I Am Hermes!: Mischief-Making Messenger of the Gods Kindle

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    Ancient mythology stories centered around Hermes rewritten for lower grade readers in graphic novel form The art style is fun tastic I ve read some of these myths before, and I really love how Gerstein is able to take these old legends and make them kid friendly and so kids want to read them This sort of reminds me of the younger version of

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    A compilation of various stories of Hermes retold in graphic novel form with little imaginative additions from the author illustrator.If readers aren t quite ready for Percy Jackson or O Connor s Olympians graphic novels, this is a nice younger reader graphic novel intro to Greek mythology characters Gerstein makes thingskid friendly and even has a little fun with what Hermes is doing now at the end.

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    The way that Hermes was presented here in this graphic novel was ABSOULETLY aDORKable in his own way As you tutn each page you re able to get a genuine feel for Heremes s personality It almoat makes you feel the messenger God himself is sitting nearby as you read it THIS one will bring many smiles to your face and allow a burst of laughter to brighten your world WELL written and beautifully illustrated If you re an Ancient Greece fan And you haven t read this one You NEED to D

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    For Read Aloud.3rd Grade Classroom I personally enjoy reading graphic novels aloud because I find it encourages students to keep their attention forward to follow the story Due to time constraint, I was only able to complete the first chapter The story is fairly dense, and presented in a humorous manner The mythology is well researched and the format makes it super accessible Several students expressed their desire to continue this book on their own.

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    This was a cute book about the Greek Gods, specifically Hermes I read a similar book about Zeus during the beginning of the year I found that both Greek God books would be perfect for a lesson on Mythology I found it to be a great book for grades 2nd and 3rd and something they could learn from and find entertaining.

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    What an entirely painless and entertaining way to learn about the Greek Gods The voice of Hermes is so thoroughly self aggrandizing and funny and the illustrations are lively and work well in the graphic novel format.

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    Like his I am Pan, this iscolorful, antic and irreverent that the other excellent myth graphic novels O Conner it is a lot of fun, full of detail and jokes and multiple stories I have had a hard time getting Pan to circulate the cover is off putting I hope Herm s has better luck.

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this graphic novel about Herm s I think I will add it to my library, i don t have much on Greek mythology The illustrations and colors are so beautiful, fun, and engaging I am a fan of the format of short story chapters used Short list of resources in the back of the book.

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    A random pick up Much cute.

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    Gathers up the best known stories about Hermes in a really fun graphic format Painless learning.

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I Am Hermes!: Mischief-Making Messenger of the Gods [PDF / EPUB] I Am Hermes!: Mischief–Making Messenger of the Gods At birth, Hermes, son of Zeus and the Nymph Maia, says his first word Gimme In this graphic novel about the mischievous, fun loving messenger of the gods, Mordicai Gerstein transports classical mythol At birth, Hermes, son of Hermes!: Mischief-Making PDF Ç Zeus and the Nymph Maia, says his first word Gimme In I Am Kindle - this graphic novel about the mischievous, fun loving messenger of the gods, Mordicai Gerstein transports classical mythology Am Hermes!: Mischief-Making PDF ☆ to the st century The world the newly born Hermes says It s even better than I expected I love it I want it all On his first day of life, Hermes manages to trick a turtle into surrendering its shell and a ram into surrendering its horns, thereby inventing the lyre, music, and song He also manages to steal his brother Apollo s precious cows, but later redeems himself by outwitting the giant brothers Otus and Ephialtes, who have kidnapped Mars.