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Flaver [PDF / EPUB] Flaver クズ攻め×ゲス攻め下條はなんでも思い通りになる人生を心底つまらなく感じている。刺激を探し続け、ついにはエリート街道から外れ、ヤクザまが クズ攻め×ゲス攻め下條はなんでも思い通りになる人生を心底つまらなく感じている。刺激を探し続け、ついにはエリート街道から外れ、ヤクザまがいのゲスへと堕ちていた。それでも、人生はイージーゲームで進んでいく。そんなある日、ひとりの汚いクズ男を見つける。それは、かつて青春時代にたった一度だけ下條へ敗北感を与えた男、久瀬だった。落ちぶれた久瀬の姿に下條は苛立つ──お前を堕とすのは、俺の筈だった──不愉快さと懐かしさで複雑に絡まる気持ちをよそに、下條の口からぽろりと言葉がこぼれる。「金ならくれてやるから、俺に飼われるか」インテリヤクザなゲス男とホームレスでヒモなクズ男、ふたりの人生が再び交わった時、未来はどこへと繋がっていくのか青春時代に止まった世界へ新たな轍が刻まれ始める.

8 thoughts on “Flaver

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    45Sachimo es de lo mejorcito ue te puedes encontrar en el BL hoy en día erótica a unos niveles insospechados pero a la vez con momentos ue te harán derretirte de amor suma a eso cierto retorcimiento en las tramas y Flaver es el manga ideal para empezar a conocer su trabajo un tomo único sobre una extraña pareja con una uímica tremenda

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    Well I really love this author and the MCs were damn hot together but I wanted to know to see what they did when apart 45 stars

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    Sachimo's art is always beautiful but I'm afraid the english translation suffered Throughout the book I wasn't exactly certain what was happening The overwhelming use of trash didn't help either

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    I would have given it 25 but 'm giving this 35 because I think it was the English translation that made me not understand anything And the manga was flying everywhere i didn't understand what was happening in between scenes and chapters xxThe art itself was beautiful though Hopefully a better english translation can be done for this manga

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    It's a really tense story with great dialogue They have history together going back to high school One is yakuza the other is a cop The cop trying to catch him the forbidden love aspect One of my favorite yaois

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    The story was okay I also like the police idea and all that But my fav one in this case is the side story that was sexy

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    Ehhhh had potential but such poor presentation What with the flashbacks and timeskips and jumping around all over the place things just stopped making sense

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    Very steamy Yaoi I must say

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