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Wakestone Hall Stella Montgomery Book 3 [PDF / EPUB] Wakestone Hall Stella Montgomery Book 3 THE MAGICAL CONCLUSION TO STELLA'S AWARD WINNING STORY From bestselling writer illustrator Judith Rossell comes the thrilling and magical conclusion to her multi award winning novel Withering by Sea S THE MAGICAL Stella Montgomery ePUB ´ CONCLUSION TO STELLA'S AWARD WINNING STORY From bestselling writer illustrator Judith Rossell comes the thrilling and magical conclusion to her multi award winning novel Withering by Sea SERIES AWARDS Withering by Sea Book Winner Indie Awards Book of the Year Children's YAWinner Australian Book Industry Awards Book of the Year Older ChildrenWinner Davitt AwardsHonour Book Children's Book Council of Australia AwardsShortlisted Prime Minister's Literary AwardsShortlisted Aurealis AwardsShortlisted Australian Book Design AwardsWormwood Mire Book Winner Davitt AwardsShortlisted Indie Awards Book of the Year Children's YAShortlisted Australian Book Wakestone Hall PDF \ Industry Awards Book of the Year Older ChildrenShortlisted ABA booksellers' Choice AwardShortlisted Australian Book Design AwardsNotable Book Children's Book Council of Australia Awards.

  • ebook
  • 304 pages
  • Wakestone Hall Stella Montgomery Book 3
  • Judith Rossell
  • 28 August 2016
  • 9781460708187

10 thoughts on “Wakestone Hall Stella Montgomery Book 3

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    I love this whole series and this is a wonderful ending In this one I particularly liked the generosity and bravery on display there's no uestion that the kids will step up for friends in need We'll miss you Stella

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    A perfect conclusion to the series The best series of all the middle grade fiction set in Victorian era ☺️☺️☺️

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    Sigh I loved every bit of this book the characters the language the suspense the imagery all of it My primary school aged self would have been obsessed

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    Judith Rossell’s marvellous magical Victorian series comes to a conclusion with Wakestone Hall She has captured the hearts and minds of many young and older readers Orphan Stella Montgomery’s life has been filled with tragedy drama and heartache She has discovered new friends learnt to self reliance and discovered an inner magical self Stella is packed off to Wakestone Hall her three aunts and her mother’s former boarding school Here it is expected that she will learn to follow the guidelines live by the strict rules and become an obedient child Stella’s unhappy and finds school life most difficult There are so many regulations from no conversation after lights out and no arising from their bed until morning Late one night Stella rescues a cat from the rooftops and so begins a chain of events that leads her down a different and dangerous path Ottilie and Agapanthus the two new girls assist Stella in releasing the cat and they become secret friends Miss Garnet the head mistress a strict disciplinarian is hiding a cruel secret that Stella needs to solve as well She wants to know about her poor mother’s history and delves into her aunts’ school life as well Ottilie’s mother has disappeared and the young girl looks for clues on their school excursions to the museum and gardens When Ottilie is kidnapped by the evil men from the Fair Stella and Agapanthus step up to investigateTheir dangerous mission leads them behind the scenes at the fairground where they are chased by the evil Gabbro Brothers Stella and Agapanthus meet two young boys scrappers who make a living by searching the underground passages under the town looking for anything that can be sold to make money Through underground passages in slum apartments driven by the need to find answers and a sense of belonging Stella and her friends learn resilience as they rely on each other’s’ abilities Rossell’s world building is shaded with darkness and light beautifully written with powerful messages of hope growing into one’s true self belonging acceptance and resilience Her gorgeous purple toned illustrations and vignettes bring the Victorian era alive Her evocative characters heighten the elements of good and evil and her touch of magic adds to the delight of reading these stories Fans both young and older myself included will be saddened by the end of Stella Montgomery’s journey

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    A beautiful ending to an enchanting series

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    I have enjoyed reading this series with my daughter Whilst I would rate the series overall higher this 3rd book in the trilogy wasn't our favourite I would recommend this series to readers who love history adventure and magic

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    This is the third and final book in the Stella Montgomery series about a plucky young orphan living with her dreadful aunts in Victorian England In this one Stella is sent to a terrible boarding school whose headmistress has a sinister secret and is forced to investigate when one of her new friends goes missing If anything there's too much happening in this with a few loose ends left but overall it's a nice ending to Stella's tale

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    Wakestone Hall is the final Stella Montgomery Intrigue Stella has been sent off to a boarding school by her aunts and finds an exciting time As with the other Stella Montgomery books there is a great adventure as the main part of the story It's a fun thrilling kind of adventure and the story came to a very satisfying ending but this was not as strong a book as the first one in the seriesI preferred the mystery of this book to the mystery of the first and second ones in the series but this book did not have the same feel as the first one On the whole this book was better than the second adventure but not as exciting or fun as the first one I'm having a hard time saying than this without spoiling the book for future readers and I do not want to do thatStella is an intriguing character and one I would like to call a friend but the ups and downs of the adventure make it hard to figure out how to make friends with Stella It was much easier to make friends with the supporting characters in this book and unfortunately readers do not have nearly enough time with themUltimately the Stella Montgomery Intrigue was a fun and satisfying read but this reader still has some remaining unanswered uestions and really wishes the books were even and consistent The series is definitely worth a read but not as much fun or as engaging as other similar series I have read

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    After reading all three of these in less than a week I am utterly enchanted and now accordingly despondent that the experience is over I can't believe I've only stumbled upon Stella Montgomery and her adventures now This thrilling conclusion to the series is once again impeccably plotted and enchanting in its execution with lovable new characters but a familiar feel that will draw loyal readers immediately back in Wakestone Hall is a miserable place and we feel for Stella and her new friends Ottilie and the unfortunately named Agapanthus as they navigate the strict rules and impossible standards of the boarding school Once again Rossell's writing is hauntingly wonderful with her descriptions of the fair among some of my favourite in its evocative brilliance She nails the gothic thrill while being restrained in the nature of her descriptions so as to not tread into gory territory A satisfying end to the ongoing mystery of the entire series as wellLove love love this I do hope there will be many series from Rossell in the future

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    This book was a thrilling end to the series It has a fantastic vocabulary creative exciting and mysterious themes and lots of twists to keep you reading This novel is impossible to put down Iloved it nothing could possibly be improvedWakestone hall is a horrid place and all the girls attending are miserable and bored The dreary lessons at the boarding school bore holes in the girls heads and the meals areenough to make you spew Any girl who disobeys the stricter than strict rules is sent to the principal Mrs Garnet who turns the girls into mindless students who are always well behaved by the time they leave her office Stella is sent their after her mean aunts can't be bothered to care for her any

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