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SoulMate [PDF / EPUB] SoulMate A lonely widow is romanced by a “brilliantly portrayed” pathological killer in this novel by the National Book Award–winning author of them The New York Times   Dorothea Deverell is a New Engla A lonely widow is romanced by a “brilliantly portrayed” pathological killer in this novel by the National Book Award–winning author of them The New York Times   Dorothea Deverell is a New England art historian working for a Boston museum resigned to entering middle age alone—until she’s swept off her feet by the flattery of a charming younger man who calls her his soul mate Colin Asch is swept away too He admires Dorothea’s gentle nature innate goodness decency and acceptance of others without judgment She’s nothing at all like the people Colin has met before—and murdered   A self appointed “Angel of Death” Colin is determined to keep Dorothea happy—by eliminating anyone who gets in the way of his plan They’ll be clever kills untraceable and fast as a knife slash to the throat Each one will bring him closer to the woman he loves And by the time Dorothea discovers what horrors passion has wrought she’ll be in so deep so dark that giving in might be her only chance of survival   This novel called “a hair raiser” by El Leonard comes from the New York Times–bestselling author of We Were the Mulvaneys a four time Pulitzer Prize finalist and recipient of the O Henry Award the National Book Award and the Bram Stoker Award In SoulMate “it is clear from the start that we are in Joyce Carol Oates territory for the book is stamped with her hallmarks—her complex detailed prose; her fascination with violence; her obsessive concern with rendering not so much action as the way action haunts the hidden consciousness of her characters” The New York Times.

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    Dorothea works at a nonprofit institution in Boston and is primed to take her boss's place when he retires One of the board members however wants his nephew to take the position and starts a campaign against Dorothea using her 'feminist tenancies' as a reason to not promote her Meanwhile she continues on with her long time affair with a married friend whose wife's emotion problems and substance abuse continues to worsen When Colin comes into the picture however all of Dorothea's problems start to solve themselves and though she is charmed by him Dorothea also has an underlying apprehension towards Colin Colin has had a tragic life and finds understand with Dorothea Colin's obsession with Dorothea begins to consume all his time as he does whatever he can to get closer to her I personally enjoyed this one it's my third book by Oates and it's better than the last one I read I have noticed however the all her antagonists so far have been mentally ill and I'm hoping that's not going to be a thing that's consistent I mean I know people with different ways of thinking and emotion problems make interesting characters but at the same time I'm kind of like uh because you know I just don't like the implication that all killers are mentally ill it just makes me feel annoyed Anyways I did enjoy this one and I really liked reading Colin's perspective much than Dorothea's I didn't like Dorothea very much and I do think the ending was less strong than the rest of the book especially when you get to the climax of the book Anyway I have I think two ARCs from Oates so we'll see how I feel when I get through them as well

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    A little different perspective than your average murder mystery because you know immediately who the killer is I admit that could take a lot of the mystery out of the story but not when the mystery turns to who will be killed next Very well done story a little 80's nostalgic for me A lot of tension and expectation I wont give anything else away Just expect to be surprised with how well this was written

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    joyce carol oates writing as rosamond smith is a writer of thrillers often ones concerned with dualities within human nature it is an interesting side project for an amazing writer in SoulMate she seems rather less concerned with dualities and concerned with a kind of pastiche of the romantic thriller complete with various overblown situations scarcely believable characters and almost purple prose it is an interesting book because oates is an interesting writer; it is also rather off putting maybe because the romantic thriller is still uite alive and breathing nothing new is being said here which is unusual from an author who usually surprises me with her insights still the novel features a very sympathetic psychopath which is always an entertaining achievement and the writing is a savory thing

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    Colin Asch had in fact always relied upon the world’s stupidity as a factor in his own talent Amid a herd of slow witted bovine beasts he was a leopard capable of running at speeds up to seventy five miles an hour a flash of burnished flaming lightvia my blog Deverell a New England art historian goes about her days as a widow working in a Boston Museum She has a lover if not entirely hers to keep and is content to simply live her life as is Little does she know she is about to be charmed into a strange sort of affair with a charming psychopath the damaged yet brilliant young nephew of her friend No one understands Colin Asch and if he has to kill to rid the world of such people so be it That his disturbing darkness is hidden behind his beautiful face makes the horror brewing within him all the chilling Enraptured by Dorothea his mania drives him to seduce her by wiping out anyone who upsets her He watches when she is unaware and the reader is privy to the eerie euphoria that drives his urges Colin Asch goes from sullen boyishness to successful fashionable business success using others to attain the life he imagines will please Dorothea It is for Dorothea he wants so badly to impress herThere is a kinship or has Dorothea misread her apprehension confusing instinctual fear for tenderness and curiosity The eyes it’s a soulmate knowing at least from Colin’s warped perception Dorothea’s kindness beauty success and intelligence are all the things that mesmerize the young man the very person he struggles so hard now to be This striving will lead to murders and a unraveling of Colin’s mind No one understands Colin as Dorothea does the only person able to soothe this “Angel of Death” The very attributes he admires are what puts Dorothea in danger allows this serial killer an intimate window into her once simple life Conversations between the two feed him like a drug and Dorothea cannot deny his ‘characteristic effervescence’ and charm And if his ‘rapid talk’ begins to seem strange it is always ‘electric’ and ‘witty’ His stormy energy has an allure all it’s own much like the beautiful poetry by “Shelley” that the young man reads “She knew” Colin knows that Dorothea too can sense the destiny the very kindred ties of their souls If she senses something is off well then she is just being silly Right?Both charmed and repelled by Colin Dorothea has no idea of he dark days lurking all nurtured by the obsessive distorted love Colin feels for her Confused by his appearances the strange comments he allows to slip she feels something is wrong and yet doubts herself There is an immediately intimacy but too there is something in her gut not uite right Surely he couldn’t be falling for her an older woman? Her old inner voice her companion of self doubt that has always been present may well cloud her own warnings But what of those slips? As when great violence befalls an adversary of Dorothea’s he seems to delight in the ‘justice’ that has befallen this ‘evil person’ Colin is waiting waiting to share everything with her all his deeds his secrets buried in coded language because Dorothea is the one Dorothea alone understands him He has found among the ‘slow witted bovine beasts’ an angel a beloved a soulmate It is only a matter of time before he unleashes his terror and reveals his true self to his belovedWhat Joyce Carol Oates writing as Rosamond Smith has done is take a damaged sick young man and allowed the reader to feel his mania More she shows the cracks that make people uneasy and how we see what we want to see His beautiful face is mistaken for goodness as is often the case in most situations Beauty intelligence and charm is the path of easy seduction Wounded beauty is an intoxicating lure much so than success Dorothea spots the split between the depressive insecure angry man she first met to who he later suddenly becomes and yet shakes it out of her mind surely she is mistaken? Colin knows how to work people he knows how to evade others inuisitiveness when it’s not spotlighting that which he wishes to be seenJoyce Carol Oates has a particular style voice that I’ve always enjoyed She exposes the ugliness as much as the beauty in her characters They can be brilliant and yet blind about so much There is always a vulnerability with solid background you almost feel sorry for Colin He is a wounded beauty an orphan a loner a roamer and his episodes of mania swallow him then he is a bloodthirsty maniacal manipulative and downright creepy Be careful who you let in The devil is all charm and beauty at least this thriller SoulMate Do we all really want such a kinship?Available NowOpen Road Integrated Media

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    Interesting bookMs Oates is my favorite author of literary fiction ALL her books are great That said this one is less great than most Several times while reading I'd be blindsided by a particularly creative apt and articulate phrase Ms Oates has always had that effect on me More often than not I get wrapped up in her reality and get lost in time and space However that did not happen in this book For some reason I have less empathy andor understanding of her main character for all of these particular characters I'm not placing responsibility with Ms Oates I just couldn't relate I have my own bit of trauma in my own history and that may account for my response I will need to cogitate a bit on this to see if I get clarity

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    Mouth droppingly fantastic writing very satisfying charactertown building and of course some incredible psychopathy

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    I found this a really entertaining and compelling novel but perhaps one that doesn’t bear too much literary scrutiny Writing as Rosamond Smith Joyce Carol Oates here ventures into the genre of romantic thriller and does it very competently Colin Asch her protagonist appears at first to be a charming and attractive young man if a somewhat troubled one He becomes fixated on Dorothea Deverell an art historian working at a Boston institution and she is initially intrigued even attracted by him But the reader knows from the start that Asch has already killed Could he kill again? And will Dorothea becomes his next victim? The tension is cleverly maintained and it’s not a predictable read by any means although admittedly not one that always avoids stereotype and cliché But taken overall it’s an interesting and convincing portrait of a psychopath and his victims and an absorbing fun read

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    As usual Oates has a roving and imaginative mind In our part of the country I lived a couple miles from her Lockport home for many years we say Joyce has the most interesting mind on the planet Just not THIS planetFascinating intriguing plot handsome psychopathic serial killer develops a fixation on an innocent Oates like woman etc She must have a fascinating dream life is all I can sayBut Oates makes the same mistake other famous writers do she writes like a famous Princeton writer with the cadences and grammatical stuffiness of Princeton or Stanford or Berkeley writers who do not talk the way WE that's you and me homey do It can get annoying to hear adverbs misplaced sentences truncated for formality and so on Fun book but for gods sake come on listen to the way real people like Lockport NY people talk

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    HorribleCouldn't wait till it was over Bad characters no suspense Boring as hell Wasn't worth the money Don't recommend Ugh

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