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    DNF pg 217Video review ’m sorry I’ve been DNFing so much recently but I’m also not sorry because I also have way too many books I really want to read to waste my time To sum up why I DNFed nothing happened

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    I will not be seduced by beautiful coversI will not be seduced by beautiful coversI will not be seduced by beautiful coversI will not be seduced by beautiful coversI will not be seduced by beautiful coversI will not 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀Adds to TBRSeriously though Odyssey retellingBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube

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    Ok but first of all can we appreciate this book's cover? Take a moment to scroll back up to it I'll wait here Did you see it? Were you impressed? Yes? Good because I was and still am hella impressed by that beautiful coverNow let's move on to this reviewLast year I had the pleasure of meeting Anna Bright at a Stephanie Garber book signing in Washington DC She seemed nice and was super excited about her upcoming novel and it made me super excited about it as well So you can only imagine my excitement when I was granted the opportunity to read an ARC Then you can only imagine my disappointment when this book did not live up to the expectations raised by that beautiful cover and that interesting synopsis This book was advertised as a mix between The Odyssey and CinderellaSo before you get too excited let me just say that this supposedly The Odyssey retelling ain't got nothing to do with The Odyssey There's a ship there's a guy named Homer and Selah has a dream about Penelope This book is also nothing at all like Cinderella There's an evil stepmother but isn't there always a godmother and Selah loses a shoe at one pointThat's about itBut false advertising wasn't really my main problems with the bookMy main issue with this book was Selah I couldn't help but roll my eyes at her naive childish ways She's 18 years old and the next ruler of Potomac She is the one that is supposed to lead her people into the future and keep the peace She is also the least ualified person to do this Her kingdom would probably thrive without her so maybe I don't totally blame the stepmother for trying to send her awaySelah is the kind of person who trusts people based on their looks and falls in love days after meeting a guy She's the kind of person who storms out of rooms when things don't go her way and who sits by and sort of just lets the plot happen to her She's supposed to be the next leader of her people but instead of spending her time learning to lead she spends it reading fairytales and gardeningI'm so tired of YA trying to push the idea that all you need to be a leader is to be a nice person Or that being noble and humble makes you ualified for anything Because as nice as she may be this girl would undoubtedly lead her nation to ruin due to her naivety and general weak willThen there was the world building I was so confused This book takes place in a world that is geographically like our own The continents are all there but they are also all different arranged in different ways and given different names There are different histories and myths and all of it is shaped in a different way And I didn't understand any of itThere were moments where I thought I knew what was happening and then moments where I had no idea where we were or what was going onMaybe I'm just dumb I can't rule that out But maybe this book did a bad job at world building The world may never knowIn the end I didn't love this book I wanted to but no matter how beautiful this cover might be I just couldn't fall into it the way I wanted And yet I was actually entertained while reading hence my ratingI think this book had amazing potential and think that there will be many that like it That said go into it at your own risk and after taking all of this into account I hope you all have better luck with it ARC was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my ownFollow Me Here Too My Blog || Twitter || Bloglovin' || Instagram || Tumblr

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    ARC received in exchange for an honest review thank you Buckle up folks This isn’t going to be a review This is going to be a rant Let me start with my biggest issue They seem to have taken it off the blurb now but this book was marketed as an Odyssey retelling It is NOT an Odyssey retelling It has as much in common with The Odyssey as Harry Potter doesAnd here is the key frustrating thing HAVING A CHARACTER CALLED HOMER WHO APPEARS FOR TWO SECONDS 🔴DOES NOT🔴 MAKE YOUR BOOK AN ODYSSEY RETELLING ONE DESCRIPTION OF THE SEA AS ‘WINE DARK’ 🔴DOES NOT🔴 MAKE YOUR BOOK AN ODYSSEY RETELLINGI can only assume that whoever came up with that marketing ploy has never read either The Odyssey or The Beholder The only reason I didn’t DNF this thing and thus give it one star is because I was waiting to see if it suddenly turned into gods and sea monsters near the end Spoiler it didn’tThere are a lot of other problems with this book too Let me start with the biggest one our heroine Selah Seneschal Elect of Potomac Selah has got to be one of the worst heroines I’ve read for a while Let’s catalogue her multiple issues✴️ She’s naïve She actually thinks she’s in a fairy tale she judges people based on their appearance She trusts some random man because he has ‘kind eyes’ she distrusts someone else because they ‘smirk’ You know how in Disney films you always know who the villain is because they’ll always look evil? Well to Selah life IS a Disney film Considering she’s supposed to be the next ruler of her people I pity the folk of Potomac All it’s going to take is one trustworthy looking con artist and BOOM – there goes the country’s budget Linked to this is the fact that she’s a huge idealist All three boys that she has a crush on throughout the course of the book – Peter Bear and Torsden – are described as ‘flawless’ and ‘perfect’ STOP IDOLISING THEM GIRL✴️ She’s far too emotional Like I said she’s the Seneschal Elect so she’ll be Seneschal when her father dies She’s going to be a ruler a diplomat Which involves NOT spilling out your heart and soul to every bloody body you meet which involves NOT crying in front of foreign delegations constantly which involves a measure of discretion I realise Selah grew up very sheltered but surely these basic tenets have somehow impressed themselves upon her? Apparently not Her emotions were on display for all to see and I wanted to cringe on her behalf SO BADLY She is going to be a shite Seneschal because with the way she loudly broadcasts what she’s thinking and feeling manipulating her will be easier than taking candy from a baby She also gave her heart away FAR too easily – undying love is declared for at least two boys in the book one of whom she’s known for a week Helloooo insta love✴️ She’s incredibly passive She knows that the crew tasked with ferrying her to all these countries to meet suitors are up to something shady But she doesn’t even try to do anything about it You know how Scarlett O’Hara’s motto is ‘I’ll think about it tomorrow?’ Yeah that’s Selah Why discover today what you can discover never? Who cares if it’s happening right under my nose and is clearly deeply shady? It was so painful to read about how easily Selah was put off from finding out anything about what was happening directly in front of her She doesn’t do a single thing throughout the whole book Plot is something that happens to her she has no agency whatsoever I can’t remember the last time I encountered such a weak easily led heroine Literally EVERY SINGLE THING THAT HAPPENS is done by other characters The I think about this the I realise how bad it really was It was patheticAlright I think I’m done with Selah Let’s move onto the worldbuildingMAKE UP YOUR MIND ABOUT WHAT KIND OF WORLD IT IS It took me far too long to situate myself within the temporal frame of the world in The Beholder There were clearly no planes or electric light etc Selah is shocked to learn about what a radio is So old fashioned But then characters said things like ‘barf’ and ‘sure thing’ which in the context became ridiculously anachronistic You can’t have it both waysSelah’s attitude towards marriage was also deeply anachronistic We’ve already established that this is a world where modern amenities don’t exist where even though she’s going to be a female ruler she’ll need a husband by her side But she acted like a potential suitor who was nine years older than her was a huge travesty Um no? In the actual nineteenth century which this book was pretending to be set in you were lucky as a ruler if your spouse was only nine years older than you King William IV was 27 YEARS older than his ueen and that wasn’t even that shockingThis book flip flopped ridiculously between old fashioned and anachronistic Not in a way that made Selah look like a feminist just like a fool Another example she’s left her country to choose from a short list of pre approved suitors she doesn’t even know who’s on the list until it’s given to her and then they’ll have a week of chaperoned courtship Typical historical stuff She’s making a political alliance to benefit her country and she never once demurs But suddenly when it comes to her friend Anya she’s all ‘Girls aren’t commodities Let Anya marry whoever she wants stop seeing her as a diplomatic chess piece’ She’s apparently utterly blind to the fact that she is ALSO a diplomatic chess piece and her rant didn’t feel assertive or feminist Just dumb and lacking in self awarenessThe writing was fairly bland When it came to relationships there was lots of telling not showing Selah somehow feels like every one of the crew members of The Beholder is her family How??? Why??? When did this happen?? The crowning moment came when she declared that Skop a boy she’s exchanged three words with since she first met him was like a brother to her No wonder she falls in love at the drop of a hat if people she’s spoken twice to mean that much to her In fact every single member of The Beholder’s crew feel as thin as paper So why have I given it two stars and not just one? Because I was slightly charmed by this thing the author did where there was an allusion in many of the characters’ names Perrault Anderson Homer there’s even a horse named Cotton Nero which is the manuscript Sir Gawain and the Green Knight comes from Speaking of Sir Gawain there was a weird little attempt to weave in elements from that story but it fell very flat I’m honestly not sure why it was even there The description of Norge was also great but the one of Winchester severely lacking in terms of making me feel like I was actually there Now for the final verdict This book is largely a huge disappointment Will I read the seuel? Probably not Don’t be seduced by the cover or its claims to be a retelling of any sortBlog Bookstagram

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    I really enjoyed this The Beholder is an enchanting read full of myths and folklore The premise drew me in uickly Basically we have Selah who is the Seneshal elect of Potomac meaning she'll be placed in charge one day Potomac from what I gather is an island somewhere between the coast of England and New York In order to rule Selah must marry but when she proposes to the boy she loves well let's just say it doesn't go as she suspects So scrambling to fix things her stepmother orchestrates a journey across the sea aboard the Beholder in order for Selah to find a suitable match And she can't return until she's engagedFirst of all it wasn't what I expected at all I don't know why but I assumed it was a bunch of suitors on a ship together hah nope Captain Lang who Selah's stepmother hired forces Selah along to each reuired stop If Selah misses one she risks offending said countryroyal family Worse one of the last stops is extremely dangerous where a scary Tsaritsya awaits Knowing this Selah hopes to find her fiancé in one of the first two stops thus avoiding the third altogether This book focuses mostly on the first two stops and Selah's time aboard the Beholder getting to know it's crew I reaaaally enjoyed the first two visits and I didn't expect to love each suitor In fact out of three potential love interests so far I'm not telling you who my third ship is but you can probably guess if you know me at all I can't even decide who I want her to end up with Though I'm secretly awaiting meeting someone we've only heard about so far considering Danger should be my middle name Anyway perhaps the best part was the twists The book is full of fun little surprises my favorite being the one on the first stop Even though I saw it coming from early on I loved it I'm eagerly awaiting book twoMy only complaint is that I was thoroughly confused by the world We have England and New York and I'm assuming some alternate version of Russia and Sweden but everything had different names and I was scratching my head half the time I had a hard time telling what time period we were in as well Soooo I think this was supposed to be a world like ours but not exactly ours? There were so many terms I couldn't uite grasp as wellEither way it didn't stop me from enjoying the book Honestly I binged most of it within two days because it was that addicting And the writing was beautiful I looooved how it had a whimsicallyrical feel at times while also being easy to read and follow All in all a great readMy Blog Instagram Twitter

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    It's important for people to know exactly what they're getting into so to avoid confusion this book is not a retelling of a specific story Rather it incorporates many myths and fairy tales into the storyline Also it is most certainly not a retelling of The Odyssey the characters travel on a ship to far away lands and there's a person called Homer but the similarities end therePlot 35Characters 35Writing 45 The Beholder was an alternate history novel set in a world slightly similar to ours but heavily influenced by myths and fairy tales It wasn't perfect but it was still alright I did enjoy reading itThe story followed Selah the seneschal elect of Potomac After an embarrassing rejection her troublesome step mother forces her to travel across the ocean and meet a myriad of suitors in various countries that she must choose from in order to 'do her duty' Selah seemed like the average teenager trying to find her place in the world She was uite shy bookish and had a great love for fairy tales During the duration of the book she grows in confidence and comes into her own which was a pleasure to see However some of her and the other characters' actions were very unrealistic and the romance element was cute but contrivedIt wasn't amazing but I liked it and the ending leaves many unanswered uestions which I hope will be answered in the next bookThank you to HarperTeen and Anna Bright for providing me with a review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review All opinions expressed are my own This book review and brilliantly bookish things can be found at Sereadipity

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    Me Never judge a book by its coverMe I totally just did and want it nowSeriously when I saw this cover I knew I had to have it Then I read the blurb and was like ohhhh I have to have it even I mean The Odyssey meets Cinderella? Heck to the freaking yeahEnjoyed the story here The writing sucked me right in and I couldn't let go Selah was a great character when it came to speaking up and being strong doing what she believed in Loved that Now when it came to boys she was a little weak Boys Boys Boys There were THREE boys she was infatuated in this book Count them One Two Three I can't handle it I will say it wasn't all at one time though I will also say that I loved them all but still wished the book had only had one But Torden you are mine There were some very nice twists in here Two I did not see coming so dear author kudos to you I really liked Selah's crew on the ship and the side characters there were very well developed Lang and crew were just so awesome The world building with the pit stops they made on there journey gave me perfect visualization But with the freaking ending I can't wait for book two Need ittttttttttttttttt

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    i loved writing this book and i love its characters i hope you have as much fun reading as i had writing 3

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    1 fjords is one of my #1 synopsis buzzwords 2 HAVE YOU SEEN THIS FREAKING COVER MY GODS

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    Gorgeous bookThis was such a lovely retelling mash up of different fairy tales and myths into one My first to read one like this and I did not know it could be done But it was and it worked so well YA readers and fairy tale lovers don't let this one slip by it is too enchanting of a read to be missed And how about that cover? Simply stunning Selah wants to give a budding love interest a beautiful public proposal but is turned down and humiliated Being of marriable age she is sent to find her prince charming in a uest laid out for her by her stepmotherBy ship and with a few possessions only one of them a special book from her godmother she is crossing the Atlantic to meet her prospective candidates from different countries and of various social statuses From the showoff to the brave everything is in the mix and the meet ups vary in their intensity and all over setting and characters Where can you read about so many new romances and fall in love with new characters in one book? Right here But it isn't all as it seems to be at first It never is Selah has to see truth over swagger and use instinct over her heart From reaching the North to traveling the Mediterranean Sea her uest may seem like a game to some but a dark plan hides deep within As Selah receives word that her father lays very ill tensions rise and someone close by betrays her New friends she has made are in danger stemming of a deeply rooted Germanic conflict that needs resolve Spinning a curveball into her plans she not only contemplates love but also a higher purpose for life honor family and friendships Will she be able to find love and return to her father in time before his demise? With the stakes high her future hinges on swift decisions and sacrifices to be madeeven if it costs her newfound love This novel is super cute I don't read romance novels but some YA What drew me to this book was ultimately the cover Yes I judged it by its cover FIRST admittedly What I did not expect was the intrigue and beautiful imagined alternate realism of the countries visited and the voyage Yes there are tropes the stepmother and the sick father but the rest was an amazingly cute mesh up Certainly entertaining love the worlds and vile characters and I want to read the next book as I WAS LEFT HANGING with to be continued So tapping my fingers waitingAnyhow give it a try It's lovely More of my reviews here

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The Beholder [PDF / EPUB] The Beholder Selah has waited her whole life for a happily ever after As the only daughter of the leader of Potomac she knows her duty is to find the perfect match a partner who will help secure the future of her Selah has waited her whole life for a happily ever after As the only daughter of the leader of Potomac she knows her duty is to find the perfect match a partner who will help secure the future of her people Now that day has finally comeBut after an excruciatingly public rejection from her closest childhood friend Selah’s stepmother suggests an unthinkable solution Selah must set sail across the Atlantic where a series of potential suitors awaits—and if she doesn’t come home engaged she shouldn’t come home at allFrom English castle gardens to the fjords of Norge and under the eye of the dreaded Imperiya Yotne Selah’s uest will be the journey of a lifetime But her stepmother’s schemes aren’t the only secrets hiding belowdecksand the stakes of her voyage may be higher than any happy ending.

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