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The Marines of Autumn [PDF / EPUB] The Marines of Autumn War has been the inspiration of such great novels as The Red Badge of Courage and A Farewell to Arms and daring feats of courage and tragic mistakes have been the foundation for such classic works Now War has been the inspiration of such great novels as The Red Badge of Courage and A Farewell to Arms and daring feats of courage and tragic mistakes have been the foundation for such classic works Now for the first time ever the Korean War has a novel that captures that courage and sacrificeWhen Captain Thomas Verity USMC is called back to action he must leave his Georgetown home career and young daughter and rush to Korea to monitor Chinese The Marines Kindle - radio transmissions At first acting in an advisory role he is abruptly thrust into MacArthur's last daring and disastrous foray the Chosin Reservoir campaign and then its desperate retreat Time magazine at the time recounted the retreat this way The running fight of the Marineswas a battle unparalleled in US military history It had some aspects of Bataan some of Anzio some of Dunkirk some of Valley Forge and some of 'the retreat of the ' as described in Xenophon's Anabasis The Marines of Autumn is a stunning shattering novel of war illuminated only by courage determination and Marine Corps discipline And by love of soldier for soldier of men and their women and of a small girl in Georgetown whose father promised she would dance with him on the bridges of Paris A child Captain Tom Verity fears he may never see againIn The Marines of Autumn James Brady captures our imagination and shocks us into a new understanding of war.

  • Paperback
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  • The Marines of Autumn
  • James Brady
  • English
  • 14 October 2016
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About the Author: James Brady

James Winston Brady was an American celebrity columnist who created the Page Six gossip column in the New York Post and authored the In Step With column in Parade for nearly years until his death He also authored numerous books about his time serving in the United States Marine Corps during the Korean WarBrady was born in Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn His career in journalism started working as a.

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    Full disclosure I had a high school English teacher that survived both Chosin and the POW experience in Korea and this man was one of the big mentors I needed as a young man in the 1980s and one of the islands in the archipelago of experiences that make up this review While I never personally heard him speak of it I was reacuainted with this focal moment in American military history around the time he passed on during that blissful historical moment between Y2K and 911 via the best non fiction account I've read on Chosin Martin Russ's Breakout The pull back action from Chosin and Mr Russ's book makes this explicitly clear was in essence a hellish freezing bloody and superlatively awful road trip Military historians will of course compare this to Napoleon's or the Wehrmacht's retreats from Russia Twenty five below now For the first time the division was counting casualties from the cold and frostbite than from wounds or Xenophon's Anabasis but I think Mr James Brady has instead handed off a classic reminiscent of other road trip adventures like the Lord of the Rings In fact the book has a uote from Kurt Vonnegut on the cover comparing it to the Iliad; I think it closely resembles The Odyssey with its Be dead by then Or better home theme These comparisons though are tempered by the fact that General Oliver Smith managed to bring a large portion of his force back to a port and subseuent evacuation from a tent at Hagaru Not a retreat he told himself but a march testifies to the leadership that flowed downward to the officers and NCOs slogging along the roads and mountainsides Mr Brady explores the relationship inside the chain of command throughout the novel using his three principal characters for example Gunnery and master sergeants had ways; they looked up their officers If a man were going to issue an order that might kill you you deserved to know than his name rank and serial number Gunnery sergeants took care of each other Captain Verity was always aware he was being measured Marines did that On Guadalcanal he'd been measured as a kid enlisted man; on Okinawa as a young officer He was being measured now This was however a chain of command that again was in one of the most inhospitable landscapes on the planet and Brady reads a lot like Hemingway when he consistently reminds the reader of that again through the eyes of the company grade officer Verity once might have felt guilty about having a roof and a fire while other men huddled out of the wind in open fields suatting or lying on frozen ground with only a bit of canvas for shelter Not now Cold did that to men reducing them to clever self absorbed animals ready to do anything for warmth almost anything to survive These details are interspersed with scenes describing the herculean efforts necessary to bring off the aforementioned evacuation for instance when Verity and his two men drew hot rations from the engineer battalion hacking out the airstrip and ate sitting on the warm hood of the jeep watching the engineers work It was interesting to see especially if you didn't have to do it In this short passage the book has conveyed one of those memorable moments in war the break to see to your men's needs in the midst of something monumental I have a similar personal moment I often come back to drinking coffee with on HESCO barriers adjacent the runway at Bagram Airfield discussing the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan with a superior and the importance of providing hot chow and warming tents in the field This is not something one who has never seen a war can adeuately convey and it speaks to the fact that the author himself stacked time leading a rifle platoon in Korea I think that Brady's examination of the also present and iconic Chesty Puller is also just enough to keep the narrative going without overwhelming it Details of Puller's style favoring old sergeants over young officers; recognizing the value of foreign area officers trust me this isn't a universal trait in military leadership and seeking their advice; and Puller's documented proclivity for not taking names and numbers and writing people up just taking direct action are included but again do not take anything away from the essential story as the 3 protagonists drive to the coast and home Mr Brady puts the Chosin story in historical context through those characters' discussions on their long jeep ride about not only Xenophon's 10ooo but also the Donner Party Custer and Nathan Bedford Forrest He attempts to elicit the physical pain and endurance of those who survived this event via coagulating blood prisoners left barefoot on the side of the road to freeze and the men who just shit in their trousers as they marched The book ends with the statement that the men at Chosin were Crazy or froze or dead Or all three There is here though than a generalization on the men trapped under fire at Chosin The Marines of Autumn is a rumination on leadership homehearth and the extraordinary practice of keepin'on keepin' on in order to do a job under horrible conditions It is about character and the people we send to do our business in war; and I personally believe that the passage of 65 years has not diminished the legend or the example that these men beueathed us at Chosin

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    This was a fantastic book and I learned a lot They don't call Korea 'the forgotten war' for nothing It wasn't a bright and shining moment for our military and they suffered mightily The Chinese were a formidable enemy and were greatly underestimated by the higher up in command With that said this is a work of fiction that tells the story of a reserve Marine Captain Verity called back into duty during the Korean war He is a recent widow with a three year old child and very reluctant to leave her He had combat experience from Guadalcanal but the Marines want him because he is fluent in Chinese Capt Verity is tossed into the war and soon is paired with a grizzled Gunny named Tate and a uestionable young enlisted driver nicknamed Mouse I loved this book because the story reads true in the character development and the way the story unfolds The three men are unsure of each other to begin with but soon develop a tight relationship as they endure the freezing cold hunger attacks by the Chinese and the terrifying retreat to the seaI highly recommend this book for lovers of war fiction and historical fiction

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    Read this when it first came out in 2000 and then passed my copy to my aunt whose husband and my favorite if only uncle had been a gunny in Korea Written ten years after Brady's excellent The Coldest War this is to some extent a fictionalized version of the same larger story although Brady didn't see action in Korea until a year after the infamous retreat from the Chosin reservoir which makes up this book Taken together they are a literary tour de force although an almost indescribably horrific oneFor some reason I've long confused Brady with James D Bradley author of Flyboys and the somewhat controversial The Imperial Cruise and The China Mirage at least controversial to a good Hyde Park ian like me as Bradley takes a dim view of the Roosevelts both Franklin and Theodore

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    This one is hard to put down It’s an eye opening introduction to the Korean War – often referred to as the Forgotten War – and an accurate treatment of the disastrous Chosin Reservoir campaign in North Korea in the fall and early winter of 1950 Brady does a great job describing the brutality of fighting dozens of Chinese divisions during a severe winter and how Americans were unprepared to do so If you always wondered why Gen Douglas MacArthur was relieved of command by President Truman “The Marines of Autumn” describes MacArthur’s arrogance and incompetence for allowing UN forces to penetrate so far into North Korea only to be driven back with incredible losses It’s a good tale especially one that Marines would enjoy

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    I have been a Marine for 46 years I have heard the stories of the Chosin reservoir my entire adult life This book and The Frozen Hours have brought the honor courage and sacrifice of these men to life It has cemented my admiration and profound respect for Chesty Puller and all the other Marines who served there Goodnight Chesty wherever you are

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    Okay An easy read I think James Brady's writing style is conducive to non fiction And I do have a book of non fiction by him on my shelf which I plan on reading in the future Don't know if I'll try any fiction by him though

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    Haunting Not all heroes are victorious These unsung heroes illustrate the courage and commitment that keeps us free Thanks to the Marines of Autumn

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    An eye opening poignant story of the Korean War

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    Good novel of Chosen Reservoir

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    One retreat 270 pages to fall back from Point A to Point B And my biggest complaint is that the brief pauses for contextual character development get in the way of the backward motion It’s just enough of a complaint to make this novel very good instead of great The setting is the Chosin Resevoir area during the Korean War The setup and flashbacks help to explain why our hero Tom Verity is there and why he wishes he wasn’t But that doesn’t make up for the fact that civilian Tom has the slightly slick demeanor of a 1950s soft spoken sophisticated man’s man A married James Bond with all the appreciative objectification of women that implies Tom’s wife comes across as this impossibly tough sharp super hot trophy All the of a trophy because she’s been dead for years That scenario might make sense within the context of the story and the time period but it still feels oily The war zone on the other hand is both frozen solid and fetid The US led offensive is over as soon as it begins crushed by 20F snowstorms and an overwhelming swarm of Chinese soldiers on a desperate counter attack That’s the story Brady tells best He led a Marine combat platoon in Korea He knows how poorly euipped the Marines were for winter weather How out manned they were How arrogant and power hungry the US military leaders especially Douglas MacArthur were And he knows what the snow and ice did to vehicles weapons and bodies He captures all of that in the march back from Chosin to the sea Everybody suffers Thousands die And Tom Verity takes each step one at a timeI don’t know the factual details well enough to dispute Brady’s account My only recourse is to sit back in awe of each imagined soldier’s struggle to survive or surrender to the elements And when the retreat ends and the story becomes a different story once again I no longer mind so much

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