée Nocturne Falls #5 A Vampire's Valentine Surprise Nocturne Falls #55 Miss Frost Solves A Cold Case A Nocturne Falls Mystery Jayne Frost #1 The Shifter Romances The Writer Nocturne Falls #6 Miss Frost Ices The Imp A Nocturne Falls Mystery Jayne Frost #2 The Vampire’s True Love Trials Nocturne Falls #65 in Taming the Vampire collection Miss Frost Saves The Sandman A Nocturne Falls Mystery Jayne Frost #3 The Dragon Finds Forever Nocturne Falls #7 The Vampire's Accidental Wife Nocturne Falls #8 Miss Frost Cracks A Caper A Nocturne Falls Mystery Jayne Frost #4 Miss Frost Braves The Blizzard A Nocturne Falls Mystery Jayne Frost #5 The Reaper Rescues The Genie Nocturne Falls #9 The Detective Wins The Witch Nocturne Falls Book 10 Miss Frost Chills The Cheater Jayne Frost #6 and ever growing series of Nocturne Universe Novels which surpassed 40 by now Great world to get yourself immersed in

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