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Loving Liberty Levine [PDF / EPUB] Loving Liberty Levine From the author of The Unkillable Kitty O’Kane comes a gripping novel about finding the American Dream—and what it costs In 1913 Sarah Levine leaves her small village and sails to New York to star From the author of The Unkillable Kitty O’Kane comes a gripping novel about finding the American Dream—and what it costs In Sarah Levine leaves her small village and sails to New York to start a promising new life with her husband Micha But all Sarah really Loving Liberty Kindle - wants is what has come so easily to her sisters—a family of her own Finally in her new home her dream comes truebut at a terrible cost She names the baby girl Liberty after the great statue in the harbor that she saw when she first came to AmericaFrom struggling to raise Liberty in a Lower East Side tenement to building a fashion empire the only constants in Sarah’s life are her love for her daughter and the terrible secret that she must keep Sarah gives Liberty everything she has but the truth cannot stay hidden forever As Liberty grows to womanhood and the world prepares to go to war again Sarah is asked to make one last impossible choice.

About the Author: Colin Falconer

I write crime fiction and historical fiction I’ve published twenty six novels so far and been lucky enough to have them translated into languages Real ones too not just Esperanto and cockney rhyming slang My favourite character is DI Charlie George who you may have met Loving Liberty Kindle - if you’ve read Lucifer Falls Charlie was originally named after our two spaniels Charlie and George Charlie is the ext.

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    I received this from netgalleycom in exchange for a review In 1913 Sarah Levine leaves her small village and sails to New York to start a promising new life with her husband Micha Then Micha makes a split second decision that changes everything for everyone The only constants in Sarah’s life are her love for her daughter and the terrible secret that she must keep Good story a secret within a secret deep in the heart of the story and told just in the last few pages of the book Great writing kept me reading to the end4☆

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    Parallelly running the story with liberty and her fashion empire Well told

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    Loving Liberty Levine was not at all what I expected It was not an immigration story of romance and separation Rather it was a story with a secret at the heart of it No spoilers so I will not tell the secret It was something life changing and profound The heroine was a business success The uestion is was she a successful mother? Liberty the daughter was a blessed child She lived a life somewhat in the dark regarding some things Did she gain knowledge? Was she successfull despite circumstances beyond her control? It was a good read well written and the characters were beautiful flawed and engaging It will pull you in Thanks to NetGalley for an arc in exchange for an honest review

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    Excellent This was one very enjoyable story and one that did pull at my heartstrings This is the second book that i have read by Colin Falconer the first being 'Isabella Braveheart of France' I really must read of this author's books I am not going to write what the story is about as i always prefer one to read it for themselves but i do recommendMy thanks to Netgalley and the Publishers for my copy This is my honest review

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    45 What a compelling story about the choices we make in life and their conseuences When do you tell the truth and when do you lie to protect someone? Set in New York at the beginning of the twentieth century two Russian immigrants try to make their way I was instantly drawn to Sara end eventually to her daughter Liberty It was masterful storytelling and I enjoyed the entire journey This book will definitely stay with me for a long time I highly recommend listening to this novel The narrator did an excellent job with the Russian and NY Bronx accents

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    Lasting Love How long can a mother keep her secrets? What makes a mother? These are ultimately the uestions at the heart of this multi generational tale of interweaving secrets A very intriguing book and one historical fiction fans should love Its descriptions of life between 1913 and 1943 seem accurate and the tales it tells bring those periods to life Solid work from yet another new to me author Very much looking forward to work from Mr Falconer

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    a new author to me read or listen option love that would you call it a historical romance?? will read from Colin Falconer soon enough what mother doesn't want the best for their child? a mother's love well done amazing writing and great characters i see he writes crime fiction as well need to investigate that asap

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    Loving liberty Levine was not what I expected It was much better I love this author and was thrilled when his new book showed up on my ‘you might like this’ list Of course I grabbed it and then got the audible version to go with it Angela Dawe is an excellent narrator and she does the characters with great style This is a book that transcends WWI to WWII and from a Russian village to a New York tenement on Delaney Street The descriptions are so detailed you can almost see the pushcarts and hear the traffic Sarah is a young Russian woman whose husband Micha goes to America to make it big He sends for her when he has the money for a ticket and she goes because that is what young girls did back then 1913ish As she sails into New York she sees Lady Liberty and is stunned by all that she sees upon debarking But her husband has a surprise for her a baby Sarah has always wanted children but because she didn’t get pregnant in her first years of marriage she figured it would never happen So when presented with a baby girl she didn’t ask uestions but just hugged her and named her Liberty after the statue The book unfolds as Liberty grows up her mother will do anything to protect her which involved living a lie her whole life The secret that she keeps above all else the secret of Liberty’s true family is not what she thinks it is For 30 years she hides the facts of how Liberty came to be her daughter Her husband is killed in WWI but he impressed on her the need for secrecy He didn’t even tell her the true story She discovered it in some of his items after he was killed This is a riveting book and the history of New York City is so real that you can smell it and hear it I’ve read other books by Colin Falconer and they are all excellent His author notes are almost as good as any book He is an exceptional writer of historical fiction and crime drama Enjoy

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    Loving Liberty Levine is by Colin Falconer This historical novel is riveting The way Colin writes keeps the reader on his toes and makes it difficult to put the book down The story is so realistic that you can see yourself being there beside the characters with no problems The characters are definitely realistic and make their own mistakes just as we do The book begins in Russia in 1912 takes the reader to New York City through 1941 and finally to Algeria in 1942 It takes the characters from rags to riches to rags to riches not realizing their riches are always with them Sura grew up in Russia and married Micha there It was an arranged marriage and the put up with it Micha had ambitions and left Russia for America Part of Sura didn’t want him to come back as she didn’t want to leave home However she had to and crossed the Atlantic alone to be met by Micha in New York On her first night Micha had to work at the Grand Hotel leaving her alone at home That night the hotel burned and Micha managed to save the baby of a lady on the top floor He decided to take the baby to Sura telling her that the baby was left on the street He and Sura raised the baby as their own despite her having red hair and green eyes Sura and Micha were raising her in poverty but loved her Micha enrolled in the army leaving Sura and Libby alone He was killed and Sura had to go to work Sarah previously Sura became a Zigfield Folly girl where she met Dewey and eventually married him It was only after Micha’s death that she found out about Libby’s parentage However she keeps it a secret How will this secret affect Libby’s life? Will Sarah be able to keep her story straight?

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    I have enjoyed several of Colin Falconer's books and I like the time periods between the early 1900's and World War II and the locations Russia before the fall of the Czar and Lower Manhattan in NYC The struggle of Jewish immigrants the absorpton of multiple cultures into the American culture and the rise of the super rich are fascinating topics The primary storyline of a girl raised by a foster mother who tells everyone that she is the girl's birth mother is less satisfactory I could see how one part of the story would be resolved and I was not impressed with how the mother's secret was revealed The ending felt flat

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