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Once Future Once Future #1 [PDF / EPUB] Once Future Once Future #1 I’ve been chased my whole life As a fugitive refugee in the territory controlled by the tyrannical Mercer corporation I’ve always had to hide who I am Until I found ExcaliburNow I’m done hidingM Once Future ePUB ☆ I’ve been chased my whole life As a fugitive refugee in the territory controlled by the tyrannical Mercer corporation I’ve always had to hide who I am Until I found ExcaliburNow I’m done hidingMy name is Ari Helix I have a magic sword a cranky wizard and a revolution to startWhen Ari crash lands on Old Earth and pulls a magic Once Future Epub / sword from its ancient resting place she is revealed to be the newest reincarnation of King Arthur Then she meets Merlin who has aged backward over the centuries into a teenager and together they must break the curse that keeps Arthur coming back Their uest Defeat the cruel oppressive government and bring peace and euality to all humankindNo pressure.

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    He apologized for breaking his promise not to use magic as he took down the guard with the needle Then another apology sorry uite sorry as he zinged the one holding HexWhy are you being so nice to them right now? Hex askedI'm British Merlin cried It's times like this when I really wish I'd never started leaving star ratings for books because it just doesn't adeuately express all that I want to say There were some moments of comedy gold in this book and so much wonderful diversity and ueerness but overall I think I have to admit that this book was written in a particular style that has never been to my tastes I didn't realize this before reading but Once Future is that strange blend of sci fi and uirky comedy that some people seem to love think The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy but way diverse and modern I've never really got it With important themes like illegal refugees and corporatocracy I had wrongly assumed this book would feel drama and politics based The plot follows Ari who is the 42nd reincarnation of King Arthur 42nd? Definite Douglas Adams vibe We learn from Merlin who is aging backwards that the Arthurs are doomed to repeat the same cycle of Arthur obtaining Excalibur Arthur falling into a doomed romance with Guinevere and Morgana finally killing him Ari is a bit different though and not just because she's a girlThis reincarnation of Arthur takes place centuries into the future when Old Earth has been left behind and humanity is spread over three galaxies all controlled by the evil corporate giant Mercer In this future gender and sexuality are just not a big deal The characters are boys girls fluids gay bi pan and literally no one gives a shit It's freaking awesome What's less awesome is the reach of Mercer who has placed a barricade on the entire Arab settled planet of Ketchan Ari's home planet Making Ari an illegal refugeeIt's actually very light and silly in parts but not in the straight up comedy way of say The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue To me it reads like it doesn't know what it wants to be The book zips between a brewing revolution revisiting tragedies of the past and Merlin getting drunk and singing Katy Perry to himself as he lets off fireworks It's funny sure but it doesn't seem to fit together with the rest of the bookThe pacing too is all over the place At certain points we are bombarded by an almost constant stream of action which made it even noticeable and comparatively dull when the pace slowed I saw another person note that they thought the romance between Ari and Gwen felt forced which I didn't but I did think it felt rushed They had so much chemistry in the early chapters that I was disappointed that the authors had them jumping into a political marriage consummated off page immediately I swear ueer girls never get sexy build up 🤔 and that was pretty much that It is also strange that what is set up as Ari's main motivation is or less resolved just over halfway through the bookI think I would have preferred Once Future if it had picked one or the other I would have been so ready for an action packed sci fi retelling of King Arthur that was about critiuing capitalism and defeating the all powerful Mercer corporation I also would have very much enjoyed a light fluffy romcom about drunk wizards and lots of ueer romance Having the two all mixed up together gave me a huge emotional disconnect Still if sci fi comedy is something that sounds appealing you should definitely read this While I did have some general complaints a lot came down to personal taste If it doesn't sound like it floats your boat I highly recommend Capetta's The Brilliant Death insteadBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube

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    If you aren’t someone an evil capitalistic corporation wants dead for being the on the run refugee who ignited a galactic revolution with the help of a cranky wizard a mythical sword and a group of knights are you really living? So what’s this book about? When Ari a refugee from an Arab settled planet draws Excalibur from a tree on Old Earth and an ancient cycle shudders to life that was only the tinder The spark comes when Ari is dubbed the 42nd incarnation of king Arthur by Merlin the backwards aging wizard whom the doom of endlessly reliving Arthur’s tragic story hung on like a shawl for centuries Determination like an electric shock sears through Ari’s whole body and whatever hesitancy might have been in her is parched away when Ari is given hope of saving her mothers and overthrowing Mercer company a tyrannical corporation with a checkered history of suppressing their crimes like an unpleasant rumor before it had a chance to be heardBut Ari doesn’t stand a chance alone She needs the collective strength of people who like her have borne too much and would risk no forget nothing and show no mercy The cry of this revolution fits into the hollows of the dreams of her knights and together they embark on a whirlwind mission to bring peace to humankindeven if it came with danger and ended in doomOnce Future is a ueer and inclusive adaptation of the Arthurian legend that turns over ideas about oppression about classism and capitalism and most of all about how none can hold a candle to the most infinitesimal spark of hope all while on a high stakes rollercoaster uest to save humanityand that’s no mean feat While the story of King Arthur is used as a basic premise the authors craftily unweave the original tale using threads of it to inspire different characters only to subvert the whole with lost desert civilizations spaceships and interdimensional travel Once Future also introduces a diverse mix of characters from different backgrounds and with differing sexual orientations all frankly discussing their identities and futures Ari is pansexual is from an Arab settled country and has two moms Lamarack is black disabled and identifies as gender fluid Merlin is basically a gay disaster and there's also a sapphic romance between Ari and her GweneviereI liked how this book doesn’t shy away from the harsh economic realities of everyone’s lives It doesn’t gloss over the fact that bad things happen and that it’s awfully hard work to fix them Evil regimes come People are held captive Good people do nothing Bad people demand everything and are given even However I think by choosing to personify Mercer with an evil CEO Once Future misses a crucial point You're not fighting one person you're fighting an entire system And it felt like a missed opportunity when we could have had a clearer look into the corruption of the institutions trying to smother Ari and her peopleBut I think the core thread of my dissatisfaction with this book is that I'd been braced for a surge of wonder and expecting it to be wrenching but it justwasn’t There were an awful lot of other bits to uibble over and my enjoyment of the story kept bobbing under their weight For instance there’s a sort of dichotomy in terms of pacing one that I’m still uncertain how to feel about On the one hand things happen in flurries of action which is very exciting and engaging in a soapy sort of way but on the other hand revelations occur haphazardly awkwardly delayed and then in a rush in such a way that a number of high stakes turns seem trite and arbitrary and characters are reduced to a single trait their motivations wavering and switching in accordance with plot contrivance than their own development I really expected from this book than a seuence of interesting but overtly dramatic situations The price the book pays for this is a loss of emotional engagement on the reader’s part—I felt set apart from the characters’ emotions and that made it very difficult to care Further I'm usually perfectly content with the easily accessible writing some YA authors settle for but this one just didn't work for me at allIn the end I just don’t have any strong feelings about this book and as a reader that’s what I fear the most the middle ground the lukewarm and reading while constantly having to chase off the loose limbed lassitude that threatens to rise and overwhelmOverall while Once Future triumphs in term of  inclusiveness and introduces a subversive and original premise it just didn't uite commit to its potentialARC kindly provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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    ARC provided by Hachette in exchange for an honest review “Buried in the trunk of the thousand year old oak was a sword” I have a very big soft spot in my heart for Arthurian legend and I will never turn down a retelling of the epic tale And when I heard that we were going to get an ownvoices series written by a couple I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist Also Morgana is one of my favorite villains of all time and I actually think Once Future is one of my favorite interpretations of her ever King Arthur is a story about a king who was betrayed by the people he loved most in the world He was trained and befriended by a wizard named Merlin who helped guide him to become the king his people needed He tried to fight for his people and do what he believed was right for them but in the end it was not enough for Camelot or his Knights of the Round Table Once Future completely takes that tale and turns it on its head making something really uniue and really fun Merlin and Morgana are magic wielders who sleep while waiting for the next Arthur to come and free Excalibur and to free them from their slumber so they can try to change the world for the last time This time Arthur 42 is Ari a girl who was rescued and adopted at very young age but carries the scars both externally and internally of a past she can’t remember “Find ArthurTrain ArthurNudge Arthur onto the nearest throneDefeat the greatest evil in the worldUntie all of mankind” This book has so much good rep that my ueer heart was honestly living its best life while reading this entire book From sexual and gender representation from all over the spectrum to representation for disabilities to mirroring the refugee crisis to talking about how colonialism is a very real and very sad thing to how important and simple it is to ask someone their pronouns and not to just assume This is a very inclusive and very heartwarming book truly And so much of the rep I’m about to talk about is also ownvoices representation and I believe this book should be completely celebrated upon release because it is going to let so many kids see themselves in the badass SFF retelling of their dreams ➽ Ari From Arabic descent a refugee and either pan or bi everyone is saying she is pan but I didn’t read that word in my ARC copy so I’m not sure if it was added or not but as a pan person you all know this would mean the world to me so fingers crossed➽ Kay Ari’s big brother adoptive➽ Merlin Wizard aging backwards gay and set to train Ari ➽ Morgana Also has a mission but it might not be what Ari and Merlin want➽ Lam Black gender fluid missing a hand and Kay’s bff ➽ Val Black Lam’s sibling pan or bi ➽ Gwen Pan or bi and the new ueen ➽ Jordan Ace and the black knight that protects Gwen Jordan is easily the best character imoAnd this full and super ueer set of characters come together and truly create a fun and fast paced story where they are trying to push back against the Mercer corporation who have a monopoly on the entire universe But this book is truly about oppression and how these kids are fighting a system that was built to keep them down This may be a Sci Fi retelling but the parallels are so very real And the uneual power distribution is a very real problem that impacts marginalized voices in every single walk of life Okay but on to the not so great I felt like this story really jumps around too uickly It makes it hard to actually care about the characters and their situations especially the side characters And the timeframe feels very disjointed and abrupt because of the way the story is told And again it makes it really hard to feel things because the reader is just jumped to the next thing Also this has a trope that I personally really hate; where siblings have feelings for the same person and it really hindered my reading experience “To wonder why your heart has turned into a hurricane and how love could be possible when you’re supposedly a cursed dead king in the presence of a very powerful very alive ueen” Overall I did enjoy this one despite the trope I really dislike But I still completely recommend this one and will support it with my voice completely Also this book is so sapphic and the main ff storyline and the side ff of Ari and Kay’s moms really warmed my heart too And the mnb romance also put a big smile on my face I just think this story is so much fun and so uniue and I honestly can’t wait to see where the authors take it with the second book Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Tumblr | Youtube | Twitch The uotes above were taken from an ARC and are subject to change upon publicationContent and trigger warnings for abandonment talk of plague talk of past rape animal death suicide loss of a loved one and war themesBuddy Read with Imi Ellie ❤

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    Ok so this book was hilarious I had a stupid grin on my face the entire time I was literally laughing out loud while reading a very rare thing for meAnd maybe that was the problem?This book was extremely funny and I absolutely loved that I also really loved the writing I honestly didn't expect to like the authors' writing this much It was fluid and fun and just felt good to read Another thing I really liked was the characters especially Merlin Seriously though Merlin deserves a hug Ari I didn't totally love but she was alright The rest of the crew was also pretty fun and extremely diverseSo why was this only a three star book? And why does it currently have a 359 star rating on Goodreads?Personally I think it's because this book has an awkwardly inconsistent toneThis book deals with a lot of serious topics liked the dangers of capitalism and consumerism It deals with the destruction and pollution of our planet with illegal immigration with massacres and genocide and familial betrayalsAnd then it's also a comedyThe kind of comedy that never allows the tension to build because seconds before something serious happens the characters make a joke Then they make another joke seconds after said serious thing occurs The tone of the book is very comedic but it doesn't work uite as well when the reality of the novel and of the character's lives is actually uite sad and actually tragicIt might have worked as satire but it's not It's a serious novel with serious topics that try to be funny Or maybe it's a comedy that tries to include too many serious things?Another issue I had was that the book makes too many sudden jumps never allowing me to get fully invested in any one thing that was happening One moment the charcters are trying to escape the evil Mercer corporation the tension is raised the stakes are high and you're on the edge of your seat in the next paragraph they are already safe and sound on another planet making jokes about their escapeThings also came too easy for the characters They would talk about a problem and talk about how they would solve it and in the next paragraph the problem was already solvedThings felt rushed and awkward Every bit of tension was killed by uick unfulfilling and haphazardly delivered revelations and then completely undone by the following comedyOverall this book was a very fun read with a lot of minor flaws that kept accumulating until I couldn't uite enjoy it as much as I would have liked The general plot and base of the novel are uite interesting The characters especially Merlin are fun to read about The writing was clear and fluid and the diversity was great Sadly those things aren't enough to blind me or any of the people who've rated this on Goodreads from its very obvious problems in tone and pacingThat said I did enjoy it and do look forward to reading the seuel The Sword in the Stars next yearFollow Me Here Too My Blog || Twitter || Bloglovin' || Instagram || Tumblr || Pinterest

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    DNF page 68You know when you take a bite out of something and immediately go “ugh I don’t like that” and pull a face? Well that’s how I’ve felt reading this I love a good retelling and I’m all for mixing stuff up but sometimes it’s too much Merlin is ageing backwards so he is currently a teenager like really? What a stupid YA thing to do I liked the idea of Ari a girl being the new Arthur But the whole Sci Fi aspect was again just too much I like the old story this one messed with it a tad over the top for me No likey no lightey

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    DNF at page 100I'm still considering finding this on audiobook and finishing it because I didn't hate it but my time outside of work is so limited that I don't want to spend my time on this book if I don't think I'm gonna love it To be frank I was making faces at it than I was enjoying it The plot of it is so fast and under explained but the writing style was funny I just vastly preferred Merlin's chapters to Ari's and I don't want to skim read this book for the parts I enjoy so I gave up;

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    I've put off writing this review for a long time because I feel so painfully disappointed by this book You only have to look at my excited sueeing below to know how much I was looking forward to reading this Seriously a gender bent sci fi King Arthur reimagining should be a winning book for me so it pains me to say I was so bored I couldn't even finish reading itTo start with the positive I love what the authors were trying to do by creating such a diverse cast of characters we people of all colours and characters from all the way across the LGBT spectrum and that is something we desperately need of in YA fantasy especially when people's sexuality or race isn't a major part of the plot or a reason that they're treated badly Unfortunately when the first and pretty much only thing you know about most of the characters is their race and their sexual preference it starts to feel like the authors are just on a box ticking exercise to make sure they collect a whole set and to me that's what happened here I get that the authors were probably trying to show that their cast was diverse and that it wasn't a big deal in this world both wonderful things but it just didn't work for me in this case It didn't help that I could pair up the entire cast before they even expressed their romantic interests I've not actually read far enough to see all of those pairings but from reading spoilers I was right with every guessI think my biggest disappointment was Merlin though He's supposed to be a wise wizard who has been reincarnated for the 42nd time to train Arthur or Ari as she is in this incarnation Every time Merlin comes back he finds his body has gotten younger but he retains all of his memories and therefore has 41 lifetimes worth of experiences So why is he now reduced to nothing but a horny teenager? His character was infuriatingly stupid he acts like a bumbling foolish idiot and turns into a hormonal wreck at the sight of a boy he fancies I was expecting Merlin to be a cool character someone who Ari and the others could turn to for advice and what I got was a blushing teenage idiot This is especially disappointing as he's a POV character so you have to spend time inside his head and that just wasn't a place I wanted to beI get that I'm not exactly in the target age group for this story but I read love a lot of YA so that really shouldn't have been a problem You only have to look at reviews to see that this story is polarising so don't let me put you off giving it a try hopefully you'll enjoy it than I did But I can't be anything other than honest when I write my reviews and the fact is I disliked this book so much I couldn't even finish reading itI am sooooooo happy to have an arc of this And it's pretty cool that Rock the Boat included one of my overexcited tweets about it in there LOL A King Arthur reimagining Set in space And King Arthur is a GIRL I am soooooooooo ready for this Is it 2019 yet?

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    I feel this will be rant than review I was so hyped for this book I held so much hope that there was going to be a good story on Arthur and Merlin a story I love so much a story I've followed through books and the TV Show Having waited for this book for a while before the cover was even released I loved the goodreads description going around telling everyone about this SCI FI FANTASY Alas we get to the book and we are already hating it within the first few chapters We are introduced to too many things too uickly and with so many forced aspects We learn about all the different sexualities these characters encompass we learn about how Arthur Ari are an Arab runaway hiding from the government because the planet the Arabs have inhabited rebelled against the government I'm all for representation of all races sexualities and ideals but when one forces them into a story it doesn't blend well and we are hit with these things as if they make the character who they are A character should be than their sexual interests which in this book is hardly the case where the authors pair everyone off as uickly as possible and make sure we are well reminded of their sexuality From Merlin mis gendring someone by accident having been asleep for a large number of years where genders were still a thing one could assume the reaction of those around him is over the top 'Dude Lam is Fluid' in a dialogue that seems disappointed in Merlin for not knowing that about this person he met less than a page ago Merlin then moving on to ask everyone their preferred pronouns in a way to not offend anyone is over the top with the authors trying to show growth and understanding when he could simply have noted that and let the story flow better With the authors being in a gay relationship with one another one would assume their take on the LGBT community would be so much better rather than having everything be what a sixteen year old wattpad fan fic author would conjure to seem inclusive for reads The authors waste no time at all to go and pair everyone off with someone who just so magically happens to be the same sexuality in such a small friend group The authors have left not a single not even one even the ghost had to end up with someone The ghost needed to have a sexually interest in someone because lord forbid a YA novel isn't riddled with people getting into relationships in a matter of moments Merlin and Val one day of knowing each other Val goes to Merlin 'I feel like we should be kissing by now' How is everything about screwing each other I saw this in another review where they said every character is either hysterical or horny And honestly there is no other way to describe them 0 Character development 0 Plot development 0 Single people even the ace person has a love being a knight for their ueen Merlin supposed to be an ancient wizard turned teenager with his crappy 2000's references 'Hello darkness my old friend' To when he needs to summon fireworks and starts singing fireworks by Katy Perry??? These badly placed references are a way for the authors to link the readers of this era to those of the future are so bad its hard to get through one let alone multiple especially his spice girls references The writing is shockingly bad it feels of a first draft than an actual polished version The authors note says that Cori wanted to write this book so bad but she couldn't bring herself to write it until she asked her partner Amy to write it with her and honestly it should've stayed unwritten I cannot even begin to explain my disappointment A BEAUTIFUL COVER AND AMAZING CONCEPT destroyed by the obsession to make it all inclusive for literally every character but one needed some form of representation that was done with one line And the one straight person ended up sleeping with his sisters wife in the pantry Because heck drama? Tension? Who knows If you want to make a book that is inclusive for all introduce them in a manner that isn't let us fill the first ten pages with every single letter of LGBT and then focus on who sleeps with who and stick to the main plot I cant even

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    A sci fi retelling of King Arthur where King Arthur is a GIRL?

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    A Gender bent King Arthur reimagining set in space with a cast full of LGBT rep what could we possibly need in 2019?Not a damn thingWhen I received an e mail from the publisher asking if I would be interested in a receiving a copy of this book the screech I let out would have been loud enough to send my neighbors into a panic that there was a serial killer in my house But alas no one was home so no need for anyone to lose their minds EXCEPT ME because King Arthur has always been one of my favorite stories and now we are getting a story where King Arthur is a GIRL? Hell yeahBut here's the thing I read my ARC of this back in November ish with my bb Sol and since then I saw a picture of the book posted by the author with about 1001 tabs of all the changes that were made since the ARC's went out So I'm planning on rereading this at some point to find out all of the changes that were made and I'm excited Because oooooof did I struggle in the beginning of this book The first 75 pages were WILD Everything happened so fast while you were still trying to figure out who was who and I'm not going to lie it was rough  It really just started off so messy but by the end it all tied together pretty well once the pacing slowed downBy the middle of the story all the rushing around in the beginning started to settle down and you could finally somewhat kind of understand the direction the story was going in Don't get me wrong though it still takes a lot of dramatic twists but that was when I started to have fun reading this as well as being invested in the characters Come the end of this book I was so invested in all of the characters and their wellbeing plot lines and what the hell is going to happen nextIf you're looking for a book with lots and lots and LOTS of amazing LGBT rep then look no further because this is it my friends This has one of the most amazing fun and diverse group of characters I've ever read Plus this is an ownvoices book so it honestly doesn't get perfect than this It all felt so natural to the story and UGH I just loved it so much This book also talks about oppression and challenging the system which can be tied into today's society in so many ways And you were the thing Mercer feared most  Gwen said her words reaching across the rather notable distance between them  A girl they couldn't control who wouldn't stop talking  That's the scariest damn thing in the universe All in all I'm so glad I was able to read this book with one of my very best friends here in the book community and that I was able to get to read a book with such diverse characters They are the shining stars of this book who deserve all the world and then someBlog | Twitter | Instagram

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