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Well Below Heaven [PDF / EPUB] Well Below Heaven Seventeen year old Kelly is in a spartan boarding school in northern Idaho sent away for drugs—as planned Her little brother Sammy is left home in Missouri getting ready for high school He is twitch Seventeen year old Kelly is in a spartan boarding school in northern Idaho sent away for drugs—as planned Her little brother Sammy is left home in Missouri getting ready for high school He is twitchy uick writes dark poetry and longs to play football He’s also got a nose for trouble and Kelly has left a sordid truckload Her sadistic ex is involved so is one twisted teacher and so is the object of Sammy’s crush He’s in deep and Well Below Epub / Kelly’s warnings fall flat and the conseuences will be dire.

About the Author: Idyllwild Eliot

After an adolescence survived in the Midwest and a few obligatory years at the university Idyllwild Eliot embarked on a journey of internal and external exploration With stints in Houston Louisiana and even Thailand where she studied yoga Ms Eliot has become a semi professional vagabond Most recently at the time of publication she has been experiencing the North American west If not sip.

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    Thank you NetGalley for this review copy of Well Below HeavenFor most of this contemporary YA novel that is comprised of the letters that two siblings are sending back and forth I wasn’t sure if I was really “getting it” and what exactly the point was Their letters were gritty and a mixture of the mundane and slightly alarming so I never uite trusted either Kelly’s stories from the bad girl camp or Samuel’s exploits back at home with their parents When the book actually starts leading to some pretty dramatic dark situations it was hard to tell if it was really happening or not Both characters are so completely unlikable that it’s only their devotion to each other that gives the reader any reason to care about them All in all I found this book rather difficult to categorize I will say that the character’s weren’t cookie cutter and the author didn’t shy away from real topics exploitation of teens child pornography infidelity violence and the letters were sometimes confusing but never boring But for me personally it felt a little like an experiment than an actual novel

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    PowerfulThere’s something so impacting about the way this book is written Having two siblings write letters back and forth to each other makes things so much personable The book starts with a troubled girl writing to her younger brother The journey of a not so perfect family and the realities of high school are serious and dark Reading this book made me think ALOT The story is meaningful and very jarring I liked it a lot and will probably stay with me forever

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    ‘Dear Sammy I’m in Siberia in a slave labor camp I mean it’New author Idyllwild Eliot makes an impressive debut with WELL BELOW HEAVEN a fictional novel based on her own journey and her desire to understand people and how their environments can impact their actions Cleverly using the techniue of letters shared between siblings the story unravels effortlessly despite the at times alarming aspects of this coming of age tale To offer some excerpts is an invitation to explore the story that unfolds and the opening Prologue is a letter from older sister Kelly to younger brother Sammy written apropos of a Prologue in 2014 – ‘Sammy Dad’s in the car already and Mom’s downstairs screeching for me so this is it But you need to remember something Even though out of state – way out of state – was always the plan NOW was not Not until I’d graduated and you’d finished freshman year and we’d at least convinced them to let you play football THAT was the plan – to come home from college and watch you juke But it won’t be bad Really Eat your limas – use ketchup if you have to Study hard and don’t do what I did and all the other sisterly crap I’m supposed to say But I mean it Don’t screw around where you shouldn’t and you’ll survive OK – she’s about to stroke Write me Bye’So much of the story is in this brief letter and so much of the style in which this novel is delivered The story is as follows ‘Seventeen year old Kelly is in a spartan boarding school in northern Idaho sent away for drugs—as planned Her little brother Sammy is left home in Missouri getting ready for high school He is uirky uick writes dark poetry and longs to play football He’s also got a nose for trouble and Kelly has left a truckload And it’s sordid and dangerous Her sadistic ex is involved so is one twisted teacher and so is the object of Sammy’s crush Kelly warns him away to no avail He’s in too deep and the repercussions could shock the town and cost him his life’This well scribed story addresses issues not freuently encountered in novels about siblings or about young people in general and that is one of the reasons it works so well The Young Adult audience for whom this novel is written may learn about drugs underage pornography abortion and parental and teen stances on these and other matters than the usual YA novel – and that is a very positive aspect of Idyllwild’s communicative writing Crowning the angst is the sensitive focus on sibling relationships and the impact they carry This is a fine novel introducing an author who deserves our attention Highly recommended

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    Well Below Heaven by Idyllwild Eliot is written in communication form between siblings They have sent away Kelly because of drugs to a school specializing in troubled teens Sammy is her brother who feels she is the only one who completely understands him They are open and honest in their letters  When one was wild and the other sheltered their views slow changed Sammy enjoys the attention of Kelly’s old friends which leads him to some wicked stuff  I found Well Below Heaven a mixture of gloom and anticipation Gloomy as Sammy was slowly sucked into the life his sister left behind Anticipation as I waited to see if Sammy would follow Kelly’s advice Idyllwild Eliot presents this as her debut novel which gives her credit as a creative author who views adolescent years differently maybe accurately than others This novel is refreshing as it hits problems some teenagers face though seldom written about

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    Although Well Below Heaven by Idyllwild Eliot was categorized as YA I really enjoyed it It is an emotional book based on dysfunctional families and a brother and sister relationship along with friendships with classmates and teachers that make me very glad that my child is out of high school and never experienced the bullying and the end result of bad choices Ms Idyllwild spells out in detail It’s about bad decisions made by good kids and the roller coaster path they go on It’s well written by using letters written between Sammy and his big sister Kelly It took me a little while to figure out what was going on but this book kept my interest through the end I highly recommend it

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    Idyllwild Eliot makes her debut with Well Below Heaven And what a debut it is First is not your common way of presenting a book The story unfolds using the letters that the siblings write to each other It’s a tricky way to present the plot as everything seems a bit slower and not so visible but it’s very engaging and interesting It actually works leaving me intrigued and wanting to read and The language used is also a plus because it helps to build the scenes in our imagination and it leads to a realistic approachTeenagers’ world is presented in a very dark way presenting life choice’s as light as we all think they are when we were so young Peer pressure and its dangers it’s nicely introduced here and how easily we can get trapped in a world we don’t actually belong More than anything this is also a book about fraternal love written in a very beautiful way

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    Well Below Heaven is a story written entirely in letters These letters are between brother and sister who share a special bond with one another The sister is sent away to a distant place because she had been caught having drugs The parents want to save the younger brother from the sister's influence and also want to correct the erring sister However the brother himself is a handful and keeps his parents and teachers on toes Carl has a dark sense of humor and does not like his snoopy mom He only shares his problems with his sister Kelly who both encourages him and guides him Through the letters we find the everyday happenings in the kids' lives and also the several trials they have to face including the seperation of their parents The story is engaging and gives us a view of the challenges of the teenagers' world

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    This book is very good It is about dysfunctional families and other relationships It talks about bully and the bad choices that have can bad results I think It was a great read for anyone YA and up

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    Well Below Heaven is an emotional young adult novel that is based on dysfunctional families A story of bad decisions made by good kids and the conseuences that follow Written in a way that draws you in and hold your attention until the end

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    Brother and sister Sammy and Kelly are separated when Kelly is sent away to a boarding school for troubled youth From afar will Kelly be able to prevent her younger brother from making the same mistakes she made?The story is told by Sammy and Kelly via the letters and emails they send each other during their separation From their correspondence we need to piece together what happened Because of this format we sometimes feel a bit removed from the action However the short chapters ie letters keep us reading and the tension ramps up and the suspense increases when one of the siblings doesn’t reply for a while I love the relationship between Kelly and Sammy They really care for each other and look out for each other keeping secrets from their parents as most kids do I don’t know when the book is meant to be set but it appears to be in the early 2000s There are references to old television shows watching television when shows are airing not recorded or streamed digital cameras but not smartphones with cameras mobile phones but no texting and Internet but no social mediaThis book provides a confronting look at the secret lives of teenagers which may be closer to reality than we would like to thinkWarnings coarse language drug use underage drinking sexual references pedophilia violenceI received this book in return for an honest reviewFull blog post 7 June

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