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    Moon Crossing Bridge PDF ↠ Moon Crossing PDF or unshareable pain and to assume again an Orphic voice and a communal necessity."/>
  • Hardcover
  • 128 pages
  • Moon Crossing Bridge
  • Tess Gallagher
  • English
  • 18 October 2017
  • 9781555971564

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    I STOP WRITING THE POEMto fold the clothes No matter who livesor who dies, I m still a woman.I ll always have plenty to do.I bring the arms of his shirttogether Nothing can stop our tenderness I ll get backto the poem I ll get back to beinga woman But for nowthere s a shirt, a giant shirtin my hands, and somewhere a small girlstanding next to her motherwatching to see how it s done. p 64I have known of this poem for Gallagher for awhile I had no idea, until I picked up this collection, that she had written it after her husband died For me, there is added poignancy now to her words I am not sure I would have any words if my husband had died This whole collection is wonderful I had to read the poems slowly and over and over again, but that is me, not Gallagher Her words are so carefully chosen and so beautiful.April is National Poetry month I should have gotten to poetry, but time got away from me At least I read these poems If you haven t read Gallagher, I highly recommend her.

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    When Tess Gallagher is good, she s REALLY good Some stunning insights and breathtaking writing Packed with carefully constructed poems about grief and mourning However, when Tess is not good, it s tough At times, I got lost in convoluted sentences or abstractions a sin I am often guilty of in my writing, and now, having read her, I can see why people read them and say tsk, tsk However, a book that is WELL WORTH picking up She looks at the world in wonderful ways.

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    I enjoyed meeting Tess a few years ago She is a warm and gracious person I must confess however that I find her obsession with the death of Raymond Carver somewhat off putting, but that probably says about my discomfort with love and loss and the unavoidable tragedy of being human and giving a damn than it does about her skill as a poet and vision as an artist In the case of this collection there is nothing off putting about the aforementioned obsession however, in that it was written shortly after the sad event that gave birth to it Her poems are difficult and almost always require multiple readings, usually repaying the effort One of the accessible to me and my favorite in this collection is entitled The Forest She Was Trying to Say which opens with a quotation from Marina Tsvetayeva and then these lines The angel wings of the hemlockaren t for flying They are the fragrant armsof a stately spirit held in the shapeof an unlived moment when the world,in all its woe and splendor, disappeared.To visit the sunless coreof the forest is to say to the heart,which is always a remnant, Love as ifyou will be answered, and in that fictionto force love wideas the invisible net of bird flightbetween the boughs For poetry this good I forgive any obsession I think.

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    These poems are deeply personal, about the death of her true love, Raymond Carver I am honored she trusted me with her feelings There are poems in this powerful book that made me cry, and there were places where I smiled I don t believe I ve ever read a book as deeply passionate as this extraordinary book The writing is stunning, and I thank Ms Gallagher for sharing her love and her grief.

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    These poems perfectly capture the heartbreak of lose, the intimate nature of a deep connection uninterrupted by death and the persistence of grief.

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    Review accomplished accomplished in the sense of having written much, but whose work is worth little Again this work is in the modernist vogue, attempting to be novel, but lacking real spirit, does this novel speak to readers No, but this novel speak for the author and her own experience.FathomlessThe peacock has eaten the poison orchidand shakes poison into beauty of feathers as easily as my hair unlatches its black hairpins into the pool the sunken grave has made of him They drop and drop.From a long way off I hear them strike bonethere could be eyesocket or pelvis or sternum The sounds is not what I expected

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    There s something so strong willed and filling about Tess Gallagher This collection of poems written after the death of Raymond Carver aches with aloneness but not loneliness There s a lot of Japan and quiet scenery Some of the poem endings left me unsatisfied, but overall I enjoyed this.

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    Tess Gallagher writes about the loss of her beloved husband in many of these poems which is naturally sad, longing words of missing him Very moving and easily understood than some of her other collections.

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    Tess s poems in Moon Crossing Bridge are lovely, often cryptic and deeply personal.

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    Sad and lovely And loverly Additionally, the epigraphs she s chosen are profound, life changing.

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Moon Crossing Bridge[PDF / EPUB] Moon Crossing Bridge Tess Gallagher, one of America s most accomplished poets, presents Moon Crossing Bridge, her sixth book, a descent into the world of the dead, a remembrance of her recently deceased beloved, whose pre Tess Gallagher, one of America s most accomplished poets, presents Moon Crossing Bridge, her sixth book, a descent into the world of the dead, a remembrance of her recently deceased beloved, whose presence and absence are recalled in sombre lyrical rhythms and with a Moon Crossing PDF or extraordinary range of expressions of love and sadnessDevoid of self pity or illusion, yet full of dream and vision and wisdom, these beautifully intense and powerful poems bestow the gift of words to the widow s silence, to the silence of all who are muted by grief and loss With this unusual volume, arranged in six carefully paced movements to suggest the journey from death to recovery, Gallagher charges language with its utmost responsibilities here poetry aspires deeply and urgently beyond its cultural marginality to embrace the paradox of sharing unshareable pain and to assume again an Orphic voice and a communal necessity.

About the Author: Tess Gallagher

Tess Gallagher is the author of eight volumes of poetry, including Dear Ghosts, Moon Crossing Bridge, and My Black Horse She will release her collection of New and Selected Poems entitled Midnight Lantern in October Gallagher is also the author of Amplitude, Soul Moon Crossing PDF or Barnacles Ten More Years with Ray, A Concert of Tenses Essays on Poetry, and three collections of short fiction At the Owl Wom.