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Get Out of Town [PDF / EPUB] Get Out of Town When Archie Betty Veronica and Jughead take a road trip they discover that their small town problems seem to follow them wherever they goArchie's on trial for murder and the evidence is stacked agains When Archie Betty Veronica and Jughead take a road trip they discover that their small Get Out PDF/EPUB or town problems seem to follow them wherever they goArchie's on trial for murder and the evidence is stacked against him Betty Veronica and Jughead all know that Archie is being framed by Hiram Lodge but how can they prove itThe gang comes up with a last ditch plan to prove Archie's innocence They have to go back to the scene of the crime They have to go back to Shadow LakeThreats are around every corner deep in the woods at the Lodge family cabin Will the teens find the evidence they need to clear Archie's name And importantly will they make it back to Riverdale alive.

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    From the original murder among Blossom brothers to the sticky underside of the maple syrup trade From the Riverdale Reaper to the Sugarman all the way down to the Black Hood To the Geraldine Grundys of the world and the 'sweetie' monster sightings in Sweetwater river each SummerAnd the drownings All of them sudden All of them unexplained Too many to make sense of From the Serpents Native members being driven from their land to the Blossom house burning to the ground at Cheryl's hand From the live burials at the Devil's Hand tree to all the stories teens tell when if they manage to escape from the Sisters of uiet Mercy Each of these mesy sad links forms the chains that drag Riverdale down into the evil deep Set during the Summer between Seasons 2 and 3 of Riverdale Archie has just been framed for murder by the ruthless Hiram Lodge Archie Veronica Jughead and Betty decide to return to the scene of the crime if they can find any evidence that may help Archie's case But the locals of Shadow Lake aren't too pleased to see an alleged murderer in their areaMeanwhile we get glimpses into the lives of the other characters Josie's hidden relationship with Sweetpea and the rise of the dangerous game Griffins and Gargoyles If you've watched the series you'll recognise most of the events referred to in this book But it is an enjoyable bit of fan fiction filling in the empty gap of the Summer before season 3 begins Ostow does a great job of portraying the characters' POVs and their personalities really shine through Highly recommend

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    The second original novel set in the Riverdale universe which I enjoyed even than the first These are surprisingly good and I say surprisingly not as slight to the author but because so often books related to a show aren't very good But Micol Ostow has once again captured these characters perfectly making this a fun read I loved the Stephen King references too The plot was tense and creepy in a good way Scarier than I had expected it would be to be honest I'm easily spooked by the old 'trapped in a house with people watching you' situation though It always makes me jumpy even if it's a little predictable I'm not sure if it would make sense if you haven't seen the show Recommended if you like 'Riverdale'

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    I have read the first and now the second in this series and have really enjoyed them Normally I watch a movie or series first then read the book or books In this case it hasn't bothered me I've enjoyed reading everyone's individual perspectives on the situation Looking forward to book three

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    This book is about what I consider one of the absolute dumbest most illogical most frustratingly obnoxious plots in Riverdale the very thing which led me to uit watching the show in fact As such I won't be rating this based on plotline because that would be like a dog hater knowingly reading a story about dogs and rating it low because it wasn't about cats I won't even rate it based on whether it is canon compliant since I gave up on the show during this plot and likely wouldn't spot any subtle inaccuracies or be aware of relevant retcons since Riverdale loves to rewrite its own story often Instead I'm rating it based on insight it provides into thoughts and motives as well as general writing uality and characterizationI'll begin with a rundown of the narrating characters and my thoughts on them then lead into an overall assessmentJUGHEAD sounds a little flat but for the canon point given I'm not surprised He's a shadow of the character I love yet very accurate to the one he became in later seasons of the televised series I felt he was overly wordy in places but that seems reasonably on brandI wish his emotions had been covered with 'showing' and less telling but what the author told seemed genuine I liked the insight into his thought processes regarding losing Archie and being King of the Southside Serpents I could have done without all the ship related stuff but he's with Betty on the show so I can't fault the book for including it no matter how much I dislike BugheadOne thing stood out though In canon FP tells Alice that a snake Southside Serpent never sheds its skin stops being part of the biker gang so easily The key part of that uote was how he said it didn't happen easily Without that ualifier it just becomes an ignorant lie and a cringey false metaphor considering snakes literally do shed their skin multiple times in their lives The point is that ecdysis skin shedding is an uncomfortable and vulnerable time period for a snake Unfortunately this book has Jug refer to how he's learned snakes never shed their skin Congratulations author; you just made Jughead into an idiot and ruined a neat metaphor Considering he's my favourite character that irks me a lotVERONICA is a cringefest not unlike her canon counterpart I felt icky seeing this sixteen year old girl wax poetic in overdone phrasing about her darling paramour the love of her life Archie Andrews GAG So you know she's fairly accurately written in that regard However much like the previous book she's vapid and shallow and sounds like a spoiled starlet than someone who's grown and developed into an actually decent human being She's also far too much of an obnoxious SJW caricature far so than on the show At one point Veronica stupidly claims that having the boys sit in the front of a car and girls in the back is 'sexist' even though Jug's driving and she wanted to sit by Betty anyway meaning they'd have to sit in the back whether Archie had called shotgun or not And later she even accuses Archie of 'disguising misogyny as chivalry' when he volunteers to clean up mutilated birds left by an enemy the very sight of which had made Veronica scream in terror when they were first discovered No V that's not misogyny; that's your boyfriend trying to help you not be triggered again It's infuriatingly ridiculous and makes her sound even narcissistic than she already is as a Lodge But I digress I think the author focused too much on she's so obsessed with luxury and privilege and she likes social justice buzzwords but not enough on making Veronica's emotions read like those of a real person or creating a sympathetic character As such Veronica was primarily an unlikable character and her sections were annoying to read while often feeling off kilter from who she normally is I'm not surprised just disappointed And disgusted at how often she drones on about how she'll never betray Archie and loves him oh so much and he never has to worry about her dating Reggie while he's gone if he gets arrested It's about like reading a book in which Humpty Dumpty swears a million times that he'll never ever sit on a wall not once in his entire life it's just plain obnoxious because you know what a lie it proves to be laterARCHIE is basically just a giant ball of anxious self loathing That's it that's his personality I don't feel as if I gained any insight into the idiotic decision he made on the show not during the book which means the main reason I was curious enough to read this is a total bust He does however come across as genuinely Archie so there's that It's also interesting to get a peek into his intense PTSD and how it affects his thought processesREGGIE comes across as an uneducated jerkwad even than he usually does in the show However the insight into his family life explains uite a bit and serves as a nice bit of character development BETTY is written with such urgency that her emotions feel real They jump from the page making her stress and anxiety take the forefront even when she's trying to be chill I like that a lot especially coupled with the insight into her Adderall dependence and frustration with her mom's ignoranceOne thing though most of Betty's sections are framed as diary entries which makes absolutely zero sense Nobody writes exact dialogue their friends said when making a diary entry And why would she with the psychotic cult member mother and sister be writing vulnerable information in a diary they could just snatch and read anyway? She's supposed to be smarter than thatAlso since when was she a crazy SJW type? At one point she accuses Jug of being chivalrous and sexist for volunteering to let her take a shower first after they'd finished cleaning up a dead animal Heaven forbid he be kind to his girlfriend It can't possibly be that he is too lazy to shower first or is used to dead animals after living in a trailer park and being homeless for awhile or that he just loves her enough to want her to be comfortable first No no it's sexism y'all Gag me with a spoon Betty is I repeat supposed to be smarter than thisETHEL is completely guano level crazy and it does not suit her It is unfortunately how canon chose to characterize her as well but I will forever be bitter about how they turned her into whatever this nonsense is when she used to be a sympathetic character during season one However the insight into why and how she ended up how she is was uite welcome I may still resent it but at least now I also understand SWEET PEA doesn't narrate a section of his own but I'd just like to say how stupid I thought it was that mister Serpent Loyalty was demi working with the traitorous ex Serpent who tried to murder his friend and current leader of the gang I don't know if this is canon or not but I hate it with the fiery non passion of a thousand suns Yuck Also FP is in on it so toss working with the monster who tried to murder his son into the pile of things I find extremely unlikely Is it canon? Don't know don't care; I hate it regardless POP TATE was an unexpected and enjoyable surprise when it comes to narrating characters A very small portion but interesting all the same JOSIE was a very peculiarly wild and crazy version of herself which felt suited for that one movie version with the spunky redhead It just didn't feel like the Josie from the televised series but then she didn't get much screen time so I can't be much of a judge I just know that I felt unsatisfied with how strange and cliche her voice and motives were I like to think the real Josie wouldn't vandalize another band's property just for the sake of her own ego or have dangerous impromptu drag races on town roads in the middle of the night She's always come across as classier and honour bound than that even if the paint she used for vandalism did happen to be washable OVERALL I think this book is a decent read for anyone who is obsessed with Riverdale and wants of the same Unfortunately that isn't me I went into this hoping for a little insight into what drove the character motivations between seasons two and three since I hated what the show became for its third season I wanted to understand and though I did accomplish that task with Ethel it just wasn't possible with the othersIf you like me dislike the plots involved you'll probably be annoyed fairly often potentially enough to make it an unenjoyable reading experience Luckily this book blows by fast never dwelling on anything for too long and that helps a lot It's decently well written if you overlook how obnoxious certain character voices are VERONICA don't dislike the constant jumping between narrators and are willing to grit your teeth and stomach a third to a half of a book worth of every move any male character makes being deemed misogynistic I'm not sure I would have kept going beyond the 30% mark if I weren't specifically reading for insight into the plot Which again I didn't particularly getIf anything this feels like a desperate attempt to add even ridiculous drama to the plot When things look like they're all geared up to provide a solid rescue for Archie of course everything has to go dramatically and ridiculously pear shaped because in the show he doesn't get rescued between seasons So we get action movie level nonsense to erase all progress and characters who are very deliberately and clearly enemies having random reveals as being the good guys come to save the day Aight then if you say soAlong the way the core four are bumbling idiots to the point it sometimes feels like a sitcom They make mistakes which they normally wouldn't and act like horror movie tropes at times which is especially grating since they even discuss those tropes before falling into them The first half or so of this book is actually a fascinating selection of character studies don't get me wrong There is some value to be had there and in fact I rather enjoyed that portion The problem is that once a plot develops things to downhill fast Everything about the main plot is contrived and in the end literally none of it matters because nothing is accomplished I understand that there are constraints to what could happen between seasons but that's where a writer has to step back and ponder what they're doing It's no different than writing a preuel there's plenty of room to show new things happening without inventing those which are detrimental to the timeline then erasing them in dramatic fashion to make everything fitSimilarly this book is definitely not without its technical flaws Some of the narrator choices for example make no sense Why have Archie narrate a conversation he's barely involved in when he doesn't even provide emotional input? Why re hash things from the show or comics for some sections without adding anything to them? There are also a smattering of typos and grammar flubs though nothing particularly brain breaking and one incredibly nonsensical plot pointI know I said I'd focus away from the plot elements but this is just egregious The core four are heading to a vacation home where a crime Archie's been publicly accused of is taking place Their intent is to stealthily look for evidence to clear Archie's name So what do they do? Tell a random cop they encounter that Veronica is Big Bad's daughter and admit they're going to the vacation home Then they stop at the store where the crime began because apparently Veronica thinks looking for clues reuires snacks and that's the only place to get some Thus not only is nothing about the mission stealthy but they've got the accused criminal who's awaiting trial wandering around in the wide open in front of the victim's friends That's so beyond stupid that it's ridiculous even by Riverdale standardsFor that one bit I'd have been inclined to dock a star but it's negated because I'm giving this book an automatic extra star just for Veronica referring to her increasingly cartoon villain evil father and Betty referring to Hiram as some mustache twirling cartoon bad guy It's refreshing to see a call out on how pathetically one dimensional and cartoonish Hiram Lodge became Seriously words can't explain how much I hate the way he's so obsessed with teenagers like some Scooby Doo villain while we're told he's some scary mob boss or whatever It's laughable and I enjoyed seeing shade tossed over the situation I didn't hate the experience but I also stopped enjoying it somewhere around the mutilated birds if not actually much sooner so I'm giving this book two stars That's inclusive of the extra star for calling out how pathetically cartoonish Hiram Lodge is multiple times so make of that what you will I just can't justify a higher rating for the bits I did like when there ended up being so many that I detestedI mean honestly? It may just be easier to leave on the note of a text message one character sends another won't say who to avoid any meaningful spoilers Consider how dumb it would be to leave an electronic trail like this and how much dumber it'd be not to just turn the person in for death threats which name the Big Bad explicitly and could get him in jail and out of the way posthaste And know that this is fairly par for the course of idiotic decisions the characters in this book make When will you learn? There’s no such thing as “done” There’s only “in” or “dead” And for now you’re “in” That means you’re on Hiram Lodge’s good side You probably want to keep it that way

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    Sarcastic and disappointed updates aside I have to give the author credit for her character work in this novel Unlike in The Maple Murders the characters have distinct voices and are pretty consistent right off the bat I particularly enjoyed the POVS of Betty and Jughead in this one btw be ready for StEpHen KiNg references everywhereThere's also some back to reality moments in which the characters uestion how their lives will change after Riverdale highAnd some new twists added to characters and backstories for how they react the way they do although one of them in particular view spoiler can someone explain how cup color became relevant here? like did they get some grade A laboratory 'kissing disease' saliva and slather it in the red cups or something? genuinely concerned citizen here hide spoiler

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    You honestly haven’t noticed that our lives basically are a horror movie? Jason Blossom the Black Hood we are like one zombie apocalypse away from going full on Evil DeadMy Sunday’s are full of new adventures on Netflix I try to find something on there to view because I’m home alone all day I spotted Riverdale on there and decided to give it a try Part way through episode one I was hooked Now I’m kind of obsessed A memory was triggered and I realized that I had a copy of this book in my book closet After much searching and digging I found it and automatically tore it open It states that it takes place in the Riverdale universe and not seen on the show But some of the bigger picture scenarios were featured on the show Maybe the endings turned out differently but they were all sensationalized for this book This was a decent book but would have been better if it was a totally original story The mystery was good enough to keep my interest but it was definitely missing something I really enjoyed the different POVs except Bettys Hers was almost entirely diary entries and that kind of annoyed me And in the end it kept me entertained and occupiedGet Out of Town will have Riverdale fans excited that they can have something else added to their collections Just don’t expect anything mind blowing and original

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    Eek That was cringe Not only did it seem like a long boring build up the climax was not very climactic Overall I felt very meh about the book There seemed to be a few plot holes and truly I felt the first 230 pages were extremely boring whiny and redundant If you are totally obsessed with Riverdale and absolutely LOVE the characters the way they are then this would be an okay read for you I enjoy the show mostly the atmosphere and overall aesthetic The characters are ok but in my opinion Archie from the show is the weakest character Really I think that each character is a poorly written hyperbole Some like Veronica and Cheryl I can stomach Others like Archie I can't This novel really intensifies that hyperbole In the end the biggest gripe I had was that the novel itself seemed very pointless and to an end it was Read at your own risk Suitable for middle school students and higher Mentions of drinking and implied sexual conduct Boring Recommend to your students at your own risk

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    The story is uite engaging and makes you want to keep on reading until you find out what the heck is going on Sadly you don’t find out what the heck is going on Argh there are so many uestions left unanswered from the last book that was about the goings on in Riverdale the past summer So there’s a whole year that is being skipped in this series A whole year with a lot of drama death mystery and uestions We don’t get a straight answer to any of these uestions or explanations of the deaths and mysteries We just get bits and pieces that aren’t even clear in this book Sure it guaranties that the reader keeps on reading the series to find out what’s going on but it is angering that we don’t get answers All we get is uestions and mysteries I am not sure if that’s how the Archie comics are because I haven’t read them but sure is frustrating I don’t even know if the third book is out yet Sigh I’ll have to check at the library

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    SummaryThe Riverdale foursome are back against Veronica's father to prove Archie's innocence when he is framed for murder The other residents of Riverdale are also up to no good a year after Jason's death set off a chain reaction of the town's darkest secrets coming to light Personal OpinionThis second installment in the Riverdale series was a bit action packed than the previous one It also included uite a few characters which I enjoyed I didn't really like the diary entry style when it came to Betty I did however like that Betty's darker side was shown in this novel Her emotions were very well written and believable My biggest complaint was the ending seemed to cut off uite abruptly Also since it is a year after the first book it will make absolutely no sense if you haven't watched the show Overall not as good as the first book but it is still an alright read for Riverdale fans

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    This book is set between seasons 2 and 3 of the Riverdale series Again I was thrilled by the uality of the story Usually I am disappointed when books and tvfilm meet but not in this case I love getting to see into our favorite protagonists but also learning about the supporting characters This book has thriller vibes and was at times a little scary but overall very engaging However as with the series there are cliffhangers abound and those always annoy me I spent my tween teen years hovered over the Archie comics so am happy that this world has been revived for the 21st century I give this book 4 starsThank you Scholastic Australia for this copy in return for my honest and independent review

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