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    Unfortunately I have finished I tried to make it last as long as possible, reading it slowly, even though I wanted to rush to the end Three Pines, such picturesque village, I would love to live there, if it was real of course I mentioned that to someone and they said, Yes, but they have alot of murders for such a small town True, I had to laugh, but it is the characters, the the people that live there, and the way they care for each other, even the demented poet Ruth Well, this time no murder in the village Instead Gamache and Myrna, arrive separately, not knowing the other was coming, at a tumbled down farmhouse They are tasked, along with another new arrival, with a very strange request Despite their doubts, they are intrigued and accept This brings them into a mystery over 160 years old and bearing a famous name Also of course, are the remnants from the last novel, missing drugs and a suspended Gamache.This may well be my favorite entry, so far in this series Trademark humor, tenderness, and of course some great investigative ability is shown Gamache and his complicated character is fully displayed A few new characters too, and one that attaches to another, will be very surprising indeed At books end, just when explanations are given, the cases wrapped up nicely or in some cases not, we are presented with a most unexpected zinger Now I wonder just where the next book will take us So I wait.ARC from Minotaur books.

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    It is always a joy to return to Three Pines and its eccentric and offbeat residents, and this is a blisteringly brilliant addition to the Detective Armand Gamache series Gamache has been suspended as the Head of the Surete du Quebec, a result of the fallout from his last case His son in law, Jean Guy is now the Acting Head, caught between political machinations that are looking to laying the blame squarely on Gamache to pay the devastating price for his actions Gamache feels he deserves to lose his job as he holds himself responsible for the nightmare entry of the most deadly of opoids, carfentanyl, looking set to flood Montreal and wipe out thousands In his desperation to locate the drugs, he is willing to take risks and do whatever it takes, as he launches an undercover operation in the menacing streets of the city that are riddled with death and danger.Gamache, psychologist and bookseller Myrna Landers, and a young builder from Montreal, Benedict Pouliot, find themselves named as the liquidators, instrumental in implementing the will of a recently deceased woman, a cleaner called the Baroness, Bertha Baumgartnor None of them knew her, and it is a bizarre will, distributing monies and estates that the Baroness does not have With their curiosity aroused, they accept the role and learn when they meet the Baroness s adult children, Anthony, Caroline and Hugo, the recipients of the non existent bequests The will is the latest piece of a longstanding family drama in a delusional and poisonous inheritance that goes back well over a hundred years ago, involving the descendents of twin brothers in Europe A murder has Gamache and Jean Guy delving closely into the family and its history It turns out that current developments in Vienna might provide motive for murder Nothing is as it appears as financial fraud investigator, Agent Cloutier finally gets to deploy her specialised skills that make her feel settled in the police team, whilst deeply buried family secrets and lies are exposed.What makes this series so special are the long established characters that Louise Penny has developed with care and flair, with the best of locations in Three Pines There is the foulmouthed poet, Ruth and her duck, Rosa, Myrna, artist Clara Morrow, Gamache s wife, Reine Marie and a slew of others This is a novel and series about community, belonging, kindness, comic humour, wit, love and affection The addition of compelling new characters, such as Benedict and Katie Burke keep this story fresh and ever evolving The theme of blindness is strong in its application to a range of people, including Gamache, who cannot stop engaging in machinations with mixed results This is a fantastic read, entertaining with top notch storylines, and so fabulous to revisit the well loved people that I have got to know so well Highly Recommended Many thanks to Kirsteen Astor and Little, Brown for an ARC.

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    It is easy to understand why readers love the village of Three Pines and its people Symbolically, they represent all the finer things in life wonderful and unique friendships, tolerance and acceptance, cozy homes and businesses, integrity and honesty There is also good food, warm fireplaces, funny pets, and of course the scales of justice personified by Chief Superintendent Armand Gamache of the S ret du Qu bec These are many, if not all, of the reasons I love my visits to the fictional village of Three Pines via Louise Penny s novels.Another reason is because these novels don t back away from or swerve around the big issues of our modern day world The opposite is true as these novels expose the underbelly of our world culture and its dark side That is where CS Armand Gamache and his team of hand picked officers come into play Things sometimes fell apart unexpectedly It was not necessarily a reflection of how much they were valued Readers will only achieve full appreciation of this novel by reading the preceding novel in the series, Glass Houses In this story, we find Gamache and his team finding their way through the repercussions of their heroic efforts in Glass Houses and there are a lot of them People s lives and careers were altered Sometimes in small ways, and at times with such impact that the ripples carried through into this story.There were also loose ends that Gamache could not ignore ones that he is determined to recover and tie up no matter how wildly those loose ends flopped and fluttered at the whim of the winds of fate He was never one to back away no matter how difficult and dangerous the choice to move forward Gamache would effect justice, no matter what the cost to himself personally.There is also a sub plot in this novel involving a family feud over money that goes back 132 years When one of the family members is murdered, Gamache and his second in command, Jean Guy Beauvoir pursue this case as well It leads through fascinating territory, including discovering about Gamache s own past.I thoroughly enjoyed this read, just as I have with the entire series As soon as I discovered the series in 2014, I knew that this would be one I would follow for as long as the books kept arriving Despite the grim topics covered and the harsh realities of what police forces are confronted with, these novels always leave me with a strong sense of hope, and that feelings of kindness and goodness are ones we can all act upon every single day to help counterbalance the evils of our world.

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    4 Fuck, fuck, fuck Admit it fans When you finish the last page and the road to Three Pines is closed until another winter comes, quoting Rosa is the only way to assuage our anguish It is currently very cold in Three Pines So cold that Reine Marie and others can be heard muttering Why do we live here as the town loses power and is buried in snow.But not to worry, comfort foods that rarely fail in their one great task are abundant. Oh heaven do you have power Non A generator.Hooked up to the espresso machine And the oven and fridge, said Gabri.But not the lights Priorities, said Olivier Are you complaining Mon Dieu, no, she said I really, really liked it Not as awesome for me as the last 2 in the series, hence the missing star but I would trade my caf au lait and warm apple crisp with cream for a copy if I were you.

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    Louis Penny is back on track as one of the finest mystery writers with Kingdom of the Blind 14 in the Chief Inspector Armand Gamache series.One of my first GR friends, Susan from Argyle, Texas, recommended this series back in 2013 I decided to give it a go and started with How the Light Gets In which is 9 in the series I fell in love with the the narrator s Canadian accent Ralph Cosham brought so much to this series Unfortunately, he passed away not to long ago.This series takes place in a small remote village in Canada called Three Pines The main characters are brought back in each novel typically with a spot light on one of them Each has their idiosyncrasies My favorites are Jean Guy Beauvoir, right arm to the Chief Inspector, who has had a long battle with his demons and the old poet, Ruth Zardo, who says whatever she feels like to even the best of her friends and travels with her duck I enjoyed reading about Three Pines and wanted to learn about the characters backgrounds and started reading the first of the series and never stopped The books don t take long to get through and here it is 2019 and I ve been through all 14 books A highlight for me in each book is Armand Gamache s quoting poetry on many occasions I often get the chills when reading the quotes.Penny has the ability to give you a very fine murder mystery with a feel of camaraderie She has won and been nominated for many awards the Edgar, Agatha, Barry, Macavity, and Anthony Awards among others.I have now switched to the Kindle version of the series, with Cosham s passing, and will continue to do so as Penny continues to write new installments The good news is 15 is due out in August of 2019.5 out of 5 stars

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    Buckle up, people I have many, many thoughts about this book, and series in general, and Louise Penny.1 The beginning of this book is strong As always One of Louise Penny s strengths is her beginnings She sucks you right into the story with the characters, the mystery, the unknown Everything feels profound She throws in poetry Philosophy Art.Strangely, however, the familiarity of the characters town we know actually dragged this story down That is no longer a strong point for the series, but a detriment At one point, there was a scene with our familiar cast of characters, in their familiar setting, and I thought to myself I ve read this before It s getting redundant, and that s a bad thing Dialogue feels recycled, character reactions feel recycled, even the twists big reveals are things we ve seen before Gamache has a big secretyeah, we know HE ALWAYS HAS A BIG SECRET.2 There are certain scenes moments events in this book with huge impact The collapse of the house, the angst filled scenes with Amelia returning to her old life I love the whole symbolism of the house collapsing the family collapsing Penny did an extraordinary job bringing that symbolic event to life Unfortunately, these are overshadowed by many tedious scenes that dragged and ruined the pacing of the narrative Too many scenes with financial folks, figuring out documents, etc These bits were dull and ruined the energy and flow of this story.3 Pacing was a problem The flow of the story felt disjointed Usually, I find that Penny does an excellent job blending high action scenes with internal POV, character bits with setting and storyline But it was pretty choppy going in this book.4 I love fiction that blends multiple storylines This is a trademark for the Gamache Series Sometimes, it works very well, and sometimes it s not as successful.The parallel storylines for this book the Baumgartner will and the continuation of the drug storyline from the last book GLASS HOUSES did not work well together, IMO There has to be both contrast and commonality for blended storylines to work The mystery about the Baumgartner family started very strong, then fizzled and died.The storyline about Amelia had its strong moments as well, but the twist Gamache has a secret from everyone else is something we ve already seen in this series That reveal was disappointing.The reveal about the Baumgartners also lacked punch It was fairly expected.That was the biggest disappointment about this book for meit started with a lot of energy and suspense, and it all sort of fizzled out and died by the end The post mortem scene at the end everyone sitting around and discussing who how why dunnit was painful It was an uninspired way to resolve the main mystery of this book I do appreciate a few new characters thrown into the Three Pines world even the promise of romance for some of our regular characters but that is not enough to pump fresh life into this series.5 My big assessment about The Gamache Series This series has lost its magic Louise Penny has not, however, lost her magical touch as a writer She just needs to use her powers with a new project.She needs a new town, new characters, maybe even try out a new genre.She has a lot left to say, and a wonderful way to say it But Gamache and his buddies and Three Pines have been wrung out like a wet sponge I got the feeling several times that Penny is writing her default setting with this series I honestly feel like it s wasting her talents.6 Most series drag on too long There s a fine line or not between exploring and re exploring the same characters relationships, watching them change and grow At some point, it s done.You know a series is still working when you return to that world and it s like putting on a favorite snuggly cardigan and going along for a wonderful adventure with friends I didn t get that feeling this time My friends felt flat and almost cartoonish The mystery became predictable and underwhelming Even Gamache, who is one of my all time favorite characters, was missing something.Overall grade for KINGDOM OF THE BLIND Disappointed.Here s hoping Louise Penny tries something new and different soon I would really like to see that happen Signing off from Watsonville,Penny Nina

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    What an excellent read Thank you Louise Penny for bringing Armand back to us for a while there it looked as though it might not happen Kingdom of the Blind has everything we expect from a Three Pines novel Gamache is his normal understanding, calm, all knowing self and of course as usual, he is keeping secrets Beauvoir is being emotionally torn apart which is very common for him I must admit he is one character I just do not like probably because he is always letting Gamache down And I do not know what Annie sees in him.Anyway, I got side tracked there There is also lots and lots of snow and hot chocolate and scenes between our favourite characters with their usual banter Rosa teaches an unexpected person to use her favourite her only word People get murdered, people attempt to hunt down drug thieves and there s a lot of excellent investigative work There are also a couple of surprises at the end.In other words another great book from Louise Penny I hope she is already writing another one

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    We are only as blind as we want to be Maya Angelou And with that Louise Penny opens her captivating novel with the nooks and cranies of what appears to be truth on the surface but bears the scales of something far devious below Is it shadowy eyes that mirror the heart or the heart that mirrors what is in the line of pure vision Ah, our footsteps take us, once again, to the panoramic sight of Three Pines nestled in a barage of blanketed snow Our familiar characters take refuge in the local bistro seeking the warmth of friendship as well as the draw of the hearth Armand Gamache, former head of the Surete du Quebec, has received a letter stating that he is one of three liquidators of a mysterious will With only the directive of time and place, Gamache heads out in the heavy snow towards a farmhouse some distance from Three Pines Upon arrival, he is shocked to find Myrna Landers, bookstore owner in Three Pines, as one of the executors along with a young builder whom they don t know None of them have ever heard of the woman who passed away How is it that they have been chosen Penny doesn t wait for the icicles to melt before a dead body is found in the farmhouse days later The three executors find themselves almost buried alive literally and figuratively in the aftermath It will take much persistence for Gamache and his son in law, Jean Guy, to shovel out of this one.Gamache still has the weight of his suspension hanging precariously over his head for the last six months Opioids and cartels promise to bury him under the scandal of it all.Kingdom of the Blind is a literary vessel of friendship and camaraderie that finds itself back at that welcoming hearth It speaks to the finer sensibilities that have somehow lay dormant in today s cut throat world Three Pines reflects upon the pearls of kindness, accommodation, and acceptibility These inhabitants are so flawed and so utterly human The dialogue is quick witted, snarky at times, and belly laugh endowed at most times It is a place of refuge as well for the die hard readers who find a place at the table each time a new offering comes along Penny always sees to that.And yet, even though Three Pines is a fortress, it has been touched by crime, by murder, and by dastardly acts The dark side of the moon seeps into crevices welcomed or not And this is at the very core of Louise Penny s writing talent She dabbles in the constant battle of good vs evil Reality visits Three Pines time and again, and as in life, the challenges are relentless but so is the little band of people gathered around that village hearth Like us, they wait for the door to crack slowly into another adventure next time around

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    In the kingdom of the blind, the one eyed man is king The Three Pines series is a favorite series of mine, and the village is a character in itself In Penny s own words the books are about the common yearning for community For belonging They re about kindness, acceptance Gratitude Wisdom and insight into human nature are infused into her books naturally and with ease She s never preachy but gives us much to think about Reading her books feels like coming home to good friends Even the cold and snow is appealing when it s combined with sitting in front of a roaring fire with good friends and a glass of red wine after a hearty meal of beef bourguignon and hot crusty bread Or enjoying a croissant and a caf au lait in the bistro and a visit to Myrna s bookstore If I had to choose fictional characters that I d most like to join at a dinner party the residents of Three Pines would be my top choice But back to this book There is a dual plot line with the first a continuation of the opioid crisis situation Armand found himself in when the last book ended Loose ends are tied up and Armand tries to correct wrongs.The second story line involves an inheritance as well as financial fraud I found it to be quite convoluted and unnecessarily complicated It s probably just me but I had trouble following the different threads and ramifications This isn t my favorite of the series but it s not my least favorite either The book started out very strong but fizzled a little One twist I figured out quite early but there were still some surprises There s a big change in store for one character and, as always, I m anxious to see where the author takes us in the next book Lastly, don t miss the afterward The author gives us a peek into her heart and talks about losing her husband and what that means for the series The copy I have from BN has exclusive content where Louise Penny introduces us to the places in the village where she lives that are the inspiration for Three Pines I loved the pictures and hearing from the proprietors.This was another great buddy read with my friend, Marialyce

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    In the kingdom of the blind, the one eyed man is king The Armand Gamache series is one of my absolute favorites The books are much deeper than a typical mystery It s always about the why, not the how.Continuing the story from the prior book, a load of deadly opiates is missing in Quebec Gamache has not been cleared for allowing these opiates to get away from the Surete In fact, the powers that be are looking to make him the scapegoat for the potential disaster if the drugs hit the streets So, even while on suspension, he is attempting to track them down And the guilt and responsibility are weighing on him He was tired of the tyranny of the greater good Meanwhile, he has been named as a liquidator for a deceased woman he never knew And within days, there s a dead body in her abandoned farmhouse.I love the characters, the residents of Three Pines And this time around, Gamache, always a deep soul, seems even deeper And Jean Guy really struggles with whether Armand has gone too far in his attempts to fix things Penny uses Myrna to wonderful effect to explain human nature and letting go of grievances There are so many emotions at play here hope, guilt, revenge I loved the realization that Hope itself wasn t necessarily kind Or a good thing I am so thrilled that Penny did not follow through with her initial thoughts to stop writing this series upon the death of her husband, Michael Now, I will be anxiously waiting to see where we all go from here.

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Kingdom of the Blind [PDF / EPUB] Kingdom of the Blind The entrancing new crime thriller featuring Chief Inspector Armand Gamache, from number one New York Times bestselling author Louise Penny When Armand Gamache receives a letter inviting him to an aba The entrancing new crime thriller featuring Chief Inspector Armand Gamache, from number one New York Times bestselling author Louise Penny When Armand Gamache receives a letter inviting him to an abandoned farmhouse outside of Three Pines, the former head of the S ret du Qu bec discovers that a complete stranger has named him as an executor of her willArmand never knew the elderly woman, and the bequests are so wildly unlikely that he suspects the woman must have been delusional until a Kingdom of eBook ✓ body is found, and the terms of the bizarre will suddenly seem farmenacingBut it isn t the only menace Gamache is facing The investigation into the events that led to his suspension has dragged on, and Armand is taking increasingly desperate measures to rectify previous actions As he does, Armand Gamache begins to see his own blind spots and the terrible things hiding there Praise for the award winning Chief Inspector Armand Gamache seriesOne of the most interesting detectives in crime fiction The Times Fascinating characters, a twisty plot and wonderful surprise endings Ann Cleeves Wonderfully satisfying Kate Mosse.