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Resistance Women [PDF / EPUB] Resistance Women From the New York Times bestselling author of Mrs Lincoln s Dressmaker, an enthralling historical saga that recreates the danger, romance, and sacrifice of an era and brings to life one courageous, pa From the New York Times bestselling author of Mrs Lincoln s Dressmaker, an enthralling historical saga that recreates the danger, romance, and sacrifice of an era and brings to life one courageous, passionate American Mildred Fish Harnack and her circle of women friends who waged a clandestine battle Resistance Women Epub / against Hitler in Nazi BerlinAfter Wisconsin graduate student Mildred Fish marries brilliant German economist Arvid Harnack, she accompanies him to his German homeland, where a promising future awaits In the thriving intellectual culture of s Berlin, the newlyweds create a rich new life filled with love, friendships, and rewarding work but the rise of a malevolent new political faction inexorably changes their fateAs Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Party wield violence and lies to seize power, Mildred, Arvid, and their friends resolve to resist Mildred gathers intelligence for her American contacts, including Martha Dodd, the vivacious and very modern daughter of the US ambassador Her German friends, aspiring author Greta Kuckoff and literature student Sara Weitz, risk their lives to collect information from journalists, military officers, and officials within the highest levels of the Nazi regimeFor years, Mildred s network stealthily fights to bring down the Third Reich from within But when Nazi radio operatives detect an errant Russian signal, the Harnack resistance cell is exposed, with fatal consequencesInspired by actual events, Resistance Women is an enthralling, unforgettable story of ordinary people determined to resist the rise of evil, sacrificing their own lives and liberty to fight injustice and defend the oppressed.

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    This is my first experience with Chiaverini and I am impressed From 1929 through 1946, three women look on in horror as the Nazi Party rises and comes into power Mildred Harnack is an American intellectual married to a German and Greta Kuckhoff is a hopeful German writer formerly enrolled at the University of Wisconsin where she met the Harnacks Their stories are factual and both are members of the Red Orchestra, a resistance cell operating in Berlin Sara Weitz is a Jewish German literature student and enrolled in Harnack s lectures She is a composite of Jewish members of the Red Orchestra Having read a number of WWII nonfiction books, the historical accuracy is probably the best I ve read within the subgenre of historical fiction Don t expect a rip roaring WWII adventure full of blowing up bridges and railroad tracks, carefully planned assassinations or harrowing escapes from the Nazis Rather, this is a story of brave women committing espionage and acts of protest against an evil fascist regime.

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    I finally read a book by Jennifer Chiaverini I ve meant to for ages now, and I m thrilled to say my first book from her was epic Mildred Fish is a graduate student from Wisconsin She marries a German economist, Arvid Harnack, and moves with him to Germany Berlin in the 1930s is swimming with intellectuals, and the newlyweds are enjoying their work and social lives At the same time, we all know Hitler and his Nazi party are rising in power Mildred and Arvid decide to resist Mildred begins by collecting intelligence for the US Her friends, Greta and Sara, collect information from all manner of sources, including Nazi officials They build a network to retrieve and share intelligence Mildred and her group work for years until they are exposed Resistance Women is inspired by true events I was completely enad with Mildred, her devotion to doing what s right, and how she helped build a network of individuals who for years provided insider information she could bravely and boldly share for the good of the entire world Resistance Women is a story to sink into, to relax and explore, to worry, to feel, and to think Would you do the same thing these three women did The book is thoughtful, thought provoking, powerful, and inspiring The author s note including information on the real people is not to be missed I received a complimentary copy All opinions are my own.My reviews can also be found on my blog

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    Jennifer Chiaverini s latest historical novel delves into the lives of four women three historical and one fictional that along with their husbands and family members took a stand against Adolf Hitler and the Nazi government A well researched, well detailed narrative, Resistance Women takes readers from 1930 s Germany all the way through the war and into 1946 Wisconsin graduate student Mildred Fish, daughter of an American ambassor Martha Dodd, literature student Greta Kuckoff, and Jewish university student Sara Weitz are our eyes and ears during this period of mass change in Germany These women all faced tremendous personal and professional obstacles, but they refused to bow down and instead placed themselves in danger to protest the loss of freedoms in their country Although some political leaders in the post war period such as De Gaulle and Stalin wanted to stem the importance of resistance in the allied victory, there is no doubt that today s reading audiences are defintely hungering to hear of what ordinary people did to resist Many of my WWII reads in 2019 have been on the subject of resistance and in my humble reader opinion this is by far the best and most important historical fiction novel of 2019 The book is daunting with its four character perspective, large quantity of pages, and attention to many of the events in German history that show the way in which the Third Reich slowly gained power over its population Trust me, it is all worth it Goodreads review published 08 09 19 My third attempt to write a review since Goodreads app was having some difficulty yesterday.

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    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing Edmund Burke Some fires burned themselves out only after consuming everything within reach of the flames Beginning in June of 1929, this story shares the stories of several women living in Germany during the rise of the Nazi Party, and the stories of those whose lives connected with theirs Two of these women, Mildred Harnack and Greta Kuckhoff, were based on their real lives, living and operating as members of the resistance in Germany, through the Red Orchestra The third woman, Sara Weitz, was a character based on the multiple Jewish German women who were also members of the Red Orchestra, Die Rote Kapelle, also called the Red Chapel by the Gestapo The Red Orchestra being a conglomeration of separate resistance groups united in the belief that the evil incarnate in this regime must be thwarted Of these three women, one is an American, Mildred Harnack, a teacher in Berlin whose husband, Arvid, is German Mildred meets Greta, an aspiring author, and Arvid when she is a student at the University of Wisconsin Once they are in Germany, Sara Weitz meets Harnack through her lectures Aiding these three women is Martha Dodd whose father is the American ambassador to Germany.This was a fascinating look at this time and place, how things changed at a pace that had most of the population turn a blind eye to the changes, a little here, a little there, until it was too late And evil triumphed, if for a time The focus, however, isn t on the war or the concentration camps, but on these women who put their lives on the line to end the spread of this evil.At 594 pages, this was not a fast read, or leisurely, but it was eye opening and very thought provoking to read Many thanks to the ARC provided by my BookAngel

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    Just started this book and feel an eerie similarity to our current situation in the United States as the unthinkable builds in 1930 s Germany Well written if not fast paced The slow pace of the book provides a sense of the unthinkable unfolding and reminds the reader of how glacial change can be destructive, perhaps so than a catastrophic sudden shift A lengthy book reflective of the topic and the period.

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    This ambitious World War II novel is vast in its historical record and scope, taking us from the beginning of Hitler s rise to power through the end of the war, focusing in detail on the sociological and historical aspects of the rise of Nazism and Hitler, and the attempts by a few brave souls to withstand and resist and finally to just survive the onslaught of the horrors the characters face that grow larger and incomprehensible every year.The author s grasp of the period is amazing, and she conveys the realities of the time in Germany very well There are broad historical brushstrokes as well as detailed looks at what everyday life must have been like for your average German citizen, who found herself swept up in the madness of the National Socialist movement Because of the tremendous scope of this novel, which aims to provide an idea of the larger historical movement as well as the focused daily impact of these movements on the lives of the characters, the story suffers when the author turns her attention to the actual human interests here, the 4 characters that are the foci of the story In good historical fiction the historical background serves the interest of the characters, serves as a way to highlight their personalities, choices, actions, etc The setting should always be in service to the characters In this novel, however, the characters seem to just be the conduit for writing about the history, which is clearly the author s strong point There s no heart here We see the individual lives and the specifics of the day to day encroachments of Nazism on the characters, but there is a lack of soul in their stories The reader is never very attached to them This is partly because there are so many of them to deal with, the author never delves too deeply into any of their minds or hearts.The author does a great job of showing the at first slow progression of the steady march of Nazism on German society, the incremental changes to the Jewish laws, and the way that the characters become the frogs in the pot as they go along with the changes to their world, having no other choice but to hope for the best as their world crumbles around them We feel along with the characters the various reactions to events, moving from denial to disbelief, to sadness, shock, and horror I have to admit, though, that I skimmed much of this novel It was overlong, at than 500 pages I think the author was trying for a saga but ended up with a textbook with some personal stories thrown in.A word about politics in a novel like this, the reader should never be able to detect the author s political views However, the author makes a not so subtle point of repeatedly drawing a parallel between Hitler and Donald Trump No matter where an author s political leanings fall, a novel of historical fiction is not the appropriate venue for such musings Aside from that, the comparisons are ludicrous and so beyond the pale of any rational political discourse, that the novel suffers greatly from this insertion of the author s views.

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    Resistance Women takes you to a whole brilliant journey and it follows the WWI from the beginning of Hitler s rise, and the story is elaborated very intriguing with mixed emotions, a huge applause for Chiaverini for writing such a wonderful story She really is a powerful Author to share an amazing story with all of us, and we re so happy to have her book in our May choice for our Monthly Picks so make sure to grab a copy.The reality of the time is so accurate and it is very professional in that level, surviving each day was so intriguing for the family and the acts that followed were so different and interesting, I really liked the way how the Author portrayed the National Socialist movement, it felt like I saw a movie within the movie The book is really unputdownable and it has 600 pages which will feel to you like 6 because the story is so unique and interesting you wouldn t want to finish.The true story of the brave women were so incredibly powerful, they tried to fight the injustice being done to the oppressed during the war All the character s actions are focused on taking down the Nazis You ll enjoy every detail of the book that has taken part in one of the worst moment of Human s history.The novel follows with four different main characters, we meet Midred an American girl who is a teacher in Berlin, she s married to Arvid Harnack The second character is Greta who is a Writer, her love romance hasn t still been free from different reasons so she s back to Germany from Wisconsin Then we meet Sara Weits a Jewish girl, and a student of Mildred s And the end we will meet martha Dodd the daughter of the American Ambassador who is able to help in ways no one else can The mixed company will make this historical fiction a mind blowing story which you ll fall in love.I enjoyed the experience of the brave women so much, the feelings were so strong and the background was set in such a vivid old amazing details The restrictive laws, food cuts and the fear of Berlin s citizens were fascinating, the Author s research must ve been so deep as the book is than a five stars for us The ending of the book is powerful and really emotional, we highly recommend you to read this wonderful book

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    Although this book is shown as a work of fiction, it is also noted that the events portrayed in this book are based on historical facts.Jennifer Chiaverini does it again, that being that she has written an extraordinary story in Resistance Women She never disappoints.Told in varying viewpoints, the story revolves around American Mildred Fish Harnack, and the friends who support her and each other through an extremely harrowing time in history when nothing, and no one, is safe, especially Jews and intellectuals, of which many of the characters are a member.Mildred Fish graduates from a school in Wisconsin and then marries Arvid Harnack, a German economist She relocates with her husband to his homeland, settling in Berlin, where they hope to have a brilliant future together.When the Nazis come into power, Mildred, her friends, and others decide to resist at all cost That decision will cost them dearly Mildred herself divulges intelligence to American contacts Her friends, Greta and Sarah, also begin the high risk activity of gathering intelligence from journalists.Knowing this book is based on factual events, you will find yourself both heartbroken and yet in awe of the bravery of people who refuse to bend and to stand and defy in the name of all that is right.

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    Going into this book I thought I knew what to expect, but not in this detail, and not when I felt that I needed to get out of there and leave When I think about those that stay and then what happened, I thought about staying in my own home, it s mine why should I leave, and that mentality could get them killed.Through the author we get to walk on the streets of Berlin during this horrific time, and we put faces to those who can see what is happening and do what they can to help thwart this evil.This is a very long book, but I was mesmerized and hoping for a change in history, of course that didn t happen, but the research that was put into this read is awesome I loved the fact that the author s notes update on what happened to these real people, or mostly, making you wonder how so many could turn a blind eye.A timely book, history should not be forgotten.I received this book through Net Galley and the Publisher William Morrow, and was not required to give a positive review.

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    I won this book in a goodreads giveaway Thank you to William Morrow The story is about the brave women in the resistance during the second world war Some of the characters are the actual women who tried to fight the injustice being done to the oppressed during the war Really well written and well researched One of the best books I ve read about the second world war.

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