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No One Is Coming to Save Us [PDF / EPUB] No One Is Coming to Save Us The Great Gatsby brilliantly recast in the contemporary South a powerful first novel about an extended African American family and their colliding visions of the American DreamJJ Ferguson has returne The Great Gatsby brilliantly recast Is Coming ePUB ☆ in the contemporary South a powerful first novel about an extended African American family and their colliding visions of the American DreamJJ Ferguson has returned home to Pinewood No One ePUB Ñ North Carolina to build his dream home and to woo his high school sweetheart Ava But he finds that the people he once knew and loved have changed just as he has Ava One Is Coming MOBI · is now married and wants a baby than anything The decline of the town’s once thriving furniture industry has made Ava’s husband Henry grow distant and frustrated Ava’s mother Sylvia has put her One Is Coming to Save Epub / own life on hold as she caters to and meddles with those around her trying to fill the void left by her absent son And Don Sylvia’s undeserving but charming husband just won’t stop hanging aroundJJ’s newfound wealth forces everyone to consider what they want and deserve from life than what they already have—and how they might go about getting it Can they shape their lives to align with their wishes rather than their realities Or are they resigned to the rhythms of the particular lives they lead No One Is Coming to Save Us is One Is Coming to Save Epub / a revelatory debut from an insightful voice that combines a universally resonant story with an intimate glimpse into the hearts of one family.

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    This is blurbed as a new and updated Great Gatsby but let me start by saying the links to that classic are tenuous at best in my opinion virtually non existent At first I was reading this and trying to find the connection disappointed when I couldn't and then realized I was doing a huge disservice to this book so I pit it aside for a night and the next day started it over with no preconceived notions What I found was a wonderful story in its own right A depressed mostly black town in South Carolina the main employer the furniture factory now closed as are many businesses that depended on the money people earned from their jobs Sylvia and Ava mother and daughter are the two main characters and they are wonderfully fleshed out real but with flaws like all of us Sylvia has had much tragedy in her past wants to be seen needed Ava nearing forty wants nothing than her own child They are lucky in that they both have decent jobs though no one really gets ahead financially in this town Though they are lucky in their employment they are not so lucky in their marriages When JJ comes back to town now building a bog house on the hill he appears successful to the others in town but all he wants is Ava The dialogue in this novel is fantastic free flowing and natural this young author has a talent for this that many accomplished authors lack One of the hardest elements of writing or so I believe These two women and the men surrounding them are all in search of the American dream and how they come to terms with their wants as opposed to their reality is the story And a fine one it is I became invested in their lives admired them at times wanted to shake them at others all signs of a very good book So my advice is read this but pay no attention to the blurb or comparisons This is a young author with an amazing amount of talent one I am sure we will see of in the near futureARC from publisher

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    We believe despite all experience to the contrary in easy money and our own fortunes changing in an instant like the magician's card from the sleeve If one uarter came miraculously from behind the ear we would milk that ear for days for the rent money We believeWe are full of the fevered hope of the newly come to Jesus We can reinvent We can survive At least some of us think so What choice do we have?when this book was first offered to me and i read the beginning part of the synopsis The Great Gatsby brilliantly recast in the contemporary South a powerful first novel about an extended African American family and their colliding visions of the American Dreami was like 'jay z gatsby? sign me up NOW'i love gatsby but it's certainly not the most ethnically diverse book ever and i was looking forward to gatsby's themes filtered through a different perspective something modern with a different idea of what constitutes the american dream i was expecting something like maryse condé's Windward Heights or caryl phillips' The Lost Child both of which used Wuthering Heights as a springboard to focus on the character of heathcliff and breathe new life into a classic novel by exploring ideas of race culture and social issues or heel even something like the wiz which took a movie i found trite and insipid gave it better music and made it way fun for the record this is not a fun remake of gatsbyand for the record THIS is not really gatsby recast it's only similar if you distill gatsby to 1 hometown boy makes fortune returns to woo girl 2 people have difficulties managing expectations vs opportunitiesit doesn't have the same brittle shallow energy of gatsby and daisyava's sole preoccupation is with getting pregnant which is pretty much the last thing i expected from a daisy this is the part where i make it emphatically clear that i read this as an ARC and while it appeared to be an ARC that had been through the editorial wringer a few times ie a finished ARC with a proper cover and publishing details and not a bound manuscript or anything it was kind of a mess inside typos words or synonyms of words repeated as though a change had been made without removing the original word dropped sentences incorrect character names mid dialogue floating uotation marks which might all seem like minor cosmetic flaws but it was distracting and it made me wonder if there were meaningful changes still to be made to the text between now and the pub date which would alter the reading experience because while there is so much that is good here it's a little sluggish and it could use some tightening it's really close to being really good but there's something missing from it that is holding it back from greatness apart from a stronger connection to gatsby if that was the author's true intention and not just some hook imposed upon it by a well meaning publicist because labeling something as gatsby recast inevitably comes with a certain set of expectations even if you're a reader who doesn't mind when adaptations take some liberties with their source material which i generally don't but it's so hard to see any similarities to gatsby in this gatsby is about if i may lazily uote my own review vapid and shallow people who live selfish and hedonistic lives and treat other people like playthings this isn't even close to thatjj is too cautious to be a true gatsby figure he's not at all flamboyant or ostentatious with his wealth he buys a big house in his hometown but it's completely unfurnished which may be symbolic of his lack of drive or follow through and it's certainly no place to throw a lavish party his pursuit of daisy is less obsessive and all consuming and hey girl i'm here if you wanna leave your husband or whatever he doesn't really take any steps towards getting her other than being nearby there's no indication that he made his fortune by any unsavory means so there's none of that delicious gatsby juxtaposition of the thin pretty glitter veneer over a foundation of tarnish and rot nor is there anything particularly dangerous or excessive in jj's adoration of avaand this I've been thinking Mrs Sylvia Why do the good people have to do the right thing? Jay said The assholes don't care and they get what they wantYOU are supposed to be the asshole here man the gatsbydaisy story isn't even the main focus of the novel which is forewarned in the synopsis when it states that this is about an extended african american family but MAN is there a lot of time spent on people other than jjava the most well defined relationship is between ava and her mother sylvia and while there are excellent descriptions of the mother daughter dynamic and the relationship between generations of women in general it just doesn't fit into the gatsby theme there are some superficial parallels jj can see a portion of ava's roof from his mansion but portion of roof lacks the symbolic resonance of green light that gatsby fetishizes i could see an argument being made that simmy's is standing in for gatsby's doctor tj eckleburg since it has seen generations of physical and social change affecting the charactersbut there's a scene at the end involving a mumbledy mumble that i thought was going to result in the same situation as in gatsby but nope it's that famous chekhov uote all over 'if a crucial scenario in the great gatsby appears in an adaptation of the great gatsby it had better have the same friggin' outcome'that might be a paraphrasei think i would have liked it if i hadn't been suinting for gatsby the whole time because a book can be great without being the great gatsby and this does have some really great moments i'm going to risk uoting the ARC as far from final as i suspect it may be because i don't want to come across as too negative and lead anyone away from it especially since i think it may be polished in its final state but here this is an example of one of the moments where i was all YES LOVELY this is in a sylvia chapter reminiscing about the dynamic of jj and ava's relationship as teensThey had been nearly inseparable shortly after he arrived in town All that time Ava pretended that his feelings were simply lustful and incidental easily contained easily disposed like a used carton of Chinese food Often in these infatuations the pretty girl uses the boy as a playmate like another girlfriend but one who reflects back to her proof of her beauty and desirableness His gaze proprietary but not competitive his inclination was to do whatever the girl wanted A teenage girl lives for that power so often the only taste of it she gets In that situation the boy waits patiently for any opening in her amorous attention any suggestion that his being the confidant and best friend might lead to her love Not just sex but of course the boy wanted sex but these sorts of boys are romantics the ones that hear the same call to love that so many of the girls hear Theirs Ava's and JJ's was not that story They had been friends She had made an important friend in a life that had not produced manyand there are a lot of moments like this places where i folded over the page because of the perfection of a line a description an observation and sylvia is a truly memorable character but the overall story was a little unfocused i definitely think there's a strong story here and there's a good chance it will be chiseled out in the finished book so you should have it on your radar and i will just sit here and eagerly await her second book because she's got a strong voice and i want to see what else she does with itcome to my blog

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    It was a dilemma for me trying to decide if I wanted to read this book On the one hand I'm not fond of remakes of classics; they are perfect as they are I've had a hard time with the Hogarth Shakespeare Series for the same reason But I have to admit that on the other hand I was drawn to read this book because it was described as a modern day Great Gatsby from an African American point of view Since it is my favorite novel my curiosity won over my bias of not wanting to read remakes I have to be honest here while there are things about this book that might remind you of The Great Gatsby it felt much too contrived and any comparisons are facile at best Unfortunately I had a hard time separating myself from the fact that a comparison was made in the first place and it got in the way of seeing this story on its own To be fair to Stephanie Powell Watts I have to say that enjoyed her writing and this cast of characters of Pinewood NC a town that has seen better days before the furniture factory shut down Different perspectives in alternating chapters depict some unhappy people whose lives have not turned out as they had hoped Broken people with broken marriages as adultery abounds the loss of a child the heartbreak that comes with the inability to bear a child a gut wrenching episode in a child's life and a his desire as an adult to recapture the love he found as a young man Their stories their relationships were moving in their own right and could stand alone as meaningful without the attempt to tie them to the classic novel I will certainly look for from this debut author in spite of my reservations here May have been 4 stars for me if I hadn't read the description There are some reviews which highly praise the book and you should read those because I fully understand that this review reflects my personal feelings on remakes If you can separate yourself from that description as I wasn't able to do I would recommend it I received an advanced copy of this book from EccoHarper through Edelweiss

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    25 starsThis book did not hold my interest I did not like any of the characters I saw little to no resemblance to the classic The Great Gatsby I was however able to make each characters association to this book title They all had varying problems and were looking for a savior I think the author did a good job of making you visualize her characters You could even see them in their speech although there were parts of this story that just did not make any sense One conversation between Jay and Sylvia about Barack Obama went from him saying he missed his mother and they weren't making him president to Sylvia saying in the very next line that she had not changed her phone number I saw absolutely no connection there nor in any of the other instances where this separation happened Other than a basic liking of Jay aka J J I did not like any other character Sylvia was worn out and boring She did not seem to have a very good grasp at times She did things that the normal woman her age would never do however desperate she was Ava was a spoiled brat too good for those around her She had had her share of problems but gave me the impression she expected others to clear them up for her as she whined about her life's position Jay seemed to be the only smart one of the bunch even though he was deceiving himself that what he originally ran from would wait for him Most of these characters make a shift towards the end of the book but for me it was way too late already Thank you to BookBrowse for the book in exchange for an honest review

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    At a crucial moment in F Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel “The Great Gatsby” when Nick says “You can’t repeat the past” Gatsby instantly disagrees “ ‘Can’t repeat the past?’ he cried incredulously ‘Why of course you can’ ”Whether you should is less clear Various people — starting with Fitzgerald himself — have been borne back ceaselessly into the past particularly by trying to repeat “The Great Gatsby” Since it was published in 1925 the story has been adapted for radio and television acted out on Broadway jazzed up as a musical spun into a ballet sung as an opera digitized into a computer game reimagined in new novels and of course dramatized in film most recently in a garish blur by Baz Luhrmann that portrayed Nick recalling his experience from inside a mental hospitalThese efforts fail — dully or hilariously — because once Fitzgerald’s poetic language has been stripped away “The Great Gatsby” is just a silly story about a misfit obsessed with a gangster who’s stalking his cousin But seduced by the book’s enduring fame writers and producers keep reanimating Frankensteinesue imitations of the Jazz Age masterpieceCrossing through that valley of ashes once again we approach Stephanie Powell Watts’s debut novel with a mixture of wariness and dread “No One Is Coming to Save Us” is billed as an African American version of “The Great Gatsby” It doesn’t help that Christopher Scott Cherot’s movie “G” already attempted that color switch back in 2002 It helps even less to remember that some English professor caused a stir in 2000 by claiming that Jay Gatsby is actually a black To read the rest of this review go to The Washington Posthttpswwwwashingtonpostcomentert

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    Review now posted on a small town in North Carolina an African American family is reaching for the American Dream Life is hard and full of disappointments as it seems like a black cloud is over them Ava is desperate for a baby yet she battles infertility and secretly reaches out to an online community for support and advise Her husband Henry is upset about the decline in the furniture industry where he works is cheating on Ava and feels disappointed in himself Ava’s mother Sylvia’s life is stunted; she has never gotten over losing her son Devon and is married to Don a man she doesn’t trust JJ Ferguson Ava’s old boyfriend is back in town wealthy and living large on top of the hill He has built a house overlooking the town and is hoping to get back together with Ava as he searches for the feeling of being home“We all get disappointedWe want what's missing Everybody wants what's missing “ Wealth trust fidelity lovethey all are searching for something to make them feel whole yet no one is spared of life’s challengesAs Ava JJ Henry and Sylvia struggle to find happiness the occasional glimmers of light are not enough to make all their dreams come true“They could pretend they had the power to fix their lives The trick was making themselves believe it That's what joy is isn't it? Belief for a little while that you have the power to mend everything?”Stephanie Powell Watts has written an impressive debut as she skillfully weaves thoughts from the characters' pasts with current goings ons a true glimpse into how they physically experience life while recalling old memories She gives us a snapshot of real life where little is perfect and few are satisfied It is reminiscent of the fact that life can be challenging and making the most out of it gives us the biggest reward“If you can't get what you want want something else “I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and look forward to from Stephanie Powell Watts

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    35 stars rounded down for reasons that will become obvious later in this review I picked this book up because it was the first pick by Sarah Jessica Parker who is the honorarycelebritybook selector of the American Library Association's Book Club Central This is a good newsbad news book I will start with theGOOD NEWS1 Excellent character development The characters were believable and jumped off the page I was invested in them right from the start 2 Great storytelling The interconnectedness of the characters both with one another and their small town was well done Descriptors executed in a manner to create a meis en scene akin to a film rather than a book that made me feel like I was transported to Pinewood North Carolina 3 At times truly beautiful writing and compulsively readable Now the BAD NEWS 1 My kingdom for a copy editor For goodness sake Ecco Publishing which is an imprint of Harper Collins could you not afford to at a minimum run this manuscript through Microsoft Word? Periods in the middle of sentences entire words omitted and the dearth of commas were enough to make me stop reading this book Chapter 14 in its entirety is a hot mess continuity errors and unrecognizable grammar The number of run on sentences in this book are too numerous to count I found myself reading and saying in my head and comma or and conjunction so often I wanted to scream The glaring examples of a lack of simple proofreading definitely diminished my enjoyment of this book 2 Note to the American Library Association Book Club Central if you are going to promote a book that is going to have a high likelihood of being read by librarians read the damn book yourselves to avoid the situation noted in BAD NEWS #1 above As a whole we librarians are pretty much sticklers for grammar uh duh 3 The author includes a poem from her husband on the dedication page Ugh Girl this is YOUR moment stand in the light of it and shine Fine if your husband has been supportive and you want to dedicate the book to him but it is gauche to piggyback his work on your accomplishment I almost put this book down after reading the dedication page definitely elicited a huge eye roll from me 4 To the reviewers and again hey Ecco Publishing Stephanie Powell Watts IS NOT F Scott Fitzgerald This book IS NOT Great Gatsbyesue Stop it with this stupid comparison #SitDown In the immortal words of Forrest Gump That's all I have to say about that

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    gosh i found this one a bit of a slog i wish the publisher had not decided to take the 'great gatsby recast' approach in marketing this book i feel like that did a disservice to the story and the author as well as messing with readers' expectations or this particular reader anyway having the gatsby comparison in my mind while reading was hugely distracting and i truly don't know that this novel actually merits the comparison beyond local boy makes good returns home to try and woo back the girl he loves who is in a complicated relationship aren't all relationships complicated? powell watts has a good style uieter than fscott fitzgerald's and perhaps inward looking if that makes sense and i believe her story could have stood on its own without the gatsby hook i do feel there were some wobbles in the editing things that made the flow seem clunky or where prose could have been tidiertighterso yeah feeling let down by this one and fully aware my own expectations clouded my experience with this story

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    Enjoyable read but being compared to the Great Gatsby really isn't fair assessment I would just forget the comparison and get to know the characters for who they are individually

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    This novel portrays life within an African American community set in an economically struggling town in North Carolina The book’s characters are self conscious about relative wealth status but their perceptions are unexpectedly stretched when a man returns to his childhood hometown to build an expensive mansion on a hill overlooking the town This man had been raised as an orphan and left the town with minimal prospects but returns now years later apparently wealthy from sources not fully explainedIt is soon apparent that a motive for this man's return is to court a long ago high school sweetheart But this woman is now married and obsessed with bearing a child—her efforts meeting with repeated miscarriages Her focus on pregnancies has prompted her to endure a faithless husband who has fathered a child with another woman From this narrative setup it would appear that that the wealthy guy on the hill has a chance to make his dreams come true However twists and turns in the story from this point make the conclusion not so obvious in spite of some parallels with The Great GatsbyThe uality of writing in this book is obviously skilled and creative with individual chapters that could pass for short stories on their own The transitions between chapters often have no apparent connection but the sum of all the chapters in the end fit together to complete the storyThere are moments within the book when characters are allowed to be introspective about the human condition The following excerpt caught my eye as being appropriate for Mother's Day It's an example of the bittersweet being combined with the sentimentalThe past had started erasing behind Sylvia like in a cartoon Her life as a girl; the lives of her parents; her son; all disappearing as if they had never been Giving up the pain and the exclusion meant also giving up the years of her life The trick was cutting out the bad like a tumor hoping the nasty had not spread into the rest of your thinking Cutting it out but somehow managing to survive Isn’t that always the trick? In a small town your dead mother haunts nearly every corner turning up in a thousand places that you don’t expect At first she scared you her face her smell a memory of her at the laundromat at the post office But soon you delighted in her presence You remembered her kind moments and her happiness But in time as the years progressed you recalled her in the meat of life in her ordinary days the ways she normally existed You remembered her anger ever ready as she gripped like a lifeline You remembered her ability to ignore you her pleading child ignore you and your pleading pain completely p252 253Though most of the characters are African Americans race relations are not the primary focus of this book There are scattered allusions to black white differences and there are several white persons written into the story However most of the concerns and problems dealt with in the book’s narrative could be eually applied to a white community on the lower fringes of the middle class

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