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    Need another big blue alien to add to your book boyfriend list? Look no furtherSoren is giant blue bald has scales four arms you can hold the hell out of his hands claws that come out when he's angryand then he has to rip them off with his teeth sharp teeth shoots out pools and pools of green goo and manly euipment that happens to have a stem like thing that extends into your uterus to implant his fertilized egg Sexy huh? Plus after he gets you pregnant you will emit a fishy odor for four monthsYep our heroine is living the dream It's like a fairy tale but instead of the beast turning into a relatively good looking although slightly effeminate man when she falls in love with him he just stays a bald scaly slime shooting four armed egg implanting beastLiving the dream

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    It's that time again when the MacHalos read a ridiculous alien novel just because it exists and we're obviously not sane MacHalo BR The book starts out with Lucia escaping a gang of homicidal reptilian aliens called Trepnils They've got crocodile heads they drool stink and will torture and rape people before eating them She escapes them and their ship by piloting away in another ship It's empty besides cargo and oh yeah an 8ft tall blue alien with four arms and a tail Anyone else instantly think of Vishnu? He says he's slave 892 and she's his new master Lucia gives him the name Soren Really looks like a Soren doesn't he? It's 7 days travel to get back to her planet so she and Soren just hang out and check out the cargo Unfortunately the Trepnils didn't die and are pursuing them Lucia is forced to land on a nearby planet Luckily it's full of nice people that only want help harvesting fruit Guess who's really efficient at harvesting by hand? Soren After the harvest it's party time and these folks like to get wasted dirrrrrrttty and orgy it up Lucia or Loo Sha as Soren calls her drinks the natives' special orgy drink and wants to get her freak on She commands him to hump her and we learn all about sex with a Melier alien It's scary in case you're wondering and involves a gallon of green alien reproductive goo at the end After that thrilling encounter Lucia Soren get back to her planet and stay with her family Meliers are basically never ever seen by humans the other folks on Lucia's planet so Soren gets a lot of looks and wtf comments Lucia's family is very nice to him and helps him integrate He Loo Sha keep up the humping and making small lakes of green Melier goo Some drama with a stalker wannabe bf happens drama about wtf kinda alien is Soren by the paparazziTMZ people and that sort of nonsense happens Plus you know they fall in love This is an alien romance The rest would be spoilerish to divulge This book had too many filler details that weighed it down I started skimming pretty uickly I thought the best parts were the very beginning when Lucia is on the ship After that it kind of felt I was just reading a day to day journal of what they did and since j didn't care about the characters I found that boring I didn't dislike the characters despite Lucia often being annoying but I didn't care about them at all The book switches between Lucia's POV and Soren's His POV is very basic due to his history as a slave and they're brainwashed not to think have their memories wiped The overall plot was interesting and kept hinting that maybe Soren was than he seemed There's action in the book but it felt clogged and slow The things I didn't like about this book Not a fan of the four arms things makes me think of conjoined twins The alien sex was pretty gross not only because of the descriptions of the gallon of green goo webbing the guy produced but also his anatomy And it drove me nuts that Lucia kept referring to Soren as a baboon Wtf would you say that? He's 8ft tall blue and hairless where's the similarity to a baboon? All I could think about was a baboon's giant red bum when she referred to Soren as one Horrible mental picture I also found the final big bad drama to be way over the top and unnecessary It was like a bad porn movie villain Wait do porn movies have villains? Whatever Add that to some other out of character behavior by Lucia and I was just annoyed with the last part of the book view spoilerLucia isn't down for an orgy but she was fine having sex in front of Soren's brothers? That whole family green goo party was idiotic hide spoiler

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    Meh I was not into this Dnf at 60% Aaannddd the book slump continues

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    25 StarsThis story started out a helluva a lot stronger than it finished I think it's mainly because the author and I just had different visions See me? I wanted an alien erotica featuring a non humanoid alien Period Not necessarily a story with depth and meaning And this book had thatsometimes It also had a lot of disgusting body fluids And when I say a lot I mean a LOT But I'm not even going to go there I digress So Soren was definitely a non human alien Yas We're off to a good start Lucia is escaping from some super bad aliens and steals a ship loaded down with lots of goodies and guess who just so happens to be on board? Soren or Slave 892 as he is known before Lucia so graciously gifts him the name of Soren and his ultimately his freedom So a human and a big hulky 4 armed alien stuck on a ship in space together as they try to escape the super evil aliens? Yas Yas Yas Now that's my kind of alien smut It's 7 days before they can reach Lucia's home planet What are they to do?? I can think of a few things that may pass the time Bow chicka wow wow Apparently I am infinitely creative than those two thoughBut then the space baddies start closing in so they have to make an emergency stop at a planet unknown to them What? Alright Now we're talking This is where it's going to take off I can feel it An unknown planet? Think of all the potential there Savage tribes ferocious beasties other alien encounters Boy was there some potential on that planet cough alien orgies cough And though Lucia and Soren do get around to some gardening because of his root and planting haha get it? this was a very short lived leg of their journey They ship out the very next morning and for the next SIX days there's absolutely no action After that the author made a lot of decisions I would not have made I won't spoil it I'll just say I did not like the plot device she used to pull the characters together and the direction the story took is not one I would have chosen I won't go so far as to say it was a bad book It wasn't It was well written for alien pornish and the characters that were introduced especially Gram she was pretty damn funny were good additions to the story I actually really liked the whole family dynamic I think there was some pacing issues in the second half of the book as it felt infinitely longer than the first half and there were some character inconsistencies and just some weird shit that felt thrown in there Lucia kind of pissed me off at times with her selfish antics but I did love Soren duh I love hunky possessive alien bad asses that will kill for their partner AND I finished this book it two days That right there is enough to earn it 3 stars I think In all honesty I think this is a case of it's not you it's me There's a seuel but I just don't think I care enough to read it It's just not the story I'd hoped it would beImpromptu BR with Sh3lly and my other MacHalos All alien lover weirdos welcome

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    SPOILERISHI loved the beginning of this book where Lucia escapes these baddies and saves Soren who had been a slave Their relationship was so sweet and kind with an attraction they didn't know what to do with And then their first sex scene turned into a big hot mess and I could not think about anything being sexy about that And the messes kept cumming rim shot please Then this book that started out about a sweet romance turned into an erotic book with the cherry on top of this messy pie being she ended up smelling like really stinky fish which evidently is a turn on where the blue men are from And I mean a literal turn on with the gushing gallons of cum that people need to step over Grandma So what did I do when I finished this book? I bought book two I'm a glutton for cum I guess

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    I went into this knowing it was a twofer a duet and that I wasn't going to read the second book cause menage just wasn't my thingBut I'll be honest I really liked Lucia Soren Lucia's family and the writing So I was definitely getting a little swayed into chancing the next bookAnd it was all going so well till 77% in Soren gets his memories back and his brothers show up and I skedaddled myself out In my mind I had already dnf ed this but I had so little left and I thought I could push through I couldn't Sorry This really was a case of it's not you it's me I can't stomach anything other than monogamy and when Soren's brothers want in? I figure it's the best time for me to give them space and get out

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    This is a sci fi Alien romance Lucia is a bounty hunter and while escaping the clutches of the Trepnils a green scaled vicious alien species and there leader Commander Ta'Ra'Enn she steals a ship for the journey homeNot only has the ship a full bounty of precious cargo on board it has a stowaway slave 892 a species called Melier who Lucia now apparently owns Not knowing uite what to do with him and having no prior memories of his time before slavery to the Trepnils Lucia offers him sanctuary and a temporary home with her on Dor Nye her home planetSo this one was a bit up and down for me there were definitely parts that I really liked but then there were also other bits that I was slightly unsure ofI found the sexy scenes here really unsensual and not hot at allI am usually all about the alienness and let's face it Soren was very alien so you would think I'd be in seventh heaven hereOn reflection I'm thinking maybe this was concentrating too much on the differences instead of connecting the dots and showing the whole exoticness of Lucia and Soren's connectionThe relationship dynamic for me was also off I didn't feel any grand passion on either side it felt geared towards friendshipI'm sounding all Debbie downer here and that's not what I want to do there was still plenty of things about this I liked for one this was a very easy fun read that was at times incredibly humorousI also loved the physical descriptions of Soren 8ft retracting claws scales tail and blue and he purrs aw the Melier are certainly very different to humans and the way Soren pronounces Lucia's name Loo Sha to cuteLucia was kick ass she had such a take no messing but still sunny disposition she is strong and resilient and self sufficient what's not to likeI wasn't much of a fan though of the brother's arrival things seem to change direction uite drastically with there inclusion and especially after Soren regained his memory I'm also not sure about the way this seems to be heading and if I'm even onboard with this time will tell hereThis one was very much up and down for me I do want to know what happens next so I am invested enough to continue but I'm not sure if that will be just to finish and get closure of this particular story or if I will then read further into this seriesThe next book will probably make that decision for meThis was very imaginative with some great ideas and lots of humour and I am interested in seeing where this does go with book 2Reviewed By Beckie Bookwormhttpswwwfacebookcombeckiebookwormwwwbeckiebookwormcom

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    I enjoyed reading it but some of the things reminded me of Venomous

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    Pros Good action interesting world building divergent species and cross species evolving romance and good plotCons high adventure morphs into overdone erotica slightly immature Hh and a little on the ewww side for the sexPoppy Rhys spins a good story Her action parts are strong and creative and I enjoyed the secondary characters and the familial bonds within Lucia's world There is a heart warming component to this book that is not often present in sci fi romance especially those of the cross species variety I would have been satisfied with a continuation of the high adventure side of the story within a fully realized alien culture but pulling back on the erotica Once Lucia gets home the brave bounty hunter disappears for uite a while while she explores the bed sheets with her blue boy toy The end brings back some action packed dangerous scenes with a countdown of sorts that does a terrific job of heightening suspenseI'm wavering between three and four stars on this book because Rhys buries a really good story and a swoon worthy love affair in too much sex But I always round up so four stars I would have picked up book two because Rhys knows her way around an adventure storyline except the foreshadowing of mfm with Soren's brother is justunfortunate I know I won't be able to get beyond the ewww in the next installmentHowever I will look for other books by this author in the future

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    I really enjoyed this book The beginning was definitely easy to get into and throughout the book there are many humorous laugh out loud moments The alien is most definitely non human which I loved h often refers to H as beasty view spoiler Toward the middle is when things get a little serious and there's kidnapping The torture would be hard to read if defilement of women in books isn't your cup of tea but I thought it was a good description hide spoiler

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The Melier Women of Dor Nye #1 [PDF / EPUB] The Melier Women of Dor Nye #1 Running for her life Lucia hijacks a stolen cargo ship only to find she's not alone A giant beastly alien slave with no memory of his past is now her newest acuisition and she has no idea what to do w Running for her Women of PDF ☆ life Lucia hijacks a stolen cargo ship only to find she's not alone A giant beastly alien slave with no memory of his past is now her newest acuisition and she has no idea what to do with himStuck together for the foreseeable future on The Melier PDF or the journey back to her home planet Lucia struggles with the decision to keep him close or risk letting him fall back into enemy handsOutrunning the pirates in pursuit and her own desires is shaping up to be an impossible taskWARNING This story contains a non human alien hero Melier Women of PDF Ë mature content graphic language and some violence against women.