A History of the Baptists Volume 1 PDF ô A History

  • 408 pages
  • A History of the Baptists Volume 1
  • John T. Christian
  • 06 September 2016
  • 9780892110742

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    A History of the Baptist Church from the time of Jesus starting the Church to Modern time in America Very detailed small print An exciting read to see how the church has been preserved through out time

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    I've had this book in my library for a number of years but have never read it cover to cover until now Let me preface this review by saying that before I picked up this book I believed that there were faithful congregations since the days of our Lord that believed in the baptism of mature believers and immersion as the proper mode If anything this book further substantiated that for me There were however a number of surprises in this book I am uite shocked and distressed at how wide reaching Christian is in defining some of these groups as Baptist There is a wide wide array of variances in some of the groups that he links together in this book Now he admits that openly but I'm still bothered by it as a Baptist elder nonetheless There are variants from groups that embraced asceticism to a a denial of the dual nature of Christ to mixed congregations of credo Baptists and paedo Baptists to females in church leadership to naked baptisms That's right naked baptisms are mentioned numerous times in connections with groups that Christian embraces as Baptists You read that right naked Baptisms I remain shocked and cannot help but believe that some wouldn't join these churches due to it and would assume some joined them due to it There are so many things that could be said about that point alone that seems obvious Christian seems to have only two reuirements to label a group Baptist the rejection of infant Baptist usually and the practice of immersion as the proper mode That simply is too low of a standard for ANY group to be labeled orthodox Christian almost always euates Anabaptist with Baptist even while explaining that some of the Anabaptist groups even occasionally allowed for infant baptism It should be admitted that some from among Anabaptists became what we know today as Baptist but not all The Amish and Mennonites also came from the Anabaptists I know the farther you go back in history the less history that is available on any subject not just church history But there was far that could have been said about the early problems and schisms of the Montanists Novatians and Donatists specifically Christian left that out completely in this book unfortunately Yet he was open about the above mentioned problems That said history should be read widely and other Baptist history books do address problems in those three groups One thing I certainly walk away from this book wondering is how Baptists today split over things like singing modern hymns or singing off screens or head coverings or Bible versions etc There are obviously much major and serious doctrinal variants in Baptist history than those things And oddly enough these groups are accepted as orthodox Baptists Perhaps many have simply assumed this book and others say things that it doesn't and haven't actually read the book for themselves I'm glad I read the book It further emphasized that there were always groups that weren't part of Rome again something I believed was the case going in Without uestion not all of those groups were Baptistic something else I believed going and now believe even And than ever I ponder the uestion about why men are willing to label others that they agree 95% with doctrinally as heretics or apostates This book proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that such was not the case in Baptist history

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    Wow This book tied together the missing pieces of what is currently at this time of history the Baptist Church To see from the Apostolic era through the ages of the Montanists Albigenesians the Waldensians to the Anabaptist and now the Baptists a continuous stream of blood has flowed This stream helped ensure the religious and soul liberty that we as Americans have enjoyed and prospered under for over two centuries This read sheds great light on the birth of the First Amendment and its purpose and intent Great historical read

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