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10 Little Rubber Ducks [PDF / EPUB] 10 Little Rubber Ducks Traditional Chinese edition of 10 Little Rubber Ducks by Eric Carle a Laura Ingalls Wilder Award winner The rubber ducks were sent to the ocean by a storm One lost his way and was adopted by a mother Traditional Chinese edition of Little Rubber Ducks by Eric Carle a Laura Ingalls Wilder Award winner The rubber ducks were sent to the ocean by a storm One lost his way and was adopted by a mother duck Can he sueak like other ducks Distributed by Tsai Fong books Inc.

  • Hardcover
  • 34 pages
  • 10 Little Rubber Ducks
  • Eric Carle
  • English
  • 28 June 2016
  • 9780007202423

About the Author: Eric Carle

Eric Carle born June is a children's book author and illustrator most famous for his book The Very Hungry Caterpillar which has been translated into over languages Since The Very Hungry Caterpillar was published in Eric Carle has illustrated than seventy books many best sellers most of which he also wrote and than million copies of his books have 10 Little PDF/EPUB or sold around.

10 thoughts on “10 Little Rubber Ducks

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    Cute book with great illustrations for kids I love ducks so I'm a sucker for a book with them in it

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    In 10 Little Rubber Ducks we see the rubber ducks being manufactured boxed up and delivered to a cargo ship Once out to sea a storm whips up and a box of rubber ducks falls overboard opens up and the ducks fall out and into the water A rubber duck floats north Another floats south Still another floats west Yet another floats east Until we have the tenth rubber duck floating all by itself A mother duck and her baby ducks paddle by and the tenth rubber duck floats with them When the ducks all settle in for the night all the ducks say uack and the rubber duck says SueakI love counting books and this one is a special treat We not only learn to count but we also learn geography biology and directional words I liked how Eric Carle created a sense of adventure as the rubber ducks traveled around the globe The tenth rubber duck is the safest because he finds a home with the ducks The collage illustrations bring the story to life Who knew rubber ducks could have such an adventurous time This book is a great read for pre kindergarten to kindergarten Reading skills kindergarten to first grade

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    1 Counting 2 10 rubber ducks are made and shipped out to be sold but their box fell off of the cargo ship One by one they float to new destinations 3 A The illustrations are sweet Eric Carle’s style is somewhat recognizable to children which can be comforting The story line is decent I think this is better for younger children who are just starting to learn their numbers B The strengths were based on number representation and the repetition of certain lines This can be positive and fun for young readers who begin to predict the story I think this is appropriate for young children pre school age is probably the highest group I would present this to The story line is lacking kindergarten and up may not be engaged or even entertained C The ducks all separated but their new locations were not very detailed Older children need details whereas younger children can benefit from new words like North or South “The 4th duck drifts South A flamingo stared at it” Kindergartners need information then this 4 Pre school teachers can definitely tie this into a numbers lesson It can also connect with talking about safety and safe places The 10th duck drifts over to a Mama duck and is clearly the safest one Teachers could talk about wandering or “drifting” away which leads to unfamiliar places

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    In this counting book ten little rubber ducks fall out of their box into the ocean Each travels and sees other animals The last rubber duck is adopted by a mother duck The duck sueaks with a push of a buttonIt's a sweet little book illustrated by collage I like the plot and the illustrations

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    I like counting ducks

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    This book is really kind of cool simply because it is based on a true story taken from a 1992 newspaper The basic story line is that 10 little rubber ducks are painted put into cargo boxes and loaded onto a cargo ship and are floating in the ocean on the ship until a storm hits Once the storm hits they are knocked into the sea and the ocean waves begin to scatter them all over the place This book teaches counting; as it counts each duck it tells of its encounter For example the first duck goes west and a dolphin jumps over it The second duck drifts east and a seal barks at it The last duck finds a mother duck and her ducklings and is basically adopted by them As with all Eric Carle books the pictures are really bright and would definitely attract the attention of a child of any age On the very last page there is a part where kids can push and it makes a sueaking sound like rubber ducks do so kids gain the ability to match that sound to rubber ducks as wellI love the pictures in this book I love the story line and I love that it’s based off a true story I don’t think there are any Eric Carle books that I have read that I didn’t like I think it’s very neat that he included the sound at the end of the book as well This could be used thematically in a classroom for counting or when talking about various animals

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    A shipment of rubber ducks falls into the middle of the ocean The ten ducks drift their separate ways and encounter various animals found in and around oceans around the world This might have been charming had I not just read Tracking Trash which describes the true story of the lost shipment of tub toys that Carle's book is based on I kept picturing the various animals swallowing the toy ducks and dying from impaction Maybe kids will find the story to be cute but I wasn't impressed

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    I wasn't crazy about this one and neither were my grandkids The illustrations were bright and colorful but there were a lot that were just plain boring Some of the animals were huge and scary especially the octopus A few of my kids were afraid they were going to eat the ducks Some of the text was strange He repeated the last 4 or 5 words at the end of the sentence Why? Anyway not my favorite Eric Carle book

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    This story was inspired by a real event where there was a storm and 28800 bath toys were lost at sea when a container load fell overboard and all the people who have been looking for them since this happened Oceanographers have been following their paths to study currents etc Beautiful artwork by Eric Carle

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    read it to my little brother and he loved it

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