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The Abyss [PDF / EPUB] The Abyss Librarian's note There are Alternate Cover Editions for this edition of this book here and hereFrom the author of Speaker's for the Dead and Seventh Son this science fiction thriller is set in the Car Librarian's note There are Alternate Cover Editions for this edition of this book here and hereFrom the author of Speaker's for the Dead and Seventh Son this science fiction thriller is set in the Caribbean where a US submarine is mysteriously attacked Foul play by the Soviets is suspected and the world draws close to nuclear war But the answer has nothing to do with human deeds.

  • Paperback
  • 363 pages
  • The Abyss
  • Orson Scott Card
  • English
  • 20 August 2015
  • 9780099690603

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    This book was an incredible work of science fiction I read it as a teenager the same summer that the movie came out A friend and I were big fans of James Cameron's The Terminator and Aliens so when we heard he had a new movie coming out we were pretty excited Then my mom brought home this book by Orson Scott Card and I knew it would be greatOnce again you can understand my bias on things The protagonist in The Abyss is a female aeronautical engineer I really admired her and saw a lot of myself in her character though not her history with her family The Abyss was yet another science fiction story that inspired me into my field of studyI've never felt like James Cameron got the credit he deserved for this movie though the ending for the theatrical version was pretty lame I finally did see the director's cut in a special edition DVD and it paralleled the book better But I felt like the motivations of the characters and the aliens were explained much better in the book than in the movie

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    This is my first Orson Scott Card novel I know what you might think Never heard of Enders’s Game or what?Actually Ender’s Game is sitting on my shelf since forever It is standing there near loved ones like The Martian Ready Player One or 2001 A Space Odyssey Which makes for some awkward momentsFrom time to time I walk by seeing one of those books They look back at me and I start mumbling something like „Yeah I know I love you too“ Then Ender’s Game catches my eye Looks at me contemptuously I stare at my feet Feeling a bit embarrassed Then I walk back to one of my reading places Another book in hand Again Ender’s Game starts whispering to his friends Christine The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo The Dispossessed They have another meeting of their how did I end up here with this jerk when millions around the world read and loved my twins and I merely stand here bought shelved but never read self help groupI understand their sentiment of course Though I really think they could have come up with a better name for their group Something a bit catchy maybe I mean seriously what kind of jerk comes up with a name like that?A few weeks ago I watched James Cameron’s The Abyss A movie I always liked but never loved Not like his Aliens or the Terminator movies Still I liked it enough to pick up the book which by the time was threatening to become a full time member of this depressed group I mentioned above The Abyss is about a US submarine apparently being attacked by some unknown enemy and subseuently sunken in the deep sea A group of SEALs and civilians working for a deepwater oiling company are send there to investigate We witness as they discover the unexpected truth about the incidentThis book by Orson Scott Card was based on the screenplay for the Cameron movie and partly rewritten after he saw a nearly finished version of the movie James Cameron and Orson Scott Card apparently have different opinions about what should be called a novelization Still they both hoped it can be read without needing to know the movie and experienced by the reader as a proper novelPersonally I think the book does work without knowing the movie But I think watching the movie first enhances the reading experience It also helps to understand some of the book‘s flawsBeing a book based on a screenplay for a Hollywood movie it is almost inevitable to have some bad dialogue A lot of times Card is giving us one of these movie lines and then spends paragraphs explaining what went through the characters' minds while they were saying this or that I guess that's how novelizations are done And he’s doing it pretty well in my opinion Though it can get tiring Sometimes it feels like he’s saying „Look I know this sounds stupid But what they really wanted to say was“For someone who liked the movie it was still nice to get some details about the characters And I guess for fans of the movie this book is a lot of funThough I don’t think a novelization is fun for the writer Surely some of this Hollywood stuff you usually wouldn’t like to have in your book But of course you have to stick to the base materialI suggest watching the movie first If you liked it and want to expand on the experience go pick up the bookIf you didn't like the movie but you're still intrigued by the premise I recommend Michael Crichton‘s Sphere It tells a similar story But Crichton had the artistic freedom Orson Scott Card didn’t have with this book

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    If I said A tour de force would you hit me? I saw the movie The Abyss and consider it to be excellent Better by far than any other scifiadventure movie made after 1930 When I heard that Orson Scott Card had made a novel based off the movie I was sorely disappointed No novel from show ever works Movies should be made from nothing larger than a novelette in my opinion So why was Card making substandard work?Then I read itI apologize most sincerely Mr Card for ever having doubted you Not only does this book tell the story well it fleshes it out most delightfully Nothing is added that isn't part of the movie but oiy So much ARGH I just can't describe itI urge you please see the movie then read the book You will absolutely not be disappointed

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    OMG What a whale of a story In some ways I was watching a movie unfold on the pages and other ways I felt that the book is still better than the movie even though the book is a novelization The afterwords did shed some light on how this book was constructed and I can see the efforts were very much appreciated on the pages At the end of the day I would like the belief that the builders are real In many ways we are our own worst enemies and the message is real; we need to dig the power of love rather than the love of power

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    This was a really great book If you liked the movie you'll LOVE the book So many times in science fiction there isn't a lot of characterizationnot with this book You know these characters and you can relate to them in some way

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    I haven't read a novelisation since I was a kid when I used to borrow heaps of them from the library I used to read them completely credulously without judging them in relation to 'proper novels' If I'd seen the film reading the novelisation was like having it play again in especially vivid detail If I hadn't seen the film I just read the novelisation as if it were any other novel that had subseuently been adapted to filmAlso I have a special relationship with James Cameron novelisations I was especially obsessed with the Terminator 2 Judgment Day novelisation which was at a local newsagency Lacking the money to buy it I used to sneak in there after school and spend anything from a few minutes to half an hour at a time reading it in the shop for days until I'd read it allAnyway so when I saw this in an op shop I couldn't resist buying it In extensive afterwords both Cameron and Card insist that they wanted to write a novel not a 'novelisation' and Card details the difficulties of trying to produce something original from another creator's vision and trying to be faithful not only to the script but also to the visuals and to the nuances of the actors' performances The fact that both film and book were being produced simultaneously meant Cameron actually shared Card's early chapters with his key cast who used them to inform their performancesAt first I could see the seams – it felt as if Card was shovelling in reams of psychological motivation between each laconic line of Cameron's dialogue Reading it felt a bit like watching a DVD with the commentary track onBut I uickly came to appreciate what Card has added Basically the film is uite enigmatic as to what the aliens are how they caused the initial sub crash that sets the plot in motion how their civilisation works and what they think about humankind But Card has fleshed all this out and given them a much prominent role influencing the course of events – the kinds of serendipities that as moviegoers we'd just put down to narrative convenienceWhat I found especially clever about this device is that it actually provides a diegetic reason for that tendency in novelisations to psychoanalyse everything Turns out the aliens can read human memories – it's this power that enables the narrator's omniscience And I liked that the narrator is revealed actually to be one of the characters who has been gifted the aliens' power knows what every character has felt and has hence been empowered to tell the story we've just read I also appreciated that Card has fleshed out Coffey the evil Navy SEAL antagonist and made his actions much understandable He's a good guy who's not thinking straight and who's driven by his own demonsTo pull off this introspective approach Card has sacrificed some of the action movie paciness of the source film – the endless forward momentum I recognise from Cameron's screenplays The action seuences are well handled and uite thrilling But it's the ability to survey the best and worst tendencies of humankind and empathise with an alien civilisation – which I remember from Card's book Ender's Game – that makes him the perfect writer for this story

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    I have to stop getting drawn in to nostalgic reads seriously I have nothing but praise for this book recent controversies aside Orson Scott Card was introduced to me by a friend at University yes while one friend was getting me to read fantasy and Raymond E Feist another was getting me to read Enders Game and Orson Scott Card Well this was a happy mix for me and one even now I cannot resist re reading even with so many new and untried books to explore The book pretty much follows the same story line as the film something that can often disappoint but not with this book it pretty much follows the same story as the film one which I enjoy watching and re watching ok I can gush on and on about the film since many of the effects were done by ILM one of the masters of the craft ok stop its about the book But what also makes this book so special is that it makes even the most saccharine sweet moment such as the ending right and appropriate even so since originally and lot of the explaining back story was missed in the film edit SO why the mediocre rating well this to me is not the BEST of Cards work and it is a novelisation of the film so as enjoyable as it is its all just filler compared to his truly good work Still I will be reading it again just you watch

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    Really entertaining And that is coming from a reader that does not particularly care for any story bubbling up from the briny depths I am a fan of dry land formats This book however combines interesting characters both human and not so much with excellent and exciting interactions between each other Edge of your seat suspense taking place at freuent intervals and an exceptionally surprising and unexpected otherworldly ending make this one of my absolute favorites even with all the moisture content Would recommend this to all

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    I'm partial to Orson Scott Card novels about the ocean and intelligent female leads probably not in that order Needless to sayI LOVE this book I read it twice in one year It is gripping and freaky and un put downable

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    I can watch the movie again and again and can read the novella again and again It is spectacular and contains background than the movie did One of my favorites actually

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