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Bloodwitch [PDF / EPUB] Bloodwitch Fans of Susan Dennard's Witchlands series have fallen in love with the Bloodwitch Aeduan And now finally comes his storyHigh in a snowy mountain range a monastery that holds than just faith clings to Fans of Susan Dennard's Witchlands series have fallen in love with the Bloodwitch Aeduan And now finally comes his storyHigh in a snowy mountain range a monastery that holds than just faith clings to the side of a cliff Below thwarted by a lake a bloodthirsty horde of raiders await the coming of winter and the frozen path to destroy the sanctuary and its secretsThe Bloodwitch Aeduan has teamed up with the Threadwitch Iseult and the magical girl Owl to stop the destruction But to do so he must confront his own father and his past.

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    45? 475? I haven’t decided yet but my emotionsEdit who am I kidding it’s 5 stars

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    She stole his breath now and he had no breath to spare Bloodwitch stole my breath stabbed me in the heart and left me bleeding and waiting for the next instalment And I don't really mind because it's the best kind of painFirst of all I must say that Susan Dennard upped her game in Bloodwitch With every book in the series she becomes a superior master of words and aims straight for the readers' hearts She feels blood and she strikes Just like her BloodwitchIt's not a secret that Aeduan became my number one favourite character from the moment I laid my eyes on him in book 1 Damn such kind of chemistry is rare for me because I usually reuire proof of worthiness from my book boyfriends but with Aeduan I was ready to jump any cliff from the start But I would give up my claim on Aeduan if only to see him and Iseult interact Do you want to stab me in the heart? Go ahead Do you want to throw me off the cliff? Go ahead It's true love's power if you ask my sadistic beating heart From the day she had stabbed Aeduan in the heart that heart had become hers—and she would not let this be his end But what Aeduan and Iseult throw our way in Bloodwitch is PURE FIRE AND ICE COMBINED It is similar to ice being so cold it burns like fire I will stop babbling and will simply call it one of the best relationship developments ever I will go down with that ship no matter what I was so eager to learn Aeduan's story and I knew it was going to be sad but I have never imagined how sad and how devastating it would be But there was no reason There never had been He was just a child trapped in the wreckage of war He had not done this he had not caused this Yet he had lost his life to it all the same He was a Bloodwitch no longer He was a monk no longer He was man just a man It would have to be enoughBut a great deal of solace for me was the fact that Aeduan was walking around shirtless a lot Instead she simply watched as the seconds ground past and internally chanted Stasis A futile refrain really for once Aeduan had straightened fully and set to removing his shirt it became too frustrating for Iseult to endureOh Boy how frustrating it was when he was putting his shirt back on dreamy sighComing back to the plot and characters I see what Susan Dennard did here First we have a slow start focusing on shirtless Aeduan but after a while we jump straight into chaos all of the characters at once find themselves in a tight knot Susan Dennard jumps from POV to POV finishing every chapter on the highest peak of tension catching her readers in a situation where they don't know how to handle that continuous culmination And then of course we end up in multiple huge cliffhangers view spoilerMerik is trapped Aeduan lost Iseult Iseult met Safi Vivi and her city are under attack and so on hide spoiler

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    I've said it before and I'll say it again SUSAN DENNARD IS A UEENI truly love how though each of these books features POV of the 4 MC's every book focuses just a bit on one character Aeduan's book was everything I had hoped for I've been intrigued by Aeduan since Truthwitch He is somewhat of a morally grey character and in the first two books it's hard to discern who's side he is on Death follows wherever you go yet by the grace of the Wells you always outrun your own Reading about his childhood hardships obliterated me and I was crying for fetus Aeduan struggling with his power A power that is so rare that people fear it Even in the present day people treat him like a demon with the plague but are totally fine with using him for his Witchery to benefit themselves His loneliness was palpable The child inside him had burned away alongside his mother and since then though he might have existed he had never truly lived He was a tool no longer He was a blade no longer to be wielded by others or brandished by Lady Fate He was Aeduan Just Aeduan and he could choose whatever life he wanted He could go wherever his will might lead We finally find out exactly what happened to his mother and who his father is I did not realise just how entangled Aeduan was to the bigger plot and his significance Death did not have to follow wherever he went Not any If you've read my other reviews you'll know that I am a huge shipper of Aeduan and Iseult They are my OTP for this series It was so heartwarming to see each of them finally coming to the realisation that they have feelings for the other It's been coming on for a while now He should never have abandoned herHe should never have let her go From the day she had stabbed Aeduan in the heart that heart had become hers—and she would not let this be his end I appreciate that Iseult didn't give Esme the time of day in this book Esme really annoyed me in Windwitch with how persistent she is with Iseult One other character who really surprised me by how much my admiration for her has grown is Vivia Vivi faces so many trials in this book my heart broke for her She finds herself without allies and with her own father plotting against her She realises that she doesn't have to be a ueen in order to save her people and man oh man her character growth was just pheonominalI know it might seem to some readers that not much happened since all our characters are still basically on the run trying to survive but if you haven't picked up on the reveals and connections then gosh Your loss bro If you want to know my theories and predictions as well as a recap of what we know now then head over to my pre review of the next book here I'll be pointing out some revelations that you might not have noticed and go in about the other MC's situations I'll be talking about the 12 Paladins and Eridysi's lamentMy reviews for1 Truthwitch2 WindwitchSightwitch A MUST READ THIS NOVELLA IS VERY IMPORTANT4 Untitled where I give a recap as well as theories and predictions5 Untitled

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    That one was good and the cover is hot Mel 🖤🐶🐺🐾

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    crying I don’t think I care for this series any Am I no longer YA? Has adulting finally caught up with me? enters the gawping maw of self doubt and existential crisesThe whole Witchlands series has been my guilty pleasure No surprise then that this book has been one of the most anticipated releases in 2019 As I enjoyed the whole series immensely maybe even than I should the prospect of an instalment with Aeduan at the story’s focal point made me nearly giddy because of the anticipated climax in his slow burn from enemies to lovers romance seriously a better trope has never been invented and I am ready to prove my point in a duel at dawn And yet instead of having a dusk till dawn one sitting read I struggled to finish the Bloodwitch without falling asleep or getting annoyed at what is happening there and what is missingFrom chapter to chapter my impression that the author has lost her focus only solidified ✑ Recap Bloodwitch reminded me why I do not normally read series that are not finished and cannot be read at one go I read the other book ages ago that is when it was released and for the love of the Void I could not connect the dots A simple this is what has happened this is where we are these are the people involved here we go belt up would have made a lot of difference As it was until the very end I was stumbling around trying to remember who when and under what tree Not to mention the grand reason for the whole gig ✑ Close up Oh grant you there are separate sentences providing the explanation for individual characters or scenes but the overall picture is cloudy and there is no simple birds eye view Perhaps the author herself does not have one But even a book great when it comes to detail must have the ability to guide the readers from the detailed to the general arc of the story This is missing in Bloodwitch ✑ Move on Repetitiveness is not richness Whereas characters are in different places are doing different things it all feels like the same thing was being repeated with a slight variance In terms of where the story is going the Bloodwitch contributed with a precious little At this pace the series will reach 10 books with no problem whatsoever ✑ Count down Speaking of people I didn’t care for half of those not only present in the tale but also increasingly given their own POVs Surely the cast has been growing exponentially already in the previous book but now I really have had a feeling that Merrik Esme and especially Vivia are just like advertisements breaking the show the unpleasant interruptions one must endure ✑ Hello To the point that Safi and Iseult became extras in their own story The story that without them was neither properly initiated nor near close completion ✑ No swoon or rather swoon is me I was waiting for the romance Give me the romance and I can overlook many things sighing and blushing like there was no tomorrow The romance just was not there Nowhere I mean not only in case of the two people I have been rooting for but also in case of the other romantic subplots that were about as real as bitcoins ✑ Nothing So then faced with an overall emptiness of any feelings to write this review I returned to my notes and I discovered that I have a grand total seven of them totally random facts or pieces of information that I either thought important or was confused with and didn’t want to lose it Not a single scene that would give me thrills Not a single sentence that I thought would have the potential to inspire me Not even anything I’d put on a cover to entice the readersThe sad conclusion is that The Witchands went terribly predictable at the end of book 2 and now the story is saturated by things that sell to the brim at the expense of everything that accounted for its initial charm The first book was just fun to read The second was a pure guilty pleasure Bloodwitch brings The Falling Kingdoms to mind and this does not bode well for the next one In fact I am considering abandoning the Witchlands altogether Also in the series 1 Truthwitch ★★★★☆2 Windwitch ★★★★☆25 Sightwitch ★★☆☆☆

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    Te varujeI trust you as if my soul were yours”05 Sightwitch ★★★☆☆1 Truthwitch ★★★★★2 Windwitch ★★★★★Just read the uote I get teary eyed everytime I think about that scene so that should be enough to convince you to read Bloodwitch

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    “He was caught like the man from the tale who wanted to feed his family during a blizzard but could not bear to kill the lamb In the end everyone died of starvation including the lamb For Lady Fate makes all men choose eventually Even Bloodwitches”If you've read my previous reviews for the first couple books in The Witchlands you'll know that I wasn't a super fan of this series I liked it but wasn't amorously invested or particularly attached to most of the charactersThat has changed friendsII can't breathe I loved Bloodwitch with every fiber of my soul I get it guys I understand the extreme love people have for these books now because DAMN I would die a thousand fiery deaths for this bookopens a bottle of wineproceeds to pour five glassesOkay let's get into this before I completely lose it Bloodwitch exceeded all of my expectations It stopped my heart made it pound mercilessly and then proceeded to stab it repeatedly I was not prepared Dennard's fourth book within the Witchlands series has opened up the world made me fall in love with characters I initially only liked and gave me the Aeduan and Iseult story arc that I've been waiting for And it was gloriousWithout spoilers Bloodwitch focuses on Aeduan his backstory and journey across the Witchlands with the Threadwitch Iseult I won't say anything else about the plot but it's very apparent that Dennard intended for this third installment to shift the Witchlands series into newer higher stakes In previous books there was always one or two POV chapters that I liked considerably less than others but in here? All were relevant and incredibly interesting It's probably because Dennard has crafted compelling nuanced characters that drive the plot forwardI was extremely shocked to find that I actually liked Merik in this book Like what? He's been my least favorite character in this series for two books now but in this installment his character growth came to a head beautifully I found myself really caring for him and I'm proud of how far he's come The entire cast of female characters were all wonderful Vaness is a badass Empress who is also allowed vulnerable moments with Safiya our lovable Truthwitch Their friendship was a central point in this book which I really appreciated In general Susan Dennard puts a lot of emphasis on female relationships within her books Thank the godsSafiya has grown a lot since book one as well and I particularly enjoyed her chapters in Bloodwitch Her position as a Truthwitch for the Marstoki court and her subseuent friendship with Vaness was nuanced and I love the fact that these powerful women have so much respect for one another The same could be said about Vivia in this book as well I really rooted for Vivia and I was so infuriated on her behalf because her dad is a dick She's a capable brave leader whose endeavors to protect Nubrevna from invading forces are dismissed by self important men There's a scene in this book with Vivia that gave me chills and it was almost euivalent to a Daenerys Targaryenueen of the Dragons scene from Game of Thrones So awesome “How is it” Stix asked “that men always seem to claim victory over the triumphs earned by women?” Iseult continues to be one of my favorite characters in this series and I justlove everything about her Her exploration of her newfound magic internal growth and bond with the Earthwitch child Owl were all well done and tugged at my heart Iseult is steady thoughtful and fiercely brave Dennard allows all of her characters to make mistakes and be flawed and I ached with Iseult as she faced peril after peril in this book I also ached with her over Aeduanswipes aside empty wine glasses LISTEN Aeduan's journey in this book broke me Broke me I tell you He's my favorite character in the Witchlands for a reason Yes he's an efficient badass Bloodwitch with deadly blood magic Yes he's morally ambiguous and mysterious But he's also vulnerable has buried trauma from his past and goes through an emotional journey in this book that had me in tears Susan Dennard was not kind to any of her characters in here but she really put Aeduan through the ringer in this book I was constantly worried for him and fretfully flipping through the pages just to make sure he would be okay I love him so much guys It's patheticIseult and Aeduan's relationship in this book nearly killed me I will ship them until the end of my days I stopped breathing when they were even remotely near each other I'm a grown ass woman and my heart was skipping around like a lovesick teenager's I LOVE THEM SO MUCH The angst the tension It was too much for my heart to take and there were scenes between them that I still think about It's BAD GUYS I'M OBSESSED “From the day she had stabbed Aeduan in the heart that heart had become hers—and she would not let this be his endEven the minor characters were wonderful Cam and Ryber appear briefly which made me happy and Leopold was a welcome addition to this book as well He barely made an appearance in Truthwitch and wasn't even in Windwitch so his subseuent involvement in this book was a surprise Specifically he and Iseult have to team up here and their dynamic wassurprisingly really cool Their friendship was sweet and made me smile I can't wait to see of him in the coming installmentsEvery character had their moment to shine in Bloodwitch Every character was given depth a meaningful story arc and weight The politics in this story continue to entertain as well I found the political tensions in this book to be very interesting and I liked that I wasn't completely sure who to trust The machinations of the plot were steeped in mystery and danger Were the supposed antagonists like the Raider King really the enemy? There are greater things at play in this narrative than just the politics though and I appreciated the essential information Sightwitch supplied for this book Without it I would've definitely missed out based on what happens at the end of Bloodwitch I'm intrigued to see what Dennard does in the next two books It's bound to be so epicThe magic which straight up reminds me of Avatar The Last Airbender along with the enthralling world building hefty magical lore and political intrigue culminated into an epic fantasy story that I've still been thinking about since I finished it Bloodwitch has cemented the Witchlands as one of my new favorite currently running fantasy series and I'm desperately in need of Book 4 Like I NEED IT MORE THAN I NEED AIRThis was definitely the surprise of 2019 for me I'm still so emotional over ithiccupsproceeds to sob in a wine drunken stuporWell if you need me I'll be throwing back liuid luck until the next book comes out

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    HOLY FUCK I'M DEADTHINGS WHEN DOWN IN THIS ONE I’ll tell you thatMY HEART NEEDS MORE ”Te varujeI trust you as if my soul were yours” This was a beautifully crafted seuel I have no complaints This was than I could have expected Looking extremely forward for the next books in this series If you have not picked this bookseries yet WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

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