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Matzah Belowstairs [PDF / EPUB] Matzah Belowstairs Miriam Mouse's family always celebrates Passover Belowstairs while the human Winklers celebrate Abovestairs But this year Miriam is finding it hard to get a piece of matzah to use for the Mouse family Miriam Mouse's family always celebrates Passover Belowstairs while the human Winklers celebrate Abovestairs But this year Miriam is finding it hard to get a piece of matzah to use for the Mouse family afikomen as the human family has decided to store their matzah in a tin All seems lost for the Mouse family seder until young Eli Winkler shares the afikomen with her Journal.

  • Paperback
  • 24 pages
  • Matzah Belowstairs
  • Susan Lynn Meyer
  • English
  • 07 July 2014
  • 9781541521698

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    First my 4 YO loves it I'm rating it according to his feelings I would give it a 2 personallyI accept books and characters for what they are but I was surprised by Eli's dishonesty with his parents in the story telling them the handkerchief the afikomen was wrapped in wasn't with the matzah It gave me an opportunity to talk to my kids about honesty so that was okay oI do appreciate that there is in a way a message about helping the less fortunate The little boy's generosity to the mouse character who didn't have matzoh for Passover reminded me of Proverbs 630 and the idea of helping the poor leaving parts of your harvest etc The ending was abrupt Like this ;o

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    “Abovestairs” the Winklers are humans who are in the midst of their Passover seder when “belowstairs” the mouse family can’t start their seder without any matzah Unfortunately the Winklers have a new tin box in which the matzah supply is stored No way for a mouse to chew through that Thankfully Miriam mouse gets her opportunity when dad Winkler hides the afikomen beneath the bookcase Alas the piece of matzah is too big to fit through the tiny mouse hole where Miriam struggles to take it for her family’s seder When the youngest Winkler Eli finds the hidden afikomen and spots Miriam struggling to get it inside her Belowstairs home the two decide to share it Off Miriam goes with her half and with matzah in paw the mouse family is finally able to begin their seder A sweet and delightful depiction of a Passover celebration and a lovely addition for every holiday book library An author’s note follows providing a brief but informative overview of the holiday

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    A great introduction to the tradition of eating matzah on Passover and specifically to the tradition of hiding the afikomen for young children wrapped in a charming right kind of old fashioned story about a miniature mouse world hiding in a bigger human home It's still unusual to see Jewish themed picture books that diverge from realism except in the case of a few traditional folk type tales and which feature anthropomorphized animals so this is a much appreciated addition When I was growing up almost all the favorite children's book characters celebrated Christmas I wanted to see book families including animal and magical ones like mine I'm glad to see of these coming out and I hope they can eventually serve as window books that reach beyond just a Jewish audience

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    Matzah Belowstairs by Susan Lynn Meyer illustrated by Mette Engell PICTURE BOOK Kar Ben Lerner 2019 18 9781541521681BUYING ADVISORY Pre K EL K 3 OPTIONALAUDIENCE APPEAL AVERAGEEli and his family are getting ready for the Passover seder but in the floorboards below Miriam Mouse is sad because she hasn’t been able to forage any matzah for her family Maybe when Eli’s father goes to hide the matzah it will be her chance but can she and Eli share?For children accustomed to the traditions around seder this is a cute twist on the holiday For children unfamiliar with seder it is a simple introduction to part of the tradition Cindy Middle School Librarian MLShttpskissthebookjrblogspotcom20

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    Miriam Mouse and her family are getting ready for Passover belowstairs just like the family abovestairs The only problem for Miriam is that her little mouse family had no matzah She went abovestairs and waited patiently for crumbs from Eli and his family Miriam heard footsteps and noticed the matzah being hidden under a bookshelf She grabbed it and is caught by Eli What do you think will happen next?This heartfelt story represents Jewish culture and holiday with friendship and sharing Young readers will enjoy learning about Passover Parents and teachers can share the history and story behind this celebrated holiday Colorful illustrations and easy to read sentences will engage beginner readers in this story

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    This is a sweet new PJ Library Passover story designed for young children Belowstairs the mouse family can't start their seder until someone finds some matzah Abovestairs the Winkler family has a new tin matzah box and the mouse family can't find any matzahuntil the afikomen is hidden Creative in its way to teach sharing and cooperation these bright cheery illustrations are sure to delight children and parents alike And as a bonus there is a suggested craft project on the back flap

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    I loved this book about a mouse family and human family celbrating Passover and how they work together to make a great holiday for both families So cute Preschool and up

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