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Ransom My Heart [PDF / EPUB] Ransom My Heart Mia Thermopolis Princess of Genovia and star of Meg Cabot's insanely popular #1 New York Times bestselling Princess Diaries books has penned her first historical romance novel with help from Meg Cabot Mia Thermopolis Princess of Genovia and star of Meg Cabot's insanely popular New York Times bestselling Princess Diaries books has penned her first historical romance novel with help from Meg CabotHe's a tall handsome knight with a secret She's an adventurous beauty with than a few secrets of her own Finnula needs money for her sister's dowry and fast Hugo Fitzstephen returning home to England from the Crusades with saddlebags of jewels has money and lots of it What Ransom My PDF/EPUB or could be simpler than to kidnap him and hold him for ransomWell for starters Finnula could make the terrible mistake of falling in love with her hostagePrincess Mia Thermopolis Meg Cabot's most beloved character has always been an outspoken animal rights activist and committed environmentalist In keeping with Mia's true spirit Meg will be donating her advance to Greenpeace.

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    Just because Meg Cabot is primarily known as a YA author and the author of this book is Mia Thermopolis the main character of Cabot's YA Princess Diaries series does not mean that this is a YA book It's not It's an adult romance The story was cheesy cliche and comical I laughed out loud A LOT and the scenes I was laughing at were probably not supposed to be as humorous as I found them And the idea that it was a common practice for maidens to kidnap men for ransom to pay their dowries? Really? I don't know if I believe that it was so common that every man in the near vicinity had already been ransomed back to his family at least once already The language was pretty bad lots of silly phrases that might have been true to the time period but felt like they didn't belong It was a cute story with a lot of potential to be a lot better if the first half had 100 pages cut out and the second half had about 100 added to the story Finnula was fun but really I don't think she would have been accepted in that time period running around in pants and hunting and wandering around in the forest by herself I liked Hugo but really all he could think about was getting into bed with Finnula And while I know that guys have a reputation for having only one thing on their minds there has got to be some other thoughts rolling around in their heads once in a while

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    A book by Mia Thermopolis Meg Cabot? I thought when I first saw this So being the Meg Cabot fan I checked out this book from the library and began reading it that night The first shock came on the very first page with the date England 1291 Holy cow this was long ago But I read on and on By the time I was finally able to stop reading it had been well over an hourMia's Meg's writing abilities continue to blow me away It was just amazing No telling you it was amazing doesn't do it any justice because it truly was a great book I mean seriously good I've read this book THREE TIMES That's how good this book isFinnula is just like she is described above She a fearless fun and very loving heroine She's a heroine like none other that I've read about She's feisty annoying very stubborn and will probably kick any guy or gals butt She's one of those girls who you love in the beginning love in the middle and love till the last pages I loved reading about her and how she interacted with the people around her Her relationship with her sisters' was interesting to read about as was her relationship with Robert her brother and especially HugoAh Hugo At first I thought Hugo was a big ass snob Seriously Plus I expected the hero to be hot Hugo when we meet him has a beard And then there's Peter We learn that Hugo is a Earl and Peter is his suire One of the most annoying characters ever Peter seems to moan and groan and complain about everything I wanted Hugo to kick that little boy's ass But he didn't so I wanted to do it Anyhoo Hugo was the perfect hero the beard aside He was chivalrous loving passionate and imperfect which made his even appealing By the end I wanted to have Hugo for myselfAll I can say is that Meg Cabot has yet to disappoint me I loved this book The characters the plot the dialogue it was all Meg Cabot This was a highly enjoyable historical romance novel about two very different people falling in love Though we've heard the kidnapper falling in love with the hostage this book takes it to a whole new level Its well written has wonderful characters takes place long ago and is just a great book in general

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    Normally I'm a huge Meg Cabot fan I picked up this book and liked the main character immediately And the knight's character too However it turned out to be like a Harleuin romance I hate to say it But I wasn't expecting so much sensuality It could have been such a wonderful book but there was far too much sex in it I'd hoped that most authors would learn from Stephenie Meyer that having tension in a book is much better than sex scenes It makes me sad since I have almost all of Cabot's other YA books

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    I'd check it out just to support Greenpeace but I expect it'll be funFun indeed It's an historical romance and a whodunnit and the cast of characters is engaging Pure pleasure reading And no guilt to it either

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    Reviewed by Natalie Tsang for TeensReadToocomGirls will laugh and swoon with RANSOM MY HEART Princess Mia Thermopolis heroine of Meg Cabot's THE PRINCESS DIARIES pens a fun flirty debut novel that's spiced with the occasional mishapFinnula Crais is out to catch a rich man Why has Fair Finn switched from hunting game to hunting men? To help out her beloved sister of courseThe family beauty Mellana has spent her entire dowry and needs Finn to capture and ransom some poor unsuspecting fool so she can marry the man of her dreams As luck would have it her prey is none other than the new local lord Hugo Fitzstephen a seasoned knight and womanizer who has just returned from the CrusadesInevitably things begin to heat up as Finn uses herself as bait to lure Hugo Her hostage is all too happy to find himself the center of attention of such a determined huntressI blushed and giggled my way through their mutual and often awkward physical attraction as it blossomed into a romantic but still comedic courtship I really liked that there were uite a few rocks and some hard slogging to get to true love There were moments when I envied Finn but there were also times when I was so glad that I was not in her shoesWhile RANSOM MY HEART has its share of historical romance tropes scheming teenage girls corrupt bailiffs mistaken identity and disastrous miscommunication readers will find these as familiar landmarks rather than repetitive scenery Meg Cabot seems to have a lot of fun playing with our expectations and then subverting themFinn may be a seventeen year old tomboy but even when head over heels in love she knows better than to compromise herself or her family over some guy Likewise it's super refreshing to have a hero and heroine who have lives and dreams outside of each otherReaders beware There is a high chance of silly smiles laugh out loud moments and holding your breath as you frantically turn the pages Five Stars

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    Another book in the summer of romance novels this one will set a high bar for the others to attain however Reading through it brought me back to the basic principle that a good book does not need to be high literature if it it makes you want to stay up for hours to finish reading this one And I certainly did with this book much so than almost any of the others I've plowed through recently High spirited heroine who is just beginning to recognize the effect that men have on her A hero who is not a jerk A story line that involves than just describing their physical attributes and the tingly feelings that each one gets when looking at the other A few of the factors that combine to make it a great summer read One thing I found curious about this boo is that it was classifed as Young Adult The pretense is that it was written by the Princess of Genovia Mia Thermopolis the heroine of Meg Cabot's Princess Diaries The main character is 17 or 18 so perhaps that ualifies it as young adult but some of the sex scenes Not sure mothers who let their daughters read some of the other Meg Cabot books want them reading those scenes I did not mind them but just hope my nieces don't pick up this book anytime soon Of course I remember receiving the book forever as a gift when I was in 8th Grade and my mother immediately took it away from me She did not hide it well so I snuck in her room and read it whenever she left the house This book is probably at about the same level as that one Maybe I'm just getting old

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    Purportedly written by Princess of Genovia Mia Thermopolis who I understand to be a popular movie character this book is a typical bodice ripper airport novel read Or properly a braies ripper since the main female character has a propensity for wearing this form of late medieval menswear and the main male character spends most of the book fantasizing about removing them spoiler alert he does Though interspersed with the occasional God's teeth and Nay my lord the dialogue is typically anachronistic and post feminist with most of the focus on saucy descriptions of improbably impressive medieval physiues and eually improbably tarty medieval womenswear In the one for this genre unusual twist the sheriff in the story is depicted as intelligent and kindly while usually the evil nemesis is named Laroche an unsubtle rendering of his despicable nature To be fair readers of this sort of book generally are not looking for subtlety and therein the author generously complies

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    Alright once again I would like to know why movies have ratings but with books? You have to guess Because this book makes you guess the rating WRONGPros It was a cute fun read If you are in the mood for moderatly smutty self indulgent completely fluffy romance Which as it happens I sometimes am It's pretty funnyCons Who in their right mind connects the Princess Diaries which I'm only on book 4 of but I'm pretty sure I'd let a 12 year old read with a book like this that is sooo much an adult novel It's supposedly written by Princess Miawhich is a cute way to have a pen nameIF IN THE SAME AGE RANGE If I were a Mom and bought this book for my kid I would be seriously pissed off It doesn't look like a bodice ripper eitherAlso seriously it's one of those books that pretends to be historical but makes the girl have all sorts of modern ideals and habits Which is a bit cliche And a pet peeve of mine Medieval girls don't have to wear pants to be strong

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    So I have always been a big Meg Cabot fan really I have whether it was reading about Princess Mia's awkward adventures or some of her other fluffy light hearted romances So I figured when I picked up a novel written by Princess Mia with the help of Meg Cabot I was in for a winnerhowever this was not the case The plot reminded me a lot of Roberson's Lady of the Forest but not uite as good Maybe I have just been in one too many gender classes for my own good but lots of bits were openly masochistic and repetative Lastly I don't mind smut but at some points this was over done not to mention used as a means of female control over an otherwise strong female characterespecially for what the excerpt from the final Diaries book claimed was Mia's senior project for high school ie handing in to a teacher? That she thought of showing her crush Michael? Decent plot and romance but it didn't hold up to some of her other work for me I found myself reading to find out how it would get all wrapped up only to realize it could have ended halfway through to avoid a slew of un needed plot additons

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    Finnula Crais is in a bit of a uandary The year is 1291 and her older sister Mellana is pregnant by her lover Jack Mallory a troubadour who is dead broke Mellan begs Finnula to help her and Finnula comes up with a plan She will kidnap a rich man and use his ransom to pay Mellana’s dowry Finnula has a low opinion of men in general She thinks they are useless creatures The reason she feels this way is because of her first unwanted marriage that ended with her old senile husband dying the night they became man and wife Finnula is a bit of a tomboy who likes to wear leather braises pants and go hunting in the woods and capture game for the poor villagers so they can put food on their tables If Finnula doesn't find a man to ransom her older brother Robert will probably kill Jack Hugo Fitzstephen has finally returned home after ten years away in Jerusalem fighting in the crusades He and his suire Peter are on their way to his home where he'll take over the title of Earl since his father the Earl of Stephensgate died while Hugo was away Hugo always had a way with the ladies and longs for some female companionship He may get his wish when he spies a beautiful young woman bathing naked in a spring When she disappears into a waterfall Hugo loses sight of her The next thing he knows is that the young woman is holding a knife to his throat and makes him her prisoner Hugo can overpower and escape from the beauty but he goes along with her game since he is having so much fun Finnula has found a rich man to save her sister and her family's name But she uickly realizes her error because the man she captures is just a poor knight home from the crusades Hugo is not sure what to make of the sweet Finnula and cannot believe she is allowed to come and go as she pleases all alone and wearing braises instead of dresses He will stay her hostage just so he can protect her and make sure she returns home all in one piece Hugo tells Finnula some fibs so she doesn't catch on that he is an Earl He wants to know about Finnula without her acting differently towards him because of his title Finnula is also not truthful to Hugo since her dead husband happened to be his fatherEventually Finnula will figure out who Hugo is And even though Finnula has a bad taste about marriage which at first makes Hugo ill because the groom was his father he will show Finnula that love and marriage is not such a bad thing And since Hugo is so skilled in the bedroom Finnula will be under siege because she is a bit of a lusty woman herself She really enjoys Hugo’s kisses and making love to him Hugo is willing to give Finnula is heart He just hopes that she will want a lifetime with him as his wife Ransom my Heart was a thoroughly enjoyable read that had me laughing till the very last page The dialogue was witty and the situations were laugh out loud hilarious And Meg can sure write some steamy love scenes Don't be surprised if you find Hugo and Finnula to be one of your favorite couples of the year Their passion for each other knows no bounds as well as their mutual love and respect for one another These two really bring out the best in each other and it was so adorable to see the very independent Finnula fall in love At times she may seem too innocent but that is what makes her such an appealing character She is both strong in body and sweet in her heart and because of her nature Hugo finds her to be the perfect woman for him Hugo is just as amazingly written as Finnula At first glance Hugo may seem to be a womanizer but that is uickly pushed to the side because he only has eyes for Finnula He is a very well rounded hero I also thought it was very telling what type of person he is by how accepting he is of Finnula and her strange family Each one of Finnula's sister's has very distinct personalities and her brother Robert who is the patriarch of the family is just as loving and kind as the rest of his siblings Ransom my Heart is everything I am looking for in a great book There is a romance that will tug at your heart fun characters and the mystery of whether Hugo’s father was murdered and by whom Don’t let Ransom my Heart pass you buy

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