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The Hundred Wells of Salaga [PDF / EPUB] The Hundred Wells of Salaga Aminah lives an idyllic life until she is brutally separated from her home and forced on a journey that turns her from a daydreamer into a resilient woman Wurche the willful daughter of a chief is des Aminah lives an idyllic life until Wells of MOBI ï she is brutally separated from her home and forced on a journey that turns her from a daydreamer into The Hundred Kindle - a resilient woman Wurche the willful daughter of a chief is desperate to play an important role in her father's court These two women's lives converge Hundred Wells of Kindle Ô as infighting among Wurche's people threatens the region during the height of the slave trade at the end of the th century Set in pre colonial Ghana The Hundred Wells of Salaga is a story of courage forgiveness love and freedom Through the experiences of Aminah and Wurche it offers a remarkable view of slavery and how the scramble for Africa affected the lives of everyday people.

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    full review stars but rounding up to 5 stars Ayesha H Attah has grown soooo much as a writer and 'The Hundred Wells of Salaga' is proof of her wonderful growth full review on book blog

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    A 231 page novel that holds enough ambition for a book twice it's size The story of Wurche one of the most complex and stellar protagonists I've read in 2018 and Aminah is one that you will remember for the evils that can be inflicted from within a nation as well as those from an outsider who happens to be playing niceAyesha Harruna Attah's backlog is a priority

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    TW abuse violence rape slavery suicide racism slut shaming Unpopular Opinion Time 🐸☕️Actual rating 15 ⭐️Boy oh boy Grab some sugar because this Rather Random Review™️ is gonna be salty AF and you'll have to balance all this out with some sweetness For as much as I appreciated the discussion around internal slavery and I liked the fact that one of the two main characters was bi I personally thought this book wasn't greatActually I really hated this book if I have to be completely honest So here I am Dragging it Characters and RelationshipsSo Aminah and Wurche eh? Man these two were the definition of two dimensional characters They were childish their personality was not flashed out and their actions were irrationalI get that they were teens butI mean the things they do are always dictated by some strange force that pushed them to do something Bitch where's the logic in all that? But what's worse is the fact that this strange force popped up during the most ridiculous scenarios not even during the important scenes For example at one point Aminah offers Moro to help him building a new hut and the narration basically goes I don't know why I did it A strange force possessed me Mmmmdude you just offered your help you didn't do anything groundbreaking 🙄 They sounded so childish because of that Their reasonings were all based on emotions and love and that was just stupidAnd as I mentioned love I mean there are basically three if not arguably four love stories in this book and WOULD YOU BELIEVE that all four were based on insta love? Because I sure as fuck was not willing to believe my own two eyes All relationships are based on ONE single look and BOOM they're in love Yeah no I'm not about that life There was absolutely no build up No tension No will they won't they Everything was immediate and hallow You know what else was hallow? Well my dear the two main characters themselves YesAminah is painfully naive and innocent In the first chapter is mentioned that she'd love to sell shoes like her father and travel the world butthese interests are mentioned ONCE and then that's it? She has no uirks nor particularities that could strike the readers and make them think well Aminah sure is somebody special Nope She's just beautiful Oh so beautiful And that's it Wurche is not innocent either She keeps on saying that she'd love to be part of the political world but she knows absolutely nothing about anything Zero nada il vuoto più assoluto rien de rien All the things she knows and mentions are told by other people and she just parrots them and shows off She's impulsive and selfish She does not participate in the world that she'd love to be a part of the world of politics and what is worse is that she doesn't even try to be She just complains that people aren't letting her do the things she wants Both of them I couldn't stand for the life of me 😩All men are trash tbh Every single one of them but Dramani Dramain was a small innocent child that has to be protected But that's it Also the familiar bounds were lacking During the first chapters it feels like Aminah's family is incredibly important to her but the the story goes forward the they become irrelevant and forgotten Also the story of the twins the father and the mothers were too easily tied up with unsatisfactory and unclear endings that just left a bad taste in my mouth The plot and writing styleNothing much to say about these two aspects apart from the fact that I was not a fan The writing style felt completely disjointed and sometimes there were some immense gaps between two paragraphs that just didn't make sense Or even worse you were happily reading about something then OUT OF THE BLUE another topicscenethought would pop up for three lines and then BAM back where we were before For example there's a scene in which Aminah is cooking and describing the food and then BAM random thought about the caravans and then BAM back to the cooking It was just confusing and made the story not flow effortlessly uite the opposite Keeping things straight was a challenge And that's also because the writing style was too heavy on the descriptions It felt like it was trying to be poetic and whimsical but failed miserably The plot itself was also just a hot messAnd that's because there are too many important topics that the author wanted to tackle The final result is that nothing is approached or analysed properly and everything fell short It wanted to be a feminist book through the characters of Aminah and Wurche and their non existent friendship but it didn't deliver because the characters themselves were not feminists and didn't interact with each other not even for the lols It wanted to be a book about war and politics but it didn't deliver because these two topics were just barely mentioned and tackledIt wanted to be a comment about slavery and how bad that is but it didn't deliver because it didn't bring anything new to the discussionIt wanted to be a book about friendship and family but it didn't deliver because both were easily forgotten and brushed asideBasically this book wanted to be lots of things but got to be none And the ending felt ridiculously rushed and just underwhelming I am sorry if this is your favourite book and I dragged it through the mud and back But I honestly really hated it Appreciated the African setting but that was literally the only thing I liked

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    i likes that this book showed the slave trades during the time when africa was being “colonized” taken over by white europeans and how both changed the lives of africans the author doesn’t shy away from the actual horrors beatings rape even just the trauma being ripped away from your home and dragged way to be sold and even being owned by a nicer person doesn’t mean that it feels good be ownedi did find the entire book a bit confusing since the writing style felt almost too young to be YA but then the brutal moments happen and make it very clear that it’s NOT a YA or middle grade book at all but for an adult book everything was too underdeveloped in my option the characters where good but didn’t have any real depths and could have used personality to make the reader actually connect and really feel with them and then there were the moments where the white people and the slave traders behaved as it they were from a different time since it’s clear that a few people clearly knew that slave trade was disposable and shouldn’t be done and that taking land and people for no other reason then wanting too is also not okay and while i am sure that there were always people smart enough around to know those things but i am also pretty sure that it wouldn’t have happened the way it was described in this book especially during the time this book takes place inso all in all?it’s a good book but it could have been better

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    The Hundred Wells of Salaga is the story of Arminah and Wurche two young women who grow up in vastly different circumstances in West Africa in the late 19th century and whose paths cross The novel which tackles topics such as slavery and politics in a way which is rarely covered is beautifully written Attah's language is ripe with metaphors and pictures and at the same time she understands to tell a page turner story My only gripe with the book something I rarely wish for The book could have been 50 100 pages longer Arminah and Wurche only meet uite late in the book and I would have loved to spend time with them together But all in all I really liked this bookSome consider the following a spoiler I do not but be warned Funnily enough I first planned to push this book to July to finish some of the #pridemonth appropriate reads but then I could not ignore the call And surprise Wurche is not only a very captivating character in general but she actually is also a ueer character who desires women and men it is a theme throughout the book but nothing really in the focus or overtly plot relevant

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    I appreciated Attah’s novel for its period details on the lives of the Gonja and Hausa tribes descriptions of maasa and tuo design of household spaces influence of Islam and inter tribal politics This is not a culture time place you get many chances to read about But then the majority of characters fell flat Even one of Attah’s protagonists changes little over the course of the story driven headlong by her own desires into scandal after disaster with little to no personal reflection achieved by the end The male hero is a supposedly angel hearted slave driver Wurche her brother the random German soldier buddy all deliver highly progressive reflections on their roles amidst Ghana’s colonization as men women in traditional societies which are too straightforward to be seen as truly coming from the characters Aminah was best rendered but her “destiny” turns out cliche and unsatisfying The title doesn’t even have broader significance This book was an interesting read but I can’t say I’d recommend this story

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    this was a 35 read for methoughts coming shortly

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    Ayesha Haruna Attah’s The Hundred Wells of Salaga was a story of the African slave trade in Ghana told from the perspective of one woman stolen into slavery and another who as a royal both participated in and also benefited from this horror This book was written with a mind to complex characters and the vagaries of being a kind and complete person in some ways while also participating in one of the great degradations of human history I think that this book is an important read for so many reasons but there was also something missing For a novel that was largely a character study this book was somewhat sparse It was short at 230 odd pages and so it was hard to fully flesh out the characters or to fully understand their motivations and inner workings The brevity of the work also had major events happening into the final pages the book did not slowly wrap itself up it came to a screeching halt and conseuently so many things were left unresolved A history that is important and a place and time that is sorely underrepresented in international literature this book was a good read and one I would recommend I hope that what comes next from the author has bulk and depth I liked this story and these characters enough that I would have so happily gone there

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    This is a story of two young women coming form very different lives set in pre colonial Ghana Aminah is taken from her home and forced to slavery Once a daydreamer she becomes a resilient woman after all the hardships she has to endure Slavery brings her to Wurche a headstrong and independent princess who wants to make a difference in her father’s courtI found it fascinating to learn a little about the conflicts between different tribes and western influence in Ghana The story is interesting but is seems flat a lot of times There is not much character development the friendship of the two women is not portrayed enough and the characters besides the women are flat It has the potential of a longer book it ends abruptly in a clicheOverall it is and interesting albeit sad story that is enjoyable but has the potential to be better

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    I really loved how visual the writing is It was like watching a movie than reading a book An enjoyable read

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