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    This is a standalone thriller from Greg Iles, set in a small southern town, Bienville, in Mississippi with all the elements for a riveting read set in Trump s US, and all that entails No one here is free from flaws in this story of murder and twisted intrigues, least of all the protagonist, Marshall McEwan, estranged from his father, a Pulitizer prize winning journalist in the 1960s for his coverage of the Civil Rights movement After 26 years away, Marshall returns to run the struggling newspaper Watchman, with his father suffering from terminal cancer, not expected to live long Marshall too is an acclaimed journalist winning the Pulitzer, although that award was based on lies He has a tragic background that haunts him, his gifted older brother, Adam, who eclipsed him growing up died in an accident, he has a failed marriage behind him and his young son drowned in a pool We are provided with the details of these events in the narrative, along with how his friend, Paul Matheson, saved his life in Iraq, and Marshall s relationship with his childhood love, Jet Turner, now a lawyer, who he has never been able to forget A Jet that is now married to Paul.After Marshall s relationship with his father deteriorated after the death of his brother, Buck Ferris provided much need support to a traumatised Marshall, filling the gaping hole in his life Ferris, an archaeologist, is found dead in the river, and Marshall is certain it is murder Bienville is run by the Poker Club, a powerful cabal of rich white men, men who stand to profit enormously from the billion dollar Chinese paper mill being developed in the town Ferris s activities threatened this development, and as it becomes clear that his murder is going to be covered up, a griefstricken Marshall is determined the truth behind Buck s murder is made public He has no idea how far the Poker Club will go to ensure that this will never happen Marshall s tangled personal life carries with it additional dangers in this story of friendship, morality, integrity, betrayal, secrets, double dealing, greed, dysfunctional families and a town that desperately needs the economic advantages of the Chinese paper mill.Greg Iles is an expert when it comes to atmospherically evoking the murky world of a small southern town, where everybody knows everyone, with it s pivotal history in the Civil War, the class divisions between the rich, who load the dice when it comes to ensuring their personal wealth increases, and the poor, scrabbling to just survive This is overlaid with the contemporary repercussions of Trump, his policies and the pernicious culture that he has engendered such as the rise of fake news Iles immerses the reader in the lives of a host of diverse characters, and a world where pragmatism trumps idealism and doing the right thing, encapsulated perfectly in the dilemmas that Marshall finds himself in This is a wonderfully entertaining and compulsive read, which fans of Iles and other crime fiction and thriller readers are likely to enjoy Many thanks to HarperCollins for an ARC.

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    I am afraid my thoughts on the latest novel by Greg Iles will not be that praising as in the case of the Natchez Burning Trilogy I was really looking forward to reading Cemetery Road since the deep south of the United States holds some allure that I can t resist The allure is still there, however, the novel disappointed me with regard to the characters, their secrets and their psychological development I am sorry but I did not find their actions and reactions believable The idea of punishing culprits responsible for the murder of an archaeologist who tries to veto destroying a site of great historic value sounds excellent, alas, the execution is of rather poor quality I did finish the book but it was like a little struggle on my side Perhaps it was not THE moment for reading Cemetery Road one star is for the plot, adding one for the setting, can t help myself..

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    Cemetery Road by Greg Iles is a 2019 William Morrow publication Small town corruption, family tragedies, betrayals, and murder In other words quintessential Greg Iles In this standalone novel, award winning journalist, Marshall McEwan, returns home to Bienville, Mississippi to be closer to his parents after his estranged father is diagnosed with Parkinson s At least that s what he tells himself Deep in his heart, however, he acknowledges an ulterior motive reuniting with his first love a woman named Jet, who just happens to be married to his best friend But when Buck Ferris, a man who had a strong influence on Marshall, is found dead, Marshall is convinced foul play is at hand But who would want to kill Buck and why Well, Buck may have made a discovery that could derail the proposed installation of a paper mill, which would breathe new life into the slowly dying town of Bienville A lot is at stake, and the town s powerful Poker Club will make sure the Chinese investors aren t scared off, which means Buck might have been collateral damage As Marshall digs deeper into the circumstances of Buck s death, the Poker Club members do what they do best make threats, intimidate, bully, and blackmail, and maybe even murder, anyone who stands in their way and Marshall and all his dark secrets is in their crosshairs Cemetery Road is not just a suspenseful thriller, with all its many twists and turns, and layers of deceptions It is also a stellar piece of southern fiction, with Gothic elements that only the south can lay claim to The characters are flawed every single one of them some than others, and Marshall, no saint himself, is forced to stare his demons in the face, to make eye contact with them, as everything he thought he knew wavers and fades like a mirage in the desert Under scrutiny is the moral compromises made in the name of capitalism, the mythology of our youth, the hope of recapturing a lost opportunity, while trying to do what is right for all concerned For Marshall, it is personal, perhaps, as he is also coping with deeply embedded grief and carrying a heavy burden of guilt bestowed upon him by his embittered father However, he is also trying to save his father s newspaper, cover his own butt, and protect the women he loves I often found myself on the edge of my seat, as Marshall survives one major event after another by the seat of his pants, and as the shock waves reverberate relentlessly It was hard to put the book down for any length of time At the end of the day, Iles proves, yet again, his intimate knowledge of the old southern realities, still prevalent and still thriving But, at the end of the day, his characters, though bruised and bleeding, may finally shake off the ghosts of the past, each in his or her own way, while southern style justice continues to work in the most mysterious of ways.

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    4.5 Stars This is the 10th book by Greg Iles I have read Needless to say, if he wasn t one of the best storytellers around, I wouldn t have read 10 of his 16 novels Cemetery Road is a stand alone book which doesn t star Penn Cage, Iles most famous and well liked protagonists It also doesn t include one courtroom scene, which makes it different from most of Iles other books However, despite these differences, this book does not disappoint Cemetery Road tells its story through the eyes of Marshall McEwan, the publisher of a local newspaper The book begins with McEwan s good friend being murdered and McEwan taking a personal interest in attempting to solve the case He is met with strong opposition from a group of community power brokers nicknamed The Poker Club that basically run the town and everyone in it The Poker Club has a special interest in this case and in keeping it unsolved as it could disrupt a huge Chinese manufacturing plant from building and operating in the city, which would cost The Poker Club millions in profits This combined with the storyline of turmoil in Marshall s personal life the result of him having an affair with a good friend s wife form the plot of this 608 page novel As always, Iles does a great job of keeping the plot moving with so many twists and turns, I can t remember them all What makes Iles stand out among current authors, is that he writes long, character driven stories that are very well written, interesting and realistic This book is no exception and was great from start to finish It did not suffer from long, boring sections or chapters that many long books suffer The critiques I have of this book mirror my critiques of Iles other books 1 too much unnecessary cursing by all of the characters 2 it spends an inordinate amount of time condemning and ridiculing Christianity 3 most of the his characters are stereotypes either white, old south, racist powerbrokers think Boss Hogg or uneducated black persons who are very hard workers at menial jobs and who are of the highest character After 10 books, Iles needs to move on from his profanity and religious hang ups and expand his character base to include different new South type characters But great job on this one, and I hope to see Marshall McEwan in future Iles novels.

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    This is your usual Iles A crusading and prize winning journalist returns to his small town Mississippi home to a less than functional family and barely functioning family newspaper There is a murder which provides the impetus for the narrative A cabal controls this town and nice men they are not They are plenty of lies, deceit, betrayal and backstabbing As I said, your usual Iles which is always entertaining.

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    4 Stars.Complex, Twisty, Dark and Gritty Cemetery Road is a standalone novel by Greg Iles It is a brilliant character driven novel about family, friendship, love and politics in a small Mississippi town Marshall McEwan is a reporter who returns to Bienville after a long absence His father is ill and he has been tasked with taking over his dad s ailing newspaper, The Watchman Returning to Bienville is something he thought he d never do it holds too many bad memories for Marshall the loss of his brother Adam, the breakdown of his relationship with his father and losing the love of his life Jet, to his former best friend Paul Marshall s life has been full of one tragedy after another and upon his return to Bienville, it happens again Buck Ferris, a man who was like a father to Marshall is murdered and Marshall sets out to prove it, even though Buck s death is made to look like an accident It spells bad news for Marshall as the most powerful men in Bienville known as The Poker Club will do whatever it takes to stop him from spilling their secrets Turns out of course, that Marshall has a few secrets of his own, secrets that could hurt a lot of people, including his friends, his family and the love of his life and her husband What a brilliantly done, heart pounding saga What Greg Iles does best is his characterizations He draws you into the lives of his characters and makes you care as if your own life depended on it I was so invested in Marshall s life while reading this novel, that I was cussing and stomping my feet Jet I mean, really Really I detested her With every fiber of my being I wanted to shake Marshall and tell him to wake up and smell the coffee which, of course, he loved so ok, he might be a smart boy after all, hee hee That said, all I will say is that when he loves, his friends..etc., his family, he loves fiercely There was never a moment in this novel where I lost interest in the storyline even though the book is over 600 pages , I was fully invested from the first to the last I must provide a disclaimer that there are a few parts of this story that are a bit depressing thus please be aware of that before you start reading This novel also contains a few racy scenes for those of you who might feel the need to cover your eyes In case it hasn t been made obvious throughout the years, Greg Iles is one of my favorite authors I adore his writing style, his characterizations and the depths his characters go to, to get what they need and want I eagerly await the next book hitting the shelves and this novel was no different Admittedly, Penn Cage from Greg Iles serial novels is my favorite Iles character and I missed him something awful in this novel and I hope to see him again sometime soon Hint, hint Thank you to Edelweiss, Harper Collins William Morrow and Greg Iles for an arc of this novel in exchange for an honest review Published on Edelweiss, Goodreads and on 5.7.19.

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    This book is fiction, but damn it, I know that what happens in this book happens in real life.A group of men obtain riches and power The they have, the they want They die and pass everything to their sons and then their sons Starting after the Civil War in Mississippi, this group of men has played a long game They spread their arms wide and circle the pot of poker chips in the middle of the table and pull the pile to themselves In Bienville, this group of men is known as the Poker Club They are bankers, lawyers, oil men, casino owners, businessmen, doctors they own the police and the judges They ve installed their U S Senator Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority still when you superadd the tendency or the certainty of corruption by authority John Dalberg Acton, 1887The Poker Club does provide for Bienville They are bringing in a billion dollar paper mill owned by the Chinese, and in exchange, the Chinese will have guaranteed favorable votes from the senator Along with the mill comes a new interstate highway, a bridge across the Mississippi River, and all the nationally known restaurants, coffee shops, department stores, bookstores, movie theaters You get the gist Throw in a world renown Pulitzer Prize winning journalist who comes home to tend to his dying estranged father, who is also a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, and things get dicey for the Poker Club.As with all Greg Iles s books, this is a rambling, all encompassing volume I was completely taken in by his storytelling There are some sexual references that might trigger some readers, so be forewarned.

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    Cemetery Road is like a carnival ride a carnival ride with plenty of drownings There was a moment where I swore that if one person drowned I was going to scream That being said, there are redeeming features within these pages The writing is on point, and the author captured the essence of what a thriller should be with an edge of your seat feeling throughout despite the number of people who ended up in Davey Jones Locker The main character, Marshall, is a bit of a douche a likeable one, but a douche all the same His character flaws made it difficult for me to fully engage with him Thankfully, there was a plethora of supporting characters, most of whom I did love And I have to give props to Greg Iles for the ending He wrapped it up perfectly and, though there was no pretty bow, it felt real.I didn t see fireworks while reading this novel, but gave it a solid four stars without reserve.

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    Different, complex, twisting story, a perfect combination of a family drama and real events on Florida mystery An absorbing crime story,grief, betrayal in Southern community

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    Multiple plot lines become sullied and muddled until the end By then, it s hard to care much for the characters 3 of 10 stars

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Cemetery Road [PDF / EPUB] Cemetery Road Marshall McEwan is one of the most successful journalists in Washington, DC But his father is terminally ill, and he must return to his childhood home a place he vowed he would never go back to.Bienvi Marshall McEwan is one of the most successful journalists in Washington, DC But his father is terminally ill, and he must return to his childhood home a place he vowed he would never go back toBienville, Mississippi, is no longer the city Marshall remembers His family s year old newspaper is failing, and Jet Talal, the love of his youth, has married into the family of Max Matheson, one of a dozen powerful patriarchs who rule the town through the exclusive Bienville Poker Club The city s only hope of economic salvation is a new, billion dollar Chinese paper mill But on the verge of the deal s consummation, two deaths rock Bienville to its coreJoining forces with his former lover, Marshall begins digging for the truth But he and Jet soon discover that the soil of Mississippi is a minefield where explosive secrets can be fardestructive than injustice.