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    What a lovely tale Once upon a dark December, in a year we mustremember, Morbid mounds of ash and ember told agruesome tale of gore Wow, I think Cat Winters did a great job on this book I was reading through her author s notes, etc and she was telling how she went about finding out as much history as she could before writing this book I think she made a remarkable book on fiction and fact to create a young Poe I loved reading about Lenore The book is written in two POV s Edgar and Lenore I must say it s bloody brilliant I loved the creepiness to the book and the way the author incorporated a muse for different people It was so freaking gothic and awesome and like I said a bit creepy If you accept what you have created then the creepiness goes away and you find that you have a friend for life That s all I m going to say before I sit right here and type a spoiler before the book is even out yet This is February and this fine book will be out in April I m putting it on my birthday book buying list for myself Thank you to Netgalley and the Publisher for a complimentary copy of this book for review Happy Reading Mel MY BLOG

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    I can t tell if I hate this or am just not in the mood for it, either option being depressing as hell because EAP was my original literary love and I was so pumped for this I ll pick it back up soon and try again.

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    DNF 50%I m sorry I tried I really tried I love Winters writing but I just cannot care about this I guess I just don t find the life of Edgar Allan Poe anywhere near as interesting as I thought I would ARC provided in exchange for honest review

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    Edgar, Edgar, Edgar what a magnificent writer he was So when I heard there was going to be this book on a young Edgar Allan Poe, I was so incredibly interested Lenore, Lenore, Lenore I want to read about you anywhere forever Let me tell you something, my dear friends, I loved Edgar and his struggles and his sensitivities in this book This boy definitely needed a muse to help him escape his terrible adopted father and all the things that occurred because of him And Lenore She was such a lovely and horrific creature who was the perfect muse to draw out the tales that one day become famous.Now, what I wanted and what I thought this book was going to be about DID NOT HAPPEN I repeat DID NOT HAPPEN I wanted a romance between Edgar and his muse that was so dark and twisted that it would haunt me for days with its beauty, sadness, and passion I wanted that and needed that still do However, this strange and lovely little book was still quite enjoyable with beautiful writing and real history entwined

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    Sad DNF at 42% After a really interesting and excellent beginning, I think this has stagnated pretty hard the stakes feel a bit low for the story being told Edgar s romance with Sarah Elmira Royster and desire to stay at UVA are just not high enough stakes knowing the history, I m really struggling to get invested I think this spends too much time introducing the characters, and the horror just isn t terrifying enough to hold up the book The Raven s Tale plays with the idea of art as a rebellion something others attempt to suppress one of the narrators is Lenore, Edgar Allan Poe s muse The characterization of this book holds that the father has pushed his muse, Cassandra, into a fire, which is fascinating The first 15% was really fantastic I just think the ideas haven t gone any further Maybe those who like flat out horror will find this one compelling.Blog Goodreads Twitter Instagram Youtube

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    An atmospheric and inventive nod to one of literature s most memorable writers In portraying a young Edgar Allen Poe, Winters has clearly done considerable research to achieve a sense of authenticity, and her idea to characterize Poe s muse as a raven haired maiden in a gown spun from threads made of cinders and soot is marvelous Chapters alternate between Edgar and his muse, Lenore, which lends itself to an unfortunate amount of repetition The stakes are low and, by the midpoint, the narrative starts to feel stagnant However, readers who push to the final page are rewarded with a chilling poem crafted by Winters in the style of Edgar Allen Poe What are you he asks once again, and he gulps with a grimace, as though swallowing swill Why do you look so cadaverous and so raven ous The word is pronounced ravenous , I say with a smile. Note All quotes taken from an Uncorrected Proof.

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    I adore Poe, and really admire how much research Ms Winters put into this tribute to his teen years The story almost has a magical realism feel to it over straight up fantasy, which gives events a very surreal and dreamlike quality at times Also, the nods to Poe s prose and poetry throughout are beautiful

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    What a delightful surprise A finished copy of this gorgeous book just showed up in my mailbox

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    3.75 Stars THE RAVEN S TALE is a fictionalized account of 17 year old Edgar Allan Poe and his turbulent relationship with Lenore, his muse In this world, muses are real, physical beings, and they re considered corrupt and dangerous by polite society Lenore comes to Edgar at a particularly vulnerable time in his life, at odds with his foster father and leaving for university Edgar s passion for poetry and dreams of making a living as a writer are in sharp contrast to the wishes of his practical and cruel foster father Will Lenore save Edgar s creative spark, or will she be snuffed out forever I enjoyed that this book imagined what a teenage Poe would have been like, and how his muse buried the seeds in his mind for many of his greatest works The plot struggled in parts, moving slowly especially during his time at university, though the writing was lovely and atmospheric I was also hoping for explanation of what the muses actually were Living spirits, maybe As a fan of Poe, there was much to appreciate in this well researched novel.

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    This is written in such a way as to leave me wondering if the ghost of Poe came to this author as her Muse for this book Good morning, ladies and gentlemen I imagine myself saying from the pulpit in the pink sanctuary of our church My name is Edgar Poe, and today, for reasons I don t fully comprehend, I m obsessed with with the seventy two bodies buried beneath us Oh, what a tale While I am not obsessed with Poe s works to the point I can quote them from any angle, have mused upon the differing tempos, or sat in brooding thought regarding his stories I do really love the writing of Edgar Allan Poe I feel like those weird, dark poems and stories GET me, which of course is something strange to say if the first Poe thing you think of is The Tell Tale Heart.Anyways.This literally reads like something pulled from Poe s mind Cat Winters strikes again with her literary talent, reminding me yet again why I love her books so much Every single sentence feels like the author spent hours crafting it into mad perfection The amount of research she puts into her books truly shows because every time I am pulled into history and I never want to leave But, this wasn t just historical fiction. This is a book about Poe who dreamed in dark fairytales and lost loves and beating hearts There is magic in this story in the form of Lenore, Poe s dark muse Now did my brain automatically go ship them Yes, of course it it did There is just so much conflicted tension between these two artists one of flesh and blood, the other of dreams and feathers that I couldn t help myself Yet while this book is about the magical bond between Poe and his muse, an interesting take on where this famous poet got the inspiration for his well known works it is also about the growth of a young man chained by social expectations into a man who becomes who he wants to be There is a lot of thematic elements about this, so don t just come expecting a dark and magical tale like Poe s works, there is great depth to the surface horror and melancholy And that s what really sold me on this, what really made me believe it was if the muse of Poe himself came to the author and helped her write this story.basically read this book okay ARC received in exchange for my honest review

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The Ravens Tale [PDF / EPUB] The Ravens Tale Seventeen year old Edgar Poe counts down the days until he can escape his foster family the wealthy Allans of Richmond, Virginia He hungers for his upcoming life as a student at the prestigious new un Seventeen year old Edgar Poe counts down the days until he can escape his foster family the wealthy Allans of Richmond, Virginia He hungers for his upcoming life as a student at the prestigious new university, almost as much as he longs to marry his beloved Elmira Royster However, on the brink of his departure, all his plans go awry when a macabre Muse named Lenore appears to him Muses are frightful The Ravens PDF or creatures that lead Artists down a path of ruin and disgrace, and no respectable person could possibly understand or accept them But Lenore steps out of the shadows with one request Let them see me.