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The Servant [PDF / EPUB] The Servant After saving his younger brother’s child Daemon Shar is cursed by a witch and runs far from home a stray who will seemingly never be anything But destiny is hard to outrun even for a man who is now After saving his younger brother’s child Daemon Shar is cursed by a witch and runs far from home a stray who will seemingly never be anything But destiny is hard to outrun even for a man who is now cat than man beneath his robes and cowl A chance battlefield meeting between he and Ehron a foreign lord gives him purpose amidst the darkness of his accursed life Soon Daemon finds that his true nature cannot be corrupted no matter the form he inhabitsAs Ehron’s consul Daemon plots and plans to shape his new lord's future so that he may leave it blessed when he runs away yet again But he never counted on his soul hungering for Ehron’s brother Gareth or for his past to catch him by the tail at last Librarian's note See alternate cover edition of ASIN BJUKM here.

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    I love Mary Calmes I am uite vocal in the fact she is one of my favorite authors I love Greg Tremblay I am eually vocal in praise of his stunning talent as a narrator I reread and re listen to both their work often Seriously really oftenSo it is with a heavy heart and a stunned sadness that I say this story on literally no level whatsoever worked for me I was lost confused and befuddled for most of the storyFrom what I was able to cobble together and I could be wrong because like I said I was confused for a lot of this Daemon Valian Shar is one of three brothers Two of whom are fighting to reign over their kingdom of Narsyk When he saves the infant son of one of his brothers from a witch's blade Daemon Valian is cursed to take the form of a catDaemon runs from Narsyk to the neighboring country of Rieyn and keeping covered at all times finds himself the right hand Consul to Ehron Terhazien He plots and schemes for ten years off page to advance Ehron politically When the war that Ehron has been fighting in is over Daemon returns with Ehron to Ehron's home the holding of Deshal Mar in the barony of Kasan where Daemon meets and becomes much beloved by all of Ehron's family including his younger brother Gareth who claims Daemon as his ownThere are a lot of characters and they all have difficult names and the places are all fantasy named and it was all really confusing for meThen there was the narration Which was good for the most part except for the accents Greg's ease with accents was his undoing in this for me because everyone it seemed had a different accent Which made no sense to me within members of the same immediate family I didn't get it How could a mother father brothers and sister all sound so completely different from one another? Or most servants within the household? I spent a lot of my time listening to the story wondering why certain accents were chosen and why there were so manyI even went and bought the book thinking reading it would be an easier time and while I could then suss out names a lot easier it didn't help me to enjoy the story at allBottom line I didn't enjoy this story or the narration Audio copy of The Servant provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange of an honest review This review has been cross posted at Gay Book Reviews

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    Blech This book isn't actually as bad as my reaction to it but I've read too many Mary Calmes books in a row and the stuff she does well I love the other stuff makes me gagThis is a fantasy that is not so loosely based on the puss in boots fable It's re set in a world at war cast of thousands clever political mm romantic fable Sound confusing? It is Not brain twisting but really too complicated of a plot for so simple of a storyview spoilerAnd yet another Mary Sue hero who can do no wrong Everyone loves him everyone wants him he's dashing selfless loyal heroic mysterious warm calm charming brilliant beautiful blech Oh wait did I mention that it turns out that he and only he can prevent the total annihilation of one country and end the civil war of another all by himself?This would have been better as straight fantasy The insta love romance just confused things and in the end I just felt sorry for Gareth Valian is too perfect to love and rather than ending his days as Puss did catching mice only when he feels like it it feels like he acuires Gareth as yet another worshipper at his feet hide spoiler

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    I don't like to give rating to a book I didn't finish But this one deserve it I don't read just some pages I read 70% of this freaking book it's impossible to understand and it tired me It's not because the plot is so complex as many fantasy books I had a hard to understand No Very simple plot very incompressible story The switch of narrator is absurd all characters talk exactly like another There is no uniue voice or behave everyone is a clone of another Many times when the narrator changed I didn't even notice and read some paragraphs before undertand it My English sucks Oh yeah it sucks But I read a lot and even from this same writer I read other books and never was so confused as I was reading The Servant I'm in bitchy mode so let me say I waste my money for a book that is not cheap and because I'm in such bitch mode let me say this seems like a story that someone had to write not want to writeGiving up 70% read PS Acrobat or Frog are AMAZING books I'm having hard time to believe the same writer wrote The Servant Seriously Stay away from this book

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    Just ok25 ⭐️ I struggled with this one keeping track of who was who and I found myself confused throughout the book When I knew who the people were and what was happening I enjoyed it but I spent too much time trying to understand what was happening I didn’t really understand why Gareth fell for Daemon He didn’t really have any interactions with him and was declaring his love and could see the man behind the beast and Daemon didn’t really act like a man who was in love either till the very end

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    Daemon SharValian Shar has been cursed by a witch and now lives completely covered from head to toe However his intrinsic light shines through and upon those he comes across; he is a blessing and blesses all in his path to his best ability This is fantasy and a journey so than a romance I found it very entertaining watching Daemon manipultate those he loves into better positions with their best interest at the forefront even as they know what he doesI can see this will be a reread for me 17 Feb 2019This is now a solid comfort read for me I love the characters the interactions the story line and plot development I know all the characters backwards now and just love to relax with them And the climax is so satisfyingSome find the multitude of characters too much but its a bit of complexity that I love and savour from the second time I read it ;

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    This story is complicated and just plain hard to follow A typical lustlove story The part that stands out is when Garth said MINE His Daemonyay My least favorite was the smexy scenes far and few I found this story to be bewitching instead of magical The end was very well worth the complication

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    The Servant is a ‘classic’ fantasy novel in the sense that the story is simple the scope is intimate and the magic is kept to a minimum that takes a while to find its romantic footing It’s not initially clear where the story is headed and there is a rather abrupt transition in setting and theme but it eventually comes together in the endValian Shar is introduced as a dashing yet troubled hero who serves as conscience of his feuding family Trapped in the middle of a conflict that represents both a family suabble and a civil war he finds himself cursed to become cat than man As the wandering nomad Daemon Shar he is a man of mystery immediately endearing to everyone he meets He is the archetypal fairy tale hero perfect in every way and as admirable as he is amusing While his altered physical appearance could have made him an outcast his curse has also made him charming clever of wit and as agile as a cat He is so adept at reading and managing others in fact that it’s easy to dismiss his initial flirtations with Gareth as nothing than an attempt to be friendly and politeWhen we first encounter Gareth he is very much the typical brother of a hero too young to go to war and sullen and resentful because of it Although he initially comes across as petty and selfish there is a core of strength and goodness within him that is only revealed through his interactions with Daemon He is the younger brother of a warrior but he's also growing and maturing into a very competent steward and politician Although not as immediately likable as Daemon he is a character worthy of both our respect and our admiration Initially his feelings for Daemon seem to be simple infatuation but they uickly evolve into the kind of true love only a fairy tale can capture once fate provides him with the chance to reveals the true strengths of his characterAfter a rousing start this is a story that settles into a very leisurely pace that is at times frustrating but which allows the romance between Daemon and Gareth to develop naturally For me the key to the story was the delightful variation on the traditional fairy tale themes of true love and dashing heroes Instead of the macho hero swooping in to save the girl or in this case boy and winning his love the roles are reversed – it’s the love struck young man who takes charge saving the not so macho hero and boldly claiming his love for himself It's a twist to their relationship that is so unexpected yet so undeniably beautiful that it really sets the story back on its course leading us into the reality of happily ever afterDISCLAIMER This book was received from the publisher for the purpose of a review on ueer Magazine online

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    25A bit of confusion at the beginningOn page 1 we haveGuardians of Yuan defend us Ostyn Tan gasped as he stared out across the valley and took in the crimson washed sky He turned and looked at his friend and servant; wincing as he saw the visible pain and dread etched on the face of the only man he would willingly give his life for ValianSo Ostyn is the lord and Valian's the devoted servant? Except no it's actually the other way aroundOther than that pretty standard Mary Calmes fare a main character adrift with no place to call home who's beautiful beyond compare; who's loved adored admired by all; who's capable of solving all problems righting all wrongs; who's the only man who can bring together opposing sides etc finds love and a home for himself without much conflict Nothing really new here

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    Mary Calmes wrote a solid fantasy in this one Valian Shar is an interesting hero a 'rat catcher' among men and Gareth Terhazian is a surprising protector The lands of Rieyn and the political structure is thoroughly imagined and the world building is first rate If you grew up on The Blue Fairy Book and Lloyd Alexander raises hand you will very much enjoy this

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    Way way too brief Fun and compelling and then—poof Very much over An awful lot of world building for such a little story—but never mind A charming read overall

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