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    The Seventh Dirk Pitt adventure is another action packed gripping yarn with multiple convoluted storylines it's easy to get slightly confused with the many characters and action set piecesDirk and the team at NUMA are investigating a deadly toxic spill in the Pacific Ocean whilst trying to stop the leak ine of the teams protective clothing breaks and tragically diesDirk is so moved by this that he's determined to seek revengeWhile this is happening the President has disappeared having last been seen on his yacht on the PotomacThis plot strand is so far fetched it's something out of a big blockbuster 80's movieI think that's why these old novels appeal to me they are so over the top with action and surreal storylines that it's just a fun enjoyable rideThis is very much steeped in the Cold War and the use of technology available gives a great snapshot of the timeIf you've read a Cussler you know exactly what to expect

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    One of two Cusslers I've read this one is so over the top it feels that he's kind of the Ed Wood of thriller writing As such it is uite enjoyable but if you like your stories to be about things that can actually happen and heroes that could be real people skip this one

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    Deep Six is Cussler’s first book of many since Pacific Vortex whose plot dips dangerously into the “ridiculous” category involving such plot points as the kidnapping of the President along the next three in line for the Presidency and brain manipulation via implanted micro transmitters The Russians are again to blame this time with help from a greedy Korean family though this story is set in the late 80s right when the USSR actually fellWhat makes this particular book interesting is the introduction of a few long time characters that all fans eventually grow to love St Julien Pearlmutter the 400 pound gourmand who owns the largest collection in the world of works regarding maritime history enters this story in order to give Dirk Pitt a hand in unraveling a maritime mystery Hiram Jaeger also appears the pony tail wearing hippie who’s a wiz at the computer though this early on in the Cussler universe he must use his brain a whole lot than his advanced processor Lauren Smith also joins the tale again this time as a curious and determined congresswoman who just can’t seem to keep herself out of trouble Her “on again off again affair with Dir Pitt” hasn’t seemed to have hurt her political career at all and I think that now we’ll start seeing a whole lot of her

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    After this chapter in the Dirk Pitt saga its really time to call a halt Sensible rational self respecting readers should all retreat beyond this point Its the last of the Pitt episodes which has any kind of credibility or plausibility whatsoever Clive Cussler the author unfortunately does not know when to stop with this goofy series He is dazzled by his name on movie posters and on supermarket check out aisle paperback racks An author of grossly immodest self appraisal overweening ambition and plutocratic lust for riches These are the only possible reasons he ever had to drag out this hysterical silly series of sea adventures possessing a knock off American James Bond characterThis particular novel is boiler plate Dirk Pitt Nothing nothing less Sound and fury but no lasting value Read it and toss it aside; and consider yourself the better for knowing when enough is enough

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    It seems like each time I start reading a Clive Cussler book I finish the first chapter and say Oh my god this guy can write This was no exception This story is uick entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable As I noted last time it also has too many coincidences takes on plot elements so big that they verge on ridiculous and diverges sharply from reality This doesn't bother me although I admit that I think that Tom Clancy does a better job with realism On the other hand I don't think I laugh as much while reading Clancy books The ending of this book was truly classic

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    Death is stalking the coastline of Alaska and on the Potomac River the President and the first three men in succession are kidnapped these two events have thing in common and soon Dirk Pitt will figure out what Deep Six is the seventh installment in Clive Cussler’s Dirk Pitt series featuring the titular protagonist racing to stop a deadly nerve agent on one coast before getting wrapped up in a constitutional crisis when the President is kidnapped and subjected to mind manipulation leading to a race to find the missing Vice PresidentA ship from San Francisco to Auckland is hijacked in 1966 by Korean seamen resulting in the deaths of the crew and the lone passenger a female former bank teller who embezzled 120000 from her employer Twenty years later a deadly biological weapon is seeping into the Gulf of Alaska from an unknown point of origin killing everything—man and animal—in its path Dirk Pitt and NUMA is called in to find the vessel along with an EPA senior scientist who Pitt bets a date on if he can find it in less than a day True to his word Pitt finds the vessel emerging from the upheaval of an island with an active volcano but as they begin clean up the volcano wakes up and the trimer causes the death the EPA scientist which leads Pitt to seek vengeance on the people responsible for stealing the biological agent in the first place Meanwhile the President tries to convince his own Vice President the Speaker of the House and the Senate Majority Leader to support his aid package to the Communist bloc but the four are kidnapped with the Presidential yacht replaced with a lookalike Pitt is pulled from his investigation into finding the yacht finding it sunk in the Potomac with the crew dead as well as Korean bodies as well The kidnapping is sponsored by an international shipping corporation and the USSR to mind manipulate the four leaders into following policies friendly to the USSR with the President being the first subject For 10 days the White House hides the fact the leaders are missing until the President returns with a story about a secret conference with his USSR counterpart then begins acting like a dictator due to instructions received from his Soviet doctors Pitt links his Alaskan ship to the missing 1966 ship and the fake Presidential yacht to Bougainville Maritime Lines but is sidetracked when his on and off flame Loren Smith is abducted on a Soviet cruiser line Pitt mounts a rescue and finds the Speaker and Majority Leader on the ship as well but Bougainville’s black ops head sabotages the ship and almost kills Pitt while abducting Loren while the Speaker is finished out of the Caribbean by the US Navy and heads to Washington wanting to impeach the President and become the new President Pitt saved by best friend Al Giordino searches for where the Bougainville’s are holding the Vice President and mostly like Loren as well focuses on Louisiana With the FBI Coast Guard and Navy helping Pitt and Giordino discover the barge the Bougainville’s are holding the Vice President In desperation Pitt convinces a captain of a riverboat and a regiment of Civil War reenactors to mount a rescue and in the nick of time save before Loren and the Vice President who makes it Washington just after the conviction of the President to take the oath of office Pitt and the father of the woman who died in 1966 go to Bougainville headuarters and kills Matriarch of the clan—the black ops head being her grandson—to end their criminal activitiesLike the previous book Cussler’s total lack of understanding of the Constitution once again rears its ugly head once the mind control President begins becoming a dictator with an assist from the Pentagon until he attempts to leave NATO Frankly what he has the military due would never happen because of being unconstitutional and the military takes an oath to preserve the Constitution not the President The fact that the Soviet leadership has the President do these unconstitutional things makes sense as not understanding the American government but Cussler having the military brass be ignorant is just bad Besides one complaint this was a fun mishmash of action adventure and political thriller book Pitt takes a beating but has just enough to survive and outwit the Bougainvilles to save the day and get vengeance The main protagonist in the person of Lee Tong the Bougainville black op head is probably the best straight up evil villain in the series so far with a plan for everything that is only foiled by the combined efforts of Pitt the military and the Civil War reenactors at the end of the book The female characters in the book are good for the most part with one passage of Cussler going back to the attitude of his earlier books but the uality of the female characters is showing improvement Pitt’s best friend Al Giordino is given to do and is followed than in previous books Deep Six improves a tad over the previous installment though it could have been better if Cussler had thought out the Constitutional issues and had not taken a tiny step back in his attitude to female characterization while still getting better at writing them Personally I can’t wait for the series to get beyond the Cold War spy thriller aspect in later books because it results in some bad elements being written into the book which detract from interesting plots

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    I enjoyed the book but for some reason I had trouble keeping my attention Maybe it was just me but with so many characters and everything going every which way it sometimes lost me It was definitely unpredictable to be honest I'm not sure what happened to some of the characters I did enjoy reading it it was just a bit hard to keep track at points

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    Deep Six by Clive CusslerGenres; ActionAdventure Crime Mystery Suspense4 StarsPublished March 22nd 1984 by Hamish Hamilton This was one of the books in my previous mentioned 'Gold Mine' at a yard sell purchasesI will not freak Mr Cussler out on what I paid for this gem However I often wonder what went on behind the closed doors of the woman who sold them to me after her husband found out HmmmThis was definitely on of my top favorites on the Dirk Pitt series The intrigue to me seemed in depth then the previous books of his I had read I think I still secretly hold a slight crush on both Al Giordino and Dirk Pitt to this dayGreat fun reads Intrigue and super spyhero shenanigans

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    I cannot say that I disliked the book but I'm not sure that I need to read another Cussler story He's a good writer in that action and adventure sort of way where leading men are strong moral and all of the women love them His stories are well plotted lots happens not necessarily by the way of surprise plot twists but the action scenes are well thought out with the hero racing from one predicament to the next At the end of the book the hero saves the damsel and the villain perishes No surprises there In many ways I am surprised that they haven't made one of his books into a movie Perhaps the thought of filming in and under water has scared producers off the project On on a side note Cussler's life reads like a superhero

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    Ridiculous plot as a Korean matriarch on behalf of the Soviet Union kidnaps the hierarchy of the USA and then brainwashes the President Pitt gets involved and saves the day against incredible odds Couple of interesting additions to his team in Perlmeter and Hiram Yaeger and nice to see Loren Smith return as a love interest who is substantial than others in this series Vaguely enjoyable but that is all

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Deep Six [PDF / EPUB] Deep Six Another “impossible to put down” Houston Chronicle classic Dirk Pitt adventure from the New York Times bestselling author of the NUMA Files and the Sam and Remi Fargo AdventuresA deadly tide of po Another “impossible to put down” Houston Chronicle classic Dirk Pitt adventure from the New York Times bestselling author of the NUMA Files and the Sam and Remi Fargo AdventuresA deadly tide of poison flows into ocean waters A ghost ship drifts across the empty northern Pacific A luxury Soviet liner blazes into a funeral pyre The Presidential yacht cruises the Potomac night—and the President disappears without a trace Dirk Pitt takes on a sinister Asian shipping empire in an intercontinental duel of nerves In his most dangerous fast paced adventure he fights to save the US government—and to seize one desperate moment of revenge.