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Die Sünderin [PDF / EPUB] Die Sünderin The basis for the highly anticipated limited series on USA starring Jessica Biel premiering August 2nd The Sinner is an internationally bestselling psychological thriller by Germany's Patricia Highsmi The basis for the highly anticipated limited series on USA starring Jessica Biel premiering August nd The Sinner is an internationally bestselling psychological thriller by Germany's Patricia HighsmithOn a sunny summer afternoon by the lake Cora Bender stabs a man to death Why What would cause this uiet kind young mother to stab a complete stranger in the throat over and over again in full view of her family and friends For the local police it's an open and shut case Cora uickly confesses and there's no shortage of witnesses but those uestions remain unanswered Haunted by the case the police commissioner refuses to close the file and begins his own maverick investigation So begins the slow unraveling of Cora's past a harrowing descent into a woman's private hell A dark spellbinding novel where the truth is to be uestioned at every turn The Sinner has been a bestseller around the world and is poised to be a summer smash with the coming TV adaptation already hailed as one of the most anticipated shows of the summerThe Sinner is unnerving and weird and guaranteed to stick with you weeks later Sarah Weinman editor of  Troubled Daughters Twisted Wives and Women Crime WritersHauntingly insightful and sensitive The Guardian.

  • Paperback
  • 387 pages
  • Die Sünderin
  • Petra Hammesfahr
  • English
  • 23 June 2016
  • 9780143132851

About the Author: Petra Hammesfahr

Hailed as Germany’s Patricia Highsmith Petra Hammesfahr has written than twenty crime and suspense novels and also writes scripts for film and television She has won numerous literary prizes including the Crime Prize of Wiesbaden and the Rhineland Literary Prize Her breakthrough novel The Sinner was a major critical and commercial success internationally including in Germany where it.

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    This book felt like it took an eternity to finish The heroineif you want to call her that is insufferable and lies so much with every breath that you can't tell what's true or not and you just want to smack her and get her to tell the truth doing that would've saved at least 13 of the bookCora is given the crappy childhood trope with a mom who is basically the German version of Margaret White and the dad is constantly fixated on having sex with his wifeOverall a real waste of time readPSIf you don't want to have to slog through this I'll spoil the beans on the crappy twist of the bookCora kills Frankie Frankenberg while on a public beach with her husband and son Frankie turns out to be the person who killed her sister Magdalena who had heart and organ defects while having sex with her during a basement party while Cora was being raped by his two friends When Cora fights back one of the men hits her with an ashtray and fractured her skull She was then held captive by Frankie and his parents for 6 months while Magdalena's body is dumped in the woods and her death covered up by Cora and Magdalena's family

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    This is a review of the book The Sinner I have not nor will I watch the television version loosely based on this novel The Sinner is one of the darkest most psychologically disturbing stories I ever have read and yet there never was a moment that I considered putting down this horrifying captivating tale The book begins very blandly with a young woman who is uite boring who is bored with life her husband although he is a good husband she says her entire world has become unbearable and thus she has decided to commit suicide However something goes terribly wrong and she ends up murdering a young man instead Brutally From that moment forward we the reader watch as her mind untangles and disintegrates before our very eyes and the most horrifying tales of abuse are laid out before you for inspection Yes there is child abuse sexual abuse rape religious fanaticism used as abuse in its worst form possible fratricide and so much But stillit is definitely a story that bears reading because there is much to be learned here Hammesfahr has written countless books and won numerous awards and her writing is impeccable There are a few times that sentences get lost in translation but they are rare and barely noticible I highly recommend this book I would give it 45 stars rounded down merely for length There truly is only so much you can handle of this story before you need a break

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    As you can tell from the blurb above THE SINNER is a whydunnit as opposed to a whodunnit book although that's way too simplistic a description When Cora Bender stabs a man to death in front of family friends and a crowded park nobody realises that she was originally planning to commit suicide Bender is obviously not in a good place in her life despite outward appearances Rejected wholeheartedly by her husband immediately after the attack it seems an open and shut case which may only be mitigated by a plea of insanity Except that Rudolf Grovian senses something behind Frau Bender's acknowledgement of her guilt and maniacal desire to declare herself guilty with no reasons or explanationsIt's partially Grovian's investigation into Bender's childhood and family life and partially his patient and careful uestioning of her that slowly draws out the truth Bender's childhood is the stuff of nightmares a desperately ill younger sister and a fanatical religious zealot of a mother who never hesitated to blame her first born daughter for all of the younger sister's medical problems Add a caring but sexually frustrated and ineffectual father who whilst never sexually abusing his daughter confronted her with her parent's sexual problems and everything has combined to create a girl who is guilty conflicted and profoundly disturbed Her closeness with her father creates a complex relationship with him whilst he is kind and caring towards his daughter his failure to take firm action in the face of her mother Elsbeth's extreme behaviour makes him a weak figure difficult to maintain respect love and affection for Bender's ill sister Magdalena should have died many times in her childhood somehow managing to cling to life she is the centre of her mother's world swamping everything and everyone with her reuirements draining the families financial as well as emotional resources isolating them Eventually the two sisters seem to work out an understanding a relationship even love for each other although as with everything in this family there's something not uite rightBecause of the way that Grovian goes about drawing out the story of Bender's background and therefore her reasons for violently killing a complete stranger there's a lot of ground gone back over As she constantly lies about her past Grovian is forced to look for the sprinklings of truth within the lies and slowly and steadily disprove the lies forcing Bender back and back over the same ground coaxing the truth from the ultimate in unreliable narrators Because of that narrative device the pace is slow emotional repetitive and intricate The reader is given every opportunity to share Grovian's frustration but at the same time you also get a feeling for Bender's distress her desperation Whatever it is that she doesn't want known is held close she's desperate to obfuscate confuse deny avoid Particularly interesting was the way that Bender's family members in particular are characterised Seen as they are mostly from Bender's point of view there's something misty about them hesitantly revealing her father's ineffectiveness her mother's madness and her sister's memory It's particularly interesting that Magdalena is both transparent weak seemingly just about incapable of even basic communication; yet she's ultimately revealed as a much stronger personality capable of manipulation able than originally contemplated Remembering that we were viewing Bender's family from her perspective and the role that Magdalena's entire existence had such a profound affect on Bender made it a particularly thought provoking aspectTHE SINNER isn't a straight forward book Part thriller a most unusual psychological study it wasn't an easy book to read but it was an extremely thought provoking worthwhile book to read

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    I don't know what to say about this bookI'm giving it 3 Stars because that's what I usually give books I'm not sure about I didn't hate it but I also didn't love it I spent the majority of this book not having one clue what was happening I don't know if maybe something was lost in translation this book was translated from German I don't knowI was still completely hooked and considered it a fast read Im happy I read it and I now plan on watching the tv show Hopefully the show will be easier to followNo recommendation for this oneA Book for all Seasons Book Club

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    The Sinner was just a mass jumble of confusion for me There's really no other way to put it I tend to like mysteries as long as they're compelling and not predictable The Sinner was compelling so a check for that And it wasn't predictable However I can't give that one a check considering that the only reason it wasn't predictable was because it was so hard to tell what the hell was going onThe narration in this book was all over the place You had numerous flashbacks told in Cora's first perspective Then you had the present tense which is was told by Cora in the third person followed by the chief also in the third person and the aunt in the third person It took like five minutes to figure out whether I was in the present or the past and to figure out who the hell was narrating which part It was way too much work for something that's supposed to be entertainingThe other problem I had with The Sinner was that it was a bloated book The author seriously could've done with cutting out at least a hundred pages that had nothing to do with anything For example I really could care less about the chief's daughter and wifeor their insignificant opinions His side plot was so boring and extremely unnecessary It's all fine and dandy to hear his side of the story since he's the one trying to help Cora But what the hell does his daughter or his wife have to do with anything? They don't That and numerous other things had me bored for a whileDid I want to know happened in Cora's past? Yes I was intrigued However I went through a point where I just really wanted to finish the book and debated on whether or not I should just put myself out of this misery and just read the last page Again I didn't expect the twist to be what it was but by the time I actually got there I was so frustrated that I really could care less how twisted it was and was just happy that I would be able to put this book downSo I don't recommend The Sinner I don't know if my reaction to this is due to the author or to the author's translator but the fact remains that this book had an intriguing premise but the payoff wasn't enough to slog through 300 pages of twisted games and not in the good way confusing narration and boring side plots

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    The Sinner is a complex and intense psychological crime novel which highlights the unpredictable nature of repressed memories when combined with underlying violent tendencies Having watched the Netflix series I was interested to see how much the adaptation deviated from the book The answer? Not much That said author Petra Hammesfahr's book does provide a richer narrative with the focus near exclusive on Cora everything else including Policeman Grovian and Cora's husband is mostly background noise; don't get me wrong those characters play their part but the attention is as it should be on Cora as she slowly unravels her past while confronting the present My rating 55 stars The Sinner is a highly evocative book; gripping and intense the story sure to keep churning around the readers head long after the last page is turned

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    As soon as I heard of this book and read the synopsis it just called to me A seemingly perfectly normal woman goes to the lake with her family for a day of fun and relaxation only she ends up stabbing a man to death Sign me up Then I started reading all the mixed reviews People REALLY disliked this so I became hesitant to grab it It happened to be available through CW MARS so I downloaded it and still I debated if I wanted to start it I finally caved and opened it up I'm glad I did I think some of the negative reviews actually helped me enjoy this reading experience Most people complained that it was incredibly confusing so I prepared myself for this I think knowing this ahead of time made me concentrate on what I was reading And it is confusing because everything this woman says is a lie or is it? So many hidden meanings to her ramblings and I enjoyed trying to figure out the puzzle I will say that this book had so many icky moments Like I need a shower now icky So ah be prepared for that Shivers

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    ⭐️⭐️💫 5 My reviews and maybe some other random thoughts can also be seen at feel like I was not reading the same book as the people that rated The Sinner at a 4 or 5 lol This book really didn't take me that long to read but it felt like forever for some reason This has got to be the weirdest book that I have read this year Cora's ramblings with the police her attorney and the shrink were so confusing She had a tough upbringing to say the least her mom was pretty nutty and she had all sorts of weird thoughts put into her head by her mother This uote pretty much summed up how the whole book read for meNaturally she lied when lying was her sole recourse If someone tried to kick her wall down she tossed everything that came into her head into a melting pot gave it a vigorous stir and slapped a ladleful of hotchpotch on the nearest plate Then you had to sift through her offerings and determine the source of each and every morselCora goes on about a billion tangents and you have no idea what is the truth what is a lie and what she is just making up because she doesn't actually remember the truth The flow was very strange to me and it made for very slow reading I am usually fine with translated books take all of Fredrik Backman's books for example but maybe this one is better read in German??I do have to note that I only skimmed like one small part of this book Even though I was so confused and maybe a little bored although I'm not sure that is the term I am looking for I couldn't bring myself to skim much and I actually found myself wanting to read every word I skimmed a little bit of Cora's thoughts about her nutty mom's Jesus ramblings but that was about it and it was very near the end of the book it was all things you have heard before The ending kind of threw me for a loop and by the ending I mean the very last sentence I was not expecting it like at all It leaves a little to the imagination but I didn't think of it as an unresolved ending Final Thought I don't personally recommend reading The Sinner I will probably watch the show at some point though because I've heard that it's really good This poor girl and her messed up family I am very interested to see how it all translates to the show and if it's even the same This is definitely a very dark and at times disturbing book

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    Read Harder Challenge 2018#19 A book of genre fiction in translation Mystery ThrillerWatching the TV series I was completely absorbed by Jessica Biel’s performance and by all the craziness that happened to her character as it was being unravelled My first reaction after finishing all of the 8 episodes was to go back to the beginning and watch it again to catch all of the nuances I might have missed the first time around Looking into it I found out it was an adaptation of a 1999 domestic thriller So yay for me?? Not so much This is still pretty disturbing stuff we’re talking about Because it isn’t the whodunit type of book rather one where you find out why the main character acted the way she did I thought I’d give it a try after some time had passed In the book Cora’s relationship with her parents is even messed up than in the show Even the tone is a lot darker almost ruthless I guess it has something of the German frankness in the way sexuality and family dynamic is portrayed Perspectives alternate from a 3rd person narrative to Cora’s internal monologueconfession which is even unsettling because the author spends a lot of time revealing her thoughts and feelings I was glad the book had none of the detective’s sexual kink as it would have been a bit too much It was something added for the TV show to echo perhaps some of the twisted content of the book Why the almost 5 star review you might ask? Because I found Cora’s character fascinating and the book certainly delivers in that her personality is even complex than in the adaptation because even though I knew what had happened it still managed to grip me and because I found Cora’s relationship with the detective given the differences refreshing Will I re watch the TV series? You betcha 45 stars

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    Dark and disturbing read but so well written

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