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Ill Never Tell [PDF / EPUB] Ill Never Tell Deeply buried secrets make for a disturbing family reunion in bestselling author Catherine McKenzie s tantalizing novel of psychological suspense.What happened to Amanda Holmes Twenty years ago, she w Deeply buried secrets make for a disturbing family reunion in bestselling author Catherine McKenzie s tantalizing novel of psychological suspenseWhat happened to Amanda Holmes Twenty years ago, she was found bludgeoned in a rowboat at the MacAllister family s Camp Macaw No one was ever charged with the Ill Never Epub / crimeNow, after their parents sudden deaths, the MacAllister siblings return to camp to read the will and decide what to do with the prime real estate the camp occupies Ryan needs to sell Margaux hasn t made up her mind Mary believes in leaving well enough alone Kate and Liddie the twins have opposing views And Sean Booth, the groundskeeper, just hopes he still has a home when all is said and doneBut it scomplicated than a simple vote The will stipulates that until they unravel the mystery of what happened to Amanda, they can t settle the estate Any one of them could have done it, and each one is holding a piece of the puzzle Will they work together to finally discover the truth, or will their secrets finally tear the family apart.

About the Author: Catherine McKenzie

Catherine McKenzie was born and raised in Montreal, Canada A graduate of McGill in History and Law, Catherine practices law in Montreal An avid runner and skier, she s the author of numerous bestsellers including HIDDEN, FRACTURED and THE GOOD LIAR Her works have been translated into multiple Ill Never Epub / languagesHIDDEN was a bestseller and a Digital Bookworld bestseller for five weeks SMOKE wa.

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    Me omg girl this book is so friggin good, I was up all night Friend What s it about Me hhhmmmmm well, it s about this group of siblings that come together at the reading of their father s will only to be told that they must decide if their brother is responsible for a tragic incident with a teenage girl twenty years earlier Friend That sounds kinda ridiculous Me Yeah I know Friend So what happens Me Nothing really Friend What do they do to decide if he s guilty Me Wellllll.they don t exactly DO anything Friend We re back to my first question, what is the book about _______________________________Yes, there is a mystery involving a girl twenty years prior.Yes, there is a will requiring a decision on the guilt or innocence of a brother.For me, that plotline is nothing but a good premise to bring together five estranged siblings after the death of their parents.The mystery of what happened twenty years prior and the reading of the will is but a catalyst for these siblings being forced to reveal themselves to each other for the first time Maybe that s what their eccentric late father intended, who knows We learn that they each hold secrets, not only about what happened twenty years ago, but about themselves It seems that none of them really knows the other Their individual secrets and assumptions have driven a monumental chasm in this family Man, Catherine McKenzie can develop a character I felt like I knew these people, like they were my own family Hell, they ARE my family I liken McKenzie s style to that of Celeste Ng, whereas the players ARE the story This story really got me thinking about my own secrets, we all have them so don t even try it No matter how small or inane the closeted skeleton, it still causes tiny fissures in our relationships If revealed, they wouldn t cause a complete break and could only serve in strengthening our bonds, so why do we keep them I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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    Twenty years ago, Amanda washed up on shore off Camp Macaw in a rowboat with a gash on her head Many were interviewed by the police, but an arrest was never made Now the children of the camp owners are called together for the reading of the will But there is just one minor thing they need to do vote But it s not that simple In fact, it s complicated.Who hurt Amanda at camp all those years ago Who had a motive Who saw her last Who saw something Who has secrets The siblings are tasked with looking back at that summer and the events of that night to determine the culpability of one of them As they look back, we learn bits and pieces about each of them This was an interesting whodunit that also worked as an examination of family dynamics About family secrets, about keeping secrets for others, about sibling relationships, and the walls we build around ourselves You think you know your family Think again This was a thoroughly enjoyable book I enjoyed all the characters and liked how the Author had each have his her own personality and quirks The plot was very clever and carefully woven This book had several twists and at one point I just KNEW that I guessed it, I KNEW I was so right, to only have another twist to blow that theory out of the water The great thing was that each guess could have been plausible and when the reveal did occur it felt authentic believable I am not a huge fan of reveals that come out of nowhere just for the wow factor The final reveal here was clever, well thought out and made sense I also enjoyed the charts forms throughout the book that let us know where each family member was at certain times during that fateful night I m happiest when I am wearing my super sleuth hat while reading and this book had me guessing and trying to figure out whodunit along with the characters I found the story to be captivating look back in time while at the same time being grounded in the present The characters were well developed, flawed, likable yet not always reliable I look forward t reading books by this Author.Thank you to Lake Union Publishing and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review All the thoughts and opinions are my own.

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    My next book, coming out in June, 2019 I am so excited about it More to come, but in the meantime please add it to your goodreads shelf

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    I ll Never Tell is a smart and engaging mystery that mirrors Agatha Christie s method for presenting each developing character as a potential suspect, and with seven characters that s quite the feat Plentiful secrets, intriguing relationships, and a nostalgic but eerie atmosphere allow Catherine McKenzie to successfully reach for Christie s masterful talent as well I am so excited to see McKenzie s writing evolve over the years Check her out and put this title high on your list Thank you to the following for permitting me access to an advance reader s copy ARC of I ll Never Tell This generosity did not impact my honesty when rating reviewing.Source NetGalleyAuthor Catherine McKenziePublisher Lake Union Publishing Genres General Fiction Adult , Women s FictionPub Date June 1, 2019

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    Seventeen year old Amanda was smashed on the head, twenty years ago, at the MacAllister family s Camp Macaw Now the five MacAllister siblings have been called together for the reading of their parents will, after their parents died in a train accident Everyone in this family has secrets and it seems they each know something about what happened that night, twenty years ago, that they haven t shared with the others Now their dead father is instructing them to figure out who attacked Amanda because he thinks it s one of them, and the estate can t be settled until they have done as he has instructed This is an Agatha Christie type whodunit and it was an enjoyable and quick read for me The short chapters are written from the point of view of the siblings and Sean, the camp caretaker, who has never wanted to anything other than to continue taking care of the camp Whether the camp continues to be run by the MacAllisters or gets sold to build condos, also depends on what the siblings learn and decide, after a final vote, once the mystery has been solved After reading this book, I ll definitely be reading of Catherine McKenzie s work and I see that she has a lot of books already other there for me to read Thank you to Lake Union Publishing and NetGalley for this ARC.

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    Atmospheric, suspenseful, compelling I LL NEVER TELL by CATHERINE McKENZIE is an excellent, engrossing, and interesting domestic whodunit mystery thriller that had me totally consumed with curiosity right from the very start I was immediately hooked with the camp setting and the mystery to solve here totally intrigued me I definitely have a fondness for books with camp settings, love dysfunctional familial dynamics and the slow unraveling of all the secrets and lies totally fascinated me CATHERINE McKENZIE delivers a character driven, twisty, suspenseful, and well written read here with quite the atmospheric setting that definitely set the mood for a claustrophobic and intense read The story is cleverly written and told in multiple perspectives from each of the MacAllister family siblings and Sean who works at the camp as well as flashback chapters from Amanda from 20 years ago I was never confused or lost with keeping the huge cast of characters straight The mystery here has this appealing nostalgic and classic feel to it that I am most definitely drawn to And there is definitely something about CATHERINE McKENZIE S writing style that I totally relate and connect to I love her choice of words and how she weaves her sentences together Another aspect of this novel that I thoroughly enjoyed was the addition of the timeline chart which definitely made me feel like I was solving the mystery right along with these characters Also, the cool chapter headings Loved them so creative and catchy P.S My favorite book growing up was The Secret Garden and I loved that this book was mentioned in this story I also learned that it was a childhood favorite of Catherine McKenzie s too from reading the interview in the back of the book Cool Traveling Sisters Read Norma s Stats Cover Ominous, sinister, appealing, suspenseful and immediately had me intrigued A fabulous representation to storyline Title Intriguing, suspenseful, meaningful and absolutely loved how the title played so fittingly into storyline.Writing Prose Well written, engaging, captivating, descriptive, astute, and fluid I have this connection with her writing style that I find totally relatable and irresistible Plot Suspenseful, vivid, riveting, fast paced, sinister, secretive, twisty, held my attention fully and extremely entertaining.Ending An unexpected ending that totally took me by surprise and left me feeling very satisfied.Armchair Detective Skills There were no real surprises for me along the way with all the multiple twists and turns until that final resolution Loved piecing all those puzzle pieces together Overall An irresistible, enjoyable, entertaining, suspenseful, and fabulous read Would highly recommend Thank you so much to Simon Schuster Canada Catherine McKenzie for the complimentary copy It was an absolute pleasure reading this fantastic novel Review can also be found on our Two Sisters Lost in a Coulee Reading book blog

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    3.5 The MacAllister children are all gathering together A reunion of sorts at their family run summer camp But this particular reunion is far from a joyful one In fact, all five kids would rather be anywhere else This is a reading of a will, followed by a memorial for both their parents Their father left some very strange caveats in his will Looming the largest of them In order for all the children to inherit equally they need to all agree that one of them wasn t responsible for the crime against Amanda Holmes.A cleverly laid out, suspenseful read that I quickly flew through in just a few days You ll be kept guessing as the night Amanda was attacked plays out My one issue was with the five family members, a bit confusing keeping them straight Two characters were highly descriptive and I immediately clicked with them The other three daughters were somewhat interchangeable and I d continually have to pause to recall which character was narrating that particular chapter.This is the third book I have read by Catherine McKenzie with The Good Liar remaining my favorite of hers to date.Thank you to NetGalley, Lake Union Publishing and Catherine McKenzie for an ARC to read and review.

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    2.5 STARSI have really enjoyed some of this author s past books and was looking forward to this one.The setting of Camp Macaw and a twenty year old unsolved murder case sounded intriguing The reading of a father s will takes five siblings back to camp They learn that the murder of Amanda will have to be solved before anyone can collect on the will.Secrets and drama, a past present timeline, some insights from Amanda herself all start to add up which of the siblings was responsible for Amanda s death Although there is a mystery, I stopped caring who did it at some point The siblings were unlikable and I grew bored reading about them It was a struggle to finish this one and probably one that I should have given up on at the half way mark.Thanks to NG and the publisher for my copy.

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    McKenzie does a wonderful job of placing us front and center in the MacAllister family drama They may be adults, but the siblings fight and bicker the same way they did as kids Gathering at their parents summer camp after the unexpected deaths of their parents, they expect to hear the will and make a decision about what to do with the camp But it s not that simple Twenty years before, Amanda, a young counselor was found after an overnight camp outing in a canoe, with a large gash in her forehead No one was ever charged with the crime But now, the father has left instructions for the siblings to determine what happened before a decision on the property can be made I can t imagine a father that would put such a quandary to his kids, but I loved it as a plot device Despite there being five siblings, I had no trouble keeping them straight We hear from each of the siblings, along with Sean and Amanda Each voice brings not only a different perspective but also a different batch of secrets And half the time, they re keeping facts to themselves thinking they re protecting someone else I loved how much the past colored who they still were and how they saw themselves That was the problem with camp Everywhere and everything was memories Whether they were your own or other people s You couldn t escape them The person you were, the person you used to be, it didn t matter All that mattered was how others saw you The writing is so clear and vivid I could picture everything It was like watching a movie play out in my head The chart of where everyone was at each hour worked well and helped keep the reader focused With this book, McKenzie returns to the thrills she gave me in Fractured There s a definite creepiness factor to this book There s also an ending I didn t see coming This one gave me chills My thanks to netgalley and Lake Union Publishing for an advance copy of this book.

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    This is by far the best mystery I ve read in a long time.Twenty years ago, Amanda washed up to shore at Camp Macaw, blood pouring from a gash in her head She was just seventeen years old at the time, a camp counselor Her best friend was Margaux, the second oldest of the MacAllister clan And she had a huge crush on Ryan, the eldest sibling of the family who owns the camp.There is middle sister, Mary, and the twins, Liddie and Kate When they are all called to convene for the reading of the will after the deaths of their parents, secrets start to unravel as to what really happened to Amanda that night This is such a well done novel Thanks to NetGalley and Lake Union for the opportunity to review this book, which RELEASES JUNE 1, 2019 For reviews, please visit

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