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Juliet Dove, Queen of Love [PDF / EPUB] Juliet Dove, Queen of Love Juliet Dove is a girl who doesn't like to be noticed But though she may be shy she has a wickedly sharp wit Whenever someone does take notice of her she tears into the person with a savagery that's ea Juliet Dove is Queen of PDF/EPUB ¼ a girl who doesn't like to be noticed But though she may be shy she has a wickedly sharp wit Whenever someone does take notice of her she tears into the person with a savagery Juliet Dove, MOBI :ß that's earned her the nickname Killer Juliet ends up leaving Mr Elives' magic shop with Helen of Troy's amulet that is a virtual man magnet Juliet doesn't know what she's got but the boys in her class do they Dove, Queen of Kindle Ô start to notice her Soon every boy in town is swoony for her Yet much as she'd like to lose all the unwanted attention she can't The amulet won't come off A sidesplittingly funny heartbreaking whirlwind of a book about the high cost of loving from the award winning author of My Teacher Is an Alien and The Unicorn Chronicles.

  • Paperback
  • 208 pages
  • Juliet Dove, Queen of Love
  • Bruce Coville
  • English
  • 09 August 2015
  • 9780152052171

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    Somehow I managed to pick up a book which turned out to be a fifth in the series No idea that it wasn't the very first book I uite enjoyed the story actually It really highlights how good children novels and is a stark contrast to nowadays YA novels It's got elements of magic humour and love just as much as most teen novels Granted the diction is less sophisticated but it doesn't take away how good this book was even though I read this in grade 6What I am really trying to say here is Don't be surprised and call the store manager when you see me at the 9 12 children's section of the bookstore I MEAN NO HARM

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    If I could give this one 35 stars I would It's one of those books that isn't exactly on my reading level but which I enjoy anyway for its ability to weave Greek mythology in a way that neither changes the stories to something ridiculously kid friendly looking at you Disney's Hercules but doesn't include the tawdry details either I don't think Coville really understands what it feels like to be shy but that's a minor point when you're dealing with a cute humorous fun little tale like this one

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    I listened to this on audiobook and I think that really made a difference to the story hearing an entire cast of characters reading the dialogue There was so much acting and expression put into every sentence that it made the story really come aliveThis is the tale of Juliet who is a shy young teen with a literary and artistic family When a mysterious woman gives her an enchanted amulet every boy in town starts to fall in love with her It's up to Juliet and her new rodent friends from the Magic Shop to unravel the mystery of the amulet and get Juliet out of the ancient love story she is doomed to reliveFirst of all I love stories that bring in the old Greek gods into modern settings because of Percy Jackson Secondly I love stories with wise cracking rats or mice And thirdly I love stories with strong family relationships with both a mother and father present and involved and actually parenting instead of dead divorced or absentJuliet is a beautifully complex character who is NOT your stereotypical shy person She is shy but that is not ALL she is And her painful shyness sometimes makes her react in unexpected ways Like most shy people she is terribly misunderstood and her relationships with others are strained because of that It was wonderful to see her growing and dealing with her fears She's incredibly intelligent and witty and altogether delightfulMy favorite character by far was Mr Toe the imaginary friend of Juliet's baby sister Clarice When asked if he is a pinky toe Clarice responds that he is a big The many references to the invisible Mr Toe made me laugh my head off It was the perfect addition to this uirky and magical story Mr Toe likes to write letters Mr Toe only shakes hands with the neighbor boy and no one else Mr Toe will eat the vegetables that Clarice doesn't like As for his appearance other than being a toe Mr Toe stands a foot tall but whether or not he has eyes is an enigma haha Oh it's so adorableMy second favorite characters are the rat duo Jerome and Roxanne Those two have the snappiest dialogue and great little one liners I love how courageous and full of fun they are and how sensitive they are to Juliet's needs They stick by her through thick and thin and show some street smarts within the world of magic too Their origin story is weird and wacky and they are hilariousI like the writing; it's humorous and filled with great dialogue The plot moves along wonderfully with a supporting cast of interesting characters There are several levels to the story happening at once so it gives the plot some depth It's just good writingAlthough this is part of a series it reads very well as a stand alone book I haven't read any of the other books and it wasn't until I finished that I realized it's a series

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    Meh It had its cute stuff but again the “back story” bogged down This one was “mysterious” than the others what with not knowing who gave what to Juliet or why I don’t know I just didn’t really care I almost didn’t finish but that would be silly because it is so short and it’s the last book of the series It would bug me to NOT finish it then it did to just blaze through And all the boys seem pretty cool with the fact that they were all under a love spell And that there were talking rats with wings around No big deal happens every day apparently It has a good message on striving for harmony kindness and love though I have “what the world needs now is love sweet lovethat’s the only thing that there’s just too little of” stuck in my head now

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    This story started out slow the first 20 pages and then it picked up and the ending is great There are flying rats gods and goddesses and poetry readings all packed into this story A the center piece of this story fitting for anything dealing with poetry is love Juliet is a girl not looking for love or attention She has to learn to deal with those things A nice little story A good story

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    This novel wraps up the Magic Shop series by Bruce Coville and I have to say other than Jeremy Thatcher Dragon Hatcher I think it's my favorite The other books in the series seemed to take weird turns or force morality lessons into the story where they seemed to be a big heavy handed The lessons were good ones but they seemed to almost take you out of the story to teach them to you This one also has a lesson about kindness and not being afraid to be yourself but it's taught much subtly I read this aloud with my boys and everyone enjoyed the story

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    I highly enjoy the Magic Shop series and when i found out there was a 5th book i jumped at it This one is different to the others in a number of ways which made it special in itself Jerome and Roxanne have much bigger parts to play which in itself made it interesting as they always seem to be such big characters in small bodies Juliet in herself is a uiet red head which reverberated within this red heads soul as to what I found it to be like in school uiet and different is not always a good thing However you can see her grow in herself throughout the book as a uest is forced upon her Secondly the magic being played with is older and dangerous than the magic given out by Mr Elvis normally bringing an element of learning and fun to the older worlds of magic A very well thought out and researched book that seemed to encompass the characters really well All in all another highly enjoyable trip back into the world of the Magic Shop

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    I loved this whole series actually but this one is among my favorites I love Coville's ability to differentiate between his main characters so successfully I never felt that any of these kids were just a re hash of another; they are individuals with uniue perspectives and problems The climax and the portion of the story leading up to it is a bit silly not as enchantingly magical as some of the other books unfortunately but I loved the tie in to mythology regardless and still felt it was well written Also I think it has to be said HOW GORGEOUS ARE TONY DITERLIZZI'S COVER ILLUSTRATIONS? I know I know don't judge a book by it's cover But I unashamedly picked up the first of these books based solely on these illustrations and I was not disappointed They set the tone of the books up for success I think

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    Juliet Dove doesn't have many friends Although no one at school would believe it she's painfully shy So shy in fact that she uses sharp words to keep others from paying attention to her which is how she's earned the nickname Killer One day when running away from two girls at school Juliet finds herself at the Magic Shop and she's drawn to a beautiful amulet When the lady at the shop gives it to her Juliet is surprised but pleased But when she puts it on she discovers something strange happening First her best friend Arturo seems to be paying attention to her looks and he's saying strange things to her Then she notices all the boys at school seem suddenly smitten with her Juliet discovers that the locket she's been given was previously owned by Helen of Troy there's some powerful magic at work in it and she can't take it off With the help of a couple of enchanted rats Juliet must break the spell that the necklace has put on her before it's too lateI was nonplussed by this book until I got about halfway through and discovered that the plot had a lot to do with gods and goddesses Then it became a lot interesting The full cast recording is nice although one of the rats has a very annoying high pitched voice I think if I had been reading it I would have put it down before I got to the good part I am sorry to sayReadalike suggestions Recommend other twists on mythology like The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

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    I stopped listening to the audio after cd2 It's good but couldn't get into it Grade 4 7–Bruce Coville returns to Mr Elives' Magic Shop in this story of Juliet Dove a shy middle school girl who suddenly finds herself the center of attention Harcourt 2003 While running away from some teasing girls Juliet stumbles on the moveable magic shop but instead of Mr Elives a mysterious woman is minding the shop The woman who turns out to be Eris goddess of discord offers Juliet a necklace and the trouble begins Lovesick boys start fighting over her and camping out on her front lawn mysterious women show up in the garden and two talking rats appear to help her solve the mystery of the amulet Juliet can't talk to anyone about the amulet and can't take it off This full cast recording of the most recent title in the Magic Shop series features Coville as the narrator and 24 actors taking 29 roles The voices are distinctive and well acted from the children to the gods bringing all the characters to life Although humor abounds the story also deals with important topics such as self image and how we treat others This tale of magic myth and personal development will hold the attention of upper elementary and middle school students

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