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  • Breathing Underwater
  • Alex Flinn
  • English
  • 20 February 2016
  • 9780064472579

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    Breathing Underwater is a staple in my clasroom This book is written so well that it becomes the hook for my non reading students I learned about the thought process of someone that abuses mentally and physically I also learned about why someone might stay in an abusive relationship I found myself having empathy for the main character even though he had made large mistakes

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    I know if I don't try to type out my feelings now I will lose what I am thinkingfeelingI don't want to say that I didn't like the book but I have very few good things to say about it Yes it captured my interest and I read it uickly I wasn't ever bored and anxiously waited to see how it ended There were so many things that I didn't like though1 I don't like books that are written for YA that try to capture what it is really like in high school I don't want my kids reading those kind of books Yes this may be real life for some but I hope it isn't real life for my kids I want my kids to be hanging out with their friends from church not having sex on the weekends It seems like authors that try to write like this write about the minority of high school kids I saw signs posted at the high school that we directed at that say only 3% of high school students drink alcohol regularly or something close to that They are wanting the student body to understand that NOT everyone is doing it so it bugs me when teen literature makes it seem like everyone does meaning alcohol sex etc 2 I understand from a friends review that the author was compelled to write this story after working with battered women and children I can see that she is trying to get the message out there that says you are in control of your own actions and feelings You need to own up to them and take responsiblity I honestly don't see how this book is going to create change in young adults The ending was very predictable I knew as soon as the book started that he would have an ah ha moment and suddenly be better or at least be on the road to better at the end It seemed to wrapped in a pretty package to me and I think that high schoolers will see right through it When I have felt the most compelled to change in my life it has always been situations weather listening to someone or even reading something that the spirit was there I don't think I ever once felt the spirit while reading this I think there are uplifting books on the market to get teens to understand the point the author was trying to make3 When I was teaching in Young Womens a talk I came across from Susan Tanner said that we don't encourage our youth to obey the standards by showing them all the ways they could disobey Meaning we don't show them multiple examples of immodest clothing to get the point across to wear something modest I feel that same way with this book don't show us violence and anger to get us to not do it or to get us to change our ways I don't think the book focused enough on the 'message' In fact I didn't really even feel the message of the book until I read my friends review Until then I felt like this book was about a jerk who ended up realizing his errors and wanting to change The problem is that when he wanted to change the book was over There was no time spent on the change So this leaves readers who don't know how to change empty and just like every person who is caught in the abusive cycle knowing they need to change but not knowing how The kid in this book got lucky that he was sentenced to take this class Not many people in real life are going to voluntarily take those type of classesSo to end this book was fine for just reading But to create change like I suspect the author was trying to do I think it fails miserably So folks that is my initial gut reaction of this book I am going to sleep on it and I may change my mind tomorrow

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    In this extraordinary novel by Alex Flinn we experience a violent teen relationship from the point of view of the boy who beats his girlfriend Nick is everyone’s friend and seemingly has a perfect life What his friends don’t know is that his father is abusive Before he knows it Nick finds himself following in his dad’s footsteps as he becomes both verbally and physically abusive to his girlfriend Caitlin When Caitlin’s parents file a restraining order against him Nick is forced into a family violence class Reuired reading for many schools Alex Flinn does an amazing job of portraying Nick in a way in which the reader can almost feel sorry for him I found myself rooting for him to get help and stick with his recovery program

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    Breathing Underwater is about sixteen year old Nick Andreas who leads a double life most of the time he is a charming straight A earning football player However the guys in his anger management class and his ex girlfriend Caitlin know differently They know that Nick is actually an abusive person who has lived under the poor influence of his father This book details his struggle to find himself in the mask of anger that has been controlling him for awhile nowI honestly did NOT want to like this book It seemed to be the type of book that I would naturally not like even though I just love Alex Flinn's works As I began the novel I couldn't stop myself from flipping the pages to find out what exactly Nick did and if he manages to control himself or not Some people complain about happy endings but this book's ending was bitter sweet not completely happy Flinn really has a gift in making the reader just feel the emotions of the main character like it or not I would definetly recommend this book to every teen who isn't aware of situations like the one presented in this book

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    A fast simple read that was gripping shocking and honestWas this really challenged to be banned from a school? This is exactly the type of book that teen girls should be readingyes he's hot yes he's popular and sexy but he's mean he's controlling and he hits you this is not a romantic relationship you want to be inEven though the entire book is from the abusers POV and Flinn gave us hope for his character by the end she made her girl SMART and able to do the right thing once the danger became to much Its for sure a teachable book that examines the characteristics in a domestic abuser and the signs to know when to break off the relationship

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    It makes me sad that a book about teenage violence has become reuired reading for all freshman at North Highwhere my kids attend On the other hand I'm glad that someone took the time to write a book about such a serious and much needed topic I'm sure that the author wrote it thinking that if she could make a difference in even one person's life it would be well worth it I feel that if the reading of this book is accompanied with a great deal of classroom discussion it could prove to be very helpful to kids who are prone to violence or kids who are victims of violence This is not your typical book about abuse because it's from the abuser's point of view It takes you on a journey inside the mind of Nick Andreas a 16 year old who grows up in an upper class neighborhood in Miami FL Once you get to know him you start to feel sorry for him because of his relationship with his father and his inability to recognize the seriousness of his situation Because he refuses to see the obvious that he needs professional helphe continues to make bad choices Only when his life completely spins out of control does he finally have an aha moment and he starts to make the changes necessary to improve his lifeWhat impresses me the most about this book is how the author stresses the importance of accepting responsibility for your own actions I think that was the main message of the book to give hope to those who struggle with angerviolence to let them know that there is a way to break the cycle of abuse and the first step to recovery is to stop blaming others for your problems and accept responsibility for your actionsThe author does capture the lifestyle of the average American teen which may be offensive to some it's actually uite offensive to me personally however I understand that writers who write for YA's feel the need to portray high schoolers as realistically as possible Alex Flinn may have gone a little too far with this though the boys do use really crude language this is what makes it a 3 star rather than a 4 or 5 star Although as my daughter reminded me if she were to make it truly realistic she would have to add a lot 4 letter words Obviously the book was written especially for today's teens and therefore is much appealing to that age group and less appealing to adultsInterestingly the author Alex Flinn interned with the Miami Dade State Attorney's Office while in law school trying several domestic violence cases It was this experience along with serving as a volunteer and mentor at the Inn Transition facility for battered women and their children that led her to write this book Incidentally Alex Flinn recently came to visit some of the Com Arts classes here at North High School She came and visited my daughter's Creative Writing Class

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    Sadly this book may be a work of fiction but in many ways it isn't I know people in similar situations or even someone like Nick It's not fun It's sad to think growing up in a hostile home and not having the love from your parents that you need can mold you into a certain person who lashes out on the ones who care most about them girlfriendsboyfriends and friends It's a hard cycle to break and there's only two routes that it could end up at I think this book could be very helpful for certain people and it's a good read for anyone who wants to get in the mind of someone like this and have a little understanding of their world Sometimes they are the victim

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    This book made me think and feel so much It could've been improved storywise and characterwise but it gets its message across really well and the main concept of the story is portrayed perfectly It made you feel sad for all types of characters while being so frustrated at them at the same time This made me love this book

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    Another book from my library's display for Teen Dating Violence Awareness month This one was different in that it was told from the perspective of the abuser In past books I've had trouble reading a story told from the bad guy's point of view but in this one I found myself sympathizing with him at certain timesI like how the story is told through a journal writing exercise and how Nick ends up understanding about himself and his life through the exercise I really enjoyed the character Mario and how he related to the guys in his class His story was a very sad one and I like that it was included in a book of this nature And even though it crushed me I think it was wise of the author to include what happened to Leo and his girlfriend I think it's important to show all the bad sides of this situation and not just the ones where the person learns from what they've doneThe ending was a good one for me I like how Nick chose to continue his life and the conversation with his father I also like that there wasn't some big happy ending like sort of a normal moving on from this chapter in their livesI think teens should get out there and read these kind of heavy hitting books and I'm so impressed with the authors who are writing them

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    This book is a very personal account of a young man who abuses his girlfriend and his journey to healing There isn’t much I can say without giving it away but the story is moving ; The message invaluable and super important The message of self love and self respect I feel that the lessons the young man learned by the end of the book are priceless I really appreciate a book like this The book is written in a journaling style Instead of chapters which is something different and uniue The author writes in short concise sentences which leaves the reader the chance to make connections about the characters and their personalities I enjoyed this a lot

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Breathing Underwater[PDF / EPUB] Breathing Underwater Like father like sonIntelligent popular handsome and wealthy sixteen year old Nick Andreas is pretty much perfect on the outside at least What no one knows not even his best friend is the terror that Like father like sonIntelligent popular handsome and wealthy sixteen year old Nick Andreas is pretty much perfect on the outside at least What no one knows not even his best friend is the terror that Nick faces every time he is alone with his father Then he and Caitlin fall in love and Nick thinks his problems are over Caitlin is the one person who he can confide in But when things start to spiral out of control Nick must face the fact that he's gotten from his father than green eyes and money.

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