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    The novel had a great beginning but the entire middle portion of the story seemed to be just a lot ofI really wanted to enjoy this story since the author's debut novel was uite romantic but this novel seemed to be packed full of too many minor storylines that the core romance between the MC's suffered My issues with this novel are as follows1 The MC's had too much going on in their lives much than in an average HP and were never primarily concerned with each other as potential romantic interests The romantic storyline itself only showed signs of developing around the 65% marker of the novel That's far too long to wait in my opinion 2 There was too much focus on other issues and minor characters The MC's spent a lot of time pondering about their relatives and their relatives' problems I understood that the author needed to mention these issues because they were central to the MC's personal development However it could've been edited a bit so that I didn't have to keep reading about Emma's mother or about Antonio's sister etc3 Too much focus on the H's best friends Dimitri and Danyl It seems obvious that they're going to get their own spin off bks but the author could've been economical and merely given them just a cameo appearance and a couple of mentions That's all that's needed to titillate a reader into wanting to read their stories when the relevant books are published 4 The MC's didn't appear to share intense chemistry They were attracted to each other from the time they met yet he was than happy to continue banging his other women while she was content to be the dutiful PA who sent them flowers and diamonds when he dumped them This is a particular storyline that I don't like too much I know that the H was not technically cheating on Emma during these 18 months since they were not involved Therefore I don't hate him for going around with his other women since Emma was only his PA after all I'm not that delusional to hate a H or label him a cheater when he's not yet involved with the heroine However the emotional part of me finds this a bit distasteful even though the logical part knows I have no reason to complain 5 I disliked the part of the storyline where Emma seemed happy enough to compile a list of potential fake fiancees for Antonio The WTF part of the novel occurred when Emma actually told Antonio that one of the women Natalie or Natasha or something with N was her favourite one on the list And NatalieNatashaN seemed a little too fake perfect in that smiley smiley motivational speaker kind of manner Hey I wasn't told that the woman's a motivational speaker; it's just the impression that I got during the short scene where she's introduced She just seemed too nice and not in a sweet Mary Sue way either but in a fake polished manner Honestly people who are like that just give me the creeps6 Emma was the Stepford wife type of PA She was literally like this perfect unfeeling robot who did whatever Antonio asked her to do I would've preferred if she'd been a little human However I understood why Emma was such a perfectionist; she'd survived teenage breast cancer and had a double mastectomy followed by tedious breast reconstruction It made her determined to work hard at whatever she did in an effort to prove that she's than just a survivor but that she's a winner I admired that a lot 7 The MC's consummated their relationship in a very rushed manner and it just happened right after Emma got her fashionable makeover There was a huge jump from a totally platonic relationship to a scene where just one kiss was exchanged to the scene where they have a one night stand The kiss happened early in the story but the rest was packed into the final 25% of the novel And all the yada yada yada parts occurred between the first kiss and the consummation scene The good points about the novel1 The author portrayed the cancer survivor storyline in a positive manner Emma was not a depressed victim but a strong young woman and I enjoyed reading this part She didn't feel sorry for herself and she accomplished a lot with her life than non cancer survivors in her own age group would've managed 2 The author also included a few important social messages in the storyline People who're in charge of important charities need to be chosen carefully and those posts shouldn't be given to people who have social status but no inherent love for that specific charitable cause Bullying based on social media stalking is a crime and downloading another person's social media information for nefarious purposes is also criminal 3 Emma stood up for her beliefs at the end and left Antonio when he decided to use an unethical strategy in order to accomplish his goals for vengeance against his dad Final thoughtsI just couldn't respond to these MC's as a romantic couple I couldn't feel their chemistry even though I was told that they were so attracted to each other But the epilogue was perhaps the best part of the novel It was cute and romantic and the MC's had a baby son by that time That bit of information had me rushing off to google the probability of a cancer survivor being able to conceive a child I didn't do a lot of research but the first couple of hits I read revealed that sometimes a healthy young woman can start to produce viable eggs once the chemo drugs are out of her system completelyThis obviously didn't work for me but I'll still give the author another try and see if the next novel is as good as her debut Of course I might be the problem rather than the novel I do tend to prefer romances that are inherently filled with romance andor passionate chemistry between MC's I'm sure this will be a winner for some readers

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    Very depressing read heroine is cancer survivor plus this new author’s writing style is not for me

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    This is a excellent story a story of revenge and of love that is so true a love that shows two people how to open up and show the goodness and the beauty in them this is one that I devoured inhaled every word MS Roscoe weaves a magical story that you will not want to put downAntonio Arcuri has worked hard to become the billionaire that he is today after being treated so badly by his father years before and he swears that one day he will get that revenge on his father but when a deal comes up that could make this come true he needs a fiancé to help him and the best candidate is his awesome PA Emma Guuilham he knows how good she is at her job but he knows nothing personal about her yet and this journey for Antonio is going open up a love of emotions as he falls hard for this beautiful womanEmma has been through a lot in her life already and is working toward her “living List” and marking of the things that she really wants to do and when her boss Antonio asks her to be his fake fiancé and she can choose whatever she wants as payment for this Emma sees this as a way to get of her “Living List” crossed of but she doesn’t see falling in love on that list anywhereThis is a story that grabbed me from page one beautifully written with characters that come to life on the pages it is moving emotional and it sizzles with sensual delight as Antonio and Emma take that long journey of opening up to each other and falling in love Antonio made Emma feel so very beautiful for the first time in a long time and Emma made Antonio realize that going after revenge is not always what it is stacked up to be Thank you MS Roscoe for another keeper and I do look forward to Dimitri and Danyl’s stories a Greek and a Sheikh you have won me already 

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    An emotional read about revenge and being a survivor Billionaire Antonio wants to win a specific business deal than anything Winning it will guarantee the destruction of his enemy To win it he needs a fake fiancée and asks his PA for help in finding one Emma has worked for Antonio for 18 months She’s kept her professionalism through all his “not in my job description” reuests But this one takes the cake Finding his a fake fiancée for a pretend engagement to win a business contract? It’s ridiculous until he decides that she will make the perfect fake fiancée What should have been a fun light read turned into one a little darker and powerful than I expected Antonio’s family’s betrayal was bad enough but Emma’s story of survival and reclamation of her body was inspirational I loved the author’s sensitivity in how Antonio accepted and worshipped Emma’s body giving her back the power she lost at 17 It gave me ALL the feels Not all men are that secure in themselves God’s blessings to the ones who are And to the tattoo artists that help women reclaim their sense of beauty

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    A Ring to Take His Revenge by Pippa Roscoe is the first in a trio of sexy romances featuring three wealthy male friends who own a racing syndicate the Winners’ Circle This story features an international businessman and his personal assistant in a ‘fake relationship turned real’ romanceEmma Guilham has already been through her share of hard times having breast cancer at the tender age of seventeen followed by a double mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery She’s determined to live life on her own terms and has worked hard to get her international business degree She’s fully ualified for the position she’s applying for – that of personal assistant to Antonio Arcuri one of the three men who run the Winners’ Circle She impresses Antonio and he hires her without reservationEighteen months later Antonio has come to rely on his PA and her efficient ways Now he needs her to perform an extra unusual task – find him a ‘fake fiancee’ in order to assist him in getting a deal to go his way with a conservative businessman It will serve double duty in getting revenge on his estranged father a man whom he blames for the trauma his mother and sister endured when his philandering ways cast them out of their home It soon becomes apparent that the best woman for the job is Emma herself Going from a strictly business relationship to a fake engagement comes with some interesting perks including a sexual attraction that can now be acknowledged and succumbed to They’ve no need of pretending an interest in each other once they experience some sensual delights But will their fake engagement become the real thing?For of this review please visit Harleuin Junkie copy of this story was provided by the publisher for review

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    This was the first book that I have ever read by this author and happens to be the second book that she has written thus far for Harleuin Presents And I have to say for an introduction to this writer it was a very good one I enjoyed this story very much and found myself pretty much into it from the very beginning It was a nice sweet read between Antonio and Emma who both needed healing from past hurts that had been inflicted in their lives because of circumstances It was only due them falling in love that they could heal each other wounds and become better people They needed each other in order to move on They gained strength from each other which was very beautiful Their romance was a steady build that kept growing and growing over the course of the book Their attraction and connection with one another was there from the beginning but kept it denied because they knew that if they let go and let down their guard with each other then this would become a very significant relationship between for both of them and neither was really ready for that type of relationship so they needed that time before coming togetherWhat I found really uniue about this romance was that it was with a woman that had battled breast cancer and was in remission but due to the cancer she had a mastectomy and a reconstruction and had a bit of insecurity issue with her body because of it Because it that she kept people at a distance not wanting to show them all over her both physically and mentally She was scared of being rejected because of that and accepted the fact that she was never going to fall in love cause of that What was uniue about this was that it is very rare to read about this type of heroine in a romance I think I have read only one other such book like that so that really brought a nice layer to the story and what Emma had to overcome The beautiful part of it was that Antonio did everything in his powerful to make sure Emma knew that she was absolutely beautiful and that he very much desired Just the little things that he did made the story very beautiful and very poignant It gave strength to their relationship as he earned her trust and she let him see the true her and he treated her so beautifully and tenderly that I just couldn’t help but fall in love with them as a couple The very big moment for them was definitely when they made love the first time because it was very sensual passionate and full of tenderness and emotions that I couldn’t help but be in awe of that sceneWith all this love going around there were some up and downs along the way mainly in lieu of Antonio looking for revenge on his father and doing everything in his power to make that realty He even enlisted Emma to be his fake fiancée in order to win a business deal away from his father There were lot of dark emotions going on with him and lots that hadn’t healed but by having that relationship with Emma made him learn that revenge wasn’t the most important thing in the world He didn’t like the darkness within him when he looked at himself in the mirror and that was due to Emma He wanted to be a better person for herThere was a little bit of angst in this one but not overly much It was a will theywon’t they come together in the bedroom or not I think there could have been a little and I would preferred it that way but it wasn’t horrible either It was just a nice steady build to until they finally did come togetherSecondly even though there were a lot of romantic things that happened in this story I kind of wish there were a few things especially since there were things that could have been done that was elude to For example her living list that she had made while she was undergoing her treatments for cancer of all the things she wanted to do after she recovered If they did a few things off that list I think that would have been beyond romantic and very sweet especially if they shared them together The two prime examples that I could think of were the sunset in the desert and the sunrise in the Mediterranean would have been a real nice touch to the story Just something a little romanticOverall I will definitely be checking this author out again after a start like this It had very beautiful moments between Emma and Antonio as their romance bloomed and they helped each other heal along the way They had this connection from early on with underlying sexual tension simmering beneath the surface This book had some dark undertones with some of the issues that both of them were going through but it also had lightness to it too because of the love that they had for each other They had some flirty moments too which was very entertaining I really enjoyed seeing the whole aftermath of cancer play out and just what that all meant for Emma and how she dealt with life afterwards In fact she really didn’t trust anyone until she met Antonio then she felt like she could trust him in order to explore her sensual side She felt safe with him in a way she didn’t with anyone else in her life It was really nice to see that transformation for Emma and just see her strength as a woman really come through Love made her stronger and that’s what the crux of romance is supposed to be Could there have been angst and romance? Yes but that didn’t deter my enjoyment into the introduction to this author and the story in general Can’t wait to see from this upcoming author

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    Emma and Antonio's story touched me in so many ways This is an emotional and well written book about a flawed hero and a heroine who didnt see herself worthy of being loved for the strong woman that she is This book dealt with a subject matter close to my heart having also fought a hard battle with cancer This aspect of the book made it a little darker than most HPs but a truly beautiful book overall

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    It is the first time I have read where the h had breast cancer and had a mastectomy She had implants and tattoos the rest of her breast anatomy The H was understanding and compassionate He really did love her despite her 'inadeuacies ' This book is worth reading 📚 especially when they was real than perfect The H is exactly the way women want their men to be like

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    Pippa Roscoe brings to life her latest book—A Ring to Take His Revenge—with vivid imagery engaging dialogue and three dimensional characters who march on to the page with pomp and grace The hero is this flawed alpha who gets the better of you and the heroine is no pushover I enjoyed the fast paced sophisticated feel to the storyline and the classic Presents vibe the romance itself encapsulated Highly Recommended 45 Stars

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    I like Emma her courage a look at life and hope for better tomorrow

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A Ring to Take His Revenge [PDF / EPUB] A Ring to Take His Revenge Three of the world's most notorious bachelors are about to find love in the most unexpected of placesAntonio Dimitri and Danyl are bound by a passion for the boardroom the bedroom and a friendship str Three of to Take eBook ´ the world's most notorious bachelors are about to find love in the most unexpected of placesAntonio Dimitri and Danyl are bound by a passion for the boardroom the bedroom and a friendship stronger than blood And these proud demanding men have just taken a challenge few could ever hope to achieve Their horse racing Syndicate is out to win the three legs of the Hanley Cup in Buenos Aires Dublin and Sydney With the press hounding their every move the scandals are sure to follow Don't miss the first in this fabulous A Ring PDF or trilogy.

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