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Defy Me [PDF / EPUB] Defy Me The gripping fifth installment in the New York Times USA Today and Publishers Weekly bestselling Shatter Me series Will Juliette’s broken heart make her vulnerable to the strengthening darkness with The gripping fifth installment in the New York Times USA Today and Publishers Weekly bestselling Shatter Me series Will Juliette’s broken heart make her vulnerable to the strengthening darkness within herJuliette’s short tenure as the supreme commander of North America has been an utter disaster When the children of the other world leaders show up on her doorstep she wants nothing than to turn to Warner for support and guidance But he shatters her heart when he reveals that he’s been keeping secrets about her family and her identity from her—secrets that change everythingJuliette is devastated and the darkness that’s always dwelled within her threatens to consume her An explosive encounter with unexpected visitors might be enough to push her over the edge.

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    SEE FULL REVIEW HERE 's still difficult to rate this book Definitely not 4 or 5 stars but I don't know if I could go lower This book's two halves are competing to be the worst half the first half is SO boring and over explained with no plot points and the second half is the characters calling themselves by new names with cliche and annoying dialogue I didn't find myself as upset by this as I was the first times I read it but I don't think the book got any better I just was prepared that it wasn't going to be what I was hoping42819This review is going to sound really negative but truthfully I think this book has eual parts good and bad The difference is whereas all the other Shatter Me books’ good parts outweighs any bad that exists this book had so many terrible scenes and lines of dialogue that were not be redeemed by the sparse action and melodramatic romance scenes There’s really no way for me to jump into this other than chronologically so here we go ReunionsThe reunions sucked because the stakes felt so low and I never felt any adrenaline or excitement about their reunion It was just sort of Oh Like Lifetime Movie Network called and they want their script back Every single line of it was so annoying and nothing about them reuniting was uniue There was no description of the desperation of the two or how each other looked; it was all Juliette’s cliche crying and apologies and blanket statements like “he’s alive” and “he’s intact Since we’ve known for 300 pages that Warner is fine it’s really anticlimactic for Juliette to be like omg he’s alive Like yeah we know I just really was not digging this writing at ALLMore than the dramatic cheesy dialogue and Juliette breaking out into cliche sobs I LOATHE how she was the one apologizing to him Juliette did NOTHING wrong in Restore Me except not communicate with him but she blamed herself for everything and Warner didn’t even think to I don’t know APOLOGIZE BACK‼ Warner was literally the one in the wrong but Juliette was the one apologizing profusely I wanted them to solve their shit instead of pretending like everything will be perfect until the end of time Which is another thing that bothers meIn Restore Me Kenji very accurately stated something like You have to talk and figure out your shit before your relationship can be okay but the second warnette made eye contact in this book their relationship was perfect all over again with zero discussion except no lies which like blah Again I felt like a bunch of development from Restore Me just got dumped down a drain I wanted Juliette to continue being angry with him I wanted her to demand an apology and them to have a long discussion about what went wrong instead of them collapsing into each others’ arms crying melodramatically and then her apologizing and them being like NOTHING IS WRONG WITH OUR LOVE AND OUR PAST IS THE PAST AND WE WILL BE TOGETHER FOREVERThe engagementI don’t like it I get it But I don’t like it I understand Warner's motivation I understand the “we don’t know we have tomorrow so I want to be together now” But there’s so many flaws in that logic I think mostly it’s knowing Tahereh said that she’s not killing off Warner or Juliette that makes it so anti climactic Warner being worried they won’t survive is just kind of bullshit because we know they will Also I know that Warner says he considers their residence in 241 a new beginning free from obligation and the beginning of a new life but it’s such an unceremonious boring place I wish that their engagement could be attached to somewhere that’s sentimental for them rather than just a tent in the middle of nowhere I’m also trying to justify these criticisms against knowing that Warner isn’t one for theatrics I understand he wouldn’t want to make a huge deal out of it but his not knowing he’s supposed to have a ring is just out of character? Especially when he’s able to chime off random facts about Tangled Writing StyleI think this is the part of the book that let me down the mostShatter Me has been an iconic book for its metaphors and description and lush detailing so it’s like this book is from another author completely There’s a difference between evolved writing and laziness It just completely lacks any character or setting descriptions Both within each scene and throughout the entire book if I didn’t have the characters’ faces and descriptions memorized it’d be hard to even get a sense of what they were like Particularly in the reuniting scene and with Juliette’s biological parents I think the writing veered toward dry and boring because it left out any uniue descriptions that would make those scenes vivid or meaningful We're meeting her real parents for the first time which is HUGE and we don't even get their hair color until the end? It was just so sloppyAlso there were certain points where new information would be revealed and someone would ask a rhetorical uestion and you could tell it only functioned so that readers could keep up with the story Honestly this criticism is mean but it felt like this book was written for the dumbasses who ask stupid uestions about the series because they didn’t understand the subtlety of the previous books and so Tahereh started spelling things out plainly—far too plainly in my opinion I know books in series should stop and give you an idea of the previous books but still the number of times that characters stopped and asked such clunky rhetorical uestions and had paragraphs long recaps of stuff we already know just became disappointing Also the two week time skip within this book is something I really don’t like A lot of opportunities were lost to flesh out the world building and Juliette's parents and stuff I feel like we were cheated out of descriptions of Juliette’s day to day life that really would have expanded the story to a meaningful level We never got scenes of her pretending to have her memory wiped We never got scenes of her interacting with her parents pretending to be civil never got her reactions to information as she was receiving it only in hindsight I’m just upset that SO much of this time skip was omitted because I think we lost a lot of valuable information and details I was so excited that this book was set in New Zealand but we literally didn’t get a single description of it other than the brief time she was on a balcony which was told in a flashback Massive let downFinally the cheesiness The dialogue in this was awful times than not Usually warnette lines are iconic and meaningful but I could actually compile a list of lines they say to each other in heated or passionate or cute moments that completely ruined the mood for me because they were so cheesy or typical or blah The name changesI think Juliette's name change had the potential to be okay Two things could have sold me on it first the characters actually continue to call her Juliette UNTIL she’s indicated that she doesn’t want to be called it any I know that’s her birth name and her “real” identity but the other characters deciding for her that that’s who she’s gonna be rubbed me the wrong way I understand Nazeera or even Warner considering her Ella but everyone else being so uick to jump on board just felt really icky because it was like they were deciding who she was without her being there or her consent Second I wanted Juliette to have a longer andor meaningful discussion of why she didn’t want to go by Juliette any I understand why she doesn’t I understand Juliette is an old name one that was only given to her by Anderson as a cruel joke But I feel like she deserves to keep the name Juliette because she reclaimed it Anderson labeled her a tragedy but she rose above all her trauma and metamorphosed her pain and fear into love and action in order to better herself her friends and her world She overcame the name and the abuse of the man and the stereotypes that came with it Reverting to Ella I understand is somewhat of a clean slate and shows her heritage as a person of power but it’s just not the same person to me If she would have taken time to unpack why she wants to be called Ella instead of literally only just saying “it’s prettier” then I wouldn’t be as upset This applies both in Juliette’s and Warner’s point of view Warner deciding so uickly that he likes the name Ella and he wants to default to that with no transition just felt so off In general I think this relates to the fact that after they got their memories back cough infodumps of flashbacks they did very little to reconcile past with present so it was like their memories never actually blended their present selves They never had a moment of looking at each other with the weight of new memories on their backs and they never even talked about their shared history other than “do you remember me?” and “yeah” The majority of Warner's feelings for Juliette developed during the last four months so it felt really uncomfortable that he would revert back to Ella so uickly when it was Juliette he felt such deep feelings for I’m not saying it’s entirely unrealistic just that I wish there would’ve been a longer explanation or transition rather than the abrupt jump from one name to another with no notable differentiation between the twoWaiting four years to publish add on books and then changing the identity of your main characters five years after their established names is just too much for me I’ve been loving these books for almost seven years and I can’t make that change overnight even though I’m trying to be willing to see them as Ella and Aaron The sex scene It’s weird that all my complaints about this book are about the romance because warnette is literally what keeps these books afloat but this was just bad 90% of my trouble with the romance is because the name changes make my brain think they’re different characters but still The dialogue between them is so clunky and it just reads like Fanfiction for some reason Also for a reuniting make up sex scene it was drastically underwhelming the same type of fade to black that chapter 55 was but without any of the climactic angst or sexy dialogue Also Juliette is not a screamer and I will die on that hill Also yall got condoms???? I’m NOT dealing with a book 6 pregnancy plot Also the fact that afterward Kenji waltzes in the room while they’re both half naked is just so out of character I know this is all so specific but like ughRandomDumb complaints ie things I wish were different but it’s just my own selfishness and let down expectations not necessarily flaws with the book or writing itself•I will always harbor resentment that we weren’t given a scene of all the characters reacting humorously to Warner’s first name At this point even if we get it belatedly it’s still not gonna be that funny For so many characters including Juliette to name drop Warner so often and all the side characters give no response it reeeeally let me down that there was no theatrical or funny moment of them being like “hahah whoa you have a first name” like not even Adam gave a reaction It just makes me think that maybe they knew all along and that kinda makes me sad bc for soooo long once again I thought they didn’t know and it would’ve been funny if they found out •Juliette waking up in her childhood bedroom and meeting her parents was a disappointing scene for me because it felt like the same character she was at the beginning of Ignite Me In Restore Me she went through this whole transformation of “now I don’t give a shit” and she got so much confident yet she still became such a blubbering mess multiple times in this book Now again I don’t want this to be construed as me calling Juliette weak or annoying because I will LITERALLY fight anyone who thinks this and it’s the number one thing that gets me heated when I see it in negative reviews but still the way Juliette’s dramatic reactions to things felt so out of character with the growth that she experienced in the past two books •Ppl were roasting Delalieu so hard and my lil snake man did not deserve it Honestly if the twins don’t heal him im unstanning•The first time I read the book I got a lot of anxiety from the idea that Juliette was “made” almost like a robot rather than a human being This isn’t uite a criticism any but this book is teetering on the edge of uncomfortable and if that is expanded or exploited in book six it might make it irreparably painful or unrealistic for me to readuestionstheories•HOW DOES ANDERSON KNOW WHAT WARNER’S BEEN DOING?????? WHY THE SEX IN THE AFTERNOONS LINE?????? IM SO DISTURBED I’M BEYOND WORDS WHAT THE FUUUUUUU•What are the plans Anderson made for James and Adam?•What if Leila is in the asylum?•Why does Warner remember his mom in the NZ lab? Is what juliette experiences as her mom works on her what Leila was inflicted with?•Anderson told warner “I stole your memories of a lot of things” and I neED TO KNOW WHAT ELSE HE DOESN’T REMEMBER Did he have a childhood with Adam in it? Are there memories with his mom? Baseball? Other siblings? More abuse? Idk I’m stressed4319The I think about it the and I think this really just isnt on the same level as the other books and theres 2 major plot points that i really just don’t like so im lowering this to 4 stars or maybe even a 35421945 stars?? Something stops me from giving this a full five because there were actually a number of things that I'm not a fan of but I know from past experience that rereading it helps it feel real so I might just have to do that but stillI devoured this so fast I didn't even have time to mark it as currently reading on goodreads but HOOOLLYY SHITTTTTTTT this plot twist had me literally running around my house and screaming

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    this one did that thing that i despise the thing that a lot of extended series are doing when we finalize something in a previous book let's let it rest please overall this was still fun but only because i'm a ride or die for these characters kenji for president the plot direction is having me go ???? and the world building is a bit on the weak side but i think my expectations were so low going in knowing all the negative reactions i had seen that i ended up enjoying the book overall

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    scorching hot tea was servedwe have decided to stan forever

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    I’M DEAD This was SO MUCH BETTER THAN I WAS EXPECTING IT AND I WAS EXPECTING TO BE FANTASTIC THIS WAS EVERYTHINGThis just made it to the third best book in the series for meIgnite me Unravel me and Defy meWarnette is life Although the ship name is not the best And the only reasons I’m still reading this series is because of Warnette and Kenji That’s itI have one word to describe this book EVERYTHING And now I have to wait 1 year for the next and final book of this series

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    “Whatever bro No judgment The world’s on fire Have some fun” I think that sentence indicates the overall mood of this book because wow the world truly is on fire lol Joking aside I’ve to admit that my feelings about “Defy Me” are pretty mixed On the one hand this was totally not what I expected it to be but on the other hand it was still good somehow? I don’t know how to explain this but I was kind of disappointed by how it all turned out yet at the same time I was going with the flow and enjoyed many scenes and parts of the book“Shatter Me” is one of the first series I binged and loved and there’s always this sort of nostalgia when I read another of Mafi’s books I just love Warner I adore Kenji and I like Juliette or Ella and therefore I’ll always be happy to read about them The longer this series continues the it gets unrealistic and crazy though And this is me one of the series biggest fans speaking their mind So while I’m all like Gimmi I also feel like this series has been going on for too long and that it probably would have been best to stop after book 3 Urgh I hate myself for even thinking this but it is the way it is and you all know you’ll always get unapologetic honesty from me ; So did I enjoy “Defy Me”? Yes and no Yes because as I already said I got a lot of my favourite characters and no because the plot kind of lacked depth? I mean sure there were uite a lot of revelations but when it comes to the pace it was really slow and there actually didn’t happen a lot So whilst I enjoy character driven books I still would have liked for the plot to have a little bit substance Urgh look at me trying to find the right words lol Anyway I still enjoyed it and even though I’m worried about the last book I’ll still read it because I really hope that Mafi will be able to tie everything up with a nice bow XD This said let’s talk about the characters And believe me there’s a lot to talk about ; PThe characters And here comes another warning My characters section is full of spoilers and to read through it might kill some of your enjoyment when you actually read the book This said Pirates ye be warned ; P Proceed at your own risk Ella aka Juliette ”I had no idea how much we’d lost no idea how much of him I’d longed for I had no idea how desperately we’d been fighting How many years we’d fought for moments – minutes – to be together” Now the Juliette – or Ella – in this book was exactly my kind of girl After reading “Restore Me” I wasn’t happy with the direction in which her character developed but I’ve to say that I really like that new Ella XD Maybe it were all those memories that made her stronger or the fact that her biological parents are horrible No matter what it was it was really good to see her take control of her life again That’s what I missed in the other book Our strong and independent girl that makes decisions and acts on them throwing all caution into the wind lol Okay she didn’t throw ALL caution into the wind but she certainly acted like herself in this one Then again I suppose to have your memories constantly erased and to be filled with new and torturous memories whenever you’re set back will take a toll on anyone I mean WTF? I hate her parents for what they did to her Emmaline and Warner And I’m really glad Ella ended Evie Or did she? Maybe she can heal herself too? I guess we’ll find out in the last book For now all I say is Welcome back Ella It’s a pleasure to see you again ; Warner ”A profound painful ache has rooted inside of me carrying with it the weight of years Being apart from Juliette –Ella – has always been hard but now it seems unsurvivableI’m being slowly decimated by emotion”My sweet sweet boy and awesomeness on two legs Ahhh he already suffered so much and once again my heart broke for him 3 I hate and despise his father so damn much If he’d spent eternity in hell it still wouldn’t be enough Still can I say that I FREAKING LOVED Warner in here? I saw so many new sides of his character and I adore them all XD I mean he’s still a tortured soul but behind that perfect and ruined facade of his he’s actually a funny strong and sassy boy I mean Warner getting annoyed because his attempt to kill his father was thwarted was priceless An insult to his skill set? LOL Also Four books in this series FOUR FREAKING BOOKS and I can’t remember ever hearing Warner curse Haha And so typical for him he even bothers to explain it with his special brand of sophisticated dignity and poise LOL So yes my boy might be tortured and broken but he’s mending and I absolutely love the person he’s becoming I really thought I couldn’t love him any than I already do but as it seems Mafi is proving me wrong 3 I loved the ending so much because Warner was so happy which is the reason I’m so damn afraid of the next book I’m sure it will all go to hell and I just can’t take it Let Warner be happy please? ”Shit”“Did you just swear?” Nazeera says stunned“I’m in an extraordinary amount of pain” “No one warned me about the nightmares the panic attacks or the dark destructive thoughts that would follow No one explained to me how darkness works how it feasts on itself or how it festers I hardly recognize myself these days Becoming an instrument of torture destroyed what was left of my mindKenji ”I turn stare at the wall I can’t be distracted by her any She knows I’m into her – my infatuation is apparently obvious to everyone within a ten mile radius according to Castle – and she’s clearly been using my idiocy to her best advantageSmart I respect the tactic” I know a lot of people think that Kenji turned into a completely different person because he’s become serious and has a lot of depressing thoughts but what those people don’t keep in mind is that this is only due to the fact that we never got his POV We only saw Kenji from the outside and the way the characters around him perceive him Yes on the outside he’s all smiles and fun but on the inside he’s a very deep character and feels so many different emotions that it’s really painful to see them revealed In short He’s human You can’t always be happy and the part he’s showing the people around him is not how he feels inside I mean I’m pretty sure about 90% of my friends on here would say I’m a funny and cheerful person but that doesn’t mean that I’m always like that I do have my dark days too and it’s the same with Kenji So yes he’s different but only because we finally get to see his private feelings thoughts and fears ; I still love Kenji and I think I love him even now because I can understand him better XD ”But right now I’m out of gas I’m out of James’s jokes I’m fresh out of fake smiles Right now I’m nothing but pain and exhaustion and raw emotion and I don’t have the bandwidth for another serious conversation I really don’t want to do this right now”Nazeera ”None of us got to choose this life None of us enjoyed being taught to torture before we could even drive And it’s not insane to imagine that sometimes even horrible people are searching for a way out of their own darkness” Nazeera is still some sort of wildcard for me Yes we got a little bit info about her motivations and affiliation but the overall picture of her character is still very blurry I don’t know why she’s helping them and I want a better reason than the one we were given Am I really supposed to believe that she only helps them because she sees the errors of the supreme commander’s ways? True they did a lot of bad things mostly to Emmaline Ella and Warner and okay she apparently was Emmaline’s best friend but there’s got to be to her story Something must have happened that caused her to join Castle’s camp and I really want to know what I really hope there’ll be an answer in the last bookEvie Max ”Perhaps it’s impossible for you to understand how I’m feeling right now Perhaps you don’t care to know the depth of my disappointments But you and Emmaline are my life’s work”I think Evie and Max should go and you know what I’m about to say right? lol But seriously those two are such horrible human beings that I’m actually starting to doubt if they are even human I mean WTF?? How could they do that to their own daughters? I hate them so much and I just want them to burn in hell Poor Emmaline The way she lives now it’s no life at all It’s torture and Evie and Max are to blame I really hope Evie is truly dead now but after Anderson came back again I kind of doubt that we really saw the last of her For Emmaline’s sake I hope that she is but I’m sure Mafi still has something in store for us The relationships shipsElla Warner I have to step away from her “I don’t – “I look at her again “Are you sure I don’t know you?”And she smiles Smiles at me and my heart shatters“Trust me” she says “I’d remember you”YESH MY OTP IS BACK IN THE GAME 333 GJAHAHHAHAHAHAH I’m so happy they are together again and managed to talk it out I mean they sort of didn’t have to talk it out all too much because Ella’s memories put everything into perspective but they still spoke about their breakup which is good XD I loved the uote above because it connects us right with the first book and this was done really masterfully ; If there is one thing I didn’t like about “Defy Me” then it was the fact that it took them so damn long to get together again I mean they basically only reunite at the end of the book and I really would have liked to have uiet and tender Ella and Warner moments There can never be enough happy moments for them XD Also the plot existed only of them finding together and a few revelations which was kind of minimalistic but then again I got the impression that this was what you’d call “a filler book” before the finale begins so I suppose now that all the chess figures are in place we’ll get uite the action in the last book Or at least I hope we do ; P Anyway I kinda dig the idea of them marrying even though I think they are too young After everything they’ve been through it’s no surprise though Mhmmm let’s see what Mafi will do with this plot device in “Imagine Me” lol ”Her face is pressed against my neck She’s clinging to me like she might never let go and it does something to me something heady to know that she could possibly want me – or need me – like this It makes me want to protect her even if she doesn’t need protecting It makes me want to carry her away Lose track of time” Ella Kenji ”Can we cry about it later? I’ll tell you everything”“Hell yeah we can cry about it later” Kenji tugs gently on my hand to get us moving again “I have so much shit to cry about J So much We should make like a list”Aww their friendship is still everything 333 I love how open and honest they are with each other They don’t beat about the bush but address things directly and even though we didn’t get a lot of their friendship in this one it’s still amazing I hope to see of their interactions in the next instalment and I swear Kenji definitely needs Ella’s advice lol How else is he supposed to handle Nazeera That boy is totally out of his depth Haha Also Kenji admitting that Ella’s situation is breaking his heart Ahhhh He cares about her so much that it hurts him to see her sad and in pain That’s #friendshipgoals right there 333Kenji Warner Kenji flips us both offAaron laughs And then leaning in – “You really think I look good in everything?”“Shut up asshole”Aaron laughs againI still kind of SHIP THEM? LOL I just can’t help but be in awe of Kenji being able to actually make Warner laugh And the fact that Kenji thinks he looks good in everything? Just too damn precious Like it’s really obvious that Kenji sorta digs him XD Apparently Warner likes him too Since we all know that Ella Warner are the endgame and our OTP I’ll just accept their bromance and settle for being happy with it though ; PNazeera Kenji ”Can’t look at you”She hesitates “Why not?”“Too pretty”She laughs but angrily like she might punch me in the face “Kenji I’m trying to be serious with you”I loved tired Kenji lol That boy can’t think clearly when he’s tired and the things he admitted and said to Nazeera? Adorable just freaking adorable 3 I swear if she doesn’t give him a decent chance and toys with him I’ll personally scratch her eyes out XD Kenji deserves a really nice girl that understands him and takes care of him That appreciates him for who he is So you better be that girl Nazeera Also it was really nice to finally get a sexy scene with Kenji I always knew that he can be sweet and sexy so I was glad we eventually got to experience that side of him And yes Nazeera and my boy DO have chemistry I just hope she’ll show her true colours in the last book Anderson Warner ”He knew when he made that deal what he was asking me to do I didn’t I was sixteen still young enough to believe in hope and he took advantage of my naiveté He knew what it would do to me He knew it would break me And it was all he’d ever wantedMy soul”And I still DESPISE and HATE Anderson Why isn’t that scumbag of a father dead already? Damn Evie and Max and all their stupid experiments If they wouldn’t have helped him Anderson would be where he belongs Six feet under And good riddance Why can’t that man finally die? My boy needs to be free of him in order to move on and as long as he is around that won’t happen So can Mafi finally put an end to Anderson’s despicable reign? I think Warner suffered enough and I think he deserves a life NO A WORLD without his father in it Can we get it real soon please? ConclusionJust like after reading “Restore Me” I don’t know how to feel about this book This time around my emotions at the end of “Defy Me” weren’t as intense as they were after reading its predecessor but I think that’s mostly due to the nature of the ending And even though in here it all tied up nicely for a change I still have uite a lot of mixed feelings about it all Plus I can’t help but feel like this ending is just the calm before the storm I know it I know that all hell is going to break loose as soon as I open “Imagine Me” and I’m so scared of reading what will happen Let’s just hope this is going to be an ending I can live with XD

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    15 starsMe don’t disappoint me like Restore Me didDefy Me okayDefy Me throws plot characters world building everything into fireDefyTraitor Me you told me not to disappoint you so I made you angryMeBuckle up because this is a long one It only took me four hours to write hysterical laughAnd here ends my love story with the Shatter Me series This is seriously the end because FOR SURE I’m not picking up the last book in this ridiculous “continuation” I gave this series all my trust and love and look where this led me to a one star review To be honest I wasn’t happy after reading Restore Me but I liked it enough to want to see my favorite characters again I was curious to see how the author could make all those weird plot twists work I knew I would not love this book but I thought I would at least enjoy reading it not hate it If only I knew Tahereh Mafi was pulling a Rowling on all of us because now my memories of the entire series are TAINTED I didn’t sign up for this I didn’t sign up for a book to completely and utterly betray my reader soulBut let’s start from the beginning Because I regret so much even thinking about reading Restore Me and Defy Me but how could I know? Both books start so promising I was enjoying myself for the first 20% of this book Kenji has now his POV and I loved it so much He’s the freaking best And now I realize I liked the novella because it was from his point of view That whole scene with Nazeera? My favorite part in this book and I was one of the people explicitly against seeing them together The reason is that that scene is the only one that feels authentic the rest is pure fanfictionMy only two favorite parts and just because Kenji is his usual cutest “Will you at least look at me when I’m talking to you?”“Can’t”“What?” She sounds startled “What do you mean you can’t?”“Can’t look at you”She hesitates “Why not?”“Too pretty” “Nothing is going on with me and Nazeera” I say “Drop it”“All right” he says picking at his pizza “Makes sense I mean she’s not even that pretty”My plate falls out of my hand Pizza hits the floor I feel a sudden unwelcome need to punch Ian in the face “Are you— Are you out of your mind? Not even— She’s like the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen in my life and you’re out here saying she’s not even that pretty? Have y—”“See what I’m saying?” Ian cuts me off He’s looking at Winston “Wow” Winston says staring solemnly at the pizza on the ground “Yeah Kenji is definitely full of shit”I drag a hand across my face “I hate you guys” Keep these scenes in mind because it’s practically the last you’ll see of the real Kenji Kishimoto And speaking of this do you remember of good old Omega Point? Well then forget about it Because all of them including Adam and James have only like two pages Continuing the trend from Restore Me Because who gives a shit about them when Warner and Juliette—oh pardon view spoilerAaron and Ella hide spoiler

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    After the last book I was so scared to read this one seriously Juliette and Warner had gone through such a mess in the first three books and then the last book was like nooooooooooo And then this tear my freaking heart apart with the back flash scenes already I was balling like a babyI loved Juliette in this loved Warner in this really loved Kenji in this Those are my three little children Nazeera was awesome too and her character ARC really opened up and shined here There are a lot of twists here a lot of shocking moments a lot of me with heart eyes and teary eyes and all kinds of emotional eyes And that freaking ending was perfect which only makes me scared for this last book But I need it now

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    well im starting to think that series has been two books too longyet again heres another filler book i would say only about 50 pages of this are actually vital to the plot progression and story the other 300 feels like mafi writing fanfiction of her own books she is really milking this story and dragging it out as long as she can i guessthe only reason i didnt hate this is because i still really enjoy the characters i know im the only person on this planet who prefers adam over warner so i wish this had of him but warner fans will be over the moon with this installment which totally should have been a side novella but hey what do i know?↠ 3 stars

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    First of all what was the point of this book?Really though What was the purpose? Did we really need a whole 352 page novel for what happened here? I don't think we did The entire first 25% of the novel could have been removed and it would not have impacted the story in any wayThis is a series that should have remained a trilogyI have so many uestions about the world building and about the characters and about the fact that all these things and people are coming completely out of left field and we're just supposed to nod along and accept all the nonsense that's going onSeriously this book was filled with so many twists and revelations and not in a good way These twists were of the 'wtf is going on wtf does this even mean' variety Like they were added for shock value and not because the story needed it or because they made much senseIt feels like Tahereh Mafi is just pulling stuff out of her a at this point and trying to overload us with surprises and twists so we don't realize that this book didn't need to be writtenAnd this is coming from someone who absolutely loves Tahereh MafiStill I suppose I was entertained for a few hours of my life The characters didn't all suck in this one Well Kenji Juliette now known as Ella although she will forever be Juliette to me and Warner didn't Everyone else from the original trilogy was pretty irrelevant Also Nazeera ok I guess?Juliette and Warner will forever be goals and I will forever ship them I have no shame in admitting that their ship is the only thing motivating me to read book 6 That ship and the fact that I want to see Kenji live happily ever afterOverall this book felt pretty irrelevant if I'm honest Maybe I'm just hating at this point but I've fallen out of love with this series Unravel Me and Ignite Me will forever be on my list of favorite YA novels though Maybe I'll just pretend that the series ended at book three it's what I did with The Mortal Instruments series and it's worked out fine for meIf you loved Restore Me you'll like this one too If you didn't like Restore Me or thought it was 'just ok' then maybe give this one a passMy final rating is 2755 because despite being irrelevant and having a really weak plot I was entertained Also I like Kenji This book gets a star for him aloneAlso are we all going to pretend that they didn't just slightly photoshop the cover of Restore Me and tried to fool us into thinking this one was new? The Restore Me and Defy Me covers are literally the same At least the original trilogy had different colorsTW Parental abuse both physical and emotional and suicidal thoughtsFollow Me Here Too My Blog || Twitter || Bloglovin' || Instagram || Tumblr || Pinterest

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    This review and other non spoilery reviews can be found The Book Prescription “It’s not insane to imagine that sometimes even horrible people are searching for a way out of their own darkness” 🌟 Adele once said “This is the end hold your breath and count to ten”I think she was talking about Defy Me I think this book brought the end of this series I also had to count to ten so I don’t throw my iPad after finishing the bookThis is an angry review and your boy is about to serve some tea🌟 So as you saw in my review of the last novel and novella in this series I was not happy I had low expectations no high hopes for this series But Tahereh did it She found a way to make it worse and for that I salute her This reminds me of University where doctors used to tell us we don’t make anyone fail unless they absolutely want to🌟 So what went wrong?I think not many things went right to start with I thought the series may have used an extension but I am sure that it does not need it now If you go to the first trilogy you will find that it has many 1 star reviews and it was controversial Tahereh used a poetic prose then that readers either loved or hate There was so much love for Warner and Kenji was growing a fan baseTahereh wanted this series to succeed so she went with what people want Kenji Warner More Juliette will always be Juliette and less Adam I hate thisI think this may have pleased some readers but I think Tahereh’s true success was when she was herself when she kept using her style despite all the criticism🌟 The writing is actually so average now I can’t distinguish that it was written by the same old Tahereh as I was able to This is not totally bad and it may give new readers a chance to read the series🌟 But what I hated most was the plot it is like everything we know is a lie everything is cancelled More cancelled than James Charles is I think this is a major pet peeve for me now When authors suddenly are like you know the character that we spent 3 books trying to kill? He’s actually alive because that was a Doppelganger and I forgot to tell you that This is not the case here don’t worry it is not a spoiler🌟 These changes are not exclusive to the story line the characters changed too Juliette is back to book 1 or 2 level of development Kenji my babe is now cringy Warner the dark brooding hero is now soft and fluffy??Who are you people?🌟 Summary So I think I can go on and on about this series but you get the point I think Tahereh ruined this series for part of us while trying to please the other part I think that this series now is beyond savingWill I continue the series ever again? I seriously don’t know if this was the first book then it will be a definite No from me but since this is book 5 I may read this just out of curiosity Actual Rating 15 starsI am so salty and angry Tahereh just single handedly destroyed this series for me I have some alternative titles for this book Disappoint me Frustrate me Ruin me Fail me Milk me Actually not this sounds very bad

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