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    Oh wow What a compelling, brilliantly written psychological thriller The Perfect Girlfriend is, from a very talented debut author Karen Hamilton.Meet Juliette attractive, romantic, passionate, obsessed, psychotic and IN LOVE She is the perfect girlfriend She ll make sure no one stops her from getting exactly what she wants the perfect boyfriend, the perfect life, the perfect ending How far will she go to get what she wants How far would you go There s unfortunately not a lot that can be said about the exceptional plot that won t give anything away but I will say this is a frighteningly scary scenario about a truly psychotic girlfriend who is adamant to win back her ex boyfriend at whatever cost They say Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and it s never true than in this book I do believe we all harbour a little Juliette buried in us somewhere I quite liked Juliette at the start, I certainly didn t condone what she was doing but at first it all seemed rather non threatening but then oh my goodness, who would believe what lengths someone would go to in order to get what they wanted You fast become very worried for Nate, the object of her desires It soon became very scary and I was on tenterhooks during the last quarter of the book to see just how things were going to pan out Did she get her man back Well, you ll need to see for yourself but be warned, this is one highly dangerous woman There s also a couple of intriguing side stories that relate to Juliette or Elizabeth as she was known when she was younger, with the first one introduced to us in the first chapter, all leading you to form opinions of her early on I loved the backdrop of using Juliette as an air hostess, it was a very unique and interesting idea and I didn t realise quite what goes on behind the scenes of the job constant training and appraisals, jet lag sickness, tiredness, failed relationships, living out of suitcases etc all on top of dealing with whinging and demanding passengers The Perfect Girlfriend is an excellently written book, very descriptive, full of emotion and strong diverse characters, that I wouldn t hesitate to recommend and I d happily read by this author in the future A well earned 5 stars.

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    The Perfect Girlfriend by Karen Hamilton is a 2019 Graydon House publication.Takes obsession to a whole new level Six months ago, Nate broke things off with Juliette, and processed to move on with his life Little does the handsome airline pilot know that Juliette has not accepted the break up In her mind they belong together, and she will go to any length to get him back proving to Nate, once and for all, that she is the perfect girlfriend Told from Juliette s first person perspective, the reader quickly becomes caught in her snare, unable to fully digest her cunning insanity She pulls out all the stops planning meticulously, beginning with her training to become a flight attendant, then acquiring a best friend to make her look good, while keeping close tabs on Nate, at all times The commentary from Juliette, is sinister, and shockingly calm, her attitude cold, and extremely unsettling As the story continues along the inevitable collision course, there is a feeling of both anticipation and dread I wondered if Nate would ever discover he had a stalker, what would happen when and if he finds out how utterly and completely off the rails Juliette really is or if this is all just an exercise in futility for Juliette I couldn t see quite how this was all going to go down for her, but I knew it was going to be epic I never could have anticipated just how devious Juliette really is, how manipulative, and utterly chilling her plans are for the unsuspecting Nate or how absolutely determined she is to have him until death do us part This is certainly a compulsive read, and a cleverly constructed novel of suspense One may even experience momentary lapses in judgment, as Juliette is a pro at manipulation even managing to elicit sympathy from the reader on a few occasions, as she reveals very poignant and painful experiences in her past However, one might want to remember that Juliette is hardly a reliable narrator Another curious thought I kept having was how others might view Nate I never could quite peg the guy I couldn t trust Juliette, really, so I had questions, especially after the reader is finally introduced to him Unfortunately, after a strong beginning, the middle dragged just a little I m not sure if I grew weary of Juliette s constant planning and reorganizing when her plans didn t go as she d anticipated, or if her running obsessive monologue finally exhausted me, but it did lose momentum there for a time But, don t let the lull seduce you into complacency The conclusion rocked me back on my heels, with a stunning twist that literally sent a shiver down my spine Overall, this was one wild ride There was a little turbulence from time to time, but there was a smooth landing, making this a satisfying trip 4 stars

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    Oh my gosh, this book gives new meaning to the word obsession Just when you think you ve seen it all Or in our case read it all, comes this little gem of a thriller that will leave you speechless Her name is Lily but also goes by her middle name Juliette It just depends on who she interacts with or what situation she finds herself in She has separate Facebook accounts for each persona Her primary goal Get married And not to just anyone She is determined to have Nate whether he wants her or not Lucky boy, Nate Whatever it takes, no matter who gets crushed in her path Make no mistake, she is driven to make him hers LilyJuliette is than capable of reinventing herself, even taking on a whole new profession and moving to a new city Any barrier will be breached There is no stopping this Love will conquer all Or should I say over the top obsession Karen Hamilton writes a tense thriller that explores the lengths someone will go to satisfy their perceived love interest I was left shaking my head at how far off the deep end this woman would go Yikes Poor Nate Does he even stand a chance Well, of course friends, you ll have to read this one to find out Thank you to NetGalley, Harlequin Graydon House Books and Karen Hamilton for an ARC to read in exchange for an honest review.

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    Oh that was fun Fatal attraction taken to the airlines He loves me. He loves me not A bit of a gender cross over in this obsessed stalker novel Juliette is so motivated to keep tabs on pilot and boyfriend, Nate, that she becomes a flight attendant Oh my gosh, I would have loved to see the expression on Nate s face when she revealed her new role to him and while on the job Juliette sees herself as a perfect girlfriend and believes wholeheartedly in the mantra If you love someone, set them free If they come back, they re yours BUT she manipulates the ending to If they don t, make them There is depth to the novel as Hamilton brings in the other characters and their response reactions to something about Juliette She is such a flawed character and I was full on board as she planned out her mission She did not disappoint as she kept upping the ante Quite scary really although I didn t take it seriously just entertaining I had a fun time reading this debut novel and was never bored Juliette was the snarkiest narrator as she tried to manipulate her world She kept me thoroughly entertained and giggling at the over the top shenanigans she piled on poor Nate And oooh that end Poor Nate Brilliantly addictive just like I like my psychological thrillers Thanks to Harlequin Graydon House for my review copy.

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    The Perfect Girlfriend is perfectly crazy Lock up your bunnies boys, Juliet Lily is here This book was Fatal Attraction s crazier big sister This wild story has movie written all over it, and the part of Juliet would be so much fun to play Karen Hamilton has written an addictive entertaining story about one of the most likable psychotic characters I have ever met in a book This was one mind blowing thrilling debut novel Juliet, the psychotic formerly known as Lily has one goal in life to marry Nate Even though he broke up with her, she is convinced that he will see the error in his ways, after all she is the perfect girlfriend Juliet will stop at nothing to win Nate s affections She changes her career and is now a flight attendant for the same airline that he is a pilot for, she changes her residence now she lives only minutes away from Nate,She even changes her name, although I m not quite sure what inspired that This is really all you need to know about the plot, just sit back, buckle up, and get ready for one wild and crazy ride The entire story is told from Juliet s POV I loved every minute I spent inside Juliet s head, her inner dialogue was priceless I loved how she justified every crazy thing she did, she almost had me convinced a few times Poor Nate he really was caught between a rock and well Juliet Unlike in the movie Fatal Attraction Nate was single he just didn t want to commit to Juliet or anyone for that matter Nate s only mistake and it was a fatal one, was dating Juliet in the first place I listen to this book on audio, and spending many hours with Juliet in my ear was fabulous This is the first time I ve listen to a book narrated by Anne Marie Lee and she did a wonderful job She really brought the character of Juliet to life, And I think she gave her the perfect tone.This is a fun entertaining over the top story that will appeal to anyone who loves themselves some crazy Absolutely recommend many thanks to Harlequin and Harper Audio for my copies of this book

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    If you love someone, set them free.If they come back, they re yours.If they don t, make them What in the cray cray did I just read This book is the very definition of a slow starter If not for my fascination with the psychotic inner dialogue of the main character, the only character really, Elizabeth Lily Juliette or whatever she s calling herself on any given day, I might have given up on this one and that would have been a colossal mistake.Somewhere around the 40% mark this story takes off like a ballistic missile flying over a cuckoo s nest.This book is so much fun, in a Fatal Attraction meets Misery kind of way There are no lengths too great for Elizabeth Lily Juliette when it comes to getting what she wants It s a shame I didn t bulk buy voodoo dolls when I had the chance, but I could probably order some online insert circus theme music And just when I thought I could sit back and watch everything play out, a twist was thrown in that, dang it, I should have seen coming, I can t believe I didn t see it coming, HOW DID I MISS IT It s hard to believe this is Karen Hamilton s debut Bring on the next one, Karen I m so ready 4.5 Stars rounded down because I feel like this story ran a bit long due to too much unnecessary descriptive chatter.I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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    4.5 starsIf you love someone, set them free.If they come back, they re yours If they don t, make them Juliette knows that she and Nate were meant to be together They have a long history and even though he broke up with her, she knows it was meant to be She just needs to make sure that he gets with the program Stupid man So Juliette gets herself hired at his airline He is a pilot and she keeps an eye on him BTW Juliette s investigative skills are off the chain It did take me a minute to get Juliette s fascination with Nate..because he is a bland douche in my opinion but us girls gotta stick together. So I jumped on board Juliette took me on some wild adventures in this book She might be a tad bit different but I still loved her crazy ass People just judged her wrongly So what if it felt like people should go running from a room when she entered No one had such a hard life as poor Juliette I really did enjoy this book Even if it took me fifty eleven million days to read it I m in a book slump and working non human hours at work and I still loved the heck out of Juliette s world So if you fall into the nutter loving world when you are reading this is the book for you Then when people ask why you loved it so much PS I would have given it the full five except the ending gave me blue balls Booksource Netgalley in exchange for review.

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    The girl gave her heart to the boy and their fate was sealed Seriously, he should have listened, because no one can fight fate No one If only Elizabeth Lily Juliette had warned Nate of this sooner because this poor dude is about to have his life flipped upside down by one of the craziest whack jobs ever To call this lady persistent is the understatement of the year She will stop at nothing to get her man and it was so much fun to watch read for this reader These types of books are my jam so I wasn t surprised to have enjoyed it as much as I did Juliette had me laughing to cringing from paragraph to paragraph The ending, for me, was just perfect Well done, Karen Hamilton

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    Thanks to NetGalley and Harlequin Graydon House Books for a digital galley in exchange for an honest review OMG this was downright creepy with a protagonist that made my skin crawl Of course, I just couldn t put it down I have never considered myself a boy crazy type of gal and over the course of my teen and adult years, it has made me cringe at the thirstiness of some people when it comes to relationships Our protagonist, Juliette, is basically a diabetic over her ex, and she is willing to do ANYTHING to make him come back to her As Karen Hamilton states in her author s note, it is difficult to list Juliette s good qualities Although there are glimmers of compassion as we see in her flight attendant job, there are so many unhealthy qualities in regards to Juliette s outlook on friendship and relationships All I have to say is lock up your husbands, lock up your sons, and welcome to crazytown I am literally being as evasive as possible because you need to experience the nuttiness for yourselves Publication Date 26 03 19Goodreads Review 19 03 19

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    YOU VE NEVER READ A LOVE STORY AS TWISTED AS THIS. You can find my full review and at You know when you read a book and you know who you are supposed to like and dislike, and somehow you feel the exact opposite That describes how I read The Perfect Girlfriend in a nutshell This book is T W I S T E D I sat down to write this and I wasn t even sure how to begin because this is one of the strangest and most entertaining books I ve read in ages in a good way Told in first person narrative, Juliette tells the story of what happens after the love of her life breaks up with her Ok, so maybe she didn t handle the break up that well But now she is giving him exactly what he asked for space So he will come back to her at the end, right He will definitely understand what she did to meet his needs.Juliette is playing the long game She could arrange a meet up at any time if she wanted to, but she has this planned out Slow and steady Stick to the plan Everything will work out if you stick to the plan And so we see her applying for Nate s airline, going through the long flight attendant trainings seriously, flight attendant training at many companies takes about 8 weeks , and then building up her seniority on her flight schedule Perseverance always pays off It never, ever fails Juliette should have friends to show she isn t needy, right So she makes a friend Their friendship was SO entertaining Amy s reactions to a few odd things Juliette does are spot on, and then in Juliette s monologue we hear her I guess it was a bit odd Juliette is at a minimum a bit odd, and accurately she is off her rocker And this brings me to who I should like and dislike, and I oddly found myself rooting for Juliette and all of her crazy ideas She was just SO entertaining and persistent And even though she is absolutely someone who needs serious help, everyone who has been cruelly dumped, bullied, or mistreated will find a small amount of delight in her revenge plots You think you can use people and discard them when it suits Like I was nothing Like I meant nothing Like we meant nothing The writing on this book is divine So much of this book happens inside of Juliette s head, and yet she often doesn t clue you in on her plan in advance, so we see it unfold in shocking real time And here is where we should give all of the credit to Karen Hamilton s writing Her story is gripping and hard to put down, though much of it is inner monologue And she also finds a way to humanize and make Juliette sympathetic, despite the fact that she is absolutely vindictive and crazy Thank you to Harlequin Books for my copy Opinions are my own.

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The Perfect Girlfriend [PDF / EPUB] The Perfect Girlfriend YOU VE NEVER READ A LOVE STORY AS TWISTED AS THIS.Juliette loves Nate.She will follow him anywhere She s even become a flight attendant for his airline so she can keep a closer eye on him.They are mea YOU VE NEVER read A LOVE STORY AS TWISTED AS THISJuliette loves NateShe will follow him anywhere She s even become a flight attendant for his The Perfect eBook ✓ airline so she can keep a closer eye on himThey are meant to beThe fact that Nate broke up with her six months ago means nothing Because Juliette has a plan to win him backShe is The Perfect Girlfriend And she ll make sure no one stops her from getting exactly what she wantsTrue love hurts, but Juliette knows it s worth all the pain.