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In at the Deep End [PDF / EPUB] In at the Deep End A deliciously disarming debut novel about a twenty something Londoner who discovers that she may have been looking for love — and pleasure — in all the wrong places ie from men Julia has had eno A deliciously disarming debut novel the Deep Epub Ù about a twenty something Londoner who discovers that she may have been looking for love — and pleasure — in all the wrong places ie from men Julia has had enough Enough of the sex noises her roommate makes Enough of her dead end government job Enough of the one night stand who accused her of breaking his penis The only thing she hasn’t had enough of is orgasms; she hasn’t had proper sex in three years So when In at Kindle - Julia gets invited to a warehouse party in a part of town where trendy people who have lots of sex go on a Friday night she readily accepts And that night she meets someone a figurative artist who also happens to be a woman Julia’s sexual awakening begins; her new lesbian life is exhilarating She finds her tribe at ueer swing dancing classes and guided by her new lover Sam she soon discovers London’s gay bars and BDSM clubs  and the complexities of polyamory Soon it at the Deep Epub ß becomes clear that Sam needs to call the shots and Julia’s newfound liberation comes to bear a suspicious resemblance to entrapment   In at the Deep End is an unforgettable and audacious odyssey through the pitfalls and seductions we encounter on the treacherous path to love and self .

  • Hardcover
  • 336 pages
  • In at the Deep End
  • Kate Davies
  • English
  • 21 November 2016
  • 9781328629678

About the Author: Kate Davies

Kate Davies was born and the Deep Epub Ù brought up in north west London She studied English at Oxford University before becoming a writer and editor of children’s books She also writes comedy scripts and had a short lived career as a burlesue dancer that ended when she was booed off stage at a Conservative club dressed as a bingo ball Kate lives in east London with her wife In at the Deep End is her debut.

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    DNF 25% I truly hated the main character's voice in this one I really tried to push through but life is too short to read books you're not enjoying Thank u next

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    I don't know why but when I began reading In at the deep end I had the Johnny Lee song running through my head Looking for love in all the wrong places In this book twenty something Julia is living with her roommate and her roommate's boyfriend Hearing them have sex reminds Julia that she is alone and hasn't had sex in three years and the last time she did it wasn't all that great She is just going through the motions During the day she works a civil service job answering correspondence A sweet part is where she has been writing back and forth with an older man I found that part to be sweet and endearingOne night Julia goes to a party and realizes that she is a lesbian From there Julia goes on a journey mainly a sexual journey As she explores her sexuality a vast cast of characters enter her life and she experience new things not only sex with women but BDSM and open relationships She enters one relationship with a dominant woman named Sam where she is manipulated mistreated and abused What is good about this book is that it shows the many facets of Julia's personality ie the kind woman she is for writing back and forth with and elderly war veteran even making plans to meet him in person The reader is shown her relationship with her roommate and her co workers Julia seems stronger in these relationships and surer of herself In her romantic relationship she begins as naive and doesn't stand up for herself due to her wanting to be loved and desiredBe warned there is sexual content in this book You may learn about dildos and fisting than you wanted to know For me this was good and not great I think the Author shows promise and I found her chapter headings to be very cleverThank you to the Author and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and goodreads who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review All the thoughts and opinions are my own

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    Julia a civil servant in the correspondence department in London shares a flat with her best friend Alice and her boyfriend Dave Grumpy from being kept awake most of the night by Alice and Dave’s sex noises her mood is further soured by Alice pointing out that she hasn’t had sex in three years Determined to change that Julia sets off on a mission to meet people and bring about some changes in her life What she doesn’t expect to discover is that she’s perhaps not straight after all What follows is the entertaining and sometimes poignant sexual awakening of a 26 year old who finds herself in at the deep end Julia is a wonderfully complex character She’s funny self deprecating in a witty way and unflinchingly direct She also lacks confidence sometimes doesn’t always express her anger when she should and goes with the flow when she’s really not comfortable with the direction Essentially she’s perfectly human She’s seeing a therapist in training because she was cheap who calls a spade a bloody shovel She’s sure therapists should be supportive and give less advice but then you get what you pay for She’s a contract worker and has never applied for a permanent position because then when people asked her what she did she would have to answer “civil servant”There’s a fantastic cast of secondary characters that further enrich Julia’s journey She corresponds with a 96 year old WWII veteran who writes in regularly to complain about the health system Owen her colleague and Alice are steady sounding boards Her therapist is combative her friend Cat flits in and out of London bringing another level of uirkiness with her Julia’s parents need to be in their own special category And then there’s Sam who is a powerful presenceI loved reading this I started off by laughing at the wittiness and unusual turn of phrase and as it progressed I found I was still enjoying the turn of phrase but undertones kept changing There is explicit sex which is descriptive than erotic or romantic This is a great debut and I’m looking forward to by this author Book received from Netgalley and The Borough Press for an honest review

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    Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || Pinterest So much for my streak of amazing books I think I jinxed myself by bragging about my good book luck IN AT THE DEEP END was advertised as an LGBT Bridget Jones which would have been aces had that actually been the case It was not Sadly IN AT THE DEEP END is like an LGBT FIFTY SHADES OF GREY only without the compellingly intense albeit dysfunctional romance that made it such a best sellerJulia has been single for years and her last hookup was disappointing and basically tainted the punch for her Then one night at a party she ends up meeting a woman and ends up going home with her Much to her surprise and dismay the encounter is satisfying than anything she's ever experienced before She begins to uestion her sexuality and realizes that she's always been attracted to women but never let herself admit it on a conscious level Thus empowered she goes to a gay bar and ends up meeting another woman who ends up becoming her girlfriend but this girlfriend Sam has dark tastes and doesn't uite know where to draw the line when it comes to controlI wanted to love this book but for the most part it was really dull Julia wasn't a very interesting protagonist Bridget Jones was funny and self aware and relatable whereas Julia didn't have much in the way of personality She was the portrait of a victim and everything that happened to her kind of made it feel like she a vehicle to propel the storyline through this morality tale of an emotionally abusive and controlling relationship The foreshadowing of the toxic relationship was well done and at first I wasn't sure which tack this book was going to take Would it romanticize extremely uncool behavior like FIFTY SHADES OF GREY did or was the book going to call it like it was?IN AT THE DEEP END called it like it was much to my relief and to the book's credit and Julia ends up realizing how bad for her Sam is I wish I could give this book a higher rating but I just didn't really enjoy it that much and didn't love the writing at all I wish Julia had been given of a personality and that we had a better sense of her life beyond her sex life but it is what it is Thanks to the publisher for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review  15 stars

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    If a book is described asBridget Jones alike I am almost guaranteed to read it English humor and dating disasters are my thingIn at the Deep End begins as a funny lesbian Bridget Jones romp and ends in an oversexed 9 12 Weeks type emotional gutter So our 26 year protagonist Julia hasn't had sex with a person in 3 years and wants to get back to business again After having a very unsuccessful date with a guy she decides to give a tumble with a woman a try Surprise This is Julia's best sex to date and she seems to be good at it too Julia embraces her newly discovered sexuality and almost immediately falls into a relationship with an artist and experienced lesbian Sam There are several subplots that I was uite interested in Julia's relationship with her fun parents and her roommate Alice her trying to figure out life plans after her future as a dancer is shattered due to an injury Julia's correspondence with a WWII veteran There were some great observational jokes too especially at the orgies and BDSM parties But then most of the book is taken up by Julia having GREAT SEX I mean I get it she has lots of orgasms in her lesbian relationship But as she explores new frontiers orgies threesomes BDSM polyamory and orgasms all the time she also seems to be repulsed and upset by most of what her girlfriend Sam suggests So I was weary of all the sex and distressed by Julia's state of mind almost the entire second half of the bookThis is not a romcom is what I am trying to say Again ueenie also was both funny and depressing but I found the humorcringesexside plots ratio much palatable than in In at the Deep End I can't believe I am saying it but this book has WAY to much sex in it

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    I was very kindly given an e arc of this book through Netgalley and HarperCollins UK If I were just judging this book on the first 35% then it could have been a five stars Funny crude and startlingly open this is a contemporary novel about a young woman named Julia discovering her sexuality which happens surprisingly uickly and beginning a life as a ueer woman But then as you get further through the book you lose the 'modern Bridget Jones' vibe and it becomes darker uncomfortable and increasingly volatile There are a lot of issues with this book I understand that the author herself is ueer but there are some serious ignorances in this story particularly towards BDSM There's one instance where Julia's partner forces into a rape fantasy scenario without asking for her explicit consent even before hand The language is coded suggesting 'You'll like it' or 'You want to do it' and that made me feel ridiculously uncomfortable It often felt closer to Fifty Shades horror than genuine SM work Also the main characters are utter trash There's unlikeable and then there's plain psychopathic Sam the 'girlfriend' repeatedly manipulates Julia sexually verbally and emotionally At the end of the book she even threatens to kill herself There's no subtlety to this book at all and you just feel angry instead of any other emotion Some positives it's genuinely funny It has moments of sparkling wit if you can get past Julia being a wet blanket the whole time and it really captures the supportive nature of the LGBTIA community in Julia's other friends I think there is potential but it was being dark for the sake of being controversial I can see how people were turned off by this book and couldn't read it It should probably come with a huge trigger warning slapped across the front of the cover Also this book is way way way too cavalier about fisting Damn 'In At The Deep End' by Kate Davies is released in the UK on February 21st

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    This is a hilarious book with a somewhat dirty sex description in every chapter It's like reading a book version of GIRLSBeware of the inevitable tears at the end thoughThank you NetGalley for this one night stand page turner adventure in exchange for my honest review

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    45 stars What an incredible book While at first it started lighter with very Bridget Jones esue dry wit about dating life in London but about coming out as a lesbian the tone went darker as it explored Julia's first serious relationship with a woman This girlfriend turns out to be controlling and emotionally abusive It's painful to watch Julia go through this which is a testament to Davies' writing I also loved the friends family and job portions of the book It does have an HFN ending which I appreciate; I wished that portion was a little stretched out into the last sections of the book I wanted of the good things in her life once she got shit sorted out This book had me laughing out loud throughout Highly recommended

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    IN AT THE DEEP END is Kate Davies’s debut novel following Julia an anxious 20 something in London in an aimless job as she learns she’s ueer and starts exploring lesbian dating scene For the most part it was so bad it’s good it’s definitely a “beach read” it wasn’t very deep it didn’t have to be I sped through this book Julia is snarky funny makes some bad decisions and I cared enough about her to keep readingMaybe this is a spoiler it’s also alluded to in the blurb Julia eventually starts dating an artist and descends into an abusive relationship There was one particularly cringe worthy scene towards the end where one of the characters was racist against Mexicans Also this might be me being a prude as it relates to SM but if you’re triggered by sexual assault that particular scene could be upsetting for youIN AT THE DEEP END is worth picking up for a uick summer read maybe a lesbian 50 shades of gray? But if you’re looking for lesbian literary fiction or even a cute romance this isn’t it Ps I'm in between two and three stars

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    After reading the first chapter I thought for sure I’d be recommending this book to my friend Julia’s thoughts as a narrator resonated closely with my own and her wry insights were often coupled with a clever sense of humor However after about the first 40 pages the dynamic began to shift in a way that made me feel increasingly uncomfortable I still read through this book rather uickly; the humor never faded and the writing itself is very transparent so we are able to gauge Julia’s true feelings through her actions and inner monologue There just seemed to be a lack of depth to the characters and storyline as well as a few major problems with the plotline that stuck out at meI think this is going to be a very polarizing book Many people are going to read this and find it to be an engagingly raunchy comedy Others will be too shocked and turned off by the sheer amount of sexual language It is uite a humorous read but the underlying sexual content pervades this book and ultimately will decide the audience I am not prudish when it comes to sex in books but the sexual acts and conversations must have a purpose either it is trying to get you excited as in erotica or it is important to the growth of the characters and their understanding of others or themselves Whichever the reason the sex and its circumstances has to make sense and also be believable In this case our main character is supposedly on a sexual awakening so the sexual experiences she encountered should have been eye opening and educational but seemed to be instead just offhand comments that she was expected to understand and accept without any further explanation For me the fact that such extreme kinks were just lazily thrown about in the reader’s and MC’s face without actually taking the time to talk about them was a major turn off Sex and its constant use and abuse in this book seemed to be for shock value rather than an effort by the author to explain the thought process and desire behind them You can’t just tell someone you are dating that you are polyamorous and expect them to be okay with it immediately if they have never even heard of the concept Such a thing would reuire some kind of sit down discussion to go over ground rules and general feelings Same with any new physical act you want to start in the bedroom If you want to try bdsm you start with the basics; don’t jump immediately into a sex party dungeon Fisting is a major fetish in this book and Julia isn’t eased into it at all there’s no mention of practicing or pacing just all of a sudden it’s her new favorite thing That’s just absurdI severely hope that no one read this book and found it educational about anything whether it’s lesbian lifestyle or any sexual kink mentioned Lesbians in this book are all made out to be polyamorous sex gods who desire nothing than to sleep around and fist each other There is absolutely no discussion about how much work and trust goes into having a poly relationship Every single kink you can think of watersports bondage pet play toys threesomes the ever present fisting is mentioned at least in passing somewhere in this book None of it is given any extra thought The only reason it’s whispered about or glimpsed during a sex party is to shock both the reader and the MC Then again maybe that was the author’s purpose The title is after all In at the Deep End Julia only just realized she was gay after having some bad sex with a guy and immediately after she has her realization she gets sucked into an abusive relationship with a woman who wants to do literally everything which wouldn’t be a problem except no one eases Julia into each new scenario They throw her in and let her flounder in confusion and shame It was really uncomfortable to repeatedly read the same thing happen over and over as Julia went deeper and deeper with Sam For all the talk of consent no one ever actually shows Julia the care a newbie would reuire The role playing scene in the hotel was one of the cringiest things I’ve ever read as well as the SM swingThis isn’t how a healthy sexual relationship should be kinky or otherwise and the fact that Sam was an abusive partner doesn’t make it any better Her emotional abuse as a manipulator was actually written really well very subtle and coming on stronger and stronger as the story developed However Julia wasn’t just an innocent bystander She was uite manipulative as well and I found it hard to root for her as a character I’m not sure how I feel about her anxiety rep either While reading I could relate to her anxious thoughts the way she would clam up when talking with Sam about anything they’d done or were doing felt genuine and understandable However after reading I feel like the anxiety and therapy were all just ways to make her a sympathetic character There had been no real depth to her anxiety problems; just superficial things that everyone can relate toI liked Julia’s friends just fine but the only thing every single person in this entire book talks about is sex and that doesn’t really leave room for a lot of character development To be honest I really wish that the majority of this book hadn’t been taken up by Julia’s relationship with Sam It felt meaningless considering how little we and Julia actually learn about anything Instead I wish the author had allowed Julia to go on an actual sexual awakening The first 40 pages of this book were so good Julia was funny and relatable as she lamented about her life Once she started branching out it got even interesting but then she got stuck in a state of constant worry over polyamory and everything new she should have been experimenting with either got bypassed or her initiation was horribly wrong I wish the people in her dance class had been informative about the ways of the world I wish she could have dabbled in different things safely I realize that’s not what the title implies but it’s how I feel If you have to be thrown in at the deep end from the start you need to at least be given a thorough lesson in how to swim first and why it’s important not to just sink Overall I have to give this at least a 25 rating The humor and Julia's inner dialogue is so good but everything else fell completely flat for me I'm a bit confused why the cover is an eye Shouldn't it have been a fist?Many thanks to goodreads giveaways and the author for sending me an arc in exchange for my honest opinion

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