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Save Me from Dangerous Men Nikki Griffin #1 [PDF / EPUB] Save Me from Dangerous Men Nikki Griffin #1 Nikki Griffin isn't your typical private investigator In her office above her bookstore’s shelves and stacks where she luxuriates in books and the comfort they provide she also tracks certain men Da from Dangerous Kindle Ó Nikki Griffin isn't your typical private investigator In her office above her bookstore’s shelves and stacks where she luxuriates in books and the comfort they provide she also tracks certain men Dangerous men Men who have hurt the women they claim to love And Me from Dangerous Men Nikki Kindle - Nikki likes to teach those men a lesson to teach them what it feels like to be hurt and helpless so she can be sure that their victims are safe from them foreverWhen a regular PI job tailing Karen a tech company's disgruntled employee who might be selling secrets Save Me PDF/EPUB or turns ugly and Karen's life is threatened Nikki has to break cover and intervene Karen tells Nikki that there are people after her Dangerous men She says she'll tell Nikki what's really going on But then something goes wrong and suddenly Nikki is no longer just solving a case—she's trying hard to stay alivePart Lisbeth Salander part Jack Reacher part Jessica Jones Nikki Griffin is a kickass character who readers will root for as she seeks to right the world's wrongs SA Lelchuk’s Save Me From Dangerous Men marks the beginning of a gripping Me from Dangerous PDF/EPUB æ new series and the launch of a fabulous new character.

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    I am not sure if I love the title of SA Lelchuk's all action debut thriller but I found it a pulse pounding tense and thrilling read For a start the central character of Nikki Griffin is so compelling with her heartbreaking personal history It is this background that has made her what she is today a kick ass woman who will do whatever it takes below the radar to ensure that abused women gain safety and receive justice a justice that Nikki has no compunction about meting out to the abusers She rides her beloved Aprilia motorbike and carries various items on her person to guarantee she is no victim with the skills and expertise to fight her way out of most scenarios Set in Oakland California Nikki operates out of her popular secondhand bookshop The Brimstone Magpie with various book groups meeting there Nikki is a PI taking on a raft of cases from surveillance of cheating partners to interesting cases like the one Gregg Gunn has just offered herGunn is a tech CEO of Care4 a cutting edge surveillance baby monitor company and he turns to Nikki worried that one of his employees Karen Li is passing on corporate technological developments to outside parties As Nikki follows Karen something does not make sense Karen is meeting what looks like very dangerous men and she looks terrified Nikki breaks her cover when a life or death situation arises to save Karen but tragedy ensues that has her feeling rage and guilt As Nikki races against time to prevent a unknown predicted calamity she decides to go it alone to get to the truth of what is going on rejecting the notion of working with the FBI She is going to need all the help she can get in what turns out to be a complex and highly dangerous investigation For that she turns to good friends and contacts that include ex journalist Charles Miller motorbike enthusiast Buster and Oliver a shadowy concerned employee of Care4 a colleague of Karen'sLelchuk has created a fabulously compelling central protagonist in Nikki Griffin a psychologically disturbed woman with her heart in the right place as we see her helping Zoe an abused woman She is receiving counselling that she is forced to endure although it seems to be making some progress Nikki's past has resulted in her only family being her brother Brandon a heroin addict that she tries to protect from the horrors of his nightmares She develops a budding relationship with Berkeley English graduate Ethan but who she is often undermines and threatens the possibility of building committed long term relationships One of my most favourite things about this novel is the literary allusions and references littered throughout the narrative such as the Dickens reference in the name of the bookshop This is a wonderfully entertaining read so okay you have to suspend disbelief but hey this is fiction Many thanks to Simon and Schuster for an ARC

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    I take notes for the review as I read the book and I’ll write the review with a similar chronology Love the Nikki character strong point of view strong writing craft Nikki is multifaceted three dimensional and yet flawed just enough She has it all and might even supplant Jack ReacherDangerous Men has a bookstore in it with a well read Nikki who constantly talks about books I love this aspect and even added a few books to my TBR pile This book reminds me a little of Booked to Die also an excellent book Five stars putting Lelchuk with Niki on my permanent to be read listI enjoyed how the mystery unfolded well done Now if it only pays offFor me there are four parts to a story arc the conflict complication crisis and conclusion The whole book hums along at five stars until we hit the crisis The scene in the apartment still in the complication rescuing her brother far is better drawn and dynamic than the crisis I did not care the old trope “meet me tonight I’ll tell you everything” It was not motivated at all and I didn’t buy it It was used to ramp up tension and didn’t work A scene needs five things to make it work If too many of these five things are missing the scene is flat This is the case where Nikki goes to pick up a motorcycle The entire chapter can be excised and the novel can still stand on its own This stopped the forward motion of the story The story is in first person which has its pros and cons Nikki finds out what is motivating all the killings She finds out how; “People are going to be killed” She reads it on some papers but doesn’t tell the reader We are in first person Then later much later the crisis is drawn out for pages and pages of dialogue that is really exposition explaining how everything that happened in the book fit into the story There is a “ticking clock” structure which is great but if we don’t know what Nikki knows the tension drops off There are two chapters after she finds out how “People are going to be killed where nothing happens to advance the ticking clock The reader is in limbo just waiting and not knowing what is going onThe conflict the complication and the overall concept of this book is wonderful and because of it I would still recommend this book I will also definitely pick up the next book with Nikki she’s wonderful character who is easy to spend time with

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    A vigilante heroine who loves books? Heck yeahThis was as suspenseful as it was thrilling with a badass heroine who did what needed to be done to get the bad guys If you love thrillers but have yet to read this book then you’re in for a great time

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    I was so set to love Nikki and her double life bookseller by day badass PI and righter of wrongs by night but this book was just OK for me Sometimes it's so obvious and not in a good way when a male author tries to write a female character this was definitely one of those times All the characters needed flushed out I love Ethan give me of him Nikki has potential so does Jess I just need I want about their backstory and what makes them tickThe mystery was good I saw the twists coming a mile away And everything just fit a little too easily for me to really enjoy this book I definitely have some complaints view spoiler Why would Nikki EVER leave Karen by herself for hours? She was under the impression that someone just tried to kill her hello? But that fit the story And has NO ONE heard of google image search? She's supposed to be a PI for pete's sake If she had just looked for those peoples faces the last half of the book wouldn't have happened again but that fit the story And Nikki and Jess looking for clues but it has to be here that's what fits Girl you don't know that but again say it with me that's what fit the story hide spoiler

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    Book Blog | BookstagramOpening Hook Pool cues and brass knucklesMain Character Guilt plaguing with tight jeans and a purposePlot Twisty ness A little off the Silicon Valley rails and I don’t mean cocaineI was committed and ready and completely open to falling head over heels in love with Nikki Griffin bookseller and badass PI with some serious anger issuesBut unfortunately this didn’t totally live up to everything I wanted it to be Call it a victim of my high expectations if you want but I found this to be a just okay middle of the road thrillerThe star highlight for me is the main character of Nikki Griffin I think she was complicated but real She came with a dark backstory and a closed off tough as nails personality that didn’t slip away the moment she met a guy For being a novel written by a man I was pleased to find she didn’t talk about how her nipples felt or looked at any moment since that seems to be a thing male writers are typically preoccupied with when writing female leads Any comments that she makes about her body seemed to me to be in relation to men looking at her and their sexual thoughts and were less about sexually describing herselfThe way Nikki is introduced is pretty canon the whole way through the novel She likes privacy but she’s not dead inside She keeps things close to the chest but isn’t afraid to be vulnerable with the people she trusts She’s strong smart and professionally violent All things I probably am but just way less cool about it Like I daydream about breaking a man’s arm for hitting a woman but really I just eat cookies about itTo satisfy the side of herself that longs for justice and appropriate karma Nikki has found an outlet as a PI who catches dirty men doing bad things and teaches them a lesson when she can She’s a little bit like a superhero but with fewer capes and kicks to the nuts to domestic abusers It’s fun and satisfying and as a woman who has been through domestic violence it got me hyped Like yeah KNOCK HIS FUCKING TEETH INYou know totally regular emotional reactionsThings started to get a little if y for me when the bulk of the storyline was introduced A Silicon Valley CEO hires Nikki to follow an employee whom he suspects of selling proprietary company secrets to competitorsI felt like we left behind the badass dark and karma centric aspect of the story that I was really digging to spend time with characters who didn’t seem to fit with the tone and over arching theme of the story – that Nikki is a conflicted guilt plagued superhero for battered women and her brotherInstead she was getting into mob esue danger with smarmy goons and trying to teach the reader about international espionage ish technology that reuired way too much page time to explain There was even a straight up bad guy monologue scene “Do you want to know all my reasons for doing what I did instead of having naturally figured them out during the investigation? LET ME MONOLOGUE before I kill you We got time”It was a strange direction to go and ended up feeling convoluted Possible? SURE Everything is possible nowadays But an odd direction to take a story about a lowkey PI and booknerd? CompletelyMaybe if we were three books deep into a series and needed to go a different direction to spice things up I could see the reason for the plot direction but really I was a bit disappointed in how we went from a violent girl powered story to one about guys in suits doing shitty things for international political reasonsIf you like subterfuge and tough female leads this might be a 5 star read for you but I didn’t totally connect with the direction of the storyline The writing is good the character building is on pointe but the “thriller” parts of the story which were the bulk of it were a little out there and felt like jamming the wrong puzzle piece into an empty space⭐⭐⭐½ | 35 stars rounded up

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    3 Stars a debut novel with potential From the book jacket Nikki Griffin loves books They provide refuge and comfort from her tragic past But Nikki isn’t a typical bookseller In her office above her bookstore she takes jobs as a private investigator to pay the bills She also tracks certain men Dangerous men Men who have hurt the women they claim to love With this book jacket synopsis I picked up Save Me from Dangerous Men SMfDM in the hopes of finding a female protagonist for my very limited not for want of effort on my end collection of favorite women main characters in the crime fiction genre After finishing this debut novel the verdict is still pendingNikki the lead character is a composite of wildly contradictory dichotomous elements As a booklover she’s expected to be mild mannered and likely an introvert which is in direct opposition to the adjectives which come to mind from her self appointed role as avenger of abused womenNikki is a complex character whose backstory provided a plausible explanation for her psyche and her actions in the present day I liked her but I didn’t love her Why my reticence? Nikki Griffin feels like a carefully and deliberately constructed character designed for a target market This sensation reminds me of how the music studio executives strategically crafted the popular boy and girl bands of the 1990s She doesn’t feel organic but synthetic Her inner thinking process is reminiscent of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher in the staccato short sentences rhythm her assessment of her fight strategies and in her justification of use of commensurate effort Her court mandated therapy sessions force her to be an articulate version of Stieg Larsson’s Lisbeth Salander In case you didn’t get that reference from your reading of the novel she’s nicknamed “Lisbeth” by one of her regular customers she rides a motorcycle and she boxesThe opening chapters depict her in the aggressive hunting mode for an abusive man but sounded like a male fantasy of an attractive rated “10” woman walking into a testosterone heavy dive bar This scenario elicited an instinctive “ick” feeling from me and I immediately went online to check the author’s gender As I suspected SA Lelchuk is a man Now I’m not saying that authors cannot create a successful main character of the opposite gender but an author’s gender will nevertheless impact a character As written Nikki dances on the fine line between being a vigilante and a stone cold killer Indeed in one scene in which she has the help of a true friend view spoiler a “real” friend helps you move the bodies hide spoiler

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    I loved this one Nikki is a morally gray character but I was definitely rooting for her Can’t wait to see what she does in the next book

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    Save Me from Dangerous Men is SA Lelchuck's debut novel and while I had a couple of uibbles with it for the most part we got along very wellNikki Griffin our heroine is cool edgy and in the tradition of all the best detectives deeply deeply troubled She's got a penchant for motorcycles leather weapons and books as well as a fiercely protective side and the skills to back up the trouble her mouth gets her into Between running a bookshop and looking after a brother who never met a needle he didn't like she still somehow finds the time to operate as a private detective andwe'll call it problem solvingNow granted particularly at the beginning of the book there's moments where she's just a little too cool and sexy in a dangerous way but by about halfway that settles down a bit It's the kind of thing that hopefully will rub off by the time the second novel comes out so it was easier to tolerate as temporary And maybe it was the name but I couldn't stop thinking of Aud Nicola Griffith's absolutely fantastic character star of some of the best books I've had the pleasure of reading They're similar characters though sorry SA obviously there's no one else who writes like Nicola Griffiths does So it's a bit of an unfair comparison but it was one my brain just wouldn't stop makingThat said though the fact that I'm comparing a debut novel to books that would make my top 5 shows that even coming off second best left Nikki Griffin sitting in some rarefied air And once the book settled into itself and stopped trying uite so hard there's some really great stuff in here No one gets killed just to show how dangerous of a situation the heroine is in view spoilersomeone innocent does get killed but not an expendable friend or beloved pet it was someone in a legitimately dangerous situation who was killed in service of a conspiracy hide spoiler

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    I got suckered in because the hero works at a bookstore I read to chapter 8 and then stopped Thrillers aren't really my thingAlso I'm tired of the description of women that men seem to think we have when looking at a mirror Sorry Lelchuck we don't think I'm not skinny but I'm toned before applying lip gloss in the mirror

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    This hardcover copy is signed by S A Lelchuk

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