The Man Who Made the Beatles An Intimate Biography of

The Man Who Made the Beatles An Intimate Biography of Brian Epstein [PDF / EPUB] The Man Who Made the Beatles An Intimate Biography of Brian Epstein For the millions of Beatle fans this is the story of the man behind the Fab Four This dramatic untold story focuses on the life of the man sometimes called The Fifth Beatle from his stunning success a For the millions Who Made PDF/EPUB é of Beatle fans this is the story of the man behind the Fab Four This dramatic untold story focuses on the life of the man sometimes called The Man MOBI :ß The Fifth Beatle from his stunning success at packaging the group to his tortured life and premature death in pages of photos.

  • Hardcover
  • 400 pages
  • The Man Who Made the Beatles An Intimate Biography of Brian Epstein
  • Ray Coleman
  • English
  • 02 February 2016
  • 9780070117891

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    I don't usually read books about the music businessbut made an exception to the ruleit was a good readtold me uite a bit about Brian epstein both in private life and business acumenserendipity brought the Beatles and Brian togetherbut in doing so created a monster that took over the cosiness of original business of just the Beatlesgerry and the pacemakersand cilla blackthe usual story of too much too soontoo many artistes and many business ventures led to a loss of the original hands on concepta man riddled with contradictions but you get the overall idea he was a nice guy who got swallowed up by bigger sharks and hangers on

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    Some winds blew my way to steer me to this book after years of loving and listening to the Beatles and of being an original member of the Beatlemania wave Maybe it was something that somebody said about Brian Epstein the man who made the Beatles but I took myself over to the library and chose this book I'm glad I did Having been swept up in the wave I had no idea what was behind it In fact Brian was behind it and this book tells about the boy the man the man's career the Beatles and their career and in fact pop music in general and its arc It also shows us how the music business has changed from the days when a man who works in the record department of his parents' furniture store could walk into The Cavern in Liverpool and see a promising young band and shoulder them to today when everything is big business Brian was brilliant Brian had integrity and Brian cared With all his friends he was also lonely having thrown himself into his performers and was caught between his Jewish heritage and love for his parents his homosexuality which his parents by the way accepted and society's norms when at that time homosexuality was a crime in the UK Today we don't see that much integrity and we don't see that much caring for the personal side of ones protegees just remember Michael Jackson and how his managers pushed him to go on stage and perform an enormous number of shows when he was sick and ill The book contained so much detail Coleman did an amazing job of research Some readers may learn than they want to but there's no doubt that Brian's life though short was complex that he touched many and that he singularly had a major influence on the direction of music as we know it todayIt was sad to read that John Lennon had some anti Semitic streaks in him and that he freuently berated Brian both for his homosexuality and for his Jewishness It was interesting to read about John Paul George and Ringo from the perspective of individuals who knew them closely and from their interactions with Brian I enjoyed reading about Cilla Black who's talent I perhaps being an American had never known of and I went online and saw her performances which were knockout She was a Brian discovery too In the end it was a little difficult to follow the time seuencing of everything the writing sometimes moved forward then shifted backward then forward again but this book was worth it and provides a very 4 dimensional view OVER TIME of people places and industries who we now take for grantedThat said we too often lose our perspective on what we take for granted today This book gives us a thorough and human view of how the world literally turned on Brian Epstein's discovery and stewardship of four young musicians who with their brilliant musicianship and sparking personalities literally changed the world

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    A sympathetic telling of Brian Epstein's story Ray Coleman's book is credible well researched and well written Perhaps because he seems to be writing for a British audience Coleman assumes readers will know that he was the editor of Melody Maker a popular and widely circulated magazine in the UK Without this information his occasional use of the first person is less understandable

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    An excellent easy going read of a man I knew nothing about for a man who is not really interested in music But then neither was Mr Epstein or pop music at least He had an ear for it but confined it to his working hours Mind you in the absence of a personal life that was 247I had watched a BBC documentary about the man but knew nothing about him He did seem a tragic figure for one who was so successful His death could so easily have been avoidedThis is very much an insider's book and one much helped by the Epstein family His homosexuality is discussed uite a lot as it was the source of much personal anguish for him and a lot of insults or innuendo by his artistes He endured it but at a great cost The book is very much focused on the man and not on him as an appendix for the Beatles so if you want to know about them you will have to read another book The author does not do 'kiss and tell' or rake up any of Epstein's nocturnal trysts with a person or persons unknown I suspect it is because most of them were casual pick ups he holidayed alone and disappeared from late night parties to cruise the streets much to the anxiety of his friends and work colleagues Out of respect for those still living no names of his lovers who never stayed around very long anyway are mentioned except for one A very worthwhile read a lively style and will give a well rounded picture of a much talented but tortured individual

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