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Plant Parenting [PDF / EPUB] Plant Parenting “Everything a plant parent needs to take their plant collection—and plant knowledge—to the next level” —Maria Failla founder Bloom Grow Radio podcast  Do you have a passion for houseplants “Everything a plant parent needs to take their plant collection—and plant knowledge—to the next level” —Maria Failla founder Bloom Grow Radio podcast  Do you have a passion for houseplants A desire to grow tomatoes Do you want a garden bursting with colorful flowers No matter what kind of plant fan you are it’s easy to make of your favorite plants—and it can be done for free  Plant Parenting is a beginner friendly introduction to plant propagation Leslie F Halleck details the basic tools necessary demystifies seed starting and saving and shares easy to follow instructions for the most practical techniues She also provides additional information on controlling pests and diseases and transplanting seedlings and cuttings Charming richly illustrated and accessible  Plant Parenting is for anyone looking to make of their favorite plants  .

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    This beautifully illustrated book covers some basic botany as well as all aspects of propagation including a table with preferred methods of propagation for a variety of different plants descriptions of a variety of growing media and potting options the use of rooting powder humidity domes heat mats automatic propagators and lighting and temperature reuirements Not limited to houseplants instructions are also included on starting annuals edibles and perennials from seed and spores including a table with ideal germination temperatures for a variety of seeds Also covered are feeding rooting cuttings in water layering cane and leaf cuttings bulbs rhizomes tubers and vegetative propagation as well as recognizing and dealing with pests and diseases

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    I learned so much from Plant Parenting Easy Ways to Make More Houseplants Vegetables and Flowers I used to propagate my plants using a stem cutting Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t I tried numerous times to propagate from a leaf but it never worked Now I understand why and what I need to do to rectify all these situationsHalleck begins with an in depth discussion about how plants propagate and how to start with seeds or vegetative propagation She then provides an extensive chart of roughly 100 different plants and specifies the common propagation techniues for each of them This chart alone in my opinion is worth the price of the bookNext is a comprehensive presentation about tools and containers I must confess that while I have had plants for 20 years uite a few things were completely new to me such as a dibbler paper pot maker and soil blocker Halleck introduces the reader to a wide range of tooseuipment somtimes providing alternatives but you don’t need all of it Plant Parenting is like a buffet — you choose your appetizers and entrees from a wide variety You will learn about humidity domes rooting hormones capillary and heat mats automatic propagators grow lighting for seedlings versus cuttings and Readers will learn everything they need to know about seeds including preparation germination light and feeding and how to collect as well as store your seeds I had never heard of chitting and greensprouting until I read this book I was fascinated by all the different types of cuttings used in propagation — stem whole leaf leaf petriole stem leaf bud non petriole and split vein non petriole and leaf section cane corms rhizomes root and air layering cuttings There is also a section devoted to pests and diseases including how to identify them as well as the proper treatment to eliminate thremThe photography throughout the book is amazing and don’t worry there are a ton of photosIf you want to become a “Plant Parent” and propagate your plants then this is the book for you and trust me this is the only book you will ever needThank you to Timber Press and NetGalley for an advance reader copy in exchange for my honest review

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    A good primer for those of us who love plants and want to have of them Halleck explains various methods of plant propagation including seeds and different kinds of cuttings Various ways of caring for baby plants are also described Basically it's everything you need to know in order to make plants from the ones you already own or the ones someone else owns if they are willing to give you a cutting

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    This is a fantastic resource for anyone who ever wanted to make plants whether that's by taking cuttings of a friend's houseplant growing flowers from seeds dividing a crowded bunch of irises rooting fallen leaves from succulents or difficult processes As a gardener and houseplant lover I am fairly educated on making new plants I've transplanted elderberry runners into my back yard rooted geranium cuttings from the post office to make a bunch of pretty summer plants for the garden divided crowded perennials rooted countless houseplant cuttings in water rooted roses for swaps with other gardeners and so on There have always been a few plants that thwarted me though and I was happy to see such detailed instructions for all kinds of plants and all kinds of ways to propagate themThe book is full of step by step instructions for every kind of plant propagation helpful charts and full color photos It also covers topics like grow lights common pests and problems humidity and the science of the whole business This is the kind of book that I'd refer to often for my home and garden and would also be helpful for teaching kids about botany and plant propagation Highly recommendedI read a digital temporary ARC of this book for the purpose of review

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    Excellent advice on propagating new house and garden plants from old I found this helpful with plants I am not completely familiar with as well as some of the tips on planting seeds Thank youI received a free electronic copy of this self help book from Netgalley Leslie F Halleck and Timber Press Thank you for sharing your hard work with me I have read this book of my own volition and this review reflects my honest opinion of this work Netgalley Adobe Reader pub date June 11 2019Timber PressReview posted on Goodreads Netgalley Barnes Noble BookBub and Kobo on June 11 2019

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    Holy smokes what a great resource I've spent a lot of time learning about plants and gardening over the past couple years but I'll confess that starting plants from cuttings has felt very overwhelming for me It's been hard to know where to start I'm so grateful for a book like Plant Parenting because it has given me step by step instructions for propagating plantsThe book is divided into seven main sections with some smaller sections thrown in there too The sections cover the science behind how plants multiply tools and materials you'll need how to start seeds including euipment recommendations water rooting growing from cuttings pests to look out for and how to finally transplant your plants This book is so gosh darn cool I'll admit that it is a lot of information and all the euipment can be overwhelming at times But I decided to start small with leaf and stem cuttings and it has been working for me It helps too that there are a TON of clear and beautiful pictures that accompany the text so it's easy to follow along with author Leslie Halleck as she goes through each step Overall a fantastic resource if you are interested in propagating your plants Highly recommended Thank you to Net Galley and Timber Press for the ARCSee of my reviews at wwwbugbugbookscom

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    This book was not what I expected IT IS BETTER I was expecting learning about ways to create plants and yes it was definitely about that and so much It feels like instead of Plants 101 I got the entire course There is so much information in this book so many techniues and tools and eco friendly container options and charts and I never expected it could entail this much I mean I could’ve expected that because it has a whooping 264 pages crammed full with info and it actually took me hours to absorb all the info and I have to admit I just went into this wanting to know how to multiply my plants so I can give them away everyone wants my pilea lol l but I came out as an amateur gardener who wants so much nowAlso I LOVED the amazing pictures and design of this bookI received an e arc from Netgalley but my opinions are my own

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    I can't recommend this highly enough if you are like me and looking to experiment with the process of creating your ideal garden I collect seeds everywhere order from online and have little cups of water rooting spider plants all around my house This has expanded my understanding of how certain plants will propagate and the right tools to do so The pictures are instructive and some of the homemade containers are really interesting If a plant can reproduce in any way I feel like this book covers it It covers everything you need to know about starting from seed or grafting or even creating hybrids Even better modern plants are covered like the now popular Pass It On Plant which I have seen covered in only a few recent books Reading this has greatly increased the likelihood that every inch of my living space is going to look like a plant nursery this spring

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    Plant Parenting is the perfect resource book for anyone who enjoys plants and to propagate them successfullyThe very first plant cutting I took was from my mother’s house Twenty years after her death her plant is still alive and heathy sitting on my windowsill I was fortunate to have this living memory become a part of my household I haven’t had much success with other plants I tried to propagate such as succulents But after reading this book I realized my mistakes and look forward to future successesThe author wrote a well researched book with detailed instructions and photographs This is a great resource to have on hand whether you are interested in propagating garden plants and flowers or simply just cutting a houseplant to procure a memory

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    From Eggshells? Genius to So that's what I've been doing wrong I thoroughly enjoyed Halleck's clear and empowering instructions for being a plant mama This well written how to with its attractive and supportive illustrations have made me bold The lilies hostas and iris around my house are about to spreadThanks to NetGalley for making a copy of this title available for an honest review

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