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Subversive Cross Stitch [PDF / EPUB] Subversive Cross Stitch Features cross stitch patterns for the young hip do it yourself generation The author has brought cross stitch firmly into the 21st century Her work has the look of an oldfashioned sampler surrounded Features cross stitch patterns for the young hip do it yourself generation The author has brought cross stitch firmly into the st century Her work has the look of an oldfashioned sampler surrounded by hearts and duckies but filled with messages Subversive Cross eBook Ô such as Bite me Beeyatch and Homo Sweet Homo.

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    I already told this story in someone's comments somewhere but I can't remember where There was a thing going around on Facebook recently where you posted that you would make a craft thing for the first five people who responded which I thought was lovely I've been a beaded necklace maker for years so I figured a bunch of ladies would respond and I'd send them all mediocre necklaces Well no the first person to respond was a dude So I was all Oh shit really? I don't know how to make crafts for dudes And my friend got all pissed saying that I was sexist and a bitch for assuming that handmade things were only for girls Jeez So I thought maybe I'd make him a necklace that said fuck you but then of course I wanted to show him I could make him something he'd actually want and I hit upon the idea of a cross stitch bookmark that said the same Anyway I thought I was so uniuely brilliant but then it turns out that this idea has already been had of course and a million thanks to Ceridwen for showing me the light This book is awesome and of course the first thing I did—even though I haven't cross stitched a thing since I was probably eleven—was try to modify the words and the border pattern with naturally mediocre results My sister is leaving town for some crazy travels so I wanted to make something for her first Hopefully this will be used to patch the knee of a pair of much patched jeans and she will wear it with pride until it falls apart Hey I did another one In order for this to make sense you have to know that my BFF has decided that balls love I'm not sure why Anyway this is what she reuested so this is what I deliveredimage error

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    As an avid cross stitcher I bought this book for the mere fact that the designs are not filled with flowers and those fucking tatty teddies I HATE those goddam designsIt's a nice idea and some of them will make nice funny presents for friends but they are incredibly easy to do and really there is not that much to them I like my designs to be a tad difficult than this; this is not a case that simplicity is best it's just the designs all look rather bare once they're completedWhen I get time I like to try and design my own designs difficult as I cannot draw A good thing about the designs in this book is that they have a nice variety of borders to use so that makes it easier for me and my attempt at designingIt's a fun book but unfortunately it's a bit too simple for my liking

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    I appreciate this book for being a liberating crafty book with good information to people just trying out the cross stitching waters However my friends were able to write about 20 alternative sayings over the course of one dinner that were wittier funnier snarkier irreverent er truthier etc than the epithets in this book Bottom line a good manual for beginners or a fun coffee table book but if you have cross stitch experience you could just make these up yourself

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    My mom taught me how to cross stitch when I was 9 years old Technically she bought me a kit and I read the instructions do you know how easy it is to cross stitch? A 9 year old can figure it out without adult supervision that's how easy it isAnyway I'm now 35 and to date I have finished exactly one project the above mentioned kit despite the fact that I've started a handful of other projects over the years I bought this book a few years ago most likely when it was brand spankin' new and it promptly started collecting dust on a shelf I've recently picked up those projects again and so I picked up this book againSubversive Cross Stitch 33 Designs for Your Surly Side is a fun little book that is great for foul mouthed beginners There's nothing too complicated here which is great if you're just starting out Projects are mostly text and borders with the occasional image thrown in a teddy bear or a houseMy one regret is that a new book was recently released it has 50 projects instead of 33 good but includes all 33 and then 17 new ones lame I wish I could trade one for the other lol

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    Had some fun with this To see what I did click the link

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    I love subversive cross stitch and these designs are funI want one that says Fuck off

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    One of the few craft books I have done almost every project in Great for the person who has never done cross stitch before and does not want to be stuck doing boring kittens or flowers

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    EVERYBODY needs a pattern for embroidering Merry Effing Christmas

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    Eh This missed the mark for me I am down with the concept I am all about reinvention The idea of using a traditional medium to express modern sentiment is right up my alley But this was an overly simple take on that idea The designs were uninspired All the focus was on the text without much attention paid to visual elements There is a sophisticated way to be funny and irreverent

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    Not for the meek this book contains all the cross stitch patterns for the stitcher that's done the mundane Have something to say? Why not stitch it? Includes 33 designs that are perverse and oh so fun As I went through the book I knew immediately who I would make each one for Can't wait to get started

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