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Surprise Baby for the Heir [PDF / EPUB] Surprise Baby for the Heir “This is a wonderful book that showcases the growth of two people from lonely tieless people and makes them blossom She handles dark subject matters with grace and skill allowing the readers to see “This is for the Epub à a wonderful book that showcases the growth of two people from lonely tieless people and makes them blossom She handles dark subject matters with grace and skill allowing the readers to see how real the problems are while showing them that they can be overcome and find true love”—Harleuin Junkie on Conveniently Engaged to the Boss“Ellie Darkins has hi jacked 'The Marriage of Convenience’ Trope and taken it to another level Superb writing with a sassy flair and Surprise Baby ePUB Ñ uick wit What a ride Brilliant read” —Goodreads on Falling for the Rebel Princess.

About the Author: Ellie Darkins

Ellie Darkins for the Epub à is a writer editor and reader of romance novels When she's not tapping away at her keyboard she can usually be found next to the kettle knitting another jumper or in the local library sampling the coffee cake and romance novels.

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    I read Surprise Baby for the Heir in paperback This is a romance set in Scotland I couldn't put this book down until I found out how it was going to end Elspeth who is training to be a doctor has a one night stand after a wedding with a man named Fraser who didn't do relationships But when she falls pregnant after her one night stand with Fraser my first thought was how is she supposed to get in contact with a man she had a one night stand with? And what did they both do now? With a baby on the way how are they going to get to know each other? Entertaining from beginning to end with lots of dilemmas between Elspeth's family woven into the plot

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    “We are going to be friends We are going to raise this child together And we are never going to talk about that night again”After breaking off her engagement Elspeth passes her wedding booking to her boss and is therefore obliged to attend what would have been her own wedding as a guest Fraser is a reluctant groomsman for his cousin and sensing that Elspeth is similarly in need of an escape from the festivities one night together is about to change both their lives in ways they never thought possibleElspeth and Fraser are wonderfully likeable well created characters who you immediately connect with and despite their insistence that there is no scope for a relationship you really do root for a happy ending as Ellie Darkins makes the reader believe in them as a couple Although it is a definite case of opposites attract Elspeth has grown up with a lot of caring responsibilities for her mother and sister while Fraser is heir to an estate in the Highlands the two have a lot in common and the fact that Fraser is willing to be part of Elspeth’s existing lifestyle says a lot for how much her cares about herWhat sets this story apart from the typical ‘one night with conseuences’ scenario is that when Elspeth announces her pregnancy Fraser does not start discussing marriage moving in together or the future and the fact that there is no marriage of convenience plot to contend with allows their relationship to progress naturally Indeed by the end of the story the reader is fully invested in Elspeth and Frasers future happiness and you can’t help but smile when Elspeth’s sister Sarah intervenes to stop her ‘doing anything stupid’There is a lot of emotional depth to the story and the complex backgrounds of both Elspeth and Fraser are well written and as the plot progresses you definitely feel for both of them as the struggle to have what they want whilst not compromising their current responsibilities means that the happy ending you want is not necessarily that simpleThe Edinburgh and Highlands backdrops to the story are well described and the author essentially takes the reader on a virtual tour of the city and provides a vivid description of Fraser’s fictional ancestral homeOverall this is an excellent story of a necessary friendship that has the potential to become so much and the added emotional impact makes it all the enjoyable I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys romance and the pursuit of happy endingsI look forward to reading of Ellie Darkins’ books in the futureThanks to Ellie Darkins for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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    SURPRISE BABY FOR THE HEIR by author Ellie Darkins is a February 2019 release by Harleuin Romance series Elspeth had no time for love But she had a passion filled night with a stranger And the conseuence was she was now pregnant with his baby But would she agree to Fraser’s way of thinking? Fraser was surely different from her ex fiancé and what he asked for was not unreasonable He wanted to create a family with her And she did have feelings for him Could she let the temptation run her passion and life? Or would it leave her heartbroken? Dare she take the step?SURPRISE BABY FOR THE HEIR is a sensational romance with shimmering emotions Author Ellie Darkins once again astounds her readers with the emotions in this romance Elspeth and Fraser seemed unable to ever reach their happy ever after with all the emotional baggage both carried Yet moving past the hurdles they discover new joy and love in their lives This inspiring romance gives a reader the message and imparts the lesson that no matter what life throws you there is always hopeHighly recommended for all readers of romance

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    Elspeth a trainee doctor who gets accidentally pregnant from her one night stand with Fraser a Scottish lairdElspeth is a strong hardworking and seriously responsible character her loving and natural caregiving instincts only enhances her charm I admire her determination to strike balance between her demanding career and family needs where her sister Sarah needs near constant help due to her physical limitations Having recently broken off her engagement one night of fun with groomsmen aka Fraser at a wedding seemed like great escapeFraser is heir to a Scottish castle a self made man who carries a lot of emotional baggage about his father He doesn’t need the complication of a relationship in his life but one night with Elispeth leads to tiny tiny hell of a conseuence Surprize baby for the Heir is a fast paced novel with characters that I could easily connect with The story made for a very much believable and realistic setting I adored Elspeth for helping Fraser get over his past and emotional baggage about his father Fraser stole my heart with his eager willingness to take full and active role as a parent but he sealed the deal when he expressed his desire to help and fully support Elspeth with SarahWatching them muddle through their lifestyle making room for their unborn child fighting the ever present underlying attraction and falling in love was a sweet sweet journey which flowed with an easy entertainment through pagesFor me what stood this book apart from other Harleuin MillsBoon novel was how the hero doesn’t try to take over Elspeth’s life making decisions in her place upon the news of pregnancy There were no marriage ultimatums moving in together or relationship of convenience The modern ideology of joint decision making and co parenting gave a breath of freshness to the conventional Harleuin Romance “How do you concentrate on anything when you have a whole person in there trying to get your attention?”I had reuested an ARC for this book and author elledrakins was kind enough to provide me with a paperback Thank you so much

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    It all began at her wedding that wasn't her wedding She had broken off her engagement to Alex six months before their marriage was to take place Fortunately her boss had become engaged at the same time she broke off her engagement and took over the venue and other wedding plans so she wouldn't be out the deposits That's how Elspeth met Fraser Fraser was there because he was a groomsman for his cousin The venue The Royal Botanical Garden in Edinburgh Scotland was beautiful All the guests ladies in beautiful dresses and men in their kilts were having a wonderful time Elspeth hadn't wanted to attend but her boss expected her to be there and she couldn't afford to offend her boss When Fraser approached her there was immediate attraction Neither wanted to stay at the reception so they decided on a walk in the garden which led to a trip to Fraser's hotel room which led to unexpected conseuences They are going to be parents How can they make this work?Surprise Baby for the Heir by Ellie Darkins is a story of two people who aren't looking for any kind of relationship but find themselves very attracted to each other As they spend time together planning co parenting their baby they find themselves falling in love I liked how the author had both the hero and the heroine find that working together to solve their problems worked best She has the characters grow comfortable together and this helps bring solutions to family problems This is a sweet romance with a most pleasant HEA

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    What a fabulous story this one is set in one of my favorite places Scotland and with a hero and heroine who are very different to each other but deserve to be happy I was turning the pages to find out how they found their happiness after one night of unbridled passionElspeth is a doctor who has responsibilities her disabled sister and her mother she has tried love before but discovered that it is not for her but when she is at her boss’s wedding that should have been hers her emotions are all over the place and she spends the night with another guest at the wedding one night a pregnancy and Elspeth’s life changes foreverFraser is a hard worker that has no intention of falling in love after what happened to his parent’s marriage life will be for working and having fun but when he meets the beautiful Elspeth at a cousin’s wedding and she and him click and the night spent together ends up with him going to be a father it is time that he re thinks what will be for the future and with the feelings that are growing daily for Elspeth things are really looking up for him if only he can convince ElspethWhat a journey to the best HEA it took Fraser some convincing to make Elspeth see that the love he has for her will always include her family even though Elspeth knew she loved this great hulking Scottish Highlander she needed to sort her family out first and she helped Fraser with his father and with the love the both shared for the baby she was carrying this really is a fabulous story one that is romantic and a must read

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    I must admit I'm a bit of a sucker for Scottish themed romance and I saw this one and thought it would be ideal to read over the Christmas period bit of useless information I'd just had both cataracts done and so the large print edition was ideal for me this time Elspeth trainee doctor meets gorgeous Fraser at a wedding and their one night stand results in a surprise pregnancy Just what neither of them wants in their life as both have issues professional and personal which would make an unplanned baby and relationship just what they DON'T need Elspeth is fiercely independent and Fraser at first finds that hard to deal with The story is very believable and the baby stuff isn't mawkish or too graphic sueamish readers need not worry There are also well rounded secondary characters to get to know misunderstandings to be resolved which make for an interesting read One note I really liked Elspeth's feisty sister and would liked to have had her in a few scenes All in all a five star read

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    From one night to forever The latest from Ellie Darkins is fast paced and enjoyable Two lonely hearts collide for a night of passion that neither of them expect to go any further until she finds out a few weeks later that they are having a baby There were a few plot holes here and there and lacked a bit of authenticity in the dialect of a true Scot but overall it was a solid read with a heartfelt story lineElspeth has responsibility coming out of her ears so when she gets the chance to let her hair down for one night she decides to let caution fly to the wind Unfortunately fate decided she needed a good laugh and now she's having to track down that one night stand to tell him he's going to be a daddyFraser hasn't had a great example of fatherhood throughout his life so when he learns he's about to become one he's a bit nervous Elspeth isn't exactly enthralled about making this ready made family work with him but he's determined to show her that she can juggle it all like the best of them

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    Well what can I say other than if you want to spend a few hours reading a heartwarming and gorgeous story then look no further In Surprise Baby for the Heir we meet Elspeth and Fraser who after one night find their lives changed forever What follows is a sweet and tender story both characters are built up perfectly by Ellie Darkins especially as we see their pasts exploredThere is a little bit of drama along the way to make things very interesting and family really is at the heart of the story along with trust and letting go all being themes Plus it isn’t all smooth sailing as Elspeth and Fraser try to navigate their way through their situation The pace of this book is great making it extremely easy to become attached to both the characters and the story I had to keep turning those pages to see how it would all end so much so that I finished it in one daySurprise Baby for the Heir is warm tender and romantic

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    If there’s ever a uote to summarize the romance between Fraser and Elspeth it’s this one from Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert —“People think a soul mate is your perfect fit and that’s what everyone wants But a true soul mate is a mirror the person who shows you everything that is holding you back the person who brings you to your own attention so you can change your life”🌷Ellie Darkins brings two polar opposites together in this divine novel where it’s a clash of fierce emotions and beautiful tender romance that warms your heart from the onset Elspeth and Fraser are sweethearts I adored them both Vibrant prose engaging dialogue and skilled storytelling brings this story to life and captures your attention instantly A highly recommended 45 ⭐️ read

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