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The Urantia Book [PDF / EPUB] The Urantia Book The Urantia Book aka Urantia Papers or The Fifth Epochal Revelation is a spiritual philosophical book that originated in Chicago sometime between 1924 1955 Authorship remains a matter of speculation T The Urantia Book aka Urantia Papers or The Fifth Epochal Revelation is The Urantia PDF \ a spiritual philosophical book that originated in Chicago sometime between Authorship remains a matter of speculation The authors introduce the word Urantia as the name of the planet Earth state that their intent is to present enlarged concepts advanced truth The book aims to unite religion science philosophy its enormous amount of material about science is uniue among literature claimed to be presented by celestial beings Among other topics the book discusses the origin meaning of life humankind's place in the universe the relationship between God people Jesus' life It's been described as a rich complex moral narrative eual parts Tolkien St Paul The Urantia Foundation a USA based non profit group st published The Urantia Book in In a jury found that the English book's copyright was no longer valid after The English text became a public domain work in the USA In the international copyright expired.

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  • 19 March 2015
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Urantia Foundation was established in to be the custodian of the The Urantia PDF \ inviolate text of The Urantia Book and to ensure that the book's teachings are spread with the help of readers and fraternal organizations to all people This site is provided as a service to the community of Urantia Book readers and in no way implies responsibility for any individual religious group or social organizationU.

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    About the Urantia BookPosted on GoodReads September 18 2009This is my favorite book I have been reading it on and off since 1972 It is the most complete informative reassuring stimulating mind blowing and inspiring book I have ever read This book becomes a best friend that you always want near at hand I have read it cover to cover a couple of times and I have read sections over and over I always interpret it in new ways gaining new insights with every read The Urantia Book has been a shaping force in my life and my identity The truths contained in this book have guided me through the hardest times and helped me appreciate and value the best times The authors paint the bigger picture for you then show you how to find your place in that grand picture It is not purely religious or philosophical as it provides concrete ways to see believe live and act in order to become a better person and find happiness meaning and fulfillment Like great art it only gets better with time To new readers I recommend looking through the contents and reading sections that interest you rather than reading all 2000 pages from beginning to end the first time around For many years I read it section by section choosing subjects that interested me before reading it through If you start reading it and it doesn’t grab you then I suggest reading the last section Part IV The Life and Times of Jesus Christ Michael which is 700 pages That final section reads like a narrative; it is particularly inspiring and easy to get into There are many crazy rumors about this book spread by people who know nothing about it Ignore all that and judge for yourself This book has nothing in common with fundamentalism evangelism Mormonism Dianetics or any cults “schemes to get rich and be successful” or beliefs based on dogma or existing belief systems It is very much about God Jesus angels the order of the universe and truth It is not in itself a religion and it espouses no rituals other than personal prayer conducted in your own way in private It is not an exclusive belief system and is compatible with other open minded religious beliefs or faiths It warns against hocus pocus and hoodoo voodoo fanaticism my words not the Book’s ; It was written mostly in the 1930s and 40s and was published in 1955 it is not a new age book Some people who like this book are drawn to new age type books and many others are not This book appeals to no particular culture class or creed Although some kooky people are drawn to it in general the readers I have met have been very “normal” people from all walks of life I have met women and men in eual numbers young and old Christians Jews Buddhists Interfaith people scientists bankers teachers actors doctors computer engineers people of different colors straight and gay liberal and conservative northern southern urban and country dwellers this is a book for all open minded people who like to think and who are searching for the truth After reading the book for 20 years I wanted to discuss it with other readers who are hard to find by the way ; so I decided to go to a study group in NYC where I was living I was afraid that there would be weird hippies in purple tie dye forcing herb tea on me but to my surprise there were real normal people drinking strong coffee in a beautiful loft After a few meetings I realized I was the weirdest person in the group ; Although some of the concepts are hard to understand most of it is accessible to anyone I started reading it when I was 16 and was completely absorbed and fascinated from the moment I saw it As a professional writer and editor I can assure you that the writing and editing is of the highest possible uality At the very least you will see that it is completely uniue unlike any book ever written It is also a beautifully researched highly consistent book that covers fascinating subjects with great depth It introduces many new concepts but there is a pervading logic and reason throughout that makes perfect sense to people like me who have never been completely satisfied with answers found elsewhere or who just could not find answers to certain uestions anywhere else This book has not answered all my uestions but amazingly enough it has answered most of them and I am someone with a helluva lot of uestions Happy travels through the infinitely satisfying terrains of the Urantia Book

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    My mom was in a Urantia study group at her church in the '70s I read some of it then at 14 I asked her You do realize this book says we evolve from aliens don't you? I found it after she died while cleaning out her house and read it cover to cover I loved the margin notes and highlghts she had left It is an amazing read My favorite sections are the history of Earth Urantia and the intricate story behind the 20 years of Jesus' life not covered in the New Testament Long story short God is the God of a vast universe system Earth is a distant outpost; alien intervention is the administative system of God's cosmos; Jesus is the Son of God; the battle between good and evil on Earth has specific and fascinating origins This book is a fascinating blend of science cosmology religious philosophy It is available on line and a free iPhone app You will never view ancient aliens or ancient history in uite the same way

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    Saved my life Main reason I didn't suicide in 1986 at the beginning of a 12 yr suicidal depression 1986 98 and one of the main reasons I became spiritual after growing up in an atheisticagnostic familyAlmost completed replaced other cosmologies in my beliefs Caveat My early training as a mathematician scientistmeans that I hold many inconsistent views of reality simultaneously Overall I have a 99% belief in this not channelled but esoteric workIt's one of the VERY RARE books which I've reread every few years always finding that my added experience allows new insightsThe symmetry beauty and grandeur of it's concepts is breathtaking mind blowing I'm pretty smart college at age 10 and this is the book which puts me in my place every time I have an attack of inflation when I think that I'm hot shit or have had some spiritual or emotional break though Rereading the UB Urantia Book reminds me how little I know or have experienced and how incredibly vast and inspiring the universe is2 days ago 101612 I just started reading the UB again copying uotes from papers 1 15 that I feel will help me in my present life eg wisdom just at the edge of my understanding

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    10044 In physical life the senses tell of the existence of things; mind discovers the reality of meanings; but the spiritual experience reveals to the individual the true values of life These high levels of human living are attained in the supreme love of God and in the unselfish love of man If you love your fellow men you must have discovered their values Jesus loved men so much because he placed such a high value upon them You can best discover values in your associates by discovering their motivation If someone irritates you causes feelings of resentment you should sympathetically seek to discern his viewpoint his reasons for such objectionable conduct If once you understand your neighbor you will become tolerant and this tolerance will grow into friendship and ripen into love 10045 In the mind's eye conjure up a picture of one of your primitive ancestors of cave dwelling times—a short misshapen filthy snarling hulk of a man standing legs spread club upraised breathing hate and animosity as he looks fiercely just ahead Such a picture hardly depicts the divine dignity of man But allow us to enlarge the picture In front of this animated human crouches a saber toothed tiger Behind him a woman and two children Immediately you recognize that such a picture stands for the beginnings of much that is fine and noble in the human race but the man is the same in both pictures Only in the second sketch you are favored with a widened horizon You therein discern the motivation of this evolving mortal His attitude becomes praiseworthy because you understand him If you could only fathom the motives of your associates how much better you would understand them If you could only know your fellows you would eventually fall in love with them 10046 You cannot truly love your fellows by a mere act of the will Love is only born of thoroughgoing understanding of your neighbor's motives and sentiments It is not so important to love all men today as it is that each day you learn to love one human being If each day or each week you achieve an understanding of one of your fellows and if this is the limit of your ability then you are certainly socializing and truly spiritualizing your personality Love is infectious and when human devotion is intelligent and wise love is catching than hate But only genuine and unselfish love is truly contagious If each mortal could only become a focus of dynamic affection this benign virus of love would soon pervade the sentimental emotion stream of humanity to such an extent that all civilization would be encompassed by love and that would be the realization of the brotherhood of man The Urantia Book Paper 100 page 1098

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    I thought that a detailed critiue on a rational level should be presented for such a major “revelatory” religious work but this will be short and to the point I studied the Urantia Book UB in the 80s and for a brief time it impressed me to the point where I felt it had much to offer and should indeed be regarded as worthy of serious consideration to help guide mankind towards a better spiritual and social existence The UB has many admirers but it has largely been ignored by academics theologians the media or Christian apologists As someone who had spent decades on the study of both exoteric and esoteric teachings and so called revelations I had never come across a work that would even come close to the UB’s massive length over two thousand pages it uasi scientific presentments its claim to be a chronicle of the creation and history of the earth and the universe its revision of Biblical texts and the complete biography of Jesus including the “missing years” and a proposition that mankind belongs to distinctive racial groups whose individual traits are to play a major role in human engineering and the organization of social endeavours for the betterment of human progress The work is alleged to have been channeled from extraterrestrial beings but includes material plagiarized from published “human” writers which presents a logistic and ethical uandary aside from UB’s other uestionable elementsThe following are some of the reasons I have chosen to reject the UB’s credibility from my own indefinable progressive universalistic liberal conservative religious stance• The Urantia Book is far too complex to be comprehended or believed by other than a tiny minority of humankind A trustworthy revelation would not be presented as such• It rejects most of the universal metaphysical concepts which are characteristic of Eastern religions Jewish abalah Muslim Sufism and western “wisdom” religions • The evidence by many researchers for the existence of reincarnation—at least in some form for some entities—is overwhelming The UB categorically rejects reincarnation• The evidence for communication from “the dead” by researchers is likewise overwhelming The UB rejects any such communication but does accept it from extraterrestrials • The UB rejects universal soul survival Research concerning NDE’s relates that spiritual survival is not dependent on a belief in God or in an afterlife but the UB teaches that those without faith will be extinguished spiritually at the time of death• UB’s story of Jesus is wonderfully presented and could possibly have become the foundation for a new reformation of Christianity But for that to occur the other parts of the UB would have to be accepted as well which was too tall an order• The cutesy place names eg Jerusem Salvington Satania Havona Volvox and proper names eg Caligastia Vorondadek Matadormus are not credible—are in fact laughable • Its racially preposterous slurs and directives will always be the UB’s Achilles heel no matter how much they are rationalized and explained awayPages 770 771“At such a time the greatest test of wisdom of world leadership will present itself Will Urantia planet Earth rulers have the insight and courage to foster the multiplication of the average or stabilized human being instead of the extremes of the supernormal and the enormously increasing groups of the subnormal? The subnormal man should be kept under society’s control no should be produced than are reuired to administer the lower levels of industry those tasks reuiring intelligence above the animal level but making such low grade demands as to prove veritable slavery or bondage for the higher types of mankind”Page 585“it seems that you ought to be able to agree upon the biologic disfellowshipping of your markedly unfit defective degenerate and antisocial stocks of humanity”Page 921“After all the real jeopardy of the human species is to be found in the unrestrained multiplication of the inferior and degenerate strains of the various civilized peoples”Page 1088“The church because of overmuch false sentiment has long ministered to the underprivileged and the unfortunate and that has all been well but this same sentiment has led to the unwise perpetuation of racially degenerate stock which have tremendously retarded the progress of civilization”Page 1132“such inferior races as the Bushmen of Africa”

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    The Urantia Book is the only book I've read over and over again each reading amazing than the lastI'm not going to attempt to describe the contents it is in the public domain grab a copy and become a citizen of the universe of universes

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    Paper 64 is very tellingeugenics are definitely not a good thing and Europeans are not better stock because they did not stay in Africa to breed with the lesser stock Also the book is absolutely loaded with 3 dollar words that often could have very easily used simplified alternatives My gut rejects this as tripe no matter where it came from

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    My first memory of the Urantia Book was as a child marveling over the thickness and heft of the book in the reference section of the public library Of course being a child I didn't really understand the contents of it at all Later as a scholar of religion I procured a copy for myself as I gathered uite a few of the various sacred texts of the world I made a single attempt to read it back then but the sheer density and obtuseness of the first few papers had me laying it aside and there it languished on my shelf for the past fifteen or so odd years untouched Currently due to the nature of my job as a night watchman I have all the time in the world to read and I figured that The Urantia Book might kill a few nights worth of empty timeBeing that I'm a curiosity seeker than a sincere inuirer into religion I have to give credit to the people that come at it from the angle of faith The first two thirds of the book are so relentlessly tedious and repetitive that the truly odd and entertaining bits are buried under massive mind numbing heaps of verbiage I would liken the whole descriptions of super universes universes and long lists of celestial administrators to a massive cosmic corporate org chart where much is written but very little is actually said I noted to myself in all the long lists of job titles not one celestial being holds the position of editor which perhaps is why this divinely commissioned and written book is so long It easily could have been half the length with no loss of content or message The last third of the book holds the narrative of the life of Jesus of Nazareth who in Urantian theology is reckoned to be the human incarnation of Michael the administrator of our local universe While this section is much readable and is at times rather moving it's still overly long and repetitive Much of the impact of the traditional biblical narrative comes from the punchiness and brevity of the sayings of Jesus Having him expound at length for pages on end to his clueless apostles while entertaining takes much away Instead of adding depth it subtracts itOverall much of the weirdness of the book comes from it's discussion of the early history of mankind and it's strong eugenic bent To be fair the whole systemization is far too idiosyncratic and eccentric to really be offensive unless one is looking to be offended As the book desires to be a grand unification of science and spirituality the whole science end of it is interesting from an anthropological and sociological standpoint The celestial beings or the human author purporting to be celestial beings were certainly well read on the scientific views of their time so it comes across as an interesting picture of what much of consensus was back in the 1930s and how much of our understanding of cosmology geology and biology has developed and changed from those early viewsOne could see the Urantia Book as an attempt to create a response to the scientific and social challenges facing Protestant Christianity in the early 20th century and with it's strong fideistic bent and arguments against ritual tradition mysticism and asceticism it's definitely Protestant If Earth is just one small planet in a massive universe and if life evolved over eons and mankind is descended from the apes then the spiritual warp and woof must also follow and not only explain it but in its own way incorporate it into its system Hence heaven and the afterlife being built into the cosmological set up of the universe and spiritual growth also follow evolutionary and eugenic sIt's certainly an ambitious project but in the end it bites off than it can chew and ends up becoming an artifact of its time and place That combined with the fact that it simply is not written in a way the average person could easily digest means that this gigantic book is likely to be a curiosity sitting on many a library shelf instead of the grand reformation of the message of Jesus for a modern era 15 out of five stars

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    Depending on ones point of view it either 1imaginatively expands on the broader aspects of possible reality throughout the Universes of Universes and the history of earth from a religiousscientific worldview 2Corrects many of the false beliefs regarding Gd history religion and politics science etc and especially focuses on correcting the beliefs about Jesus his life his mission the purpose of it all with regard to salvation and the true religion that Jesus intended his followers to hold on to3It greatly distorts Christianity in a cunning way it twists things here and there with malice and intent under the guise of a sophisticated and thorough understanding of reality or some combination thereofview spoilerMost places I go and the people I talk to don't know anything about the urantia book One exception and the only place I've ran into people that follow it so to speak is at the rainbow gatherings I never really sat down with them and talked to them about it even though I was somewhat familiar with it I got it from my Dad in 1998 apparently he heard about it from my uncle maybe and had it on his shelf for years since the seventies maybe At one point they used to like to discuss it perhaps over drinks I don't know the details but the point is it was of a curiosity then a devotion to the thing from what I gatheredFor me too I just was interested in reading the big crazy book and I started to back when I borrowed it from my Dad in 1998 However I never got very far with it and I continued to push finishing it to the back burner Well at the end of last year 2009 I found out that it was in the public domain and I decided to download the audio and listen to it at work so in effect I cheated but at least I've heard it all nowNow that I have read it I am somewhat interested in reading some of the other books that are out that give details into the history of how it came about I don't really accept it as it is presented I don't know if or when I will get around to reading further about it hide spoiler

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    Frightening So you've got this book mostly written in the 30s by a bunch of freaky weirdies And it says some awesome stuff like And God spoke and said the proton is one thousand times the mass of an electron and other totally out of nowhere ness Most people focus on the overwhelming cosmology at the beginning of the book or the biography of Christ at the end; both those sections just drag after a while and don't have much to add I got into the middle sections the philosophicalscientific bits and found it a satisfying read I'm not surprised that most Urantia society members are doctors and scientists; I found myself swayed by the angels' arguments the further I got into the work This review was meant for the hardcover edition The Urantia Book But it does just as well here

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