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Crisis [PDF / EPUB] Crisis New York Times bestselling author Felix Francis returns with his newest edge of your seat horseracing thriller in the Dick Francis traditionHarrison Foster a crisis manager for a London firm is summon New York Times bestselling author Felix Francis returns with his newest edge of your seat horseracing thriller in the Dick Francis traditionHarrison Foster a Crisis manager for a London firm is summoned to Newmarket after a fire in the Chadwick Stables kills six very valuable horses including the short priced favorite for the Derby There is far to the simple fire than initially meets the eyefor a start human remains are found among the euestrian ones in the burnt out shell All the stable staff are accounted for so who is the mystery victimHarry knows very little about horses indeed he positively dislikes them but he is thrust unwillingly into the world of thoroughbred racing where the standard of care of the euine stars is far higher than that of the humans who attend to themThe Chadwick family is a dysfunctional racing dynasty Resentment between the generations is rife and sibling rivalry bubbles away like volcanic magma beneath a thin crust of respectabilityHarry represents the Middle Eastern owner of the Derby favourite and as he delves deeper into the unanswered uestions surrounding the horse's demise he ignites a fuse that blows the volcano sky high Can Harry solve the riddle before he is bumped off by the fallout.

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    Having co authored many books with his father Dick Felix continued to write thrillers after his father's death in 2010 and this is his eighth solo novel I was a tiny bit apprehensive about starting this as I wondered whether there would be too many references that would go over my head about horse racing but the information that was referenced was interesting and relevant to the story and importantly reuired no prior knowledge of the scene Based at Newmarket it follows Harrison Harry Foster our protagonist and lawyer turned crisis manager as he gets to grips with a suspicious fire at a training yard which ends up killing many of the horses Unfortunately like me Harry knows virtually nothing about the racing scene but in order to solve the case he is going to have to learn pretty damn uickly It was an original touch to have both the reader and the protagonist learn horse racing tidbits alongside each other and I always felt all aspects were explained sufficientlyThis is a confident expertly plotted novel and Francis's writing is so masterful and alluring that you are pretty rapidly immersed in the story The format is refreshing in that it makes use of a linear timeline and is told in first person narrative from Harry's perspective What I absolutely loved about Crisis is that the perpetrator is well hidden and not easily guessable something that I very rarely find these days many thrillers are so very predictable but not this one The plot is well thought out and put together and holds your interest from start to finish Even as a seasoned thriller reader I found myself being surprised time and time again by what was happening that is the mark of a great novel in my opinion As if all that wasn't enough the explosive conclusion leaves you shocked but ultimately satisfiedMany thanks to Simon Schuster for an ARC

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    After 56 years of marriage my husband and I are still getting along just fine even though we don't always agree But we're both long time fans of Felix Francis and his prolific author father Dick before him And after reading this one we are in total accord This is perhaps the best of the son's lot so farThe star of the show is Harrison Harry Foster an attorney who focuses on crisis management at a prominent London firm Despite his total lack of interest in and knowledge of horse racing his boss taps him to head to Newmarket where a fire at Chadwick Stables has resulted in the devastating loss of several horses including one owned by Foster's firm's client that's considered a shoe in to win the upcoming Derby When Harry arrives he's greeted by a totally dysfunctional family plenty of mud and the unexpected discovery of human remains amid the ashesWho the victim turns out to be turns the Chadwick family upside down from Patriarch Oliver who's mostly handed the thoroughbred stables over to son Ryan to other son Declan who has set off on his own horse racing venture Throw in another son an estranged daughter and all of their significant others and it's a volatile mix that turns deadly every day Clearly though there's a major family secret that started the infighting and as the fire investigation heats up it threatens to bring everyone to his or her knees including HarryWill he live to see his interest in new love the sister of the woman who runs day to day operations at Chadwick Stables come to fruition? Of course my lips are sealed All I'll say is it's a race to an exciting finish Well done

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    This review was originally posted on Books of My Heart  Read It Rate It and Record    A short review to update challenges  I loved the Dick Francis books so much I have continued on with the Felix Francis books and it's partially a feeling of nostalgia They are not as down to earth or horse racing related as the elder Francis  These have a bit upper class view and style For example Harry is a lawyer not a jockey trainer or groomThere is also a background romance which is a bit too insta love  It does serve well in providing Harry emotional support and local knowledge though  I like a bit of romance but I wouldn't classify this as romance at allThe mystery itself was engaging The characters were pretty well defined Some characters were appealing than others of course  Things moved pretty uickly  Harry is well versed in keep asking uestions and stirring the pot until they come after you form of detective work I enjoyed his information gathering and deductions I couldn’t remember when I’d last been in bed before eleven o’clock let alone ten I would clearly be totally hopeless as a groom Not only would I be frightened of the horses I wouldn’t get up in time to ride them out

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    Felix Francis has taken his father’s work and continues to grow in depth and talent His stories of the world of English racing and that horse world seems to have an endless store of interesting stories

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    I would like to thank Netgalley and Simon Schuster UK Fiction for an advance copy of Crisis a stand alone novel set in Newmarket featuring lawyer turned crisis manager Harrison Harry FosterWhen a fire at the Chadwick training yard kills Derby favourite Prince of Troy and several other horses its owner Sheikh Karim asks Simpson White Consultancy and specifically Harry to protect his interests in the matter and find out who killed his horses In Newmarket knowing nothing about horses or racing Harry's task gets difficult when human remains are found in the fire debris and the Chadwicks prove less than openI thoroughly enjoyed Crisis which is an exciting thriller with plenty of twists and turns There are no surprises in the format with a straightforward first person narrative from Harry and a linear timeline which make for easy clear reading some danger for the protagonist which ramps up the tension and keeps the reader turning the pages a little romance to expand the characterisation and an explosive ending to give the reader a sense of satisfaction It's a winning formula that had me engrossed from start to finish Is it plausible? Probably not but realism doesn't play much of a part in a good thriller which this is I found myself constantly wondering what was coming next and was constantly surprised by what did It is a very assured and well put together novelI don't know much about horse racing but than Harry and I found the snippets of information about it that appear on a regular basis fascinating as they are interesting but not overwhelmingAs with all thrillers characterisation is not the strongest suit so Harry is interchangeable with many Francis protagonists He is smart uick thinking and well able to take care of himself as well as honourable and incorruptible His love at first sight affair is not the most probable for a clear thinking man but he's apparently a risk taker so I assume this is the proofCrisis is a good read which I have no hesitation in recommending

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    This book seems to serve multiple purposes giving us a youngish London male with a lot to learn in the world of romance and career We follow the path he has chosen to pursue finding a fulfilling life than the one he started out in as a simple lawyer drawing up wills codicils divorce papers He sees an advert for a job that he decides on a whim to investigate It leads him into a new job in the world of crisis management The assignment that takes up the majority of this book is to serve a wealthy client who has invested in the finest race horses but learns that his most prized thoroughbred has died in a stable fire near Newmarket Our young man knows nothing about racing but he is the one chosen to represent the client's interests and discover the cause of the fire and who might be responsible for this lossThe aforementioned multiple purposes tutorial on racing in the UK; investigation of murder and family secrets; boy meets girl and finds happiness

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    Never as good as Dick Francis and not as good as his own last one Felix cannot write love relationships terrible Should give it up The horse plot was good; the murder and solution was interesting but he did the rookie thing of hiding stuff from the reader so we could not figure it out Tsk tsk Would give it 25 if that were an option but since it's not this didn't warrant the round up

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    as usual the plotline holds water and my interest but the writing is painfully pedestrian and the romance excruciatingly substandard at least dick francis knew himself well enough to keep romance to a minimum in his marvelous books i've read every one as i expect he knew writing about romantic or sexual situations wasn't something he could do well his son should try the same

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    Many thanks to NetGalley for an advance copy of this novel Harrison Foster is a crisis investigator for a London firm The agents travel anywhere in the world to mitigate problems In this case a fire at a race horse barn in Newmarket causes Harrison to be sent north to represent Sheikh Karim the owner of two dead horses one which was favoured to win the Derby Harrison has no knowledge of racing or of horses He meets Oliver Chadwick and his three sons all involved in training and riding race horses When the firemen get the blaze extinguished they discover a human body in the ashes I enjoyed this uick read Harrison was an interesting character resourceful and tenacious in learning the secrets of the Chadwick family

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    This book was less intense than works by Dick Francisok Felix doesn’t want to be compared to his dad he should be judged on his own merit The book was a primer on horses and horse racing as much as a mystery As much as I liked Harry and Kate I think Felix should stick with horse mysteries and forget writing romance Guess I wasn’t prepared for that aspect of the book and really didn’t think it added anything And the essence of the plot was unappealing to me

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