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The Princess and the Fangirl [PDF / EPUB] The Princess and the Fangirl The Prince and the Pauper gets a modern makeover in this adorable, witty, and heartwarming young adult novel set in the Geekerella universe by national bestselling author Ashley Poston.Imogen Lovelace The Prince and the Pauper gets and the Epub Ü a modern makeover in this adorable, witty, and heartwarming young adult novel set in the Geekerella universe by national bestselling author Ashley The Princess PDF/EPUB or PostonImogen Lovelace is an ordinary fangirl on an impossible mission save her favorite character, Princess Amara, from being killed off from her favorite franchise, Starfield The problem is, Jessica Princess and the PDF ↠ Stone the actress who plays Princess Amara wants nothingthan to leave the intense scrutiny of the fandom behind If this year s ExcelsiCon isn t her last, she ll consider her career derailedWhen a case of mistaken identity throws look a likes Imogen and Jess together, they quickly become enemies But when the script for the Starfield sequel leaks, and all signs point to Jess, she and Imogen must trade places to find the person responsible That s easier said than done when the girls step into each other s shoes and discover new romantic possibilities, as well as the other side of intense fandom As these princesses race to find the script leaker, they must rescue themselves from their own expectations, and redefine what it means to live happily ever after.

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    i finally read another book i will defeat this reading funk i m in

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    This was all sorts of geeky fluffy cutenesswhich is just what I was hoping for I loved Geekerella and this one fits in as a companion novel same world and reoccurring characters, but different protagonists from Geekerella You probably could read it as a solo But there d be a lot of confusing references Also raises hand I was still, um,,,,confused I confess because I read Geekerella so long ago and don t own it to reread sob And I know you shouldn t compare books to their older sisters butyeT I didn t connect to this one as much as I d hoped It s set at a con So the nERD IS STRONG WITH THIS ONE Like literally, the love and wariness of nerdom culture is just everywhere here The slang is so Gen Z it s just amazing lmao, and they quote movies and are in fandoms and the term he s a burnt Hufflepuff is in here so like what can I say This book LOVES fandoms still pays attention to the toxic side Which, like holy heck, it gets worse every year Since our two protagonists Jess the movie star and Imogen the fangirl are on opposite sides of whether they love hate this life we get to see BOTH sides Also at one stage the book says it s impossible to have a nuanced conversation on twitter and likeLMAO SOMEONE SAID IT yesss to the genderbent Prince and Pauper vibe Imogen and Jess swap places and it is FUN I m always dubious about this trope being pulled off, but then my sister showed me pictures of her unrelated housemates and I was like that is the same person twice Generic faces, mate, it happens _ _ Anyway, I very much enjoyed reading the girls Imogen is all squishy and heartfelt and brash Jess is very closed off and guarded and snipey but so so desperate to be soft but scared to be Ya I have a favourite haha And there is romance of course There s an f f romance, but it s not between the two protagonistsand it s very small and slow because like the book takes place over 4 days so ya I did think both romances were cute Although they didn t have enough time for me to get very invested Ok so quick confessionI didn t connect to the book like I d hoped so it was fun but the stakes weren t so high and I am not super into any fandoms myself rn And people who absolutely pledge their entire lives thoughts to stanning fictional characterslike I don t get it lmao I also found the girls voices so so similar, and both in 1st, so it was a bit hard to remember whose chapter I was in.So this is definitely for the passionate fangirls and nerds out there It s fun and squishy and there are lots of adorkable moments too

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    This is a contemporary, fandom centered retelling of The Prince and the Pauper and it is almost as adorable as a puppy sniffing old books It s also exactly what I needed the equivalent of comfort food since I m supposed to be in Romania right now but there was a problem with my ticket so I have to wait longer to see my grandparents I felt really discouraged when I heard the news, but luckily I had a few books I was excited to read that helped improve my mood.This is a companion novel to Geekerella and many references are made to that story and the characters in it some are even featured in this continuation so I recommend taking the time to read that one even if, like me, Cinderella is your least favourite fairy tale This is much exciting because it s probably the dream of every fangirl boy for a weekend, peasant Imogen becomes Princess Amara, a character played by actress Jessica Stone who is forced to mingle with ordinary people Watching someone who is used to having people around her to help her on and off set and make her wishes come true be stripped of her celebrity status for a weekend feels satisfying But I was surprised to actually connect with Jessica Stone, particularly regarding the online bullying she deals with It s pretty much impossible to be a book reviewer who writes honest positive and negative reviews and not be insulted at least once a week Once every hour if you write a negative review for a beloved book But you learn to recognize your own value and disassociate from negativity thrown at you Jessica has to learn that, too.I especially enjoyed the tone it s realistic, despite the many unrealistic scenes this book contains The romance also surprised me It s not what I anticipated the protagonists fall for characters I did not expect in the beginning and it is LOVELY I m excited for the third and final book Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin

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    This was fine Nothing to really complain about, but I definitely think that I have outgrown fandom books c womp

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    I was a huge fan of Geekerella when it came out so I was highly anticipating this book but sadly I didn t love it as much as the first book I think The Princess and the fangirl had the same heart as it had in Geekerella so I adored that but I wasn t in love with our two main characters The book takes places over a weekend during the ExcelsiCon and Starfield actress Jessica Stone meets Imogen and a Parent Trap Freaky Friday event takes place I just felt like the 2 stories were a little disjointed and I needed than just the weekend.I enjoyed the 2 romances but wasn t in love with them They were both very instalove which is fine by me but there wasn t enough time to have a spark or a deep connection in either of the relationships Overall I enjoyed the book and would recommend if you ve read Geekerella and also if your a fandom lover at heart This series is made for fans of fandoms For people who love a fandom with everything they have and pour their heart and soul into it which I love about this series It s made me fall in love with Starfield and I will be continuing on with the series even if this one was a little lackluster.As always,LOOK TO THE STARSAIMIGNITE

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    I received an ARC of this book for free from the publisher Quirk Books in exchange for an honest review Omg this book was incredible and I have nothing but good things to say about it I read Geekerella about 2 years ago and loved it, but I don t remember having this level of response to it I m obsessed So first off, I loved the writing style Sometimes when you read books about fandoms it can come across like a fan fiction This book read like a nice YA contemporary with fandom references I also loved that this book tackled the darker side of fandoms A big focus was on how harsh fans particularly in the sci fi community can be on actors This is something that happens all the time and I m glad the book gave the perspective of the actor on the receiving end of it I also liked that this darkness was balanced by the positives of fandoms It showed both sides well As for the plot, I liked that it took place entirely at the con I thought the romances were adorable and I loved the representation LGBT and POC.The fandom references were so on point My favorite was the Blue Eyes White Dragon reference to Yu Gi Oh on page 251 I was super obsessed with Yu Gi Oh as a kid Lastly, if you miss Darien, Elle, and Sage from Geekerella, don t worry They all make an appearance in the book and I was so happy to see them again.Overall, this was an amazing companion novel to Geekerella If you loved that book, you ll love this one

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    Video Review Sometimes books just shoot cupid s arrow right into your heart and you have so much love for it, that it s hard to explain why.I m gonna tell you all of the things that I enjoyed and loved about The Princess and the Fangirl, but there s no way to actually explain to you how it made me feel This book filled a void in my soul that I didn t know existed and I m so grateful for this book and the whole universe around ExcelsiCon that Ashley Poston has created I am a kaleidoscope of hope and dreams and wonder in the shape of a girl I am not a porcelain doll I am not empty I am worthy I am enough Before we really get into this review, let me talk about the representation One of the main characters, Jess, has a f f romance and her love interest is black Both characters never mention any labels or specifics about attraction or maybe I was crying while they mentioned it and I m digging it We need on page representation but we don t always need specifics.The love interest of the other main character, Imogen, is Japanese American although I don t know how I feel about the fact that Imogen said he looked like a J Pop star Imogen has two moms and her brother is in a relationship with another guy.I really enjoyed Poston s Geekerella on a lot of levels but what really got me about the novel were the fandom elements and how much of her own love for fandoms Poston put into it.And The Princess and the Fangirl did it AGAIN. maybe even better There were so many beautiful, fandom related moments in here Reading this as someone who has made herself a home online and in many fandoms, this book felt a little like coming home too Poston just GETS IT And she writes about how it feels to be part of fandom culture like no other We need those stories, too Stories that tell us that we can be bold and brash and make mistakes and still come out better on the other side And oooh, my heart with all of the Geekerella references You COULD definitely read this without having read Geekerella but I would really advise against it First of all if you enjoy Geekerella, you ll probably enjoy this one and vice versa But this book is really loaded with references to its events and characters, so not only do I imagine it s probably a bit confusing in parts but you ll just have a much greater reading experience if you can recognize all those references.AND there s some spoilers for Geekerella and I d find it really sad if you couldn t discover those events and character developments for yourself So, please read Geekerella first It s worth it It also makes the reading experience much emotional.This is also important for the understanding of the fictional sci fi show, Starfield If you ve read Geekerella you have a certain knowledge of this show, which is really important for understanding the impact that a lot of the events in this novel have.And if, like me, you also fell head over heels in love with this fictional show, it truly feels so wonderful to be back at ExcelsiCon, to read about Starfield again, to experience the fandom I m not even gonna lie I m a Starfield fan and this book only strengthened my love for it One day I want this show to actually happen I can quote so many things from the show I literally want a shirt that says Look to the stars Aim Ignite And there was one really beautiful scene at the end of the book where this phrase gets used and I could literally feel myself experiencing this moment with everyone else and I just BAWLED As our friends in the Federation always say Look to the stars Aim echoes everyone on the showroom floor and I join in for the final word Ignite Cheers rise up across the showroom floor, and I close my eyes and relish it, because there s nothing quite like the possibility of another ExcelsiCon One aspect that I also really loved was the two perspectives that we got Apart from the fact that I truly loved both main characters with all their flaws and everything, it was just so fun to see the perspective of an actress at a con and especially someone who is not involved in fandom at all and of a frequent con goer who even shared a booth with someone and then see those roles reversed Both characters learned a lot from this experience and I just think that it worked incredibly well in this context.This also had so much commentary on social media, misogyny in especially Science Fiction and Fantasy fandoms, harassment at cons. you name it Sometimes those moments felt a little clumsy but god, I d rather have them in there clumsily than ignore the fact that this is A CONSTANT THING that happens.I like that we see an actress as part of a big Science Fiction franchise especially a rebooted one and how much harassment she experiences through social media It referenced both Daisy Ridley s and Kelly Marie Tran s situations and it was clearly a very timely commentary on that It was really great to see this talked about in a novel cause I had never read about it, especially from this side of things, and I thought that Poston did such a good thing to also explain how it s hard to escape those comments and how it s scary. but also sometimes even scarier to not read about yourself I just thought that this was overall handled incredibly well And I loved that the main character pointed out her own white privilege and that she acknowledges that she receives less hate than many women of colour in similar situations.Through those perspectives, especially of the actress, Jess, experiencing the fan side of things, this book explores the theme of the art house movies vs the popular, entertainment movies and how there is value to both and an audience for both and how the entertainment media shouldn t be belittled, especially by people working inside of it.I loved this aspect because that is exactly what I feel about this book This was no Great Gatsby This book has many flaws There s some overly dramatic scenes in here, it has a very quickly developing romantic storyline I ll get into this in the next paragraph and I know this is gonna be too filled with pop culture references for a lot of people And I get all that This is no Literary Fiction But this pulled at my heartstrings and it was exactly the fluffy and emotional read that I needed And it made a huge impact on me, an impact that a Great Gatsby would never achieve What I am built for is to fall in love slowly, page by page, like reading a favorite book I am built for the nearness of someone, the quirk of their lips, the sincerity of their smile, the dreams just underneath their skin I fall in love moment by moment, collecting who they are, who they were, who they want to be, into a kaleidoscope of colors When it comes to the romantic storyline, you have to go into this knowing what you re gonna get If you cannot handle a romantic storyline that takes place over a couple of days, this is not the book for you I do not mind short real life time spans, especially not if it s at a con because. let s be real, cons are magical places and feelings are very heightened But you might have to suspend your disbelief Let s keep in mind that this is a fairytale retelling.If you take out that element, or, like me, just don t care, I loved both romantic storylines SO GOD DAMN MUCH Now, I gotta say, with the whole Princess and the Pauper situation, the f f romance was one that some people will probably not love Cause it s basically build up on a lie and I definitely wish Poston had done something different but at the same time, I can t deny that. I kinda didn t mind Like I m putting this info here cause I know it s gonna bother other people but for me, I still think it worked well and Poston just managed to sell this romance to me regardless, which is SKILLS in and of itself.The m f romance was a dislike to love there wasn t enough time for hate and it was SOME GOOD STUFF I could tell IMMEDIATELY this was gonna be it and I looove that, I loved the dynamic and development I think there are people who come into your life, and you just know For however long or short a time or however impossible it might seem they re important Like a guiding star amid a storm In conclusion, I can only say I loved this book and could probably write five paragraphs about it Really, through writing this review I only just realized all the small nuances that added up to this being an absolutely fantastic read for me It was so enjoyable and emotional and I will cherish this book forever Look to the stars Aim Ignite Booktube Channel Twitter Instagram I received an ARC of this through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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    Oh my gosh, a companion to

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    10 10 for the sapphic romance, it was adorable Otherwise the plot was kinda dull and Imogen was insufferable times than not.

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    This was quirky and cute and cringy wrapped up in a galactic nutshell.Maybe I ve grown out of her writing since I read Geekerella in 2017 and loved it, but Ashley Poston REALLY wants to cram as many Harry Potter and Starfield references as is humanly possible in every page of the novel This whole book screamed at me look at how relatable and adorably quirky I am the whole time and it did annoy me and hinder me enjoyment as it read as too immature for me at times.We have the Princess, Jessica Stone, international actress extraordinaire, grew on me towards the last quarter of the book, her relationship with another character, was heart warming, but wow man, she is annoying and whinyyyyy af I do appreciate her showing how there are two sides to be being famous, the harassment and trolls picking her apart as society typically does to anyone with any kind of platform, but I just couldn t get over how she treated people and that bitchy vibe she was giving me lingered far too long for me to love Jess overall She redeemed herself towards the end, but I still think she s a bit stuck up And we have the Pauper, Imogen Lovelace, Fangirl fanatic, who I like than Jess, but I found her fangirling to be a bit much at times She s the product of galactic red bull and coffee in the form of a human being Her relationships with her brother and Mums were fun to read from, they re just one big happy family full of nerds Her determination to stand up for something she truly believes in and has such a passion for was admirable, the lengths she went to for this cause was admirable to say the least Her relationship with another character was predictable as was Jess but it was cute, nothing mind blowing, just two nerds coming together and seeing each other under the surface.Seeing the other characters from the first book was nostalgic as this book is set in the same world as Geekerella If you re looking for an incredibly easy and fast read, full of fandoms, supportive families and quirky diverse romances, then this book is for you

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