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Crown of Feathers [PDF / EPUB] Crown of Feathers I had a sister once In a world ruled by fierce warrior ueens a grand empire was built upon the backs of Phoenix Riders—legendary heroes who soared through the sky on wings of fire—until a war betw I had a sister once In a world ruled by fierce warrior ueens a grand empire was built upon the backs of Phoenix Riders—legendary heroes who soared through the sky on wings of fire—until a war between two sisters ripped it all apart I promised her the throne would not come between us Sixteen years later Veronyka is a war orphan who dreams of becoming a Phoenix Rider Crown of eBook ✓ from the stories of old After a shocking betrayal from her controlling sister Veronyka strikes out alone to find the Riders—even if that means disguising herself as a boy to join their ranks But it is a fact of life that one must kill or be killed Rule or be ruled Just as Veronyka finally feels like she belongs her sister turns up and reveals a tangled web of lies between them that will change everything And meanwhile the new empire has learned of the Riders’ return and intends to destroy them once and for all Sometimes the title of ueen is given Sometimes it must be taken.

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    The February Owlcrate book Click on the link below to see the goods I have two favorites in the bunch THE GOODIESI uite enjoyed this book Mel 🖤🐶🐺🐾

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    well isnt this just the most surprising adventure? i mean i had no idea phoenixes were what i needed in my life but now i cant get enoughits definitely the showcasing of this very under appreciated magical beast that makes the story so uniue because to be honest everything else is super familiar i mean this story is a YA fantasy trope lovers dream you have the whole ‘those with magical abilities outcasted and enslaved’ you can check off ‘girl pretends to be boy to live her best life’ dont forget ‘tumultuous family dynamics that hide a darker secret’ like i said it had every classic trope you can think of did that stop me from enjoying this? not at all i loved the phoenixes and i loved tristan man if the entire book had been just him and his phoenix rex i would have been soooo happy i really enjoyed reading about their bond but maybe thats because that was the only phoenixrider bond that was portrayed throughout most of the book still this is a fun and easily entertaining novel i think interesting things are in store for the seuel so im excited to see where this series goes↠ 35 stars

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    Oh My GoshI hate it I hate it with a passionThe pacing mind numbingly slow The characters horrendously predictable AND the entire plot HINGES on a series of completely unnecessary lies the entire plot would be utterly gone if the people would stop lying about every little thing for like one freaking chapter view spoiler And when the lies finally do come out? Guess what happens Everything is resolved within 10 minutes That's a 17 hour audiobook solved in 10 minutes 17 hours of my life I can never get back 17 hours waiting for an whoops here's the truth moment hide spoiler

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    Five Feather Crowned StarsPlot 455 Characters 455 Writing 55When I realised that this book was not only about phoenixes but also phoenix riders I knew I had to read it I probably love phoenixes just as much or maybe even than I love dragons and I really hoped this book would do these ferocious fiery creatures justice It sure did It probably increased my love for phoenixes tenfold If I could I would definitely become a phoenix rider without hesitation Like poetry on wings soaring through ash and flame Crown of Feathers told the tale of a people still recovering from the aftermath of a brutal war and trying to live in peace in the face of oppression and discriminationApart from the phoenixes I loved the world building and the history of the novel It was clear that the author took her time to fully flesh out her world and all that happened in it I've seen other people complaining about there being too much info dumping in the book which ruined their reading experience however I actually liked it It didn't feel like info dumping to me because the extra information was relavant to the story line and was actually really intriguingThe plot was uite slow paced and character focused which was interesting but some parts felt a bit unnecessary and could have easily been taken out The book was from three character perspectives which I think was handled pretty well I am a daughter of deathFrom the ashes I rose like a phoenix from the pyre 16 years before the start of the book there was the Blood War between two sisters Avalkyra and Pheronia Avalkyra was an animage and a phoenix rider After the war animages were feared by the Empire and any known animages had to pay a tax or become a debt bonded slavePOV Characters☆ Veronyka was an animage who lived in hiding with her sister Val Val's love for Veronyka was twisted and she showed it by controlling her life and never allowing her to settle in any place or form long lasting friendships with anyone all apparently for Veronyka's own good After having been betrayed by Val Veronyka left her to join a group of phoenix riders However there was one problem they only accepted boys and men Therefore Veronyka disguised herself as a boy to gain entry and fulfill her greatest wish of becoming a riderI liked Veronyka she was definitely my favourite character and the POV character I connected the most with She was brave and strong without hurting or controlling people she was compassionate and would never force an animal to do something for her she would just kindly reuest Despite everything that had happened she was always full of hope that the future would hold better things and her determination to make that future happen knew no bounds Out of all of the POVs she seemed to get the most 'screen time' which was good because her story was fascinating but it also would have been good to give the other two perspectives time to develop Some families you were born into Others you made along the way ☆ Tristan was an animage and an apprentice phoenix rider who was the son of the commander of the phoenix riders He never felt like he was good enough for his father because no matter how well he did his father would always pick out the one thing he had done wrong and make him suffer for it I thought he was a kind and understanding character He valued honesty and tried his best to change the things he thought were wrong However he was the POV character I felt the most distant from and it was harder for me to empathise with his emotions in comparison to the other characters Also I feel like his relationship with his phoenix could have been portrayed better☆ Sev was an animage in hiding who was a soldier for the empire His parents were phoenix riders who had died in an attack when he was young and ever since that tragic event Sev spent his life running away from who he was and living in fear He buried his animage identity deep in favour of living in peace and out of slavery while his fellow animages suffered During the book his character develops so much and he realises the importance of having people he belonged with and people he would do anything to protect He realised that instead of hiding his identity he should embrace it and use it to help others like him I found him to be a really interesting character and I wish we got to see his perspective in the book Also his relationship with Kade was so briefly mentioned and never got time to develop which is something I hope happens in the next bookI know this book wasn't perfect in every way but I enjoyed reading it so so much What really differentiates a four star book from a five star book for me is the emotions it evokes from me Whilst I was reading it every plot twist shocked me to the core there were so many and I didn't predict some of them and I felt the pain sorrow happiness and anger of the characters as if it were my own Crown of Feathers was a truly magical read for me and deserves five fiery feather crowned starsThank you to Black White Publishing and Nicki Pau Preto for providing me with a digital arc of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review All opinions expressed are my ownThe uotes I used are from an arc of the book and may change upon publicationPS If you're a fellow phoenixdragon fan let me know in the comments This review and can be found at Sereadipity

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    5 starsWow It wasn’t perfect the beginning was an info dump—but this was amazing and one of the best series openers I’ve read recently in YA fantasy World Building ★★★★★CharactersCharacter Arcs ★★★★Readability ★★ 12Plot ★★★★★Pacing ★★★ 12 Crown of Feathers is impressive but it is not for the casual YA fantasy reader I enjoy reading dense fantasy fiction and I had a hard time connecting to the first 100 pagesVeronyka and her sister Val are two animages on the run from the current anti magic empire An animage is a magic user who can connect with animals and importantly can connect with phoenixes In this world there used to be a caste of people called the Phoenix Riders who bonded with phoenixes and created their own flying warrior race However when we meet Veronyka and Val the Phoenix Riders are goneIn addition to Veronyka and Val's life on the run we're also introduced to these series of letters historical documents and other writings interspersed throughout the novel that allude to the past ueens who ruled the contested land These two sisters were the ones who catapulted the empire into chaos and conflict and led to the current political climate This past plot line was incredibly confusing at the beginning and let's be honest the middle too but it did connect by the endWhile I was under the impression that Crown of Feathers would be a sistersister bonding book the real plot is uite different and involves multiple POVs Veronyka embarks on a uest to find surviving phoenixes and finds herself at the heart of a rebel band of Phoenix Riders trying to reclaim their power This section of the book felt similar to other YA books that deal with training camps magical schools etc Veronyka learns about phoenixes the history of the conflict and works toward becoming a Rider herselfSev is an animage in hiding currently a soldier in the empire working to destroy the remnants of his people His plot line is interesting and deals with the empire's frame of mind but honestly I think he'll be a much rewarding character in the second installment Tristan is an apprenticing Phoenix Rider in the rebel camp He is the son of the camp's commander His plot line was much interesting than Sev's mainly because he actually interacted with Veronyka and had a central role in the primary plot Things I loved The world building the lack of romance for most of the book—let's be real it is alluded to and is coming—the interesting role of gender in the present and past plot lines and the sheer enjoyment I got from reading it Crown of Feathers reminded me what it is I like about YA fantasy Things I didn't like This probably won't bother others but I did not appreciate the boy's only club that the Phoenix Riders had in the rebel camp It was very clearly a form of oppression and was messily addressed at the end Hoping it is cleared up in the next book Recommended for anyone and everyone who reads YA fantasy This was gloriousBlog | Instagram

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    Crown of Feathers is a YA fantasy centered around 2 sisters in a land once ruled by phoenix riders I almost DNF'ed this book at 25% in fact i did stop and read another book instead before picking it back upI was really interested in the concept going in and the first couple of chapters were pretty good but after that the story slowed and started to drag It is pretty heavy on the description which i'm not the biggest fan of but i am really glad i stuck with this Around the half way point this started to really pick up and i was a lot engaged in the story I particularly enjoyed the flashbacks and thought that telling another story through letters was a really clever idea and done incredibly well The world building was excellent and the world itself had a rich and fascinating history that really added depth to the story I liked the characters for the most part but i didn't really love any of them I was really enjoyed Veronyka's and Tristan's story lines but found Sev's to be a little dull at first but far interesting in his last 3 or 4 chapters If you're a fan of YA Fantasy you might like this but do persevere through the first uarter

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    DNF 36%Crown of Feathers has a cool concept on the surface the cover is beautiful and eek cute phoenixes Unfortunately that’s where the excitement ends in this one I found the plot to be typical the characters undeveloped and overall the tone of the writing to lack excitement CharactersThere is really nothing important than characters having strong personalities when they are the POV We have the POV of three major characters lead female and two male Each of these POVs are uniue and eventually intersect with one another in some way However in all three instances I felt like the characters were archetypes and not really 'real' people They lacked authenticity and were very two dimensional Whether it was their anger grief or frustration that drove their actions I felt too much like I had to be told what a character felt and not enough like I really 'felt' what they were feeling PlotSo sub in phoenix for dragon or magic and you pretty much have the standard teen plot for a fantasy novel Crown of Feathers is a girl who wishes to learn to fly and obtain a phoenix and become one of the historic but banned from the current empire Phoenix Riders So of course there is training love interests along the way struggle with lost or dead family members etc All very standard themes for the average fantasy lead Especially the dead parents What is the obsession with orphans in teen literature? Do we just not want to have the complication of adults telling our characters what to do? OverallI really wanted there to be some magic to this book The use of a phoenix over a dragon hasn't been overdone and I felt like there was a cool opportunity here to talk about reincarnationresurrection properties of fire and personalities of a phoenix And while Nicki Pau Preto does touch on these three items it just wasn't enough to keep me reading There is a lack of narrative that made me excited I honestly felt like I was falling into a slump every time I picked this one up Twice I even found myself avoiding reading because I didn't really want to pick this up which is terrifying Looking at other reviewers comments on Crown of Feathers I decided there was unlikely to be anything worth continuing on for So I am content to let this one go and not even find out which of our two men as I assume it becomes a love triangle ugh the heroine ends up with Although the opening couple chapters still have me wanting a baby phoenix; because baby phoenix To read this and of my reviews visit my blog at Epic Reading Please note I received an eARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley This is an honest and unbiased review

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    Check out reviews Perspective of a WriterTwo sisters rip apart an empire through war and to find peace the Phoenix Riders must be buried 16 years later Veronyka dreams of becoming a Phoenix Rider with her controlling sister After a shocking betrayal she sets out alone to follow rumors of the riders and to join them even if it means dressing as a boy Veronyka is not the only one pursuing rumors so is the new empire and they mean to wipe out the riders once and for all The short reviewI took out some of the spoilers in the premise I hadn't read it again after the first time I read it way back so when I went to read Crown of Feathers I really didn't have a clue about it except PHOENIX RIDERS I am a total fangirl of paranormal creatures and phoenix are right up there with dragons and griffin the best thing about Crown of Feathers is I wasn't disappointed in the phoenix They about rip your heart out and makes for a powerful part of Veronyka's story I love getting to explore creature world building how are they born what do they eat how are they taken care of all of this and is explored and we get a really good sense of phoenix as creatures that bond with a riderAnd I was totally invested from that beginning betrayal Veronyka is a bit of a dreamy character who isn't allowed to grow up due to her controlling sister And because she doesn't have to take care of much of anything she isn't as observant as she should be She's a kind soul though and has developed skills that will serve her well despite all of her sister's domination At first I wondered if I would come to dislike Veronyka since I found her sister uite intriguing with her morally gray personality Once I accepted the kind of girl Veronyka is I was able to bond with her and root for her dream to come true Cover Title grade A The art is not the absolute best I wish I could see the girl on the back of the phoenix better but the phoenix itself was stellar You know what Crown of Feathers is going to be about and there is no need to dress it up beyond that As a graphic designer I just don't love the typography of the title but its serviceable and doesn't detract from the phoenix which is most importantWhy is Crown of Feathers a GREAT start to a new epic YA fantasy? The multiple POVsMany don't enjoy than 2 points of view and in Crown of Feathers we get 3 I actually found the story a lot well rounded getting all three Tristan gives us a really great view of the Phoenix Riders and their situation Of all the POVs we could have easily done without his I'm glad his was included though learning the little details about the riders through him felt organic to the story I also loved seeing his relationship with Veronyka grow from friendship to perhaps Sev is the third POV and there were pages that were NOT as exciting as the other two characters but the I read the essential his part of the story felt as a whole This has a political aspect that is shown through Sev and the characters he meets and it adds a lot of tension to the story I also found the way his character grows uite compelling compared to TristanThere is also this other uasi POV we are seeing of the war that lead up to the current events It's uite reflective of what has happened between Veronyka and her sister and the entire time you are wondering what this has to do with the story It all comes together in the end and it blows you away The world buildingPhoenix Riders Bonds There are also wild phoenix an unethical situation involving them and a magnificent battle too We get to see a baby hatch too There are actually than just phoenix to this world there is also the magic Animages are people who can connect to animals and control them Phoenix are a subset of this idea but sense they are sentient it is a little different I really loved how animages worked and how it connected to the phoenix as well There is also shadow magic At this point its uite simple and I hope it becomes complex in the later books but its used to great effect in Veronyka and her sister's livesThere are also a slew of characters I haven't mentioned that I uite came to admire Trix Kade Cassian Sparrow They all add so much through there roles and parts in Crown of Feathers The sistersVeronyka's sister is uite an important character as we come to see through the story And I loved that I became worried that the sister relationship wasn't going to be the focus of Crown of Feathers and for a while I was really disappointed in that I love relationships that are than just lovers and that was why I read this book so I am pleased to say that Val will blow your mind you sense it in the beginning and she comes through by the endAs a WriterMany who read Crown of Feathers may wonder why we don't follow Veronyka's sister's POV She's morally gray badass in every form of the word and totally independent Too independent There is no way Val would have worked with any of the people Veronyka did It's okay that Veronyka is a little clueless than her sister because then she wants to belong she willingly relies on others and she thinks about others besides herself Actually I uite like the differences between Veronyka and Val and applaud the author's choice to go with such different sistersCrown of Feathers is a fascinating start to a new epic fantasy in a world of phoenix riders animages and an empire who won't leave either alone Two sisters find their lives interwoven in this battle for survival and their relationship struggles under the burden With the help of new friends one sisters finds a place to belong while to other takes the battle on alone⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Authenticity⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Writing Style⋆ ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Plot Pacing⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ World Building Thanks to Edelweiss and the publisher for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review It has not influenced my opinionsYou can find this review and many others on my book blog Perspective of a Writer See my special perspective at the bottom of my reviews under the typewriter Please like this review if you enjoyed it bow bow It helps me out a ton

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    Crown of Feathers by Nicki Pau Preto is the first book in the young adult fantasy series by the same name This series takes readers into a world in which the Phoenix exist and introduces the warriors that ride them The story is told from the multiple points of view of Veronyka Sev and TristanVeronyka is what is known as an animage who has the ability to communicate with animals Since the end of the blood war animages have been in hiding and with a lack of Phoenix eggs the once mighty Phoenix warriors are no but during her years of hiding with her sister Val Veronyka wants nothing than to become a Phoenix riderWhile Sev is also an animage he has hidden his abilities right in front empire by becoming one of their soldiers The empire has ruled since the blood war and would stop at nothing to wipe out the animage and riders Meanwhile Tristan is part of the small rebellion of Phoenix riders left in the world and along with Veronyka and Sev all three are on a path to bring them togetherI will be the first to admit being a bit hesitant picking up Crown of Feathers thinking oh boy another lengthy fantasy at close to five hundred pages but instead of my usual slow and boring rant this one shows why I continue taking a chance While there might have been a tad bit of a slow start with this one it continued to add to the world story and characters to keep me entertained In the end I’ll definitely be looking forward to book two while rating this opener at 4 12 starsI received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalleyFor reviews please visit

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    My Video Review first I wasn’t going to do a review but I think I might film one now This is interesting because I had some big problems with pacing but I ended up having a fun time and enjoying the drama despite the first 50 ish pages being a huge info dump Like a dump so bad that you turn the AC off in the car when you’re near it I’ll leave a link to the review and leave a rating when the review goes up

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