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    Funny frustrating story was funnily frustrating This book had a lot of humor but read almost like some sort of stream of consciousness story where the MC Nolan aka Grant just stumbled aimlessly through his days with the reader playing witness to his odd awkward artistic nerdiness And while a lot of the situations had me smiling I also found myself thinking OMG where is this story going and when is it going to gain some focus and actually get there? The frustration for me arose mainly from neither MC actually showing their emotional poker hand not divulging any actual feelings even to themselves or the reader until the very last few freaking chaptersHonestly there were very few clues as to whether previously straight Bern was still attempting to get back with his ex girlfriend Gia and only using Nolan's prom posal as a vehicle to make her jealous And Nolan kept waffling between having attractions for both Bern and Si taking an extremely long time before even letting himself ponder his true feelingsThis uncertainty made me C R A Z Y Even with only a few chapters remaining I couldn't decide if even I wanted the MC's to get together or for Bern to go back to Gia and Si to confess his feelings for Nolan Shouldn't I have been rooting for the main MC's by this point? Spoiler The answer is YES I shouldTrès confusing And I found that lack of clarity of feelings pretty annoying Was it uirky and did it make me laugh? YesWas it full of feels and romance? EhhhDid it just sort of meander along instead of feeling like the story was working its way to a pre determined inevitable conclusion taking anything other than even a semi direct path? Oh hell yeahSo this 35 star book kinda worked for me eccentric humor but also kinda didn't loosely defined low feels romance My ARC copy of the book was provided by the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for a fair unbiased reviewSee All My Latest Reads Review uick Links

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    rep adopted gay mc bi Jewish li poc lesbian side characteryou can just tell that goslee writes fics like she gets it you know??? she gets how fake dating is supposed to work how pining is supposed to work ugh this is just kisses fingers like a chef Blog | Twitter | Instagram | Bloglovin | Reads Rainbow

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    I'm between 35 and 4 stars so I rounded upEven though it reminds me of the late 1990searly 2000s movies like She's All That She's the Man or 10 Things I Hate About You albeit with a gay twist SJ Goslee's new book How Not to Ask a Boy to Prom could easily be made into a movie right this second and still feel totally relevant and fresh It's a sweet slightly goofy book that's not perfect but it's definitely a fun readNolan Grant Sheffield is a slightly eccentric high school junior who would be than happy just to ride the school year out without making any waves He's perfectly happy hanging out with his best friend Evie working at a greenhouse and drawing as well as tolerating okay maybe even enjoying his adoptive family's ultra competitiveness Sure he gets bullied a bit at school gym class is torture and he's not so uietly nurturing a crush on Si O'Mara a gay football player at his school who is also president of the Gay Straight AllianceHowever he's never kissed anyone much less been in a relationship And his older sister Daphne is determined to change that—and much of Nolan's life—before she heads off to college in the fall But Daphne's take no prisoners style isn't something Nolan is ready for when it comes to his life especially his lack of a love lifeTechnically to any outsider this might look like Daphne is doing a favor for me Technically any outsider would be wrongDaphne wants to be sure Nolan is prepared for college so she encouragesforces him to get involved in some extracurricular activities And then when her own relationship status changes she essentially threatens him to find a date to the upcoming Junior Senior Prom—or she'll find one for himFrom this point on things go totally awry for poor Nolan Suddenly he finds himself in the midst of fake dating a menacing ex girlfriend an after school art program with younger kids and volunteering to help with the art for the prom as well as the after prom party And all the while he's utterly confused about his feelings for two guys confusion that bubbles over to Daphne and others as well How Not to Ask a Boy to Prom is a little bit zany but certainly a little bit predictable as well although Goslee definitely kept me guessing until the very end with a few things But while I liked the twists one major one confused me because the characters never fully discussed their feelings until the very end and even then I wasn't sure what precipitated that I'm being purposely vague because I don't want to spoil things although other Goodreads reviews do give plot awayGoslee's books I also enjoyed her first book Whatever are utterly charming fun reads They're not full of angst like so many other YA books and they definitely treat sexual orientation in a matter of fact way rather than as a cause for drama Even an instance in which a male character begins dating another male after a two year relationship with a female character is met with confusion but not ridicule Her dialogue is fresh without being pretentious or so sarcastic you think you're listening to stand up comedians rather than high school studentsWhile I do wish that the characters were a little fleshed out here so I could understand why they behaved the way they did I enjoyed How Not to Ask a Boy to Prom uite a bit and read the book in one day It really charmed me reminded me a little bit of my high school days and at the same time made me wish they resembled the book a little too See all of my reviews at itseithersadnessoreuphoriablogspotcomCheck out my list of the best books I read in 2018 at You can follow me on Instagram at

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    screaming bc the fake dating trope is my favourite ever and I love some good ueer content

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    HOW NOT TO ASK A BOY TO PROM is a cutesy laugh out loud fake dating LGBT YA contemporary that somehow both surprised and delighted me and also felt a little lacking Googling how to fake date since I obviously have no idea how to read date either brings up a treasure trove of fanfiction that I bookmark for later but is otherwise super unhelpfulThere are a lot of things at play in Goslee's book and because we're only given vague explanations it skips along as if we're already in the know; and therefore doesn't bog us down with a lot of backstory or any flashbacks whatsoever We're excused from much of the drama and yet I feel like as a result some of the impact is also lost For the record I am nothing like a hipster at all I have an appreciation for art that sometimes includes the absurd but my outfits are born out of incredible laziness not any sense of style All my ugliness is a side effect of being too tired to careThat said this was pretty adorable and I laughed constantly The narrative is witty even if we have yet another totally clueless protagonist I feel like had this been padded with an extra hundred pages fleshed out some of the characters and situations maybe tidied up some of the ambiguous bits that kind of frustrated me this would've been an easy four Highly enjoyable As it is it's pretty damn sweet but not uite everything I wanted Would definitely read the author again though35 stars I received an ARC from the publisher thank you in exchange for an honest review

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    fake dating? misunderstandings that come with it? the drama? secondhand embarrassment? THE FLAVOR?

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    One word ADORABLEThe first half was boring and the writing style is basic too but I really liked the relationship between Nolan and her sister and the romance was so cute Especially at the end I loved the end if you couldn't tell lolBut objectively it could have use a few rounds of edit It was like a wattpad story

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    UPDATE upon further inspection aka I thought about it I'm changing my rating to three stars There were a few plot points that felt out of place and weird Some things weren't even addressed and even if the main couple was cute I didn't really feel like they were exploredHow Not to Ask a Boy to Prom reminded me of fanfiction but likenot in a bad way Maybe it was the fake dating trope maybe it was the fact that 90% of the book was just Nolan and his stream of awkward slash borderline embarrassing trains of thought Maybe it was the fact that Nolan actually references fanfiction AND the trope multiple times throughout the course of the book Either way it was uick entertaining and HIGHLY addicting which is basically why fanfiction is so appealing Either way on to the reviewPLOTNolan Grant is sixteen gay and definitely still a virgin He’s never had a boyfriend or even been kissed It’s not like Penn Valley is brimming with prospects And when his big sister stages an elaborate “prom posal” so Nolan can ask out his not so secret crush Nolan freezes He’s saved from further embarrassment by bad boy Bern who for his own reasons offers to fake date NolanNolan thinks it’s the perfect way to get Daphne off his back and spend the rest of the year drawing narwhals tending to plants and avoiding whatever died under his bed a few weeks ago What he doesn’t think about is Bern’s ex girlfriend who seriously wants to kill himI feel like I should already admit that I think the fake dating trope is used way too much and highly predictable Yet I'm complete and utter trash for it don't me Yes tropes are dumb yadda yadda yadda butueer fake dating? Um Yes please Give me it N O WBut sadly that's all the book had going for it AGAIN I DON'T MEAN THIS IN A BAD WAY Plot wise not much happened I can see why most would give it a low rating because of that But I was actually okay with it I mean come one it's marketed as a light hearted contemporary and that's exactly what we gotCHARACTERSEven if nothing really went on plot wise what made this book a four star read was the characters They just feel so real and relatable although I did roll my eyes a few times because wowthese idiots Nolan was an absolute weirdo and so was 99% of these characters Bren was adorable Evie Nolan's best friend Daphne his sister their parents random side characters etc you name it THAT is what made this book so good Because despite the fact that NOTHING happens it was entertaining to watch these interactions even among random side characters Although a problem I had with the book was that they introduced so many characters that I kept on forgetting who was who FINAL THOUGHTSLook This book was not perfect It wasn't some profound piece of literature that will magically change the world It was weird It was cute It was funny I had a few problems with the book and wished some of the characters were fleshed out but I don't think I would of enjoyed it if it was longer The ending left things open which I liked The author didn't drag along the plot for the sake pf making the book longer Once it bypassed the beginning stages it got straight to the point wellllllnot really But you can clearly see where the main plot is heading I really enjoyed it If you want a uick cute and wacky rom com with ueer characters than check out this book FAVORITE UOTESGoogling “How to fake date”—since I obviously have no idea how to real date either—brings up a treasure trove of fanfiction that I bookmark for later but is otherwise unhelpful All I’ve learned so far—from my various entirely reliable sources—is that fake dating involves a lot of hand holding in public hurried passionate kisses when cornered and accidental bed sharing when there are no extra rooms at the inn I duck my head to hide a wince My life has turned into a bad rom com movie only chances are slim to zero that I’ll actually get my happy ending “I like plants”Berncracks up He goddamn giggles burying his face in hands I have to save his soda from getting shoved off the table” “To think about how right about now Bern usually drags me into the bathroom how we’ll touch without really touching and how my skin always tingles when we don’t actually fucking make out I curl my fingers into his and lace them together”“Bern set up next to me pushes his foot into mine He says “Going soft Grant?” and crap maybe I am an asshole?”“I could say it’s because of how the sun onhis face males his eyes look nearly black and his mouth this deep ruby red”

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    i think i probably prefer whatever but this was so good too45Rep gay mc Jewish bi li Korean American lesbian side character

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    DNF 30 pages i'm going to dnf this because i'm not able to connect with any of the characters or the story perhaps i've become to old to care about high school books any because i'm not being able to get into any of these stories lately i think they're too immatureso yeah i'm not going to invest any of my time into this

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How Not to Ask a Boy to Prom [PDF / EPUB] How Not to Ask a Boy to Prom Nolan Grant is sixteen gay and definitely still a virgin He's never had a boyfriend or even been kissed It's not like Penn Valley is brimming with prospects And when his big sister stages an elaborate Nolan Grant is to Ask eBook ¸ sixteen gay and definitely still a virgin He's never had a boyfriend or even been kissed It's not like Penn Valley is brimming with prospects And when his big sister stages an elaborate “prom posal” so Nolan can ask out his not so secret crush Nolan freezes He's saved from further embarrassment by bad boy Bern who for his How Not MOBI :ß own reasons offers to fake date NolanNolan thinks it's the perfect way to get Daphne off his back and spend the rest of the year drawing narwhals tending to plants and avoiding whatever died under his bed a few weeks ago What he doesn't think about is Bern's ex girlfriend who seriously wants to kill him.

  • Hardcover
  • 236 pages
  • How Not to Ask a Boy to Prom
  • S.J. Goslee
  • English
  • 06 February 2015
  • 9781626724013