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Son of Spellsinger [PDF / EPUB] Son of Spellsinger Foster resumes his Spellsinger saga Much to Clothahump the Wizard's distress ex hippie Jon Tom and otherworldly Talea's son Buncan wants to be a uesting hero but not a spellsinger Instead he forms a b Foster resumes his Spellsinger saga Much to Clothahump the Wizard's distress ex hippie Jon Tom and otherworldly Talea's son Buncan wants to be a uesting hero but not a spellsinger Instead he forms a band with Mudge's kids otters Nocter and Suill one that creates a wild unpredictable magic based on rapThen an anteater arrives with rumours about a dangerous legend Soon the young rappers aided by a drunk rhino are off on an odyssey to a fortress where evil sorcerers threaten the Son of PDF or world And where only the unknown power of Buncan's beat can stop the hordes of hideous hybrids.

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    982018 210The 7th book in the series is really starting to get bad The premise is terrible We move to Jon Tom's son who gets a duar that can create magic even though the original duar was irreplaceable and had to be fixed Now spellsinging can be done in a group and it's rapsuper? The characters were shallow and annoying Buncan is a whiny rebellious and annoying teen who want to save the world what kind of name is Buncan? But I guess it fits the character Buncan eventually turns into Jon Tom as a character and the ever suabbling otter twins are one dimensional and annoying The plot consists of the novices going after something that scares even Clothahump but it is left vague until the end when it is just ridiculous Their spellsinging works all the time after a couple of days training unlike previous books The most powerful spellsing is apparently How much is that doggy in the window It can be used multiple times to great effect unlike other songs It can even work on the pit bull bull who is normally immune because it can't understand spellsinging unlike all the other times spellsinging was effective against apparent scholars in the art The Grand Veritable reveal was pretty lame as well and rushed to a hurried finish Obviously I didn't care for this book Since I'm a glutton for punishment and a completist I will go ahead and slog through the final entry in the series

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    A good readbut not as good as the earlier books in the series Jon Tom is no longer the central character His son Buncan and Mudge's children are now a rap spellsinging group The young otters are amusing but not up to Mudge's standards I missed the nuances of Jon Tom's recognition of words from our world used to make spells in this world; it was annoying that he didn't seem to appreciate the irony of an enspelled computer

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    Alan Dean Foster has a wonderful creativity with characters in this adventure I was enthralled with each new member that was introduced into this story Magic fights off the evil forces encountered along the journey of a youth and his woodland friends as they seek to find a legend far from their homelandI will enjoy exploring the earlier tales from this Spellsinger series

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    A good book in the spellsinger series but doesn't seem to have a decent antagonist but rather a uest object It is nice to see the son of Jon Tom the spellsinger developed as well as Mudge the otters children

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    Maybe it's just that I am in the same age group as Jon Tom because while a good story like others earlier in this series I didn't get uite get the same kick of it that I did from the earlier books still good in its own right

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    Beginning was real rough

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    Read this book without reading the 6 before it it works well as standalone but not desperately seeking the others

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    always loved the spell singer series have them all in soft back book

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    Spellsinger with a twist

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    Otter and spellsinger kids run off without word; wouldn't parents chase them? So handy cart and uest ready to cross sad deadly moors Where is worst place for the Grand Veritable to end up? 10 Typos

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