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Bring Holly Home [PDF / EPUB] Bring Holly Home Leading fashion magazine editor Victoria Hastings always thought that her trusted assistant quit her job and abandoned her in Paris.A year later, she discovers that Holly Carter was injured in an acci Leading fashion magazine editor Victoria Hastings always thought that her trusted assistant quit her job and abandoned her in ParisA year Bring Holly PDF/EPUB or later, she discovers that Holly Carter was injured in an accident Brain trauma led to amnesia and Holly cannot remember anything about her lifeGuilt causes Victoria to Bring Holly Home and into her life to aid her in recovery But when guilt turns into something else, what will she do , words.

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AE Radley is an entrepreneur and best selling author living and working in EnglandShe describes herself as a Wife Traveller Tea Bring Holly PDF/EPUB or Drinker Biscuit Eater Animal Lover Master Pragmatist Annoying Procrastinator Theme Park Fan Movie BuffWhen not writing or working, Radley indulges in her third passion of buying unnecessary cat accessories on a popular online store for her two ungrateful stray.

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    From the first paragraph I felt like I knew I ve read this somewhere before Going through my fanfic collection of Devil Wears Prada, turned out I was right The first chapter was so similar like the fanfiction But the writing is so much neater and nicer than the fiction one Basically Victoria is Miranda, and Holly is Andy And well it s May December romance.The storyline itself somehow felt different, not that I remember so much about the fanfic version The story matured, and the ending is just perfect I won t give up much about the story, the synopsis sums it all for us It s so well written and good romance Funny thing, in DWP the magazine is Runway, in Bring Holly Home it is Arrival Magazine.Thanks god, this book got so perfectly tailored so we don t suffered a writing without some editor team backing it I love this book immediately, it flows perfectly I ve always love Radley s writing, this one just reminded how good it can be.ARC received from writer for honest review.P.S Pardon me if I don t do this review thing greatly, it s my first time writing for ARC review.

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    Thawing the Ice Queen is a well used trope in lesbian fiction and it never gets old Radley adds her own twist by thawing and refreezing Victoria Hastings before events in this book take place Victoria is a demanding and intimidating boss who frightens off temps than she keeps Before she disappeared, Holly had been a valuable second assistant who had gained Victoria s trust and grudging respect Her disappearance during fashion week in Paris left the fashion editor angry and embarrassed Giving Holly amnesia was an inspired plot device It leaves the reader with a limited view of events and little understanding of Holly Did she leave following an argument Was she mugged and left for dead Was she simply crossing the street, running an errand for her frosty boss and didn t notice the traffic I loved how the author slowly reveals bits and pieces of the working relationship between Holly and Victoria, most recalled by Victoria herself, some by secondary characters It was easy to question how truthful Victoria was when explaining her actions to others and to herself I couldn t help but feel there was than a business connection developing between the two before Holly s disappearance Holly is an easy woman to admire She may not remember her past but she is open and willing to embrace the chance to rediscover herself I loved her positive attitude and strength of character Once Stateside it was only a matter of time and a bit of soul searching before Holly once again began to breakdown the barriers thrown up by Victoria While seeking her past she discovered her future Sweet I devoured this book in one day, it s such a pleasure to read 4.5 starsARC received with thanks from the author for an honest review.

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    4 STARSI first read this story when it was a Devil Wears Prada fanfic Jean DuPont This story takes place a year after Andy Sachs or rather Holly Carter leaves Victoria Hastings Miranda during Paris Fashion Week Even though Holly quit at the worst possible time, Victoria was ready to give Holly a good job reference but was surprised and disappointed that she never heard from Holly Not that she would ever acknowledge that to anyone She barely acknowledged it to herself Just as Victoria was leaving for the airport to return to the states, a frantic man shows her a photograph of a pale, sickly looking woman with short dark hair Holly Holly who has been in a French hospital for a year with amnesia and recovering from brain damage He recognized Holly from TV footage from the previous year He was hoping Victoria would know the American with no memory.Victoria pulls strings as only Victoria can do getting Holly back to the states Holly has no living relatives or friends so Victoria moves Holly into her house.What I liked about this book although it was a DWP, it felt different Victoria is Miranda but vulnerable not that she would ever show it Gideon aka Nigel tells Holly Assumptions Holly asked Yes Think of your most negative view of a situation, that s Victoria s default position And that is this story Holly too isn t the usual Andy portrayal And for the life of me I can t put my finger on why As I read this story, I ceased to see them as Miranda and Andy, but as Victoria and Holly.I also like that instead of Miranda s pre teen twins, Victoria s children were the exuberant 8 yr old Alexia and 15 yr old Hugo a prefect age straddling being a boy and an awkward teen just starting to date They were great characters.Ah sheesh This is a long winded review I recommend this easy reading story I really enjoyed it.EDIT I forgot to add LOVE THE COVER

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    Fashion magazine editor Victoria Hastings discovers while staying in Paris that her former assistant Holly Carter, who allegedly abandoned the job, is in hospital with amnesia Victoria is adamant to bring Holly back home and help her recover but, in the process, both women will undergo a journey of mutual discovery of their feelings.This is another novel based on the Devil wears Prada trope which normally features an age gap relationship and an ice queen against a lively character The peculiarity of this novel is that Holly suffers from amnesia which brings additional conflicts to the plot.The novel is written in third person from the point of view of three characters the leads Victoria and Holly and Victoria s friend Gideon While the main characters are well rounded, I didn t feel their chemistry until the very end maybe because the reader is told about the characters feelings than shown by their actions The secondary characters are a bit stereotyped and Victoria s children sometimes act too mature for their ages.All in all, the story is entertaining with some funny and humorous moments and a good twist at the end Depite some situations feel a bit far fetched, it s a good read if you don t take things too seriously.Overall, an entertaining read based on the Devil wears Prada trope 3.5 stars.See all my reviews at

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    A.E Radley knows how to deliver a great story Her newest book, Bring Holly Home is one of her best yet A great ice queen romance gets me every single time Victoria Hastings is one of the world s most influential people in the world of high fashion As the editor in chief of an international fashion magazine, Arrival, Victoria is busy, demanding and an absolute ice queen Her assistants are known for fleeing, and if they don t get away first they are often times fired for inconsequential reasons Under all of her tough exterior, there is a sweet woman who loves fiercely You just have to break down the massive concrete barriers around her heart.Holly Carter is one of the few assistants that handled working with Victoria with ease Victoria threw every challenge her way and Holly met expectations with ease and excellence So when Holly up and walked away during Paris Fashion Week, Victoria was surprised and unbelievably hurt Twist Holly didn t leave to quit, somehow she was injured and developed amnesia The young assistant has been living in Paris for a year now.This ice queen age gap romance will keep you on your toes all the way to the end Radley keeps the tension taut all the way through the last chapter My only grievance with this book is that I wish there had been one on one interaction between the two leading ladies A little dialogue would have launched this book into the next stratosphere With that being said, this book is a really great read, and I sincerely hope that we get another book featuring Victoria and Holly.

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    It feels like I read this book in a single breath Though well written with little to no angst, the book didn t wow me I think it s because I expected interaction between Holly and Victoria I almost wrote Andy and Miranda there They both spent such a large part of the book hiding from the other it left little room for their chemistry to build up Not the best DWP uber I ve read but definitely not the worst either.

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    Detailed score 2.75 I feel like I need to open with the disclaimer that I am a massive fan of Devil Wears Prada fanfic and the thawing ice queen trope in general As such, in this sub genre I have very high standards and some preferences for how I like the characters to interact and come togetherand I ve also read some fantastically creative work.This work was in my meh column in both fanfic and paid formbut I might be being unfairly harsh I couldn t read Victoria as a character with slight characterisation differences in her own right I wanted Miranda.So Disclaimers over, I found the overall storyline, and the characterisation inparticular, lacked depth Slight spoiler here there is also lots of pining and little resolution.Overall Look It s still good And I am delighted that some of our talented fanfic writers are finally getting the in print recognition and some that they so richly deserve You won t regret your purchase it s good karma if nothing else but my ice queeny standards were only defrosted, not moved by this one.

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    Bring Holly Home is a fantastic novel and probably one of my favourite books by A.E Radley Bring Holly Home was originally written as a fan fiction by Radley based on the Devil Wears Prada.Victoria Hastings is an editor for a fashion conglomerate she has an ice queen persona and doesn t suffer fools gladly While in France for Paris Fashion week she is contacted by a journalist that informs her that her ex assistant, Holly didn t just up and leave her job the year before but was in an accident and has amnesia She is and has been in a hospital in Paris for the past year since the previous Paris fashion week Victoria rushes to Holly s aide and is determined to get the young woman back to New York however as they spend time together both Victoria and Holly begin to see other sides to one another and their feelings grow.Such a brilliant story and one I know I will read time and time again This book has two ingredients that I love in novels, Ice Queens melting and age gap romance The tension between Holly and Victoria is palpable and at times the reader may think these two may never confess their attraction and feelings It s definitely a slow burn but one I d gladly enjoy rereading again.I emailed the author shortly after reading the book to ask if this was the start of a new series I really feel both Holly and Victoria have story to tell and hope that it won t be long until we read from these two because I couldn t put the book down once their chemistry started to build and can only see it continuing and intensifying into another book.5 stars

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    I really enjoyed itAge gap stories have never been my favorite to reads but I really did enjoy this one The characters were well written as has come to be the norm when reading one of Radley books Its focus really is just on Holly and Victoria As much as I would have liked of Louisa s neuroticism and Gideon s wit I m glad that was kept to minimum This was a very enjoyable read for me

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    I was so looking forward to this book It was as good as i was hoping for, though not the way i expected it One reason is one of main character had amensia one of my favorite kind of story The other reason is that one of the main character is an ice queen character boss.This book reminded me so much about Devil Wear Prada fanfic by Telanu view spoiler God, i love that book so much hide spoiler

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