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Fantastic Beasts The Crimes of Grindelwald [PDF / EPUB] Fantastic Beasts The Crimes of Grindelwald At the end of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them the powerful Dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald was captured in New York with the help of Newt Scamander But making good on his threat Grindelwald es At the end The Crimes PDF Ç of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them the powerful Dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald was captured in New York with the help of Newt Scamander But making good on his threat Grindelwald escapes custody and sets about gathering followers most unsuspecting of his true agenda to raise pure blood Fantastic Beasts ePUB Ñ wizards up to rule over all non magical beingsIn an effort to thwart Grindelwald’s plans Albus Dumbledore enlists Newt his former Hogwarts student who agrees to help once again unaware of the dangers that lie ahead Lines are drawn as love and loyalty are tested even among the truest friends and family in Beasts The Crimes Kindle Ð an increasingly divided wizarding worldThis second original screenplay from JK Rowling illustrated with stunning line art from MinaLima expands on earlier events that helped shaped the wizarding world with some surprising nods to the Harry Potter stories that will delight fans of both the books and films.

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    Fantastic Beasts The Crimes of Destroying Everything That Is Good about the Wizarding World A Guide in 10 StepsIt is likely that you have already seen the Fantastic Beasts seuel this week I mean we have waited two years for this right? No point in waiting any longer If you have not seen it you might hold off from reading this review It contains ALL the spoilers and might ruin the film for you After seeing it two days ago I left the movie theatre not sure what to think I was angry and disappointed but I could not say for what reason Now I know Here are the 10 reasons why The Crimes of Grindelwald is the worst film in the entire Potterverse1 More Magic Is Not The Answer to a Succesful FilmRemember how realistic and true the Wizarding World always seemed to be? It was right there just out of reach Hogwarts was definitely real I was just too much of a muggle to see it FB2 destroyed that illusion once and for all The fragility that existed between these two worlds proved too weak to hold FB2 is so magical and big and fantastic that the coexistence of muggles and wizards ceases to play a role In Paris it seems you do not have to think about casting a spell in public Muggles just won't notice that bloody big Chinese cat that runs around the city either2 NaginiI definitely loved that character But why was she in that film in the first place? There was no point in her being there Apart from making this film seem exciting that it is3 ueenieMy favourite character does not deserve to be treated this way What the heck? ueenie becomes one of Grindelwald's closest allies because she does not want to live in a world where she cannot love a muggle Makes total sense to change sides and hold tea parties with a tyrant and murderer Cause when you have a man that loves you and a sister you love than anything in the world and an ability to BLOODY READ MINDS of course you throw your common sense out of the window to support anarchy and chaos4 Leta LestrangeAnother fantastic character Beautifully played by Zoë Kravitz What a shame that she is no than a tool to be killed off for dramatic effect As the only black main character if that is what you want to call it it seems kind of a dick move to eliminate her right away By the way have you noticed a pattern yet? We are only at Nr 4 out of 10 and we already have three female characters treated like crap You want ? I will give you 5 Mrs LestrangeLeta's mother is another pawn and she gets the worst treatment of them all As if rape and abuse are not enough of course she also has to die as soon as Leta was born because that is all black or female characters seem to excel at in this filmWhat is extremely illogical though is how a random wizard can put an Imperius Curse on a woman that then just walks out of her house never to returnwith no conseuences? No husband trying to get her back? No investigations into what could have made her leave her family in just a nightgown? No one thinking of trying to find out whether someone literally put a spell on her? Bullshit6 Trying to Put Every Minor Character's Backstory in One FilmOne of the things I loved about the Potter books was the fact that every character had their own history that could be glimpsed at sometimes and usually was never fully revealed Elaborate subplots are what added so much to these books Of course it was annoying not to see these side stories make it into the films There was not enough room for them not enough time The films would have been 8 hours long otherwise which I wouldn't have minded anyway but I do know it would have been impossible to do that JKR tries to cram so much backstory in this film that it ruins the pacing and the expert storytelling 7 Unnecessary and Unwanted Potter ReferencesWhile we are talking about cramming things into this film let's talk about Credence and the entirely ridiculous revelation that he is Dumbledore's brother Not only is it a cheap trick in the fashion of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child where Voldemort suddenly has a daughter with Bellatrix Lestrange it also does injustice to Harry's relationship with Dumbledore Of course we do not know everything about Dumbledore's past But we thought the lying and hiding was finally over when Harry and Dumbledore met in the in between in book 7 There were also signs that Ariana Dumbledore his sister might have been an Obscurial You could also argue that the nature of Dumbledore's and Grindelwald's relationship was obvious But for him to have yet another brother? I feel cheated on Harry's behalf AND on my own's8 Animation So Bad It Hurts My EyesHow can a production with so much money suck so bad at making those shadowcats look real? What was that even?9 Do We Really Need To Talk About Depp's Involvement In This Film?Nope Still stinks You could almost say this film's suckiness is karma for casting him in the first place10 This Film is a Disgrace and an Insult to Every PotterheadOne of the few good things I take away from this film is that I have no desire whatsoever to buy any merch I do not want the screenplay I do not want the screenplay to film books I do not want any Funkos or posters or artefacts I do not want this film to exist in the first placeOne last thing I love Harry Potter than anything I am deeply in awe with JK Rowling for writing this outstanding series for being outspoken for opening so many doors for many YA authors and stories that would probably not exist otherwise I have the deepest respect for her work I have a freaking Deathly Hallows tattoo because I love this universe so much It pains me to see something that I love so much go to ruins I do not enjoy saying these things I would rather write a positive review I am holding on to the hope that this remains the worst of the films yet to be released and that they will return to being as good as the first Fantastic Beasts film But at least I will not be surprised any when my hopes will fail to materialise I will respond to criticism and I do enjoy discussions However I will not accept hate or insults Blocking people is fairly easy so consider yourself warnedFind of my books on Instagram

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    345 Stars ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️“DUMBLEDORE Do you know why I admire you Newt? More perhaps than any man I know? off NEWT’S surprise You don’t seek power or popularity You simply ask is the thing right in itself? If it is then I must do it no matter the cost” Well well well Yet another money grab unnecessary book is yet again upon us one that I definitely bought because I'm a bitch for this useless Harry Potter related shit This book literally took me 2 hours to finish which is approximately the duration of the movie This is one of those books you read to expand your Goodreads total books score and it makes you so satisfied to have finished 2 books in one day as I have today This book is made to make us feel good about our reading life Thx book Well this is not technically a book but a movie script and reviewing it feels like I'm reviewing the movie??? if that makes sense??? I'll just write some general shit here At the end of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them the powerful Dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald was captured in New York with the help of Newt Scamander But making good on his threat Grindelwald escapes custody and sets about gathering followers most unsuspecting of his true agenda to raise pure blood wizards up to rule over all non magical beingsIn an effort to thwart Grindelwald’s plans Albus Dumbledore enlists Newt his former Hogwarts student who agrees to help once again unaware of the dangers that lie ahead Lines are drawn as love and loyalty are tested even among the truest friends and family in an increasingly divided wizarding worldThis book showed me how weak the script of this movie is and how right I was to not have liked it as much as the previous one That's all I'm going to say when it comes to the plot of the movie Moving onThis movie script book was how it was supposed to be Following the steps of the previous one it really captures the essence of the movie and makes you feel everything as you did when you watched it Which makes sense cause the people who worked on the movie worked on this too At some points we see some extra feelings and thoughts of the characters we didn't see in the movie which was a nice lil' bonus I truly wonder what would it be like to read this before having watched the movie I might try it next time aroundNext up THE ILLUSTRATIONS As a graphic designer myself I can't not comment on that I feel this book was even extraordinarily beautiful than the previous one I commend those graphic designers and illustrators their work is a piece of art I couldn't stop looking at those marvelous images which enthralled me all the into the spirit of the book The Harry Potter industry knows where it's atLastly I gotta talk about what bothered me Nothing relatable to the plot of the movie of course WHY WOULD THE NAMES OF THE CHARACTERS HAD TO BE IN CAPS EVERY DAMN TIME? I felt as though the names were being screaming at me every time I read them and sometimes I would lose focus Did this happen in the previous movie script book? I don't fucking remember But I have to tell you it fucking aggravated me this time around If it did exist in the previous movie script book that means I have changed as a reader and things annoy easily apparently Well fuck meOverall these were 2 productive hours of my life I love this story these characters no matter what the plot does I will always want to watch them and read about them I'm so happy my favorite franchise continues no matter what And till the next Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them unneeded book K BYE

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    I watched the movie last night then read the screenplay this morning I’m going back to watch it again tonight I guess that means I like it a lot Here's three things that made the story REAL interesting 1 Grindelwald’s leadershipThis is the first time we are really seeing his character And it’s a little complex than I supposed Unlike Voldemort Grindelwald is not inherently evil and he doesn’t appear to desire power for himself only the fruition of his vision for the world a better world I wonder where he sees himself in the aftermath? He’s also extremely manipulative and can persuade otherwise good characters to follow him and not out of fear They follow him because there is an undercurrent of truth in his ideas He wants peace for the world but of course the kind of peace he wants could only be bought with blood and death I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes to finding out whether he is a hypocrite in his leadership or a genuine visionary though I think I already know the real answer The point is there's to him than the typical one dimensional villain archetype he was said to be 2 Young Dumbledore Dumbledore has always been a bit of an enigma He possesses knowledge and history that we know nothing about so it’s great to see a bit of his backstory explored Now we all know how these films will end with whose victory and defeat But I am still genuinely interested in seeing it play out It won’t be a clean victory for sure There are uite a few characters in here that aren’t even mentioned in the Harry Potter series No doubt there will be a few deaths coming in the next one 3 Nagini as a MaledictusThis for me was one of the most exciting things about the movie because it left me with me so many uestions At one point Nagini Voldemort’s pet snake and horcrux was once a normal girl who felt love and pain and longed for acceptance She was cursed to forever take the form of snake in later life but how did she join the side of evil? I’m sure the next film will give us the answers we seek Final thoughtsThere are some weak points in the movie such as it’s over fixation with Credence and his lineage but the reveal of exactly who he is at the end kind of makes it all worth it I must admit I really did not see that coming Also a note on the screenplay itself like the previous one it is just an exact replicate of the movie There's nothing new here but I enjoyed reading it neverthelessFacebook| Twitter| Insta| Academia

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    Me exited to be back to the Wizarding World Me after watching Crimes of Grindelwald This unsatisfyingly incomplete plot that cast a Confundus Charm on every die hard Potterhead like meFantastic Beasts The Seuel Part OneBack in 2016 it was intended a Trilogywith a promising first movieBut like the splitting of the 7th HP book this seuel felt splitted just to make 5 Movies instead of 3PLUS the plot's wasted in a Red Herring chase And if the ending twist's true that'd be Burning the characters' history as we know itFirst Dumbledore's teaching DADA Professor McGonagall mysteriously appears teaching before she even bornThat's the true issue herethat what deserve a real backlash later unlike the irrational pre release backlashes of; Apparition in Hogwarts May be it was a law issued later years Not Gay Enough Well the character of Dumbledore is really very well introducedwas in character and glad that he's not explicitly gay just decent portrait of the friendship than brothers actually that happens in the past Villian Actor Well Jonny Depp portrait a perfect villian no matter how his peronal life he did a perfect role here and can't wait to see Asian Actress Acting as HumanBeast As for Nagini's was it really that necessary character? well so far this part didn't introduced a good story for herThe blood curse is mysterious and based on old Indonesian folklore so I can't see harm in the casting hereAside of all this there's important real problems here with the community with the Characters history and bios we learned from the author herself or established in the 7 Holy Books of Harry PotterLike what the hell Professor McGonagall does in this movie? or the mess with Dumbledore's history Keep the secret thoughActually this part was missing a better complete plotWell will start read the script nowmay things get betterAnd I still want to be a WizardFull Review is comingMohammed ArabeyWatching 15 November 2018

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    I finished this book in under an hour because I just could not put it down I don't know how to review this without giving too much away because I genuinely want everyone to enjoy this book as it is Okay first off I was never a fan of Dumbledore in HP and I didn't like him in this one as well I just find him annoying And don't get me started on Grindelwald Such an ass If you haven't already seen the movie or the trailer then I wouldn't spoil it for you but two of the characters from Harry Potter make an appearance in this one One's got a big role in HP but the other person hasn't got like a big role but I did enjoy them in HP and in this one as wellAhhh I loved this so muchI can't wait to watch the movie

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    45 STARS if you're wondering where that half a star went ask Rowling—she probably threw it in the trash with the timeline 😂 “Regret is my constant companion Do not let it become yours” The second installment in the Fantastic Beasts 5 movie series and a screenplay not a novel full of magicThere are reasons I absolutely appreciated this despite what many might say and reasons I didn't—I'll be responding to some of the criticisms too while supporting othersOne thing's clear while JK Rowling made some great choices she also made some mistakes while trying to appeal to the fans; the McGonagall dilemma not even the worst oneThe thing the whole series seems to hang on to while dangling on the edge of the precipice is what could mess this up—view spoilerAURELIUS CAN'T POSSIBLY BE DUMBLEDORE'S BROTHER Why? hide spoiler

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    SPOILERS SPOILERS BEWARE ALL YE WHO ENTER HERE Ah well shrugs You've been warnedI’m sorry dear Newt I wish that I could agree with you but WHAT WAS THAT? I’ve never been angry and disappointed at a Harry Potter film before What on Earth happened? Was JK Rowling actually the screenwriter or is this another case of the Cursed Child? Let’s start with ueenie one of my favourite characters Remember the adorable sweetheart that she was in the first film? Well sorry THAT UEENIE IS D E A D It’s like she underwent a lobotomy and completely changed personalities She starts off the film controlling Jacob via a love potion and in doing so tries to manipulate him into marriage which makes ZERO SENSE considering that he was ALREADY IN LOVE WITH HER Then when he finds out she runs and joins Grindelwald?? A known wannabe tyrant and murderer??? Who hates all Muggles which includes Jacob??? How on Earth does that even make sense??? Jacob loves her but he doesn’t want her controlling him He even chases after her Not that she cares sigh But this was only the beginning Just you waitLeta LestrangeI was so excited to get to know her andguess what? She’s dead too But unlike ueenie she’s actually dead Wonderful NOT She was SO UNDERUTILISED I loved the dynamic between her Newt and Theseus I actually preferred her with Newt because I find Tina to be rather boring and tedious but hey that’s just me It’s obviously not a possibility now considering that JK Rowling just threw her character away This also ended the Lestrange line so how does Bellatrix Black marry into the family many years in the future??? I’m so confused Will she be resurrected??? What is happening? I swear that every female character was treated poorly in this film with the exception of TinaWhy is Nagini now a real person? That’s an unnecessary and random storyline The ending of the film also came out of nowhere The phoenix??? Credence is Dumbledore’s long lost brother??? Why then in the future do we only hear of Aberforth and Ariana??? Why is Credence never mentioned? While Dumbledore never revealed anything that needed to be discussed insert eye roll here Aberforth mentioned Ariana Why did he neglect to include Credence? There is so much in this film that DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE Why JK Rowling? WHY?I feel like this film wanted to do too much in too little time They tried to scrunch in so much backstory to propel the plot forwardwhich was to the detriment of the film You can’t develop that many characters at once unless you extend the runtime to four or five hours rather than the two and a half it was given JK Rowling tried to thread together all of the characters at once which made me not care about any of them And why would I? I didn’t have any time to attach myself to them and become sensitive to their backgrounds before a new backstory was thrown at meAlsomy girl Minerva McGonagall is a professor in this filmdespite not being born yet? The film takes place in 1927but Minerva was born in 1935 There’s no possible way that she could’ve been teaching before she was even conceived Was this plain and simple fan service??? I’m certain that JK Rowling shall find some way to explain this mistake away Oh And Dumbledore despite being a Transfiguration professor was teaching Defence Against the Dark Arts??? What the heck is going on here?? It’s like JK Rowling doesn’t even care about sticking to the canon of her own world that SHE CREATED Man am I disappointedBut the one thing that I really enjoyed was Jude Law’s portrayal of Albus Dumbledore He was so suave and charismatic And in true Dumbledore fashion he managed to get everyone to do his work for him despite not divulging any important information to anyone beforehand Yes I’m spilling that tea While I mentioned not enjoying the casting of Johnny Depp as Gellert Grindelwald in my review of the previous film Jude Law is PERFECT as Albus Dumbledore I’ve loved this casting choice since the very moment it was announcedWhile I enjoyed this film as a whole because I tend to love anything Harry Potter related no matter what I really hope that JK Rowling turns this series around in the next film or it might be time for me to part ways with the Fantastic Beasts franchise before it ruins all of the love that I have for the Harry Potter series Even though I dislike Snape as a characterhis facial expression depicts my feelings about this film perfectly

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    What the fuck even was thatI haven't watched the movie yet so this is solely a review of the book but wow I'm certainly not rushing to the theatres anytime soonThe story is seriously a big hot mess though and while I loved the first installment the follow up really threw everything I liked about it into a blender The characters changed in ludicrous fashion the motivations behind the characters themselves were murky at best and there was little to no plot development This feels like the middle book of a trilogy but apparently we have three books to look forward toThe biggest issue I had was the very clear attempt to merge these preuel stories with the original Harry Potter series I felt if the writers simply focused on telling these stories and letting them stand on their own merits they might not have felt the need to remind us every so often that hey This is set in the Harry Potter world It just felt messy The biggest flaw was McGonagall's cameo She was in her 70s in the original stories which began in 1997 yet in The Crimes of Grindewald she's a Hogwarts professor in a story set in the mid 20s I can imagine the cameos are far exciting in film but the timeline super doesn't match at least in accordance with what Rowling has stated previously about her characters Seriously so unnecessary There are also additions to the story that simply don't end up making a whole lot of sense Like that bit about Nagini having been an actual human at one point in her life? It's revealed that she's a Maledictus able to transform into a snake but due to a blood curse passed down in her family she'll transform into a snake one day and never be able to transform back Sure it was interesting tidbits and expands on Nagini's story and sure maybe this all becomes vital later on in this series but the small bit we're given seemed pretty inconseuentialBut the icing on the cake was the twist at the end Serious spoiler beware view spoilerAll of a sudden Dumbledore has a long lost and apparently dead but maybe not brother that has never ever been mentioned But of course it's a brother that he never even knew existed Bah I just don't really care because we've already had enough about Dumbledore I want focus on who the central character should be Newt hide spoiler

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    Unexpected developments This is the original screenplay used for the film Fantastic Beasts The Crimes of Grindelwald Which is the second movie in the saga a preuel saga for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter RETURN TO EUROPE Oh Newt You never met a monster you couldn't love The previous adventure takes the audience to America to boldly go where no wizard or muggle had gone before but in this second story the action takes us back to the old continent Europe to visit England first and later remains on France for the rest of the narrativeReading the book after watching the movie was a rewarding experience since it solved three small doubts that left me the film for not going into the big doubts but at least the book can explain who was the Chupacabra that exists on Funko Pop and I didn't notice on the movie but precisely I did notice it but I didn't know that that creature was the Chupacabra it was the magical animal with Grindelwald at the beginning; later I understood why Newt and Grimsson were so uneasy with each other since Grimmson is a hunter of magical creatures most likely a furtive one; and finally it wasn't clear if Non Magical Parisians were watching the large display of Grindelwald to tell about his reunion and the book indicated that it was invisible to normal humans I guessed that it was so but nothing in the movie was telling me about it Mr Scamander Do you think Dumbledore will mourn for you? Certainly there are some big incongruencies to previous historical facts in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and I am not forgiving them but I guess that like in Star Wars now this pop culture franchise got into the area of contradict itself from a movie to anotherThere are characters that they played major roles in the first adventure while here it looked like JK Rowling didn't know what to do with them now that the saga is taking its long game path but I trust that in the following movies five in total will be each character will prove hisher worth to the enrichment and impact of the preuel saga Because after all I consider that some characters took paths in this second story that some character in the previous saga never took since maybe JK Rowling got too attached to them and maybe in this preuel she is taking harsher choices but indeed brave ones that they will make the whole saga interesting and unpredictableAnd after all always is a delightful experience to enjoy a new journey by JK Rowling through the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

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    i'm starting to think that jkr has the too much gene15 stars✨book #6 for the READING RUSH read and watch a book to movie adaptation ✔️idk when this turned into harry potter week but i guess i'm rowling with it gotta go

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